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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1893 - 1894

This book was transcribed by Lynn Rogers. Thank you, Lynn!


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
StephenAdamchikA35212/18/1893223 E. 22nd St. yJohn/AustriaSophia/AustriaHookAged 2 days, grave 25, row 4
Hattie F.AllenA4505/21/189424 Cottage St. yHarvey S./USFlora B./USFountainAged 1y,2m,5d, pneumonia, family moved to West Eaden Maine
FrankAndersonA5367/28/1894142 RR Ave yVictorMaryBayviewAged 1m,28d
StillbornAndersonA5362/5/189439 E 14th St. yIsaac/USLucy/USHook 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohnBabincakB1529/11/1894189 E 22nd St. yJohn/AustriaMary/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 26y, born Austria, drowning off pier 2, Standard Oil Co., St. Stephens Society paid, grave 4, lot 6, sec. 19, range 29
Raymond R.BakerB2603/19/189416 W. 23rd St. yJames/USEmma/USNot listedAged 8m,9days
JohnBamberryB5167/30/1894720 Ave A. yJohnVirginiaBayviewAed 29days
StillbornBarretB6303/12/1894352 Ave D. yTimothy/IrelandBridget/CanadaHCCC 
William c.BeckerB2602/26/189426 Evergreen St. yWilliam/USMary/USBayviewAged 1y,8m, eclampsia, grave 67,row 28, cedar lawn section.
JamesBellB4007/29/1894W 12th St. yJohnMaryHCCCAged 5m
Mary C.BellB4004/16/1894Ave D. yJames/IrelandAnn/IrelandHCCCAged 20y, deed name John Bell
RichardBerryB6009/25/1894West Brighton SIy RichardMargaretHCCCAged 22y, was killed by a chimney falling on him at Copper works, paid by The Misses Berry
HenryBlairB4608/9/189429 Silver St. yDan/IrelandMary/IrelandFountainAged 5m, tier 1, grave 14
Nina J.BlakelyB4247/25/1894486 Ave C. yEdward/IrelandMary/USFountainAged 5m
JohnBlehlB4409/20/189429 Silver St. yHenry/GermanyMary/GermanyFountainAged 3y,11m
CharlieBoleskiB4209/28/189414 Mechanic St. yPhilip/PolandMartha/PolandHCCCAged 11m, cause: "natural although unknown"
StillbornBonaB5003/16/189443 Ave E. yPatrickBridget/IrelandHCCC 
JohnBoyleB4003/20/189458 RR Ave yJames/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCCAged 25y, died at Bayonne Hosp, burnt at Tidewater Oil yard, buried from Dugan's house, deed Hugh Dugan
BernardBradyB6302/2/1894138 Ave C. yPatrick/IrelandAnnie/IrelandHoly Sepul, NewarkAged 1m,21d, born US
LeonardBradyB6307/31/1894229 Ave D. yPeterMaggieHCCCAged 9 days, coach: Edward O'Keefe
GotlertBrandberryB6538/1/1894Bay House y  Snake HillAged 21y, died at Snake Hill, city of Bayonne paid
WilliamBrookensB62512/28/1893163 East Ave yJoseph/USMary/USHCCCAged 50y
John H.BrownB6509/12/189435 W. 19th St. y  BayviewAged 37, grave 1, row 2, cedar lawn, "received body from Grand Central Depot NY from Town of Ken, Putnan County NY"
StillbornBurnsB65211/18/189310 W. 17th St. yThomas HCCCmale child
Marguerita ElizabethByrnesB6522/27/1894758 25th St. yJohn/USSarah/USHCCCAged 5m,


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Mary ClaireCarnerC6564/23/1894119 Newman Ave yM.P. CarnerMary F./USSt. Mary's Perth AmbAged 8m,24 d,
JamesCarrollC6403/5/189425 W. 19th St. yJames/IrelandEllen/IrelandHCCCAged 44y, born Ireland
JamesCaseyC2008/27/189378 E. 25th St. yPatrick/IrelandMary/IrelandHoly Cross, L.I.Aged 32y, drowning, paid by Ann Gavigan
PeterCaseyC2002/16/1894175 Ave F. yPat/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 54y, pneumonia, mass: St. Henry's, deed name Margaret Casey
ThomasClanceyC4526/22/189422 E. 19th St. yMike/IrelandEllen/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 45y, died in Bayonne Hosp
GenevieveCoffeyC10011/17/18939 Cottage St. yJames/USRose/IrelandHCCCAged 9 days
MariaCoffeyC10011/14/18939 Cottage St. yJames/USRose/IrelandHCCCAged 5 days, born US
ThosCofieldC1436/30/189438 W. 21st St. yMichaelBridgetHCCCAged 7 days
CharlesCollC4001/24/189437 E. 18th St. yHugh/IrelandSarah/IrelandHCCCAged 22y, appendicitis, born Ireland, died at Cornelius Gallaghers house, deed name Hanorah Coll
EbinezzerComfortC5168/26/1893477 Ave C. yHerbert/EnglandTillie/USNew York BayAged 9m
AnnieConnollyC5407/27/1894125 W 20th St. yDavid/IrelandAnnie/IrelandHCCCAged 2y,98m
JohannaConnollyC5405/30/1894102 Evergreen St. y  HCCCAged 52y, ovarian tumor, born Ireland, husband: John
TeresaConnollyC5407/10/189438 E. 14 St. yTimothy/IrelandMary/IrelandCalvaryAged 5m
JohnCorcoranC6267/22/1894     HCCC"Charles Lyons the milkman's brother in law, we received the body from O'connor undertaker, Albany NY
AgnesCordonaC6359/5/1894237 Ave D. yFelice/ItalyMary/ItalySt. Mary'sAged 9m, born US
CatherineCoughlinC24512/13/189334 W. 20th St. yWilliam/IrelandEllen/IrelandHCCCAged 18y, born Ireland, deed to James Coughlin
StillbornCoughlinC2451/8/189434 W. 20th St. yJames/IrelandCatherine/IrelandHCCC 
Anna B.CrowleyC6407/13/189436 W. 21st St. yJohn/IrelandMary/IrelandNot listedAged 3m
PatrickCrowleyC6405/15/1894817 Ave A. yJohn/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 40y,2m,7d born Ireland, deed Catherine Crowley
JohnCsakiC20011/22/1893189 E. 22nd St. yPeter/AustriaBarbara/AustriaHookAged 1m,21d
StillbornCsakiC2008/21/18894201 E. 22nd St. yPeter Hook 
MaryCsandaC5309/3/189422 Mechanic St. yJohn/AustriaMary/AustriaHookAged 2y,2m
PatrickCullinaneC4559/13/189429 E. 18th St. yPatGraceHCCCAged 3 hours
PatrickCummingsC5526/27/1894326 Ave D. yPatrickHannahHCCCAged 3m, buried in Matthew Cavanagh's grave


