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Deaths Recorded on the 1875 State Census

Transcribed by Carol Race September 2003

This data is owned and copyrighted by Carol Race. Please do not copy it. Thank you.



Name Age Sex Color Civil Cond Month Day Native State or Country Trade Cause of Death
First District none recorded
Second District Wm. A. Marble 59 M M Aug 2 R.I. Seaman Phthisis
George Robnott 82 M W Aug 31 England Disabled Seaman Old Age
George Leigh 52 M S Aug 24 England Disabled Seaman Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis
?pt. Gifford 58 M S Sept 5 New York City Disabled Seaman Phthisis
Hezekiah Halwig 48 M S Sept 28 Conn Disabled Seaman Phthisis Pulmonalis
Reuben Jenkins 54 M M Oct 2 Mass Disabled Seaman Dropsey
William Firth 50 M S Oct 24 New York Disabled Seaman Phthisis Pulmonalis
Peter Thomson 63 M M Nov 4 Holstein Disabled Seaman Apoplexy
Jno. Cummerell 65 M M Nov 8 Md. Disabled Seaman Anamia
Ebenezer Lukeman 80 M M Nov 9 Germany Disabled Seaman Dropsey
Thos. Evans 61 M M Dec 5 Conn Disabled Seaman Pneumonia
James E. Witharn 65 M S Dec 6 Mass Disabled Seaman Congestion of the Lungs
Wm. W. Wesley 46 M S Dec 14 New York Disabled Seaman Paralysis terminating in convulsions
Jno. Brown 47 M S Dec 30 Finland Disabled Seaman Epelepsy
Jno. Dixon 54 M M Jany 8 Sweden Disabled Seaman Congestion of the brain
Corneluis D. Stevens 66 M M Feb 6 New York Disabled Seaman Congestion of the Lungs
Silas Allan 62 M S Feb 19 New Jersey Disabled Seaman Dropsey
Jno. Francis 77 M S Feb 24 Western Islands Disabled Seaman Anamia
George Jannsen 73 M M Feb 24 Maine Disabled Seaman
Henry Johnson 82 M / M March 4 Kings County Disabled Seaman Dropsey
Alfred Baxley 50 M S March 12 England Disabled Seaman Phthisis Pulmonalis
Jno. Massena 75 M M March 15 Greece Disabled Seaman Paralysis and Old Age
Kingsley Balchelor 64 M S March 30 Maine Disabled Seaman Cancer
Theodore Lewis 73 M S April 6 Albany, N.Y. Disabled Seaman Paralysis
James Reid 44 M S April 23 France Disabled Seaman Phthisis Pulmonalis
Peter Wolt 86 M M April 26 Holland Disabled Seaman Old Age
Peter Olson 37 M S May 13 Sweden Disabled Seaman Psoas. Absufs
Thos. Webster 53 M M May 15 Hamburg Disabled Seaman Consumption
Thos. H. Boyle 53 M M May 22 Ireland Disabled Seaman Disease of the Heart
Jno. Florance 62 M S May 22 Western Islands Disabled Seaman Apoplexy
Henry Verplank 75 M M June 12 New York Disabled Seaman Consumption
David Jones 35 M M June 18 Wales Disabled Seaman Phthisis Pulmonalis
Ann Jane Cahill 15 F S Oct - Richmond Co. Remitting Fever
Mrs Ann Quinn 46 F M Jan 15 Ereland Washerwoman Consumption
Catherine Connor 23 F S Dec 25 Richmond Co. Seamstress Heart Disease
Celia Ryan 78 F S July 22 Ireland None Old Age
Jno. Ryan 7 M S Oct 1 Richmond Co. Scarlet Fever
Felix Graham 40 M M Sept 20 Ireland Gardner Drowned
Jane Rhian 3 F S Oct 18 Richmond Co. Scarlet Fever
Third District Ellen Driscoll 1 3/12 F S Sept 1874 10 Richmond Cty, NY Scarlet Fever
Robert Noble 39 M M May 1875 26 County Donegal, Ireland Laborer Fell off scaffold, lived 3 hours after
Thomas Wenmill 75 M M Jan 19 England Boot & Shoe Maker Debility turn to Paralysis
James Hays 11/12 M S April 24 Richmond Cty, NY Diptheria
William Thos. Brown 9/12 15 days M S Sept 15 Richmond Cty, NY Cholera Infantum
