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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1900 - 1901

This book was transcribed by Lynn Rogers. Thank you, Lynn!


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JeremiahAhearnA65001/12/190198 Lexington Ave y  HCCCAged 61y, born Ireland, died at Janeway's Barn Orient St.
MatildaAlmA45006/02/19013 Sisin Court yHans/NorwayMatilda/NorwayBayviewAged 3y,3m
KarinAmonsonA55209/23/190031st St. @ 14th yAmon/NorwayUnknownHookAged 54y
AdaAylingA45201/01/1901211 Ave D. yLevi Lickett/USDrinsellaMoravianAged 45y


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
AgnesBauerB60003/08/1901415 Ave D. yAdam/GermanyMary Ann/GermanyHCCCAged 6m
Mary R.BeckerB26007/01/190199 Rich Ave PRy UnknownUnknownFairviewAged 61y, born Germany
WilliamBennettB53002/21/190136 W. 22nd St. yHarry/USElizabethNot listedAged 1y,6m
KateBerryB60006/18/190196 W 21st St. yJames/IreRose/IreHCCCAged 5m, born US
Mary FrancesBerryB60001/29/190145 E. 15th St. ySamuel/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 1y,1m
EdwardBlairB46007/15/1901Bayonne Hosp y  HCCCAged 29y, 6m, Soldier
AntoneBoggskiB20005/29/1901117 Ave  yAntone/AustriaSarah/HookAged 1m,21d, born US
AnnieBonnaB50001/01/190166 W 21st St yOwenEllenNot listedAged 1y,2m
JohnBonnaB50001/28/1901Bayonne Hosp y  HCCCAged 28y, born Ireland, paid by Jugh Dugan-Ave C. @ 18th St.
MaryBoronaB65008/29/1900439 Ave C yItalyUnknownHCCCAged 65y, born Italy
GraceBoyleB40006/19/190117 E. 18th St. yPatrickCeceliaHCCCAged 1y, born Us
MaryBoyleB40005/11/190121st St. CRR Cross yFrancis Sweeney/IreMary/IreWoodside PAAged 61y, coroners inquest
BridgetBrennanB65506/20/19011 Chase Court yPatAnnHCCCAged 1y,6m born US
ThomasBrennanB65501/13/1901151 Ave E. yPat/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 36y, born Ireland
John J.BroderickB63605/02/190118 East 19th St. yJohn/GermanyAnna/DenmarkHCCCAged 2m, born US
EllenBrownB65001/22/190152 Burgher Avey AnnPatSt. Peter'sAged 37y, born US
MammieBrownB65007/25/1901553 Ave C. yJoseph/VermontAnna/VermontNot listedAged 2y
Arthur BrzozwskiB62210/15/190028 East 12st St. yArthur/RussiaCaroline/RussiaHCCCAged 10m,
Warren J.BurbankB61502/14/190149 Castleton Ave WBy Chas/USJosephine/USFountainAged 11y,9m
JoeBurkB62002/25/1901913 Ave D. yJohnMaryHCCCAged 1 hour
ThomasButlerB34604/26/1901   ThomasCatherineNot listedAged 1y,7m,21d born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
StillbornCampbellC51405/08/1901Ave D @15th St. yHenryMaryHook 
ThomasCarloC64004/24/190193 W. 22nd St. yNicholas CatherineHCCCAged 6m
Catherine CarneyC65003/16/1901366 Ave d. yJamesRosanahHCCCAged 28y,5m, mass at: St. Mary's
Thomas H.CarneyC65004/20/1901366 Ave D. yJames/IreRose/IreHCCCAged 36y, born US, died at Bayonne Hosp.
Dr. Arthur GilmoreCarterC63608/08/190136 W. 32nd St. yJames/USPhiladelphiaNew York BayAged 39y, was Veternarian Surgeon
AnastasiaCassidyC23004/19/190165 W. 12th St. yJohn/EnglandEllen/USHCCCAged 6y,6m,
RuthCassidyC23011/22/1900250 RR Ave yWilliam/IreCatherine/IreHCCCAged 7m
MaryCavanaghC15202/11/190113 W. 9th St. yPat Bergen/IreMargaretCalvaryAged 80y, born Ireland, mass at St. Mary's. paid by Rev. Whelan and Mrs. Dooley
EdwardClarkC46201/02/1900E 22nd St. ySalvino/EnglandAnnie/EnglandHCCCAged 57y, born England, carpenter, died at Bayonne Hosp.
