1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet, July 1999.
ED 479, Westfield
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
1a68Shankbond Mary H. widow of      Great Kills no knowledge of her husband abandoned wife 11 years ago 
1b44Shankbond Thomas H.1st _?_123 Brooklyn7/18621865-Sea Sideno wounds  
26163Seguine Joseph G.PrivateA9 NY5/25/18616/25/18633/0/0Sea Side? in right thigh and left leg  
36365Fishbox StephenPrivateK6 NY186212/18641/0/0Sea Sidenot wounded  
46567Cornelliot PeterCaptainDIndependent Batallion NY Vol Inf Del  2/0/0Sea Side   
57072Wood HenryPrivate     Sea Sideno would ab___ from ?fever?  
67578Honell ? Byron C.CorporalD76 NY Reg   Sea SideEusipatonnow suffering from stiff arm 
77787Ogden Henry GeorgePrivateE6 NY4/25/18616/25/18632/10/0Rossville- dates: sic
89092Sfoafford Charles H.PrivateA7 NY one of the 33 day men...out of...warillegibleillegible7?/0/0KreischervilleRheumatismasthma good healthstafford?
9106118Eckert PhilipSargeantK1st Cal Cav7/24/18637/25/18663/0/0TottenvilleChronic Diarhepus at ?? 
10109121Miller HenryPrivate     Tottenville-reenlisted veteran 
11146179Carr Elizabeth widow of Andrew M.PrivateK73 NY Infantry6/10/18617/12/18643/1/0Tottenville now suffering from ?insanity? 
12148182Sprague John B.Sailor Wm H Rubin (___) during the war---Tottenville   
13160195Morey Joseph T.Sailor PrivateK38 NJ Vol8/168218631/0/0TottenvillePiles & Cronic Diahrerereenlisted in Navy 3 years & 3 months 
14187221Sportz ? John E.Private NC1861- Tottenville   
15260336Heney John  Navy NC9/5/18619/5/18643/0/0Tottenville   
16201238Duickson JohCaptain Navy __ __ & __ Hellen186018666/0/0Tottenville-  
17189214John Cecilia widow of PhilipSargeantF107 NY Vol8/18628/18653/0/0Tottenville-  
18203238Strickland AlexanderPrivateD14 NJ Inf8/26/18628/26/18653/0/0Tottenvillesprained ankleTroublesome at times now 
19225239Carter George F.PrivateI28 NJ Vol8/18627/18630/10/6Tottenville-  
20224256Dirlye John R.Color B____ 4 NY Col.---TottenvilleInflamation of Bowelsdid not serve ___ out 
21235268Corson John W.PrivateR145 NY Vol186218653/0/0TottenvillePiles & Cronic Diahrere  
22240274Irving Martha widow of Wiliam K.Captain of JM Richards Navy __ __186018666/0/0Tottenvillelame in leg (shot)  
23244278Vaughan John J.PrivateK155 NY Vol?/1862?/19/18653/0/0Tottenville-  
24250284Sharp LeviPrivate 102 NY Inf---Tottenville-  
25523574Slaughter WilliamPrivateI28 NJ Vol8/18627/18630/10/6Tottenville-  
26277311Burton George R.1st Lieut.R28 Con Vol--2/7/0Tottenvilledysentery occasionally ___ ___ diarhre  
27298332Gilly NelsonPrivateB156 NY Vol8/186212/18653/3/0Sea Sideweak backin Bklyn Navy ?? 
28306338Crittendon T. L.Major General ...of Reg Army of VT - retire Colonel [illegible]-Sea Side" "" " 
29315-Burg? DiederichPrivateH5 NY Vol   ?   
