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NYRichmo Books Online

First Annual

Industrial Directory


New York State


Compiled and Published under the Direction of John Williams, Commissioner of Labor

Albany, State Department of Labor, 1913

Staten Island excerpted.

Contributed to NYRichmo by Robert D. Chagnon December 2007. THANK YOU!

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Title Page
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Title Page

Richmond Borough, New York City; Graniteville:
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Page 1

Linoleumville, Mariners Harbor, Milliken, New Brighton, Port Ivory, Port Richmond, Princes Bay, Rosebank, Stapleton, Tompkinsville, Tottenville:
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Page 2

West New Brighton:
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Page 3

Register of Factories

  • Castleton Corners: Eckstein, Monroe, Brewing Co
  • Concord: 4 small factories
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Page 4

  • Dongan Hills: Lloyd Mfg Co, 1 small factory
  • Fort Wadsworth: 2 small factories
  • Graniteville: Consolidated Fireworks Co. of America, Ettlinger, Louis, & Sons, Nordinger-Charlton Fireworks Co, 3 small factories
  • Grant City: 1 small factory
  • Grassmere [sic]: Durkee, Chas D, & Co, Midland Railroad Co, 2 small factories
  • Great Kills: 2 small factories
  • Green Ridge: Dunn & Dolan, Richmond Brick Co
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Page 5

  • Kreischerville: Kresicher Brick Mfg Co, 1 small factory
  • Linoleumville: American Linoleum Mfg. Co, 2 small factories
  • Livingston: Richmond Light & Railroad Co
  • Mariners Harbor: Brewer Dry Dock Co, Caddell Brothers, Hecker-Jones-Jewell Milling Co, McDonald/Alexander, Staten Island Shipbuilding Co, 3 small factories
  • Milliken: Milliken Brothers
  • New Brighton: Irving Mfg. Co, King JB & Co, Muralo Co, National Export & Commission Co, 23 small factories
  • New Dorp: 4 small factories
  • Port Ivory: Proctor & Gamble Mfg. Co
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Page 6

  • Port Richmond: American Linseed Co, National Lead Co, Richmond Borough Publishing & Printing Co, Standard Varnish Works, Staten Island Shipbuilding Co, 24 small factories
  • Princes Bay: White SS Dental Mfg Co
  • Richmond: 2 small factories
  • Rosebank: Bachman-Bechtel Brewing Co, Dreyfus LA Co, Goodrich & Holland Co, New York & Richmond Gas Co, Ross PS Inc, Siegle G Co, Staten Island Rapid Transit Ry Co, 12 small factories
  • Rossville: 1 small factory
  • Saint George: 1 small factory
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Page 7

  • Stapleton: Excelsior Pie Baking Co, Rubsam & Horrman Brewing Co, Willig John, World Staten Island Daily, 37 small factories
  • Tompkinsville: De Jonge L & Co, Edgewater Saw Mills Co, Richmond Embroidery Works, Richmond Light & Railroad Co, 15 small factories
  • Tottenville: Atlantic Terra Cotta Co, Brown AC & Sons, Cossey Frank, Ellis JS & Son, Tottenville Copper Co, 11 small factories
  • West New Brighton: Advance Publishing Co, Barret Nephews & Co, Brown PJ Carriage Co, Empire State Silk Label Co, Herrmann Aukam & Co, Hunt CW Co, Macrae & Rose, McAllister Dry Dock & Shipyard Co, McWilliams Frank Inc, Richmond County Laundry Co, Van Clief Wm S, Waters-Colver Co, Westbrook's John Sons, 21 small factories
SIIndustrialDirectory1912 Page 8

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