EdwardClarkC46204/18/190120 Silver yJohn/USMargaret/IreHCCCAged 1y,2m born US
Frank J.ClarkC46202/07/190128 Evergreen St. JC  Phillip/IreNora/IreHCCCAged 28y,10m,1d, born US, died at 88 Ocean Ave Jersey City
PhilipClarkC46204/25/1901126 Lexington Ave yPatrick/USElizabethHCCCAged 3m,14d, born US, coach to Wm Clark's
WilliamClarkC46204/27/190128 Evergreen St. JC  William/USMary/USHCCCAged 4m,13d, born US
Patrick W.CoffeyC10007/02/1901101 RR Ave yJas/IreAnnie/IreHCCCAged 55 years, born Ireland, block L, ltr A pt 63
AugustCohrsC62001/16/190149 E. 5th St. yWm/GermanyCarolina/GermanyMoravianAged 74y, born Germany
MaryCohrsC62011/25/190049 East 5th St. yJohn Eisenbarth/GerMary/GerMoravianAged 74y born Germany
DanielCollinsC45208/12/1901Franklin St. WBy Jeremiah/IreUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 60y, born Ireland
HannahCollinsC45201/06/190144 W. 16th St. y  HCCCAged 40y, born Ireland
HanorahCollinsC45206/30/1901Winegal Pl. WBy Michael Hooley/IreCatherineSt. Peter'sAged 60y,
Timothy J.CollinsC45201/16/190111th St. NBy Dan/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sAged 21y,8m,11d
WilliamColtonC43509/03/190072 E 26th St. yJames/IreSusan/IreHCCCAged 32y, Boiler Maker, died at Bayonne Hospital
James ConnollyC54002/08/190152 Cottage  James/US HCCCAged 5y paid by John Connolly
FlorenceConnorsC56212/12/1900Rich Terry Morris/USMary/USSt. Peter'sAged 2y,4m born US
WilliamConradC56311/20/1900263 Ave C yJohn/PrussiaWilhemina/PrussiaNot listedAged 66y,8m,28d
BridgetConvoyC51008/22/190143 RR Ave yThos Vatty/IreMargaretHCCCAged 59y,
MargaretCooneyC50007/10/1901118 Lexington Ave  Richard Walsh/IreMary/IreMt. OlivettAged 33y
JohnCorbettC61303/05/190136 4th St. NBy Pat/IrelandEllen/IreHoly Cross LIAged 63y, born Ireland
LawrenceCorkranC62607/02/1901Ave K. Lower Hook yUnknownUnknownCalvaryAged 68y
Thomas D.CostelloC23409/25/190014 RR Ave  Bartley/USMaggie/USHCCCAged 2y,1m,18d
MichaelCoughlinC24503/04/1901Rich. Terr/Frankliny   St. Peter'sAged 22 years, died at Smith Infirmary, born Ireland
Francis PatrickCreechC62005/29/1901130 Ave E. yRichard/IreCatherine/USHCCCAged 4y,3m bonr US, paid by Patrick Kenny
Timothy J.CroninC65504/03/1901Ave D @ 25th St. y  HCCCborn Jersey City,mass: St.Mary's
Joseph CrowleyC64006/29/190114 W. 19th St. yJno/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 8m, born US
JohnCullenC45011/28/1900392 Ave D. yThomas/IreJulia/IreHCCCAged 41 born Ire, Saloon Keeper
JohnCummingsC55210/01/1900Orient yJohn/IreAnnie/IreNot listedAged 8m
MaryCummingsC55212/12/1900W 59th St. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 53, died at Leigh Valley Tracks and Blvd, funeral at Mike Sullivans House Greenvil
OwenCummiskyC52005/22/1901524 W 39 yPeter/IreRose/IreHCCCAged 39y, sister: Ann Carroll 524 W 39th St NY
JohanahCurreenC65007/02/190130 Evergreen  UnknownUnknownHCCCAged 47y, born Ireland


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
EdwardDaleyD40012/30/190093 W. 19th St yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 33y,4m
AnnieDalyD40007/23/190123 Sissin Court yWm/IreKate/IreSt. Peter'sAged 8m
PatrickDalyD40006/20/190117 E. 18th St. yMichael/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 4m
ElishaDavisD12008/25/190037 W. 23rd St. yU.S.UnknownNew York BayAged 49y, born US, Painter, suicide, pistol shot
CarmelaDeCrenziD26504/02/1901510 Ave D. yLouis Finello/ItalyMaria/ItalyHCCCAged 72y, born Italy, paid by Frank DeCrenzi
MargaretDermodyD65301/11/1901   Thomas Maher/IreCatherineNot listedAged 60y, born Ireland
