1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet - janetb at bigfoot dot com - , July 1999.
ED 477, Southfield
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
15569Ainsley Bill S.PrivateE10 NYV186118632/0/0   see below
25569Ainsley Bill S.Sailor Kitatina186318651/6/0   see above
35569McGallager WilliamFireman Lady Lang Credonia Hunchback Nyac12/20/186318684/11/0    
44963Lewis MeyerPrivateB175 NY9/186218653/4/0    
5175Glessey Ellen widow of JamesPrivateB47 NY Vol   Concord   
63751Spindler GeorgePrivateK14 CT     pensioner 
794115Tilson RichardSailor Steamer Emma8/26/18646/8/18650/10/0    
8156189Korner GeorgePrivateM13 NY Heavy Artillery8/7/18637/1865     
9--McGearns Patrick alias Murry PatrickPrivateC69 NY Vol18631865     
10--Cashman WilliamPrivateD9 NY Vol8/8/18618/31/18643/0/23    
11133157Keating Dennis J alias Keating JamesSailor US Steamer Flag7/16/18628/1863     
13110131Van Hoevenberg James O. MDSurgeon 120 NY Vol7/19/186212/27/18620/5/8    
14109130Bates Henry B.PrivateAHospital Steward 1 Mass Cavalry8/11/186211/7/18642/2/26  Prisoner ___ mouth enlisted as Pvt discharged as Hospital Steward 
1517_?_216Grannis Martha L. widow of Frederick W.Colonel 61 NY Vol18611865     
165671Robinson George A79 NY Highlander8/5/18625/30/18652/9/25    
1795116Leanard Orville  during the war 42 Mass       
19384447Clark PeterSoldier     Southfield   
20171208Vaughn PeterSoldier     Southfield   
21178216Grannis Martha L. widow of US SoldierSoldier     Southfield  duplicate
225671Sinsabaugh David H.Soldier     Southfield   
23144176Killen DanielSol 2 Dept     Southfield   
242942Schabel JohnSoldier     Southfield   
253043Gunsel TehodoreSoldier     Southfield   
26121143Galloway EmmaSoldier     Southfield   
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