George Sauer 16 M S Dec 26 Richmond Cty, NY Typhoid Fever
Henry Ahrens 19 M S June 16 Richmond County accidentally drowned in Swimming: ? Pond
John S. Wilson 60 M M Dec 27 England Book keeper Thrown from a wagon and lived about 1 hour
Carrie Sexton 7 F S Dec 31 Richmond Cty, NY Pneumonia
Catherine Egan 11/12 16d F S Jan 16 Richmond Cty, NY Bronchittas
Johanna Delhunty 4 1/12 F S Jan 11 Richmond Cty, NY Bronchittas
Thomas Delehunty 2 M S Feb 12 Richmond Cty, NY Bronchittas
John Delehunty Father 35 M M Mar 5 Tipperary, Ireland Gardner Consumption
Michael Falken 39 M M Apr 23 Ireland Laborer Consumption
Delia Downs 22 F S June 1874 5 Richmond County Vest maker Bronchittas
Colin Reily 1 1/12 M S Dec 7 Richmond County Whooping Cough
Eliza Barlow 29 F M Nov 3 Ireland Paoer Roller, Vest Maker Internal Tumor in the Stomach
Ellin Conklin 70 F W May 27 Ireland Billious Fever
Fanny Egan 11/12 F S Aug 10 Richmond Cty, NY Cholera Infantum
Mary McAvoy 57 F W Jan 20 Ireland Decline caused by debility
Richard Clark 30 M S May 28 Ireland Blacksmith Consumption
Alice Rebecca Martling 1 4/12 F S Aug 27 Richmond County Disentery
Samuel MacElliot 65 M M Apr 29 Inverness, Scotland Oculist Disease of Kidneys &Inflamation of the Lungs
Bridget Boylan 73 (?) F M Jan 3 Ireland Laundress Paralysis
Fourth District Carrie Fountain 5 F S March 17 New York Diptheria
Louis Rath 2 weeks M S Oct 29 do do Cholera
Sophia Dandignae 44 F M June 14 do do Information of Lungs
Cathrine Price 3 F S June 19 do do Scarlet Fever
Michel Price 2 M S June 25 do do do do
Martha Kyle 3 mos F S Aug 4 do do Cholera
Denise DeLeharbe 35 F M May 11 France Consumption
Agnes Finley 7 F S July 12 Scotland Heart Disease
William Reagan 5 weeks M S Aug 5 New York Cholera Infantum
Conrad Brogle 74 M M July 11 Germany Cabinet Maker Apoplexy
Margret Traffe 3 1/2 F S Jan 5 Richmond Congestion of Lungs
David Perry 5 1/2 M M Feb 11 New Jersey Blacksmith Consumption
James D. Eadie 30 M M Nov 18 New York Clerk Paralysis
Charles W. Rouse 52 M M Dec 14 Englishman Clerk Brights Disease
Lyman Lewis 3 weeks M S Sep 20 New York Cholera Infantum
Charles W. Carey 2 1/4 M S Apr 20 New York Water on Brain
James E. Roe 1 1/4 M S July 2 New York Whooping Cough
Jacob Degroot 86 M M March 12 New York Infirmities of Age
George Corson 3 mos M S May 13 New York Disease of Lungs
Henry Burbank 60 M M Apr 1 New York Oysterman Heart Disease
Henry Dean 44 M M Aug 5 Connecticut Importer Suicide
Frederick DuBois 2 mos M S Apr New York Eryisipelas
Cathrine Moore 35 F M Feb 26 Ireland Tumor in Stomach
Henry Newman 69 M M Dec 16 Germany Laborer Disease of Kidney
Mary Lyons 18 F S Jan 16 Ireland Consumption
Edward Connolly 1/4 M S Jan 3 Richmond Brain Fever
Ella Mertage 17 F S Feb 29 New York Convultions
Mary Cromwell 45 F B M April New York Dropsy
Mary Dehart 65 F B M April New York Debility
Sarah Taylor 10 months F S May 11 New York Consumption of Lungs
Edner Austross (?) 3/4 F S April 16 New York Contusion of Brain
Harry T. Crisson 1 M S May 21 New York Whooping Cough
First District Eva Silvey 10/12 F S Mar 22 Rich. Co. Cholera Infantum
Sarah Bassett 50 F M Jany 12 N.Y.C. Phneumonia
Louisa Papa 48 F M Apr 16 Germany Smallpox
Margret Lea 45 F W Sept 12 Ireland General Debility