Arthur HenryDestereD23609/18/1900567 Ave A. yJoseph/S. AmericaMary/NYNew York BayAged 21 days, born US, father works at Underwood
Aloysius FrancisDeutrichD36208/08/190153 Silver  Albert/USRose/USPhiladelphia PAAged 4m,8d, buried in Philadelphia PA
EllenDilksD42009/22/190061 Cottagey James/USJosephine/USSt. Peter'sAged 1y,1m
JuliaDilworthD46309/27/190084 W. 20th St. yJnoGertrudeHCCCAged 18d
FrancisDolanD45007/02/1901444 Ave D. yEdward/USMary/USHCCCAged 9m,2d
WilliamDonlonD54505/20/190195 W 19th St. yBartholmewJohana Cohoes NYAged 21y, died Bayonne Hosp, born US, shipped to Cohoes NY via Hudson RR
JeremiahDonohueD50003/07/190112 Henderson Avey Timothy/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 11m
MaryDonohueD50004/07/1901Henderson Avey John/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sAged 35y, born Ireland, housewife
Joseph DonovanD51508/14/1901Shore Rd. Elm Parky   St. Peter'sAged unknown, born US, mass: St. Mary's
MaryDonovanD51503/30/1901Banks St. NBy Cornelious Collins/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 49y, born Ireland, paid by Pat Donovan
Mary AnnDonovanD51504/09/1901Franklin St. WBy   Not listedAged 58y, housewife
MelvineDoughlasD24205/24/1901551 Ave C. yDock/USCora/USNew York BayAged 19y,11m, born US
RuthDoughlasD24203/14/1901551 Ave C. yDock/USCora/USNew York BayAged 2m, paid by J.S. Williams
MaryDriscollD62404/30/1901340 Johnson Ave JC  Daniel Leary/IreMary/IreMt. OlivettAged 53y, born Ireland, housewife, lived Jersey City
MaryDriscollD62407/01/1901177 Orient yUnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 84y, born Island
MaryDriscollD62407/01/1901Jersey St.y UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 39y born US
PatrickDuganD25009/25/1900430 Ave C. yHugh/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 2m
BridgetDurkinD62510/08/1900158 Ave F yPat Barret/IreUnknownHCCCAged 55y,
BridgetDwyerD60009/30/190016 RR Ave  Geo/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 1y,1m,17d



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MichaelFarrellF64007/01/190120 W. 18th St. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 51y,
EllenFayF00001/23/19011 Cottagey Nicholas Cantwell/IreWinifredCalvaryAged 65y, born Ireland
JohnFedorcrakF36206/18/190120 New St.y Michael/AustriaLizzie/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 7m,14d, born SI
IdaFerenziF65208/25/1900211 E. 22nd St. yJoseph/AustriaCorneliaNew York BayAged 14y,3m, born US
ThomasFitzgeraldF32601/28/1901Ave C. yUnknownUnknownHampton JunctionNJAged 61y, born Ireland, buried Hampton Junction NJ
MichaelFlahertyF46307/22/190112 Sissin Court yPat/IreMary/IreNot listedAged 50y, born Ireland
LilyFletcherF43208/01/1901Bayonne Hosp yJohn/Virginia Richmond VAAged 26y, shipped to Richmond Virgina via PRR
Alice FraherF66008/16/190121 Sisson Court yPatrick/USMary/IreHCCCAged 10m.,11d
Harold F.FratelloF63409/12/1900Lafayette St.y Serfino/ItalyLizzie/EnglandSt. Peter'sAged 4m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohnGallagherG42609/22/190015 Sissim Court yJas/IreSara/IreHCCCAged 35y, born Ireland, Hannah Gallagher paid, grave 15x block F, ltr X
RobertGillG40002/02/1901Rich Terr/Prospecty Michael/IreFrances/IreSt. Peter'sAged 39y, born US
Alice GilroyG46010/26/1900144 Ave E yDan Morriority/IreAbbey/IreHCCCAged 62y, born Ireland, husband Bernard, 37 years in US
BernardGilroyG46003/03/1901144 Ave C. yJohn/IreSara/IreHCCCAged 66y, born Ireland
StephenGilroyG46002/02/1901144 Ave E. yBernard/IreAlice/IreHCCCAged 32y, born US
LizzieGislerG24607/07/190157 Gottage  JnoMaryHCCCAged 17y, born US, died Bayonne Hosp.