31323354Roggers William J.PrivateB9 NY Vol  2/0/0Sea Side-- 
32327359Ellis Ceorge W.?1st Brig73 NY _?_8/12/1859--Rossville-- 
33388440Davis Sarah C. widow of HenryPrivateB158 NY Vol8/1861-0Sea Sidehemorge of lungs dis_?_  
34361392M_?_ DanielPrivateH10 NY Vol5/18615/18632/0/0Rossville   
35286321Farmer WilliamPrivate     -   
361213White George W.      Green Ridge-  
3722Stephens Alonzo      Green Ridge-  
38366398Russell William H.PrivateB5 NY Artillery2/23/18647/1/18651/5/6Rossvilleeye diseased  
39368400Tosta ? AlexanderPrivate 2 NY Vol186118620/0/30Rossville-  
40369401Duesbery William W.SargeantB13 NY Mill_?_1861-7/0/0Rossville-  
41396435Gunzlinger ? Elizabeth widow of NicholasPrivateC5 NYS Mil.5/1/18618/7/18610/3/7Rossville   
42397436Newton Joseph2 asst Engineer Navy ___ Glocus?8/10/188647/3/1865 Rossville   
43399437Philips Phoebe J. widow of Justin M.Paymaster 4 NY Heavy Artillery4/18623?/18664/1/0Rossville   
44395434Morse David E.      Tottenville   
45406443Lehman ? Hubbard R.D___ NavyE14 NJ Vol A.8/24/18626/18/18652/10/8Tottenville   
46426461Abrams Andrew      Tottenville   
47434671Johnson Lewis D.PrivateA82 NY Vol9/1/18618/29/18632/0/0Tottenville   
48448674Welch PatricPrivateD69 NY Vol10/7/18627/15/18653/2/21Tottenvillewounded in face by ___ ___Rheumatims? now 
49459486Tysen William2nd Lieut.M2 NY Vol6/18617/18654/1/0Tottenville   
50482519Slaughter Willam J.PrivateI28 NJ Vol9/186118620/8/0Tottenville  dup?
ED 479, Westfield, Section 2
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
1478505Drolier ? William H.PrivateA39 Ill Vol186318663/0/0Tottenville Papers stole at St. Louis 1867 
2486513Johnson David C.PrivateC    Tottenville   
3487514Sprague WilliamPrivateK145 NY Vol9/18614/18620/7/0TottenvilleTree fell on by now dumb thus been since ?discharge?  
4489516Stewart Louisa widow of William L.PrivateE41 NY Vol4/10/18619/18643/5/0Tottenville   
5490517Sterling Jacob D.PrivateF30 NJ Vol9/18626/18630/9/0Tottenville   
6511543Ricklow NathanPrivateB165 NY Inf8/25/18629/1/18653/1/0TottenvilleRheumatism Chronic  
75454Blak ? Henry Taylor          
83638Scott Daniel          
9567601Brady DennisPrivate74 NY Artillery12/30/186412/30/18673/0/0Tottenvillewound ___ foot?  
10577611Pernell George          
117780Lake Charles S.  US Navy   Rossville   
12554640McKeon JamesPrivateA2nd NY Artillery?9/3/18625/18652/8/0RossvilleRuptured ____  
13556642Quinn J.A.PrivateD8 NYS Mil4/2/18618/1/18610/3/0RossvillePains in left suid ___ since war  
14575658Seamen ? GeorgeSeaman Navy Charles Phila Safety Spot ??3/18613/18643/0/0Rossville-  
15585688Harmon ? SamuelPrivateH7 MD11/2/186310/12/18663/0/0Rossville   
16583666Williams ThomasPrivateA23 Mas? Mil   Rossville   
17586689Tish Samuel  Navy Elizabeth ___ ___4/22/18622/1/18653/6/0Rossville   
18588671Doug____ Ellen widow of Isaac E.PrivateE79 NY High ___5/27/18615/27/18643/0/0Rossville   
19743734Stevens Catharine widow of JohnMusician 17 NY Vol9/25/18618/11/18620/11/22Rossville   
20717770Williams Mrs. A. widow of Henry C.PrivateK145 NY Vol7/18637/18663/0/0Rossville   
21713764Daane J. FrankPrivateF47 NY Vol186218620/4/0Rossville   
22317370Conklin Michael M.  Marine dept   Westfield   
23330381Bird Richard  US    Westfield   
24463514Letts Moses A.  US   Westfield   
25606657Hogland Roke  US Sol   Westfield   
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