1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet, July 1999.
ED 475, Southfield
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
133Treverwick WilliamPrivateA174 NY Infantry186218652/10/0Sea Side-- 
233Lundin John A.SargeantF5 NY Cav186218653/0/0Sea Side-- 
3910Brown Charles A.PrivateG10 NY Inf4/13/18611/23/18631/9/0Sea Sidecontracted kidney dis.continuel sufferer 
41112Twiggs Henry L.CaptainA & F42 NY Inf186118632/0/0No 4 Gouverner Lane NYCsun stroke  
51718Walker FrederickAsst of ?C71 NY Inf18611863-94 Pearl St. NYC-  
62728Rogers EnochPrivate 12 Inf186218620/0/30Great Kills-  
74953Lavand ArnaudPrivateA127 NY?186218652/10/0Great Killschronic rheumatism  
87576Denyse MortimerPrivateA133 NY Inf186218653/0/0Richmond   
98387Decker VincentCorporalE4 NY Heavy Artillery186118653/10/9Great Killsdisabled at Cold Harborwhich causes me to suffer 
10134139Cortelyou Adelaide E. widow of William L. CortelyouSargeantI?156 NY18611864-New Dorpwounded at Winchothvery much in need 
11147152Truart William N.Fireman Mercidica11/15/18616/6/18631/6/0Richmondliver and kidney complaintcontinuel suffer 
12148153Hunt James L.Private  9/12/18626/18/18630/9/0New Dorp-- 
13148153Hull Georgianna S. widow of Col. AlexanderColonel 35 NY1861  New DorpInternal Injurieswidow now draws pension 
14165170Wood William H.PrivateK53 NY Vol11/5/18623/20/18620/5/15New Dorpnoneapplicant for pensiondates: sic
15166171Sharrott WilliamPrivateF170 NY Vol10/4/18625/19/18652/5/15New Dorpmind slightly effectedapplicant for pension 
16167172Sinker ArthurPrivate Indiana Regiment     would not say more than he served under the Hon Genl Harrison 
17168173Smith HiramSargeantG12 NY Inf186218641/10/0New Dorpwounded chronic ?- 
18170176Marsh PeterPrivate  186318641/0/0RichmondChronic D? Rupture- 
19174180Ryan JamesPrivateA117 NY Infantry9/186412/18640/3/0New Dorp-- 
20185191Bantinheun Julius      Grant City Could not find out more - this man was away 
21216222Whalen JohnSargeantD14 NY Cavalry10/186212/18642/1/0StapletonRuptured kidney- 
22216222Pitt JosephSailor Connectugua5/186218653/0/5Park Row NYCLumbago Vertigo  
23229235Perine Joseph W.PrivateC21 NY Infantry10/18626/18630/10/0Dongan Hill-- 
24233239Wilson Louis C.SargeantE12 NY S.M.4/19/18618/5/18610/3/0Dongan Hill-Reenlisted veteran 
266468Goodrich Andrew S.  US Marine   Amboy Road   
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