1890 Veterans' and Widows' Schedule

Transcribed and copyrighted by Janet, July 1999.
ED 488, Middletown
LineHouse #Family #NameRankCoRegiment/VesselEnlistment DateDischarge DateLength of Service Y/M/DPost Office AddressDisability incurredRemarksTranscriber's Notes
1  Van Buskirk IsaacPrivate 71 NY  -/3/-Stapleton   
2  Wirtz AntonPrivateH7 NJ186318652/-/-Stapleton   
3  Blake Davids widowPrivateA133 NY18621865 Stapleton   
4  Bouker Earl P.PrivateE2 NJ1861 -/3/-Stapleton   
5  Bower SebastianPrivateI45 NY18611864 Stapleton   
6  Whitmore May (Widow)Private     Stapleton   
7  Allen James W.Private 13 NY   Stapleton   
8  Keys Henry M.Surgeon US Navy  3/5/-Stapleton   
9  Vetter Katarina widow[illegible]G3 USRC5/8/18618/18/1862 Stapleton   
10  Rines George H.Sailor [illegible]10/14/186110/18/1864 Stapleton   
1  Weston HenrySailor     Tompkinsville   
2  Mulligan MichaelSailor     Tompkinsville   
3  Stevens CharlesSailor     Tompkinsville   
4  Boyd WillPrivateH5 Ohio   Tompkinsville   
5  Taylor OliverPrivateB84 NY   Tompkinsville   
6  Wilkes WilliamPrivateB75 NY   Tompkinsville   
7  Herral JohnPrivate 14 US3/7/18623/7/1865 Tompkinsville   
8  Fendt CharlesSailor     Tompkinsville   
9  Garretsen James J.Private     Tompkinsville   
10  Reardon JeremiahPrivate 69 Regt NY   Tompkinsville   
11  Bryant Columbus W.Private Private Scout   Tompkinsville   
12  Tate ? JohnPrivateE13 Regt NY   Tompkinsville   
13  McCaffrey PatrickPrivateC5 NJ8/3/18634/17/1865 Tompkinsvillelost his legBefor Petersburgh 
14  Corris ? Thomas S or LPrivate 7 NY   Tompkinsville   
15  Cooper S or LPrivateF8 MD   Tompkinsville   
16  Halliday JamesPrivateE ?59 NY8/26/18625/31/1865 Tompkinsville   
17  Cunningham WilliamSailor     Tompkinsville   
18  Walker Alfred J.Private 12 NY Vol4/18614/1863 Tompkinsville   
19  Urssey ? Andrew J.      Tompkinsville   
20  Hancock Betty A.Private 12 NC (Conf)   Tompkinsville  crossed off; Confederate
21  Gaskill Charles P.Captain Steam ___ ___   Tompkinsville   
22  Hitchcock George H.Colonel 155 NY Light   Tompkinsville   
2344Mitchell RaymondUS Soldier     Middletown   
144Gallaway John A.PrivateA133 NY Vol8/14/18626/6/18652/9/22New Dorp   
21111Allen James F.2nd Lieut.E1 RI Art 10/14/1864 Castleton Corners   
31414Daniels PatrickPrivate   1863 Castleton Corners papers lost no [illegible] 
42727Fresh Mary M. widow of Fresh Max1st Lieut.1 Bat.NY L.A.8/12/186110/24/18643/2/12New Dorp papers in Washington D.C. 
52929Morgan PeterPrivateB145 NY Vol7/21/18626/29/18652/11/8New Dorploss of one eyelost sight of left eye 
64751Reader John I.PrivateC3 NY Vol5/14/18615/21/18652/0/7Castleton Corners   
76063Simonson William B.CorporalI156 NY Vol11/14/1862  Castleton CornersPiles & Rheumatism  
86673Fleischauer Elizabeth widow of Fleischauer GeorgePrivateG29 NY Vol8/30/18625/30/18630/9/0Castleton Corners   
97986Vroom Albert H.PrivateB175 NY Vol2/186412/1865 Castleton Corners Discharge papers lost 
108996Burgher JohnPrivateI93 NY Infantry6/15/18647/20/18651/1/5Castleton Corners   
11102109McFanney JohnPrivateK62 Ill Infantry4/18631865 Castleton Corners Discharge papers lost 
12a117125Langton John F.PrivateS31 NY Infantry5/2/18616/27/18632/1/25New Dorp   
12b117125Langton John F.Sailor 1st Class Pouhatan11/2/18648/28/18650/9/26New Dorp   
13156163Griffin Charles J.PrivateB82 NY Vol4/18/18612/28/18631/10/10New Dorpwounded in left arm  
14163170Kellar David C.PrivateA71 NY [illegible]6/17/18637/23/18630/1/6New Dorp   
15195205Hitchcock Daniel R.Colonel 146 NY Inf1861  Tompkinsville   
16270284Holder HenryPrivate320 NY Vol5/3/18611/1/18631/8/0Stapleton   
17301314Johnston Lewis M.1st Lieut.IIndependent Batallion Penn L.A.6/12/18641/23/18650/5/11Tompkinsville  Length of Service: sic
18407439Selig HenryPrivateD29 NY Infantry6/21/18611/1/18631/6/11Stapleton   
19408440O'Rourke JohnSargeantG2 NY Artillery11/12/18639/29/18651/10/17Stapleton   
20429472Connell Bridget widow of Connell RichardPrivateH156 NY Vol9/1/186210/19/18631/1/18StapletonDysentery  
21441492Schmidt LewisPrivate     Stapletonno recordPapers in Washington 
22462511 ?Garrett WilliamCaptainF127 NY Vol7/29/18627/18/18652/11/20StapletonRheumatism  
23341389O'Neal ThomasSailor US   Middletown   
24291305Torreay ? Charles W.Surgeon US   Middletown   
25289303Simonson TompkinsPrivate US Soldier   Middletown   
26141XWalsh Lenora widow of US Sol  US Soldier   Middletown   
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