MaryGlackinG42511/02/1900111 West 22nd St. yRobert/IreSara/IreHCCCAged 45y, mass at St. Mary's
JohanahGormanG65502/16/1901Franklin St. WBy Michael Maquire/IreElizabethSt. Peter'sAged 60y, born Ireland, died at Hospital 43rd St. @ 3rd Ave NYC
JohnGormanG65506/30/190149 E. 22nd St. yJas/USMary/USHCCCAged 4m,4d
PeterGormanG65502/04/1901125 King St.  Peter/IreRose/IreHCCCAged 42y, born Ireland, died at St. Peters Hosp. Brooklyn NY
HellenGoughG20010/25/1900328 Ave D yJnoMargaretHCCCAged 9m
FrankGreenG65011/19/190048 Cottagey Patrick/IreSarah/IreNot listedAged 13day
CharlesGreenfieldG65107/03/190115 Cottage St.y Chas/USDella?/USHCCCAged 16m, twins
EdwardGreenfieldG65107/03/190115 Cottage St.y Chas/USDella?/USHCCCAged 16m, twins
James PatrickGriffinG61501/26/190131 West 21st St. yJohn/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 4y, block P, Ka, #18
JohnGriffinG61511/20/1900Plymouth PA  UnknownUnknownPlymouth PADed at crossing by engine 460, shipped to PA aged 55 years
WilliamGriffinG61503/22/19019 Dodge  Mike/IreMary/IreMt. OlivettAged 27y


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MargaretHafeyH10008/21/190186 W 19th St. yDenis Dawson/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 79y, born Ireland, paid by John O'Neil
JaneHaggertyH26302/03/1901Henderson Avey   St. Peter'sAged unknown, born Ireland, lived Henderson Ave/Burghter Ave WB
WilliamHanleyH54003/09/1901Davis Ave WBy Pat/IreElizabethSt. Peter'sAged 70y
William H.Harmer, Jr.H65607/10/1901179 Ave F. yWilliam/BrooklynBeatrix/BrooklynHCCCAged 14y,7m, born US
JohanahHayesH20006/22/1901Burgher Avey Dan Collins/IreJohanah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 53y, born Ireland paid by John Hayes
LouisaHayesH20012/13/190020 E 35th St yUnknownUnknownJasper Sturkens Co.?Aged 74y, born US, widow
CatherineHealeyH40005/15/1901W 2nd St. WBy WmMargaretSt. Peter'sAged 10y,14d
RichardHegemanH25507/19/190122 W. 28th St. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 48y,9m born Germany, grave 32, sec. N ltrX
MaryHillH40006/12/190168 Linnett yUnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 56y, born Ireland
FrancisHoganH25012/13/190018 Silver yMathew TeresaHCCCAged 19y,5m born US
KathleenHollandH45303/08/1901Wrineger Pl. WBy Batholmey/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 3y,11m, born US
Thomas J.HoulihanH45010/25/1900191 Ave E yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 68y, born Ireland
FrankHoverH16004/17/190170 W. 20th St. yFrank/USKate/USHCCCAged 1d
Mary ElizaHowanH50005/14/1901Church St. SIy Wyant Slaght/USPhoebe/USBethel Methodist SIAged 75y, born US
ArthurHundleyH53402/13/190129 E. 24th St. yW.W./USNorah/USNew York BayAged 13m,1d



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
VictorJablonskiJ14505/26/190181 E. 24th St. yIgnatz/PolandMary/PolandNot listedAged 1m,20d
IsabellaJohnsonJ52505/30/1901SR Infirmaryy Urice Vandine/USSaraNew York BayAged 54y
MargaritaJohnsonJ52509/05/190039 W. 29th St. yOtto/GermanyNorah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 1y,1m,1d born US
JennieJonesJ52002/10/190197 W. 8th St. yWm Bure/USEmmaGeoucester VA?Aged 41y, buried at Thompson Warf, Ware River VA, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JeremiahKaneK50006/19/1901Union Avey   St. Peter'sAged 70y