Samuel Ford 51 M M Mar 18 Ireland Rheumatism round the Heart
Elisa Hauman 9/12 F S Apr 25 Rich. Co. Unknown
Falica Michel 11/12 F S Sept 25 Rich. Co. Cholera Morbis
Harry Lea 21 M S Mar 22 Rich. Co. Clerk Heart Disease
Robert Gorden 5 M S Jan 9 Rich. Co. Croup
Catherine Hankis 35 F M Apr 15 Rich. Co. Consumption
Elizabeth McCready 59 F M Oct 24 Ireland General Debility
Jennie Hamilton 1 1/12 F S Aug 4 Rich. Co. Cholera Infantum
James Tate 35 M S Sept 3 Rich. Co. Salesman Phneumonia
James Healey 26 M S Sept 1 N.Y.C. Clerk Consumption
Ellen Johnson 34 F M Sept 29 Ireland Inflamation of the Bowels
William Costella 38 M S Oct 23 Ireland Laborer Phneumonia
George Hossack 35 M M Oct 26 Scotland None Heart Disease
Charles Keutch 19 M S Nov 4 Germany Clerk Typhoid Fever
Mary Oneil 37 F M Nov 14 Ireland Cancer in the Stomach
Philip Sommers 55 M W Dec 14 Ireland Mason Congestion of the Lungs
Bryan Loughlin 53 M M Feb 10 Ireland Hostler Fracture of the Skull
Gotlieb Grether 58 M W Apr 19 Germany Clerk Phneumonia
Mathew Hines 56 M W May 27 Ireland None Heart Disease
Jane Meadows 30 F M May 1 England Consumption
Second District Jane Carmichael 22 F January 10 New York Dressmaker Consumption No civil conditions noted
Christeng Winters 75 F January 29 Germany Old Age
Oto Wunder 3 M December 29 Richmond Cramps
Frederick Vorsatz 8 13/12 M July 24 Richmond Teething
Beinhard Schwonn 54 M July 18 Germany Shoemaker Inflamation of the Lungs
George Fred'k Meblenpford 56 M June 1 Germany Upholsterer Cancer on the Stomack
John Lilenthall 9m M August 30 New York Colera Infantum
William Troell 39 M February 11 Germany Druggist Disease Unknown
Charles Renfs 1 1/2 M February 26 Richmond Scarlet Fever
John Van Buskirk 81 M December 10 Jersey Farmer Constipation of the Bowels
Charles Dietz 56 M September 16 New York Complication of Diseases
Michel McAdams 22 M April 6 Richmond Laborer Heart Disease
Sophia Carr 23 F Feb 10 Richmond Dressmaker Consumption
Richard O Donol 75 M Feb 18 Ireland Laborer Old Age
John Kinsler 50 M February 25 Ireland Laborer Fractur of Skull
Mary Heldt 25 F May 2 Germany Confinement
Albert Kohnsen 45 M August 6 Holland Grocer Dropsy
Fredrick Von Glang 39 M July 8 Germany Grocer Consumption
Catherine Boylan 80 F April 9 Ireland Old Age
Frances Groeling 75 M April 16 Germany Carpet Weaver Complication of Diseases
Barbara Groeling 73 F January 26 Germany Consumption
Emma Cramer 76 F October 5 Germany Old Age
William Will 6/12 M August 14 Richmond Summer Complaint
Mary Jane Lindsay 23 F August 12 Richmond Accident Falling from Table
Third District Peter Sharrot 87 M S February 28 Richmond Basket Maker Old Age
John Sisema 63 M M Apr 4 Richmond Farmer Inflamation of Kidneys
Fourth District August Schaffer 31 M S April 25 Kings Fire Insurance Agent Consumption
Rudolph Schaffer 52 M M January 22 Germany Tavern Keeper Suicide by Hanging
Ann West 3/12 F November 25 Richmond Cholera Infantum
William J. Martin 2 1/12 M May 23 New York Scarlet Fever
Winney Feil 3 3/12 F December 21 Richmond Croup
Mary Ann Moore 73 F W December 16 Ireland Inflimation of the lungs
Catherine Nickle 5/12 F July 20 Richmond Cholera Infantum
George Nickle 5/12 M July 20 Richmond Cholera Infantum
Andrew Colton 1/12 M Sept 13 Richmond Cholera Infantum