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Julia AnnDaceyD20012/24/1893Taylor Place  Dennis/IrelandElizabeth/IrelandSt. Mary's FlorenceAged 11y,6m,11d, spinal convulsions. St. Mary's Florence/Oneida NY, Dennis/Father is a blacksmith
DennisDalyD4009/9/1894221 Ave D. yDennis/IrelandMaggie/IrelandMt. OlivetAged 30y, sec. 6, grave 3, block E, paid by Jake Johnson
Nettie DavisD1203/3/189447 W. 25th St. yThomas ChapmanMary E./USEvergreen/ Eliz NJAged 30y,4m,1d born US, Husband: A.W. Davis, Evergreen Cemetery Elizabeth NJ
Mary A.DavittD13010/16/18931 Rabineau Ave yHugh/USAdeline/USNew York BayAged 2y,7,26d born US
AnnieDeelyD40010/18/189314 W. 19th St. yDermott Finnerty/IreEllen/IrelandHCCCAged 23y, born Ireland,
JohnDeelyD40010/13/189314 W. 19th St. yJohn/IrelandAnn/IrelandHCCCAged 2 hours
Rose AnnDesmondD2557/24/189422 Silver St. yCornelius/IrelandMaggie/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 1y,1m
JohnDevannyD1506/24/1894121 Ave I yJohn/IrelandMargaret/USHCCCAged 5m, cholera
MargaretDevannyD1508/24/1894121 Ave I yWilliam Moody/CanaMatilda/USHCCCAged 21y, TB, church: St. Mary's, wife of John
MaryDillonD4501/2/1894187 Bergan Ave JC  Patrick Markey/IreMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 65y, pneumonia, born Ireland
RoseDillonD45012/14/189310 Silver St. yJohn Clark/IreMary/IrelandSt. Mary's S.I.Aged 50y, born Ireland, bronchitis/heart failure, grave 77
William H.DillonD4509/18/1894187 Bergan Ave JC  Jno/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 35y, John Dillon paid
JohnDollardD4639/24/1893119 Hobart Ave yWilliam/USMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 1y,3m born US, cholera
ElizabethDonovanD5158/21/189382 Evergreen St. yThomas/IrelandLizzie/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 3 days
EllenDonovanD5155/5/1894291 Ave D. yDaniel Mt. OlivetAged 1y,1m,18d
StephenDonovanD5151/9/189422 Isabella Ave yJohn/IrelandMargaret/IrelandSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 32y, pneumonia, born Ireland, 8 years in NJ
ThomasDonovanD5151/8/1894183 E. Ave yPatrick/IrelandMary/IrelandSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 22y, pneumonia, born England
JohnDooleyD4001/30/1894150 Ave E. yJohn/USJulia/USHCCCAged 8m,12d, born US, buried in Margaret Dooley's grave
SarahDooleyD4009/19/189314 W. 9th St. yJohn/IrelandMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 19y, pneumonia
DanielDoughertyD2631/18/1894448 W 47th St. NY  Patrick/IrelandMary/IrelandCalvaryAged 49y,10m,1 d, delirium tremers, grave 15, sect 17, plot 9, died Bellvue Hosp, daughter: Adelaide Leathem/deed, wife Bella
StillbornDoyleD4006/3/1894476 Ave C. yRichard/USEllen/EnglandHCCCprevious children 1
MaggieDriscollD62410/18/1893177 Orient St. yJohn/USAnnie/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 1y,1m
JamesDunnD5004/11/1894359 Ave D. yPat/IrelandCatherine/IrelandHCCCAged 31y, killed at CRR, deed name Mrs. Bridget Dunn, Brotherhood of RR Brakeman paid
Edward DwarkD6207/7/189429 William St. yEdward/AustriaAnnie/AustriaHookAged 7m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
BurtieEaganE25012/18/1893440 Ave C. yThomas/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 3y,9m, pneumonia followed by measles, born US, died St. Joseph's Home Jersey City
ElizabethEngelE5247/1/188948 Evergreen St. yJoseph/USKate/USHCCCAged 1y,3m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
AnnieFanrothF5636/29/189446 E. 21st St. yPeter LackMarrie/GermanyHCCCAged 46y, paid by: Adolph Fanroth
PeterFinnertyF5634/1/189477 Linnett St. yPat/IrelandCecilia/IreHCCCAged 41y, paid by Mrs. Mike O'Connor, Hobart St.
ArthurFletcherF4327/31/189433 W. 20th St. yThomas/England Bayview 
MaryFlynnF4507/26/1894230 Ave D. yBryanEllenSt. Peter'sAged 10m
Nicholas HarryFosterF2364/30/1894450 Ave D. yJohn W/EnglandCatherine/IrelandEvergreen L.I.Aged 1y,4m,6d, meningitis, brother in law Nicholas Carroll
StillbornFosterF2369/14/1894450 Ave D. yJno W.CatherineHCCC 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Charles JohnGallagherG4264/21/189419 Silver St. yJames/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCCAged 32y, born US, fracture of skull from RR accident etherwood, buried in Margaret Conway's grave, deed in Margaret's name
DanielGallagherG4269/18/189418 Wm St. Hook yCorneliusRoseHCCCAged 14 days
JamesGallagherG4264/11/1894133 Ave E. yJamesCatherineHCCCdied at Mrs. Sullivan's, deed in the name of Mrs. Margaret Conway
RosannaGallagherG4261/23/1894437 Ave D. yBernard/IrelandRosanna/IreHCCCAged 3y, menengitis, born US
ThomasGallagherG4265/10/1894  y  HCCCAged 44y, died Bayonne Hosp, deed in the name of Robert Dudgeon
OrvilleGanoG5008/24/1893364 Ave D. yWilliam/USLizzie/USHCCCAged 6m, "this child was adopted from father: George Steward, mother: Pauline Stewart"
MaryGaviganG12510/12/189378 E. 25th St. yJas Egan/IreAnn/IrelandHoly Cross, L.I.Aged 69y, mass: St. Henry's
MaryGibbonsG15212/31/189321 E. 10th St. yGeorge/IreMary/IrelandSt. Mary'sAged 60y, mass: St. Mary's, paid by Mrs. Whelan
CatherineGivensG1527/14/189477 W. 24th St. yMikeJuliaHCCCAged 1y,1m
CeciliaGivensG1527/8/189475 E. 23rd St. yCharlesMaggieHCCCAged 9m
Daniel GleasonG4255/1/1894462 Ave D. yTimothy/IrelandMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 33y, brights disease, born US, mass: St. Henry's
StillbornGobletG1432/6/189479 E. 22nd St. yJohn Hook 
MartinGormleyG6548/9/1894506 Ave D. yMartin/IrelandAnnie/IrelandHCCCAged 1m
PeterGormleyG6548/26/1893218 4th St. Elizabeth  James/IrelandMargaret/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 20y, grave 3, plot 14, sect 28, range 51, deed to Katie Gormley
AsheildGrangerG6529/3/1894150 Ave E. y  HCCCAged 50y, died at Hosp in Elizabeth, charge Bayonne City
Robert EdwardGreenG6504/23/1894120 W. 52nd St. yJohn/EnglandMary/IrelandCalvaryAged 1y,9m, meningitis born US
StillbornGreenG6506/6/1894524 Ave D. yWilliam/USMargaret/USHCCCmale child, # of previous children 10, # of living children 3, father is 34 years old, mother 31 years old
MargaretGriffinG6153/17/189455 Cottage St yJohn Reilly/IreAnn/IrelandHCCCAged 40y, mass: St. Mary's, husband: Mike