StillbornKaneK50012/03/190019 W. 19th St. yPatrick/USAnnie/IreHook 
JohnKaschubeckK21205/04/1901119 York Ave NBy   St. Peter'sAged 70 years
JohnKaschubeckK21205/04/1901119 York Ave NBy   St. Peter'sAged 70y
JohnKeefeK10012/15/1900114 RR Ave yThos/USMaryHCCCAged 1 hour
MaryKeleganK42510/10/190094 W. 22nd St. yThos/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 1 hour
JnoKembleK51407/25/1901112 Linnett yWm/USBridget/USHCCCAged 10m,
FlorenceKennanK55012/20/1900397 Ave D. yJohn /USJulia/USHCCCAged 1y
StillbornKickK20002/25/1901403 Ave C. yGeo/AustriaMary/AustriaNot listed 
StillbornKimmerlyK56406/24/1901Boulevard yFrankElizabethBayviewmale child
AlexanderKinnerlyK56401/01/1901Arlington Park  Alexander/GermanyMary/GermanyNew York BayAged 37y,11m,25D born US, died at Insane Ward Snake Hill
CatherineKirwinK65003/09/1901Barker St. WBy Henry/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter'sAged 75y, estate of Kirwin
StillbornKlineK45011/12/190078 W. 16th St. yHerbert/USLillian/USHookAged unknown, born US
RoseyKovaK10007/23/1901124 E. 24th St. yDennis/AustriaBabbar/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 5m, born US
KrashmishKrastraK62302/21/190141 East 19th St. yValenti/RussiaMochintoski/RussiaNot listedAged 14 days, born US
Charles H.KrugerK62601/07/190115 E. 27th St yChas/GermayAnnie/GermanyNew York BayAged 4y,2m
MarshaKrugerK62601/08/190115 E. 27th St yChas/GermayAnnie/GermanyNew York BayAged 8y
RosyKrupirskaK61607/03/190192 East 21st St. yAnthony/PolandMary/PolandNew York BayAged 20y,2d, born Polannd, 5th Division Polish Society
CasinurKucharzykK26207/27/190179 E. 24th St. yAntone/PolandZofiaNot listedAged 3 days
JohnKuglockK24203/30/1901Willowbrook RDy Andrew/PolandSophia/PolandSt. Peter'sAged 2y,2m, born US
AnilaKumiezaK52004/27/1901165 Ave F. yJohn/AustriaLala/AustriaHCCCAged 1y,6m, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
BridgetLandriganL53601/20/190170 Linnett yWmMaryMt. OlivettAged 46y, housewife, born Ireland
JennettLawrenceL65211/01/190033 3rd St. NBy Geo/USSarah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 6m
Lena VeronicaLeaheyL00009/13/190095 Hobart Ave yMathew/USCatherine/USHCCCAged 7m
ReginaLeahyL00003/09/190133 W 11th St. yFrancis/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 11m
BernardLevanduskiL15304/30/19014 Mechanic St. yIquot/AustriaMary/AustriaNew York BayAged 14d, donated graves, Winiski
EdwardLindsayL53201/30/190139 chestnut Ave JC  UnknownUnknownHCCCAged 40y, born Ireland, paid by Wm Lindsay, 39 Chestnut Ave
JosephLipcotL12307/16/1901171 East Ave  Joseph/AustriaMary/AustriaHCCCAged 1y,3m, born US
VictorLoprestoL16211/22/190057 Bdwy, WBy Jas/ItalyLaurina/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 8m born US
Agnes RuthLutherL36008/23/190143 W. 27th St. yThos/USAnnie/USCalvaryordered by: Mrs. Annie Luther, Brooklyn
EllenLynchL52002/08/190129 E. 18th St. yMichael/Ire HCCCAged 2y,2m, lot/grave 28, section F Ltr E
MargaretLynchL52002/08/190184 W. 19th St. yJeremiah/IreMargaret/IreMt. OlivettAged 1m,5d
PatrickLynchL52001/16/1901206 RR Ave Jersey C  Dennis/IreSusan/IreHCCCAged 489y, born Ireland, wife: Katie
StillbornLynootL53011/07/1900218 RR Ave yJas/IreMaggie/IreHCCC 