Francis Beverly 7/12 M B February 17 Richmond Inflimation of the lungs
Ellen Harkons 9 F February 27 Richmond Inflimation of the lungs
Samul T. Ru?s 47 M B M April 28 Queens Porter Plursey Amonia
Elizateth Bartey 98 F W June 7 Ireland Infirmities of Age
Mary Hoffman 89 F W Sept 30 New York Consumption
Mary Winslow 83 F W January 3 New York Hart Disease
Pheba Demas? 84 F W January 11 Westchester Ene?ples
First District Adlid? Smith 54 F May 17 NY City Heart Disease
Loretta Sells 26 F Jun 25 RC Diptheria
Benj Sells 7 M Feb 5 RC Spusmotic, Con??tion of Brain
Chas B. Middel?irk 64 M Nov 12 CT Justice of the Peace Heart Disease
E. W. Depew 1 M Jun RC Contusion of Brain
Second District Sarah C. Snedden 67 F M Jan 26 NY Tailoress Paralysis of Brain
Mathew Dupuy 68 M W Sept 21 Richmond Oysterman Cholera Morbus
James Parr 46 M S April 23 England Shoemaker Disease of the heart
John M. Decker 88 M W February 17 New York Farmer Old Age
Christine Ryan 51 F M April 3 Germany Cancer
George McVey 9/12 M Jun 25 Richmond Inflamation of Lungs
Lenah Gundacker 6 F July 28 " Diptheria
Emma Gundacker 8 F Aug 12 " "
Willie Hulse 3 M April 3 " Mumps
Robert Hulse 7/12 M April 17 " Croup
George Simonson 61 M S Febry 15 " Fisherman Paralysis
Ellen Robinson 40 F M March 22 England Consumption
Mary Reily 3 days F S April 10 Richmond Consumption
Isaac Taabb 45 M S March 2 Virginia Farmer Dissipation
Joseph Eagan 35 M S March 19 Ireland Gardiner Intemperance
Catherine Thompson 35 F S Febru 15 " Pluensy
Minnie B. Sanders 2 2/12 F Dec 14 Richmond Congestion of Lungs
Wm Henry Simonson 21 M S May 8 " Telegraph Opr Consumption
Racheal A. Merrill 7/12 F Sep 23 " Cholera Infantum
Melissa L. Hughes 27 F M Feb 28 Tompkins Consumption
John Bush 69 M M Feb 12 Richmond Farmer Bright Kidney Disease
Thorwald Hyerdahl 53 M M March 2 Sweden Hardware M Heart disease
Jo? Simonson 15 M Sept 23 Richmond
John V. Ivins 16 M S Sept 27 Fits
Mrs. Col. Cran 76 F M Sept 25 Old Age
Ruth Siddel 29 F M Dec 11 Consumption
Mrs. Simonson 60 F M Feb 15 Richmond Consumption
Wm N. Leib 56 M M May 18 NY Farmer Pneumonia
Third District Adelade Amanda Avalon 20 F S August 17 New York Confacsion of the brain
Nicholas Corson 33 M M August 18 Richmond Teamster Consumption of the bowels
Fanny Decker 73 F M December 11 Richmond Consumption
Claude Melvin Martineau 5/12 son M August 16 Richmond Cholera Infantum
Elizabeth Van Name 83 F W May 22 Richmond Dropsey
Nicholas B. Corson 33 M M August 18 Richmond Consumption this entry crossed out
Martha Bodine 76 F W March 31 Richmond Washing Consumption
Phebe Jones 26 F M May 16 Baltimore, Md Child Birth
Joseph Edward Abbot 16 M S April 17 Yonkers, N.Y. Watom?? Drowned
Rebecca D. Corson 69 F M January 29 Richmond Co. Bright disease of Kidneys
Lovannah E. Stemmire 6 F September 1 Richmond Co. Whooping Cough
Thomas H.S. Tomilson 8/12 M September 29 Richmond Diptheria
Luminda Watts 30 F B M March 5 Richmond Child bed Fever
Abby A. Bodine 63 F M January 10 Richmond Heart Disease
Edward Merell 13 M May 29 Richmond Putrid Fever
Laura Van Name 6 F Dec 17 Richmond Croup
Garrett F. Jones 87 M M Dec 14 Richmond Farmer Dropsey
Simon Bush 75 M W March 28 Richmond Farmer Appoplectis
Marcus Cr??ns 65 M M Nov 23 Richmond Oysterman Pneumonia
Malinda Drake 28 F M March 28 Richmond Consumption