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
StillbornHalpinH41510/31/1893Port Johnson  Michael/IrelandMary/IrelandNew York Baypremature birth
JohnHanleyH5409/15/189330 E. 18th St. yJames/IrelandMary/IrelandMt. OlivetAged 23y, born Ireland, died at Bayonne Hosp. paid by Patrick Crane
Michael P.HannanH5508/20/189367 W. 20th St. yMichael/IrelandMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 1y,3m,3d
PatrickHannanH5505/3/189467 W. 20th St. yJohn/IrelandEllen/IrelandHCCCAged 32y, TB, born Ireland, mass: St. Henry's, Michael P. Hannan paid
Minnie AdelHansonH5251/24/1894180 Ave E. yJohn/SwedenMinnie/USConnor's S. AmboyAged 4m,12d,
StephenHarcsarH62612/16/189312 John St. (rear) yStephen/AustriaElizabeth/AustriaHookAged 21 days, natural causes, but unknown. Grave 15, row 9, paid by John Harscar
KatieHardyH63012/20/18934 RR Ave yJames P./IrelandAnnie/IrelandHCCCAged 14y, born US
ThomasHartnettH63512/25/189326 W. 18th St. yJohn/USAlice/USHCCCAgede 3m,26d
GeorgeHayesH2009/4/189421 John St. yGeorge/AustriaEtta/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 11m, grave 2, plot 17, sec. 29, range 53, born US
DennisHennessyH5203/12/18949 Silver St. yMike/USSarah/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 5m,
AliceHickeyH2009/30/189355 E. 5th St. yJames/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCCAged 4y,1m, laryngitis born US
ThomasHickeyH2003/2/18949 W. 7th St. yThomas/IrelandMary/IrelandMt. OlivetAged 1m,2d, bronchitis, lot 133, sec. ltr B, block E, born US
RichardHigginsH2528/24/189413 E. 16th St. yDennis/IrelandMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 40y, born Ireland, church: St. Mary's
SelmaHigginsH2529/29/189395 Hobart Ave yJohn/USBertha/USHCCCAged 2y, born US, pheumonia
EdithHillH4007/7/1894938 Ave D. yG.W. Hill/USAnnie/USSaugerties, Ulster CoAged 1m
PatrickHillH4009/20/189419 W. 19th St. yJeremiahMaryHCCCAged 5 days, Wm Gallagher to pay bill
Mary AnnHoganH2501/17/1894400 Ave D. yChristopher TierneyUnknown/IrelandHCCCAged 45y, born Canada, husband: Timothy, buried in Patrick Tierney's grave
Michael HoganH2509/10/189324 Oak St.  Timothy/IrelandEliza/IrelandSt. Mary's S.I.Aged 8m,13d born US
PatrickHonanH5501/4/1894161 Orient Ave yJohn/IrelandAnn/IrelandSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 15y,6m
MaryHoulihanH4507/16/1894Ave C. y  Not listedAged 63y, husband Thos.
OwenHourahanH65011/6/1893133 Ave E. yUnknownUnknownMt. OlivetAged 53y, born Ireland, died St. Francis Hosp, Mrs. Sullivan paid
CorneliusHourihanH6508/21/1894120 Christopher St.  Cornelius/IrelandMargaret/IrelandSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 27y, exhaustion, died at St.Vincent's Hosp NYC, lived NYC, Pat McCarthy paid
EdwardHowe or HoneH6508/5/189474 Evergreen St. yHenry/USAlice/USHCCCAged 5y,6m, deed to Mammie? Henry
StillbornHowlanH4504/16/1894150 Ave E. yPatrick/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCC 
Helena F.HuberH1609/22/1893657 Ave D. yJohn/GermamyHelena/GermanyHCCCAged 10m,24d
ThomasHughesH22012/31/18932 Standard Place yThos/IrelandAnnie/IrelandSt. Peter's Aged 56y, mass: St. Mary's
MariaHumphreyH51612/6/1893100 Humphrey Ave yUnknownMaria Fallon/IreHCCCAged 65y, born Ireland, bronchitis
CatherineHurleyH64012/30/189370 Evergreen St. yCornelius DriscollMarySt. Peter's S.I.Aged 51y,8m, Michael Hurley paid
DennisHurleyH6409/1/189470 Evergreen St. yMichael/IrelandCatherine/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 19y, born US, died from shock after operation for appendicitis, grave 3,4&1, plot 16-17, sec. 29, range 53
Michael J.HurleyH64011/3/189396 W. 21st St. yTimothy/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 29y,6m, born Ireland, pneumonia