MaryLyonsL52012/07/19002nd St. NBy Jas/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 3 days


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohnMaddenM35006/03/190138 Bond St. PRy UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 68y, born Ireland
TimothyMahaneyM50002/01/1901New Brighton SIy Timothy/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sAged 52y, born Ireland
MaryMaherM60003/20/190117 W. 10th St. yJohn Finley/IreUnknownNot listedAged 60y, born Ireland
StillbornMahoneyM50005/02/190111 East 24th St. yMike/IreAnna/IreHook 
OttoMarsareillaM62608/24/1901373 Ave D. yJames/ItalyMary/ItalyHCCCAged 6m
CarrieMayM00002/08/190117 W. 20th St. yPeter Nelson/USAnnie/USHoly Cross LIAged 19y, husband: Oscar May
CharlesMcAltonM24303/24/190120 W. 20th St. yChas/IreMary/IreSt. Mary's Aged 35y, born Ireland, note: Jno Hines, Granit Stone Yard, Bklyn NY, died St. Fran Hos
JamesMcAnernyM25607/10/190129 E. 19th St. yLuke/IreMary/IreNot listedAged 1y,8m
ThomasMcArevyM26104/19/190176 Bdwy SIy Jas.EllenSt. Peter'sAged 24y, born US, paid by James McArevy
OwenMcCabeM21001/23/1901215 Ave E. yJames/IreCatherine/IreMt. OlivettAged 40y, born Ireland, laborer
Margaret A.McCarthyM26303/08/1901116 Ave e. yJeremiah/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 16y,4m
CatherineMcCauleyM24006/27/1901465 Ave c. yMartin/IreCatherineHCCCAged 15y
BridgetMcCuslandM22408/19/190116 E. 21st St. yJnoHanah HCCCAged 1y, born Us
JohnMcDonaldM23502/26/19018 W. 21st St. yJohn/IreAnn/IreHCCCAged 24y, born Ireland, Insurance Agent, died at Pat Johnson's, Bridget Burke paid
JamesMcGoie?M20006/19/190123 E. 21st St. yJnoCatherineHCCCAged 1y,9m, born Us
WinifredMcGowanM25006/27/1901104 Ave E. y  HCCCAged 48y, born Ireland died at Blackwell Island, paid by Mrs. Margaret O'Donnell
EdwardMcGuireM26012/24/1900Gifford & Bdwyy Ed/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 48y, born Ire, laborer, ordered by Joe Johnson
FlorenceMcHermanM26501/13/1901271 E. 22nd St. yFrank/USLydia/USGreenwoodAged 1m, 14d
GraceMcKennaM25005/07/1901130 Ave F. yThos/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 4y, born US
JuliaMcLarneyM24607/27/1901229 Ave D. yHarry AnnHCCCAged 1m
Robert EmmettMcMahonM25507/28/1901122 Ave E. yMichael/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 2y,4m born US
Charles HenryMcNallyM25409/10/1900212 Orient yChas/USMary/IreHCCCAged 1y,2m, ordered by Joe Woodrauf
MargaretMcNallyM25412/17/190041 Evergreen yChas/USMary/USHCCCAged 2 m
MichaelMcNamaraM25503/03/190145 Andrew yPat/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 10 month, born US
AnnieMcSarneyM26507/23/1901229 Ave D. yJno Leonard/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 30y
MargaretMechanM25009/18/1900Ave D yJames/IreElizabethHCCCAged 1y,8m born US
TadensMelerM46008/24/1901164 RR Ave yJulian/PolandMagdalin/PolandNew York BayAged 7 days
StillbornMelickiM42004/13/1901107 Ave J. yJacobMaryHook 
Leo KadzaMicewiezM22005/16/1901196 E 22nd St. yPeter/PolandMary/PolandNew York BayAged 1m,2d
JnoMillerM46007/04/1901489 Ave C. yMatt/GermanyLucy/GermanyNew York BayAged 2 days
StillbornMillerM46003/15/1901465 Ave C. yUSCatherine MillerHook 
JamesMillsM42008/18/190114 E. 28th St. yWilliam/IreSara/ScotlandCalvaryAged 38y,