Hestor Ann Crocheron 74 F W August 3 Richmond Evyseflass
John Kinsey 59 M M April 5 Richmond Oyster Planter Heart Disease
Mary Decker 75 F W March 11 Richmond Paralysis
John Willm Cook 29 M M March 31 Richmond Oysterman Consumption
Henry A. Cook 3/12 M ? October 6 Richmond Consumption
Susan Ann Merell 2 F September 27 Richmond Water on Brain
Allen Van Name 4/12 M September 23 Richmond Water on Brain
William Dawson 24 S S Janury 31 Richmond Consumption
Fanny Kreuser 70 F M October Richmond Pneumonia
Peter G. Post 74 M W May 8 Richmond Chronic diarea
Allen Van Name 4/12 M September 22 Richmond Water on Brain
Jane B. Decker 7/12 F November 26 Richmond Spinal Disease
William Van Name 47 M M May 9 Richmond Congestive Liver
Fourth District Chas M. Brinley 1 6/12 M June 1 N.Y. Fits by Brain Fever
Pat Fraley 41 M M July 22 Ired Laborer Strangulated Bowels
Kate Cary 4 1/12 F July 4 N.Y. Croup
Sarah Gonigan 40 F M Mch 2 Ired Consumption
Joseph O'Hara 6 wks M Jany 6 NY Catarrah on Lungs
Ann Galligher 20 F S Feby 4 " Tumor in the Bowels
Mary Ward 1 F Jany 1 " Bowel Complaint
Jno. McCarty 38 M M Feby 14 Ired R.R. Laborer Injured on Rail Road
John A. Lisk 69 M M May 25 N.Y. Boatman Consumption
John Platch 46 M M Sept 8 Germany Oil Mill Laborer Cholera Morbus
Josephine Galliger 4/12 F Apr 20 N.Y Inflammation of Lungs
Rosa Conney 37 10/12 F M Mar 15 Ired Confinement
Mercy Evans 80 F W May 9 N.Y Dropsey and Heart Disease
Mary O'Harran 63 F S July 17 Ired General Debility
Saml Parker 89 M S Aug 15 NY Old Age
Agnes Donnell 2/12 F S Jany 8 " Whooping Cough
Florence E ?ills (Wills) 5/12 F Dec 27 " Water on Brain, sick from birth
Ella Johnston 8/12 F Oct 27 " Marasmus
Lyman ?ollergy 7 M July 15 " Whooping Cough
Julius Engelberg 3 M Aug 21 NJ Fits
Wm. P. Kingston 3 4/12 M Nov 28 NY Congestion of Lungs
Lulu Scott 1 4/12 F July 23 " Water on Brain
Ann Gibson 76 F S Jany 17 " Jaundice
Wm A Bennett 6/12 M Aug 19 " Water on Brain
Nicholas W. Cormick 35 M May 15 " Teamster Inflammation on the Bowels
First District James Colon 87 M M January 19 New York Farmer Apoplexy
Peter Alfred Johnson 19 M S March 17 "" "" Waterman Suffocated by coal Gass
Sidney E. Brown 47 M M January 23 New Jersey Ship Carpenter Pneumonia
Ida May Delaney 3/12 F S November 18 New York Black Sprue
Wm Wesley Hooper 4/12 M S January 12 "" "" Bronchitis
Charlotte Ward 26 F M September 5 England Typhoid Fever
Richard Stephenson 59 M B M January 26 New York Laborer Consumption
Abraham Lockman 65 M W February 9 "" "" Ship Carpenter Apoplexy
Catherine B. Simonson 68 F W February 4 "" "" Dropsey
Ellen Hennesey 24 F S December 8 "" "" Consumption
Jane (Cropo?y)Denyse 85 F W August 12 "" "" Old age
Richard Conner 80 M M December 20 "" "" "" ""
Johanna Burns 32 F M April 29 Ireland Consumption
Norman Finley 55 M M July 20 New York Heart disease
Abraham Garretson 75 M M June 29 "" "" Disease of the Kidneys
Mary Elisa Gibley 7 F S January 9 "" "" Typhoid Fever
Janette Porter 14 Days F S March 28 "" "" Erysipi?as
Goodrich Brown 52 M M April 29 "" "" Affection of the Brains by poison Suicide
Second District Nady. A. Leary 54 M M Decem 16 Ireland Laboring Rheumatism
Joseph Burns 58 M ? Sept 14 Ireland Laboring Information on the Liver appears to have both M & S