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Mary E.InceI5206/10/189423 E. 18th St. yRobert/EnglandAgnes/IrelandMachelah HobokenAged 10y, Cemetery: Machelah, New Durham, Hoboken


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MartinJacobsenJ2129/23/189347 Evergreen St. yUnknown/SwedenUnknown/SwedenNew York BayAged 55y, born Sweden, died at Snake Hill Lunatic Asylum, cause: Cerebral apoplexy
JohnJenningsJ5525/6/1894  y  HCCCCharge to Connolly paid in coach trade
JaneJohnsonJ5256/14/1889426 W. 24th St. yRichard/EnglandMary/EnglandBayviewAged 48y, born England, grave 65, row 20, cedar lawn sect. wife of David Johnson, deed to John J. Johnson
Edward CharlesJonesJ5205/8/189447 W 25th St. yEdward/USAnnie/USHCCCAged 1y,8, meningitis
MaryJoyceJ2003/12/1894146 Ave C. yPeter Fallon/IreBridgetHCCCAged 62y, mass: St. Mary's
RichardJoyceJ2004/14/189445 W. 12th St. yMichaelMaryHCCCAged 1y,6m
PeterJudgeJ3206/22/1894W 9th St. yRichard/IrelandMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 22y, drowning in Newark Bay, deed name Wm T(F)roden who paid. Born NYC


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
DeliaKelleyK40012/25/1893  yPatrick/IrelandJennie/IrelandHCCCAged 17y, TB, Mike Goodwin, Mrs. Kenah-sister will pay. Died St. Francis Hosp.
MaryKelleyK4008/9/1894164 Ave E. yDanMaria HCCCAged 10m, Daniel Kelley paid
MaryKenahK50011/4/189314 E. 11th St. yFrancis Goodwin/IreCatherine/IrelandHCCCAged 33y,4m,7d TB born Ireland, Miss Goodwin paid
James KennedyK5307/30/1894440 Ave C. yJames/USDelia/USHCCCAged 6m,2days
JosephKennedyK5307/14/1894440 Ave C. yJames/USDelia/USHCCCAged 5m,14d
CatherineKenniryK5601/18/189464 Linnet St. yPatrick Sloan/IreMary/IrelandMt. OlivetAged 35y, bronchitis, husband: Michael, block E, #130, ltr A
AndrewKoslepK24111/20/189313 William St. yMichael/AustriaAnnie/AustriaSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 3 weeks, born US
AnnieKoslepK24111/5/189330 John St.  Andrew Patraly/AustAnn/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 26y, in US 7 years. Paid by John Pavlike
MaryKowatzikK3222/6/1894107 E. 22nd Str. yLorenzo/AustriaKate/AustriaHookAged 6m, pneumonia, grave 19, row 10, born US
Anna KuhlenweinK4555/4/189415 William St. yFrederick Culver/GerAbbie/USHookAged 38y,7m, angina, grave 11, grow 5 born US, order Bayonne chemical, deed to George Kuhlenwein
George KulekK42011/11/18937 William St. yJohn/AustriaMary/AustriaHookAged 7m, accidental scalding
JohnKuritcin?K6329/29/189413 William St. yMichael/PolandUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 28y, pneumonia, deed Annie Hiruskov? First Huper Kuper National Slavonic Society paid.


