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1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet, July 1999.
ED 476, Westfield
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
144Green SidneyPrivateKVa Militia186118632/-/-Port Richmond   
277Cackefair AbramPrivateD30th Ind.9/29/186118643/-/-Port Richmond   
32021Dorsey John I?25 NS ? Inf10/28/186210/27/18653/-/-Port Richmond   
42628Halley ThomasPrivate    2/-/-Port Richmond mother didn't have discharge 
52730Lawson JohnPrivate Marine  5/-/-Port Richmond wife could not give name of vessel 
62629Finn JamesPrivate    2/-/-Port Richmond wife had not got discharge 
74452Bush HenryPrivate 157 NY Vol186318652/-/-Port Richmond   
84957Elms DanielPrivateI156 NY Vol10/30/186218653/7/-Port Richmonddisabled in the back  
94351Van Horn ThomasPrivate    -/9/-Port Richmond wife didn't have discharge 
106070Muddell JohnPrivate    1/6/-Port Richmond wife could give us no further information 
116172Pierce Joseph B. Jr.Private [illegible] NY Vol  2/-/-Port Richmond wife could give us no further information 
126982Bodine William A.Pilot ___ boat Francis & Silver Shore186318651/6/-Port Richmond   
13105134De Hart JamesPrivate NJ5/22/18617/6/18643/1/?Port Richmond   
14121153Taylor John E. H.SargeantG21 NY Nat Guard1861 2/-/-Port Richmond   
15119149Moser Lewis alias Moser PhilipPrivateE47 Pa Vol18619/17/18643/-/-Port Richmondshot thru knee  
16128159Kavanaugh Emily wife of RobertEngineer dispatch boat Golden Gate186118632/-/-Port Richmond   
17129160Kelley Catherine wife of KellyPrivate    3/-/-Port Richmond daughter didn't have dischargeno husband's name specified
18137168Belknap John G.Pilot Drausport? Boat  1/-/-Port Richmond wife didn't have discharge 
19163206Mullin JamesPrivateE4th NY Art12/1861see notesee notePort Richmond wife didn't have his papersserved from 12/1861 for 2 years, reenlisted, then from 12/1863 for 1 year 9 months
20186238Henry WilliamSailor SS Galens12/20/186318641/-/-Port Richmond   
21205259Parsen Henry C.Pilot SS Gurde  1/3/-Port Richmond   
22211270Soden Samuel B.Corporal 30 NJ Vol10/18626/18631/-/-Port Richmond   
23212271Brown George W.Sargeant NY Vol  2/-/-Port Richmond wife could not find discharge 
24216277Chillus Henry A.Private NY Vol  3/-/-Port Richmond wife could not find discharge 
25221282Bunn EllisPrivate 6 NY Indep. Battery 7/4/18662/2/-Port Richmond   
26229290McKee JamesSargeantG9 NJ Inf186118621/-/-Port Richmond   
27335450Morestout TheopulusCaptainI6 NJ Vol186118654/-/-Port RichmondMariners Harbor  
28367483Kirschner HermannPrivateD15 NY Vol Art10/31/186112/4/18632/2/-Mariners Harbor   
29387508Walsh Sara widow of White JohnSeaman Tenesee1861 24/-/-Mariners Harbor  names don't jive / dates: sic
30450576Lewis Simon R.CorporalC21 NJ Inf186118621/-/-Port Richmond   
31453579Morre James S.CorporalB62 NY Anderson Zouave Reg ?156 NY?18618/30/18654/3/-Port Richmonddisabled incurred rheumatismconfined in rebel prison Andersonville ?6 months? 
32454580Houghout SimonPrivateK5 NY Denys186118632/-/-Port Richmond   
33456582Godfrey WaterPrivate  186118632/-/-Port Richmond wife did not have his discharge 
34486612Pernell ElsworthPrivate Maryland Volunteer186118642/6/-Port Richmond wife did not have his dischargeduplicate
35489616Turner AbramPrivateA2 NYS Vol10/1/18616/5/18654/-/-Port Richmond   
36503631Phillips James H.Engineer  186118632/4/-Port Richmond wife could not find discharge 
37501629Rodgers OgdenCorporalE9th NY Vol186218631/-/-Port Richmond   
38102131Ricord ? William L.  US Soldier       

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