John McGuire 24 M ? October 3 S. Island Blacksmith Phleuracy appears to have both M & S
John Bunull 65 M M Oct 8 Ireland Laboring Liver Complaint
May. O. Riely 9 F S Oct 23 S. Island Sumer Complaint
John Woodfod 18 M S Feb 28 S. Island Clerk Rheumatism
Josph Nobeldniger 27 M M Feb 28 S. Hook Stone Cuter Consumption
Guss. O. Bepez (?) 58 M M Feb ? Germany Saloon Keeper Heart Disease
John Brophy 26 M S Oct 24 New York teamster Consumption
May Curran 60 F W Dec 21 Ireland at Home Dropsey
Ranz Rattimir 64 F W Dec 2 Germany at Home Harmoma on the Liver
Patrick Suttivan 48 M M Apr 15 Ireland Gardner Consumption
James Regnan 58 M M March 19 Ireland Laboring Consumption
Margut Casgrove 43 F M Oct 4 Ireland House Wife Heart Disease
William Castellan 29 M S Oct 2 Ireland Laboring Rush of Blood to Head
James Renan 4 M S Jun 8 S. Island Sickness from the Tuth
Thomas Tracy 2/12 M S Nov 24 S. Island from the Tuth
William Dazley 29 M M Aug 9 New York Captain Consumption
Margut Dgley 26 F M July 31 New York Housewife Consumption
Bridgit Smith 5 F S Jun 20 S. Island Cold on the Head
Robet Christie 55 M M Mar 27 Ireland Lawer Dispepsia
Michael Burns 49 M M Feb 3 Ireland Foremann Harmonia on the Liver
James Cocraft 28 M S May 27 L. Island Engineer Drowned
William Downs 49 M M June 26 England Farming Dropsey
Conrad Heime 54 M M Aug 8 Germany Saloon Keeper From Suicide
Henry Gold 71 M W Dec 4 Ireland Corn? Dispepsia
Richard Phau 65 M M Jan 24 Ireland Laboring Consumption
Taidanerta Barbtia 3/12 M S Jan ? S. Island From the Tuth
Adelia ? Spring 18 F S June 15 S. Island Seamstress From Consumption
Herbt. Spring 8/10 M S June 25 S. Island Brown Reatus
First District Isreal Toxter 17 M W S Janury 18 New York ?ntussuseptin in the Bowels
William LaForge 63 M W M May 18 New Jersey Oysterman Conjestin Heart ?ngestin Bowels
Fanny W. LaForge 1 3/12 F W July 12 New York Conjestin of Brain
Cornelus D. Ellis 1/12 M W Janury 15 " Infent
Moore M W March 5 " Died at Berth
Christuesen M W Nov 1 " Still Born
Willum F. Hobby 3 8/12 M W May 23 " Injured By Fall
Francis M. Laforge 44 F W W Aug 9 " Consumption
John Harvy 79 M W M Feb 15 Scotland Weaver General Dubility
Ann Morse 64 F W M June 13 England "
Hugh A. Toland 48 M W M Sept 26 West Indies Carpenter Dropsey of He=omarage of Lungs
Leyda ? Johnson 1/14 F W Sept 20 NewYork Sprue
John Murphy 5 M W June 5 " Scarlet Fever
Edward Murphy 3 M W June 9 " Scarlet Fever
Second District Ezra Holbert 52 M W M Jan 13 New Jersey Farmer Pneumonia
Frank Stewart 38 M M Nov 30 Virginia Merchant Consumption
William Purnell 34 M B M May 8 Maryland Oysterman "
James E. Bishop 14 M B S Dec 27 Richmond "
Margaret Andrews 38 F M Nov 2 Germany Rheumatism
William E. McFarland 44 M M June 24 New York Farmer Pneumonia
Third District Arthur A. Woglain 20 M S July Richmond Co unknown Dysentery
Elmore Ryerson 7 M S July 16 Suffolk Co none Fell and broke Neck
Charles Ferguson 56 M M Sept 6 Ireland Farmer Disease of the Heart
Elsie Wood 67 F M June 4 Richmond Co none Tumor
Peter C. Cortelyon 74 M W Sept 20 New Jersey none Disease of the Heart
Mary C. Moore 12 F S Aug 5 Richmond Co none Fits
Mary Thompson 90 F W Feby 22 " none Infirmity and Old Age
Henry Frost 93 M S May 4 " unknown Infirmity and Old Age
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