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
HannahLambertL5162/27/1894241 E. 22nd St. yMichael McDevitt/Ire HCCCAged 23y, born Ireland, husband: George F. Lambert, died at St. Francis Hosp
GeorgeLauerL6006/24/189477 W. 16th St. yWilliam/GermanyElizabeth/GermanyNew York BayAged 66y, born Germany, grave 79, row 14, sec. N North
AnnieLeaheyL0008/6/189495 Hobart Ave yTom MeaneyCatherineHCCCAged 21y, deed to Dennis Leahy
JamesLeeL0003/2/1894164 Pierce Ave JC  Samuel/IrelandJane/IrelandBayviewAged 59y, tetanus, born Ireland, mass: Grace church, bill to: r. Daniels
BridgetLeogueL2008/22/189392 W. 48th St. yMartin Healy HCCCAged 61y, mass: St. Henry's, deed to: James M. Leogue
JosephLeveyL1003/27/1894249 Ave B. yJames/IrelandAnnie/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 2y,11m
MaggieLoftusL1323/24/1894  yDave/IreMary/IrelandHCCCAged 1y
Elmer WinfieldLoganL25012/14/189354 Cottage St. yElmer/USElizabeth/USNew York BayAged 2 days, convulsions, grave 72, row 16, n. north section
GeorgeLoganL2504/18/189454 Cottage St. yElmer/USEllen/USNew York BayAged 2y,11m
TeresaLongL5209/5/189335 E. 18th St. yJohn/ItalyAnnie/USHCCCAged 1y,3m,3d
MichaelLoweryL60010/3/1893947 Ave D. yJohn/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCCAged 34y, born Ireland, typhoid fever


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Laura MabelMabieM1003/2/18948 E. 33rd St. yJohn/USMary/USBayviewAged 22y,2m, born US, grave 68,row4, cedar lawn section.
HermannMadsenM3256/9/189418 E. 48th St. yCharles/DenmarkInger/DenmarkNew York BayAged 8 days, congestion of lungs
MaryMahoneyM5008/6/189480 Ave E. yJeremiahHannahHCCCAged 29y, deed to Patrick Mahoney
DennisMahonyM5003/27/189448 Cottage St. yDennis/IrelandLucy/IrelandHCCCAged 4y,3m
MaryMahonyM5002/20/189420 Isabella St. yPatrick/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 32y, gastric ulcer, Mrs. Kelly paid
HughMaraM6004/16/189426 W. 13th St. yHugh/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 55y, coaches: Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Lavelle, Mrs. Carroll, Mr. Dalton, Mr. Monahan, Mr. McCabe
StephenMazroM2604/7/1894213 E. 22nd St. yErkoMaryHookAged 1y,4m
JohnMcAuliffeM2417/12/1894Ave D. yJohn/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCCAged 18y, mass: St. Mary's
JohnMcCarthyM2636/10/189411 E. 15th St. yCharles/IrelandCatherine/IrelandHCCCAged 31y, TB, died Bayonne Hosp. brother James, 11 E. 15th St.
MaryMcCarthyM2638/21/1893208 Ave E. yJohn Boyle/IreMary/IrelandHCCCAged 59y, paid by Robert McCarthy, deed name Robert McCarthy
MaryMcCarthyM2639/5/189325 E. 30th St. yBernard/USEllen/EnglandHCCCAged 1 day, father is a Policeman
MaryMcCarthyM26310/6/189316 W. 18th St. yAndrew/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 6 days
MaryMcCarthyM2637/23/1894127 RR Ave y  HCCCAged 63y,
WilliamMcCauleyM24012/28/189326 W. 22nd St. yOwen/IrelandSusan/IrelandSt. Mary's Aged 45y,8m, mass St. Mary's. James Quinns grave
JamesMcCormickM2655/21/189426 E. 19th St. yJohn Holy Cross, L.I.Aged 3y
MaryMcDermottM2367/17/1894163 Orient St. yP. KennedyMaryHCCCAged 31y, mass: St. Mary's died at Roosevelt Hosp, Patrick McDermott has deed
John H.McDonaldM2355/13/189414 W. 9th St. yJohn/USAnnie/USWetherly PAAed 3y,4m born US
JohnMcGarrellM2645/4/1894479 Ave D. yOwen/IrelandCatherine/IrelandHCCCAged 9m, cholera, bronchitis, measels, born US
JamesMcGuireM26010/5/1893338 Ave D. yJohn/IrelandJane/IrelandHCCCAged 1y,4m
ElizabethMcKenzieM2521/14/189436 W. 25th St. yDaniel W./Nova SCatherine/IrelandHCCCAged 2y,9m,14d, pneumonia, born US, 2 deeds in Wm McKenzie's name. grave 93-94, block V, ltr H
AlbertMclando?M2456/21/1894William St. yChristopher MarySt. Peter'sAged 1y,1m,17d
AgnesMcLarneyM2469/23/189311 Cottage St. yHenry/USAnnie/USHCCCAged 8m, TB
James J.McNernyM25610/19/1893Near Shore House    St. Mary's S.I.Aged 28y
WilliamMemmarM5609/6/189331 W. 24th St. yWilliam/GermanyMary/GermanyHCCCAged 2m, born US
MikeMerkorzkyM62610/10/189324 John St.  Mike/AustriaBarbara/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 1y,3m
WilliamMichalskiM2428/30/189422 E. 19th St. yMichael/GermanyHelena/GermanyHCCCAged 1y,7m, asthma, deed to Joseph Michalski
StatiaMihleviczM4127/22/1894190 Ave E. yJohn/PolandJane/PolandHCCCAged 1y,4m
StillbornMinahanM5508/17/189323 W. 19th St. yThomas/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCC 
NeilMolloyM4009/23/189322 E. 21st St. yJohn/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 45y, born Ireland, cancer, paid by Robert Carter & Owen Molloy
AndrewMonaghanM5258/30/189423 W. 19th St. yDennis/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCCAged 27y, pneumonia, born Ireland, mass: St. Mary's, Thos. Monaghan paid
JohnMoranM6501/19/1894E 14th St. yJohn/IrelandSabine/IrelandHCCCAged 39y, pneumonia, born Ireland, deed to Daniel Moran
Julia MoranM6503/23/1894438 Ave D. yThomas GallagherMargaretHCCCAged 29, lot 9ftx9ft, #283, block G, deed name James Mora, wife paid
StillbornMoranM6503/15/1894438 Ave D. yWilliam MoranJulia HCCCFemale child
JamesMossM20012/29/1893168 Cottage St. yGeorge/IreUnknownMt. OlivetAged 31y, orig burial paid by: John Cullinane/Pat Nugent. Removed remains to St. Peter's 4/1894 for Nellie Reagan
JohannaMullanyM4509/21/189425 Cottage St. yPatrick/IrelandMary Ann/USHCCCAged 7, 10d
ThomasMulliganM4259/9/1894Ave K. lower Hook yAndrewMarySt. Peter'sAged 49y, "Mrs. Meahan's brother was killed by falling off ladder"
JamesMundleM53411/12/1893716 Ave A. yJohn/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCCAged 1y,8m,26d, born US, convulsions/colitis, paid by James Lynch, Newark NJ
FrankMurawskyM62010/19/1893     HCCCAged 30y, born Poland, died at Bayonne Hosp. city paid some, Peter Goski/Mrs. Kosmos paid
bronislavaMurkoskaM6227/29/189460 RR Ave y  HCCCAged 1y,8m
JohnMurphyM6109/24/189418 E. 11th St. yMike/IrelandKate/IrelandNot listedAged 5 days
AnnieMurrayM6003/2/189423 Mechanic St. yPatrick Gallagher/IreAnn/Ireland6th Ward AllentownAged 55y, brights disease, born Ireland, Patrick Ward, 407 Ridge Ave, Allentown PA, 6th Ward Cemetery
JohnMuskowM2004/17/189434 John St. yJosephTeresaHCCC 
HermannMyerM6004/20/189418 E. 48th St. yChrstian/Denmark BayviewAged 32y, born Denmark grave 58,row21, cedar lawn sect. strangulation, peritonitis shocks, court Dannon 729 AOFof A paid


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohnNecklinN24511/25/1893174 Ave D. yUnknownUnkownSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 53y, born Germany, cardiac disease
Louis NelsonN4254/5/189483 W. 19th St. yMatturoEllaNew York BayAged 4m
MaryNolanN4508/22/189415 W. 19th St. yJohn/USLucy/CanadaBayviewAged 23 days, gastro, grave 64, row 19, cedar lawn sect. deed to: Lucy H. Clark (mother), \
GizzieNondaN5304/7/189413 William St. yAdam/AustriaAnnieSt. Peter'sAged 1y, grave 3, sect. 27, plot 10, range 47
AnnieNortonN6351/21/1894Ave 1 yDaniel O'Connor/Ire HCCCAged 39y,8m, fatty degeneration of heart/liver, husband: William Norton, died City Hosp JC


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohnO'BrienO16510/6/189326 W. 18th St. yThomas JohanahHCCCAged 3m,4d
CatherineO'ConnellO2543/17/1894W 19th St. y  HCCCAged 24y, mass: St. Mary's, dropsey, received remains from Rochester, arrangements: Patrick McNesby-deed
AndrewOcskayO2006/16/189426 John St. yAndrew/AustriaMary/AustriaHookAged 1y,6m, asthema, born US
HughO'DonnellO3548/21/189481 E. 21st St. yJohn/IrelandMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 5m born US, meningitis
JohnO'DonnellO3548/17/1893RR Ave yNeil/IrelandSarah/IrelandHCCCAged 1y, 2 weeks
MargaretO'DonnellO35412/22/189358 RR Ave yGeorge Gallagher/IreAlice/IreHCCCAged 26y, pneumonia, husband Patrick
MargaretO'DonnellO3542/4/1894168 Ave F. yPatrick/IrelandMargaret/ScotlandHCCCAged 2m, bronchitis, grave 88, block N. ltr K, #3226, name of grave Mrs. Mary Boyle
BernardO'HaraO60012/4/1893Ave D. yJames/IrelandAnn/IrelandHCCCAged 27y,3m, TB, died St. Francis Hos. His brother James O'Hara has deed & works at Standard Oil
MichaelO'NeilO5403/26/1894166 Ave F. yPatrickKate/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 6m
OwenO'NeilO54011/8/189310 Cottage St. yJames/IrelandElizabeth/IrelandHCCCAged 53y,8d, born Ireland
Helen OrlovskyO6417/28/1894192 Ave E. yBae/RussiaAnnie/RussiaHookAged 5m
William H.OwenO5009/13/189430 Cottage St. y  New York BayAged 21y, "he boarded at Mrs. Hennessy's 30 Cottage st. and she is responsible
StillbornOwlerO4605/28/189486 W 23rd St. yJames/ScotlandIsabella/ScotlandNew York Bay 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
William E.PatersonP3628/13/1894438 Ave D. yJamesJohanahPhillipsburgAged 1y,1m,4 days
AuroraPerryP6009/2/189330 E. 28th St. yCharles McGuire/IreAlice/IreHCCCAged 29y,4m born US, husband: Charles
FrederickPiersonP6252/3/18949 E. 18th St. yFrederick/EnglandSarah/IrelandHookAged 28y, intestinal obstruction, born England, 13 years in NJ, charge Bayonne city
MaryPittsP3209/29/1893190 Ave D.  yFred/USMary/USBayviewAged 12y,11m, lived in NJ 11 years born US
StephenPloscenP4257/4/1894193 E 22nd St. yMichael/PolandMary/PolandHookAged 14 days
Joseph LymanPoheP0008/17/189311 E. 14th St. yWilliam/IrelandLillie/IrelandWoodland, SIAged 3m, paid by deducting wages
GeorgePonickP5208/24/189441 William St. yGeorge/AustriaAnnie/AustriaHCCCAged 10m, church: Hungarian
CatherinePowersP6203/29/1894113 RR Ave yWilliam/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 4y,8m, diptheria
WilliamPowersP6209/19/1893113 RR Ave yWilliam/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 1y,17 days, bronchitis, coach for Mr. Pendergast
Florence A.PritchardP63212/9/189318 E. 44th St. yThomas W./USAnnie/USBayviewAged 2y,11m born US, meningitis, grave 58, row 22 cedar lawn section, deed inn David Mogey's name


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JamesQuinnQ5004/14/1894Ave D. yJames/IrelandMargaret/IrelandHCCCAged 41y,


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
StellaRahonsakR5228/30/189420 Mechanic St. yMatthew/PolandPatronella/PolandHCCCAged 1y,5m
CatherineReganR2508/10/189420 W. 16th St. yWm Nighan?MargaretHCCCAged 62, Timothy Callahan paid
CorneliusReganR25010/2/1893106 Ave A. yCornelius/IrelandMary/IrelandSt. Peter'sAged 27y, born US, paid by John Gilbertson
LouisaReichR2009/3/189330 E. 21st St. yGeorge Jacob/GerGertrude/GermanyHookAged 1y,10m, TB/Menengitis, born US, grave 223, row 3,
MikeReichR2007/31/18946 William St. y  FountainAged 30y, buried in Tim Donovan's grave, Thompson of the Copper works will pay, city of Bayonne will pay
CatherineReillyR40010/14/189319 E. 16th St. yPatrick Rourke/IreCatherine/IrelandHCCCAged 40y,10m
CatherineReillyR4004/10/189449 Evergreen St. yRichard/IrelandKate/IrelandHCCCMass: St. Mary's, killed at CRR while picking up coal
JohnReillyR4005/31/189473 Cottage St. y  HCCCAged 45y, chronic TB, born Ireland, died at Bayonne Hosp, Mrs. Brown lives at Co. houses, 4th house, deed: John J. Reilly
CatherineReynoldsR5437/8/189464 E. 5th St. yThos/IrelandHannah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 7 days
JohnRodnyskiR3527/5/189414 John St. yAndrew/PolandAnnie/PolandHookAged 1y,6m,Bayonne city paid
JosephRooneyR5007/14/1894351 Ave D. yThos/IrelandMaggie/IrelandHCCCAged 3m
HenryRosemanR2553/27/1894Ave D. yAlexander/EnglandAnnie/USHCCCAged 4m, deed in Aleck Roseman's name
MichaelRozumR2504/21/189413 William St. y  HCCCAged 22y, TB, born Hungary, charge to Bayonne city
AnnieRusmackR2525/12/1894223 E. 22nd St. yAndrew/AustriaAnnie/AustriaHookAged 1y,3m
ThomasRyanR5009/15/189321 W. 9th St. yPatrick/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 19 days


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
EllenSapahacakS1226/18/189427 William St. yJohn/AustriaMary/AustriaHookAged 3m, cholera, bonr US, charge Bayonne City
AnnieSharkeyS6205/21/189470 Evergreen St. yHugh/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 8y, scarlet fever, born US,
CeciliaSharkeyS6201/28/189430 E. 21st St. yHugh/IrelandIsabella/IreHCCCAged 18y, TB, born Ireland, died St. Francis Hosp JC, deed to Annie Sharkey who paid bill
MarySharkeyS62011/26/189312 John St. yAnthony/IrelandAnnie/IrelandHCCCAged 1m,21days, bronchitis
MarySharkeyS6209/5/189430 Ave F. yCharles/IrelandMary/USHCCCAged 4 weeks
ElizabethShellyS4008/28/189411 Cottage St. yDaniel/USMary/USHCCCAged 10 days, convulsions, "printer in Bayonne Times office"
JohnSheridanS6352/2/18941st Street yDennis/IrelandMary/IrelandCalvaryAged 70y, born Ireland, pulmonary adena, grave 13, sec. 17, plot 5, in NJ 5 years, Aunt of Mrs. Long, deed to Mary Long
JohnShultzS43210/10/1893Bayonne Hosp. yUnknown Unknown Snake HillAged 35y, Bayonne City paid
KateSmithS5301/8/1894300 Ave E. yPatrick/IrelandAnn Maria/USHCCCAged 1 day
Lillie Y.SmithS5302/4/1894W 1st Street  Henry/GermanyMary/IrelandSt. Mary's S.I.Aged 1y,8m,4d, TB meningitis, born US
JamesSpellissyS1429/1/189445 E. 16th St. yPatrick/IrelandBridget/IrelandHCCCAged 39y, TB, born Ireland, wife May
JohnSpiscak?S1227/2/189413 John St. yAndrew/AustriaJulia/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 2y, grave 4, plot 11, sec. 18, range 3, St. Stephen's Society paid bill
LenaStevensonS3156/11/189425 E. 35th St. y  BayviewAged 21y, grave 13,row 28, cedar lawn sect. Deed name Wm Stevenson, died Presbyterian Hosp NYC
Lena AliceStevensonS3157/26/189425 E. 35th St. yWm/USLena/GermanyBayviewAged 2m
John SudemakS35211/17/1893115 Ave I. yMichael/AustriaKatarina/AustriaHookAged 10m, pneumonia
DanielSullivanS4159/13/1894Ave E. yJohn/IrelandEllen/IrelandHCCCAged 30, buried from Pat Nugents Saloon, Pat paid, died at St. Francis Hosp
WilliamSullivanS4158/20/189321 E. 14th St. yTimothy/IrelandAnnie/IrelandHCCCAged 9m
JennieSurmanS6555/7/18941st Street yWalter/USUnknownBayviewAged 3m
WalterSurmanS6551/11/189432 Cottage St. yThomas/EnglandLydia/EnglandBayviewAged 38y, pneumonia, deed Minnie Surman, Brick layers Union paid
AustinSwavakS1203/2/1894210 Ave E. yMichael/PolandHattie/PolandHCCCAged 39y, TB, born Poland mass: Hungarian church, died at Snake Hill, deed name: Martin Schwatchak also spelled Swarcyak
AnnieSweeneyS5008/20/189392 E. 21st St. yEdward/IrelandMary/IrelandSt. Gabriels, PAAged 5y,10m, pneumonia, Hazelton, PA burial. Paid balance of previous child's death
DanielSweeneyS5008/23/189392 E. 21st St. yJohn/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 3y
John J.SweeneyS5007/29/1894Ave D. yPat/Ireland HCCCAged 1y,10m
ManusSweeneyS5007/30/1894E 21st St. yJohn/IrelandEllen/IrelandHCCC 
Peter SweeneyS5005/8/1894121 Ave D. yCharles BridgetHCCCAged 11m, bronchitis/pneumonia


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Joseph TaylorT4607/29/189473 W. 24th St. yEdmund/USMary/USHCCCAged 2m
AnnieTierneyT6509/8/1893E 36th St. yP.J. Teirney/CanadaMargaret/USHCCCAged 1y,3m16d born US
JohnTomaskiT5209/17/189416 John St. yJohn/IrelandMary/IrelandHookAged 1y,1m
WinifredToomeyT5002/28/189413 Dodge Street yThos Hyland/IreMary/IrelandSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 62y, fatty heart, born Ireland
PatrickTracyT6205/29/1894312 Ave E. yJohn/IrelandAnn/IrelandHCCCAged 3y,5m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
GeorgeUrickU6205/19/1894211 Ave H. yGeorge/AustriaLizzie/AustriaHCCCAged 1y,9m, pneumonia


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Elmer VanhornV5656/30/1894241 Ave D. yJno/USLaura/USNew York BayAged 4m, grave 1, sec. IN
EliasVilmaV4506/17/1894163 E. 22nd St. yJohn Elias/AustriaCatherine/AustriaHCCCAged 6 weeks
Jennie MayViversV1626/25/189453 Silver St. yRichard/USMary/USNot listedAged 2m, bronchitis


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohnWadeW3008/29/1893Bayonne Hosp. yJohn/USSusan/USHCCCAged 1 day, charge to Bayonne City
Emma A.WagnerW2566/13/189432 E. 49th St. yWilliam/GermanyHenrietta/USBayviewAged 7m, convulsions due to malnutrition & improper feeding
Thomas B.WagnerW2566/22/1894197 Ave E. yJohn/IrelandSarah/IrelandHCCCAged 6m, born US, grave 4, row 10
BellaWalshW4208/29/1893164 Ave F. yRichard/USBella/EnglandHCCCAged 6m, cholera
JamesWalshW4208/28/189324 E. 17th St. yJames/IrelandCatherine/EnglandHCCCAged 4y
JamesWalshW4207/31/189471 Danforth Ave yLacchouse Walsh?EllenLiverpool EnglandAged 29y, 10m, shipped to Liverpool England for burial
JohnWalshW4201/26/1894133 Ave E. yMichael/IrelandBridget/IrelandMt. OlivetAged 28y, died of RR injuries, lot 34,blockH,ltr ABCD. Buried in Timothy Sullivans lot, wife Mary E. Walsh
RichardWalshW4209/22/1894166 Ave F. yRichard/USBella/EnglandHCCCAged 3m, born US
StillbornWalshW4202/20/1894133 Ave E. yJohn/IrelandMary E./IreHCCC 
StephenWatcskiW3207/28/1894184 E 22nd St. yMike/AustriaEllen/AustriaHookAged 1y
CatherineWebberW16011/17/189398 W. 21st St. yLawrence Monahan/IAnn/IrelandBayviewAged 76y, born Ireland, pneumonia, paid by George Webber
GeorgeWebberW16011/28/189398 W. 21st St. yChristy/DenmarkAnna/DenmarkBayviewAged 67y, born Denmark, 13 years in NJ, grave 66, row 22, cedar lawn section. Died Bayonne H
George JordanWebberW16011/6/189398 W 21st St. yGeorge/DenmarkCatherine/IrelandNew York BayAged 42y, born US, pneumonia, paid by Court Winfield AOJof A #7481
StillbornWelshW4205/30/189424 E. 17th St. yJames/IrelandCatherine/EnglandHCCC 
MaryWhiteW3007/10/1894434 Ave D. yThos/IrelandMary/IrelandHCCCAged 1m21d
WilliamWikersztyW2629/2/1893175 E. 22nd St. yJohn/AustriaAnnie/AustriaHookAged 6m, born US, grave 4, row 10



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
StillbornYurickY6202/11/1894107 Ave H. yWallent/AustriaSusana/AustriaHook 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
LizziZahravnikZ6152/8/1894222 E. 22nd St. yJohn/AustriaAnnie/AustriaSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 4m, meningitis, grave 4, sec. 26, plot 22 range 46, born US
CorneliusZargorckiZ6265/7/1894140 Ave E yFrank/Poland HCCCAged 30y, deed name Victoria
RoseyZeskiZ2005/15/1894223 E. 22nd St. yAndrew/AustriaLizzie/AustriaHookAged 2m,15d, born US
Joseph ZurZ60012/31/189312 Meadow St. yJoseph/PolandMary/PolandHCCCAged 2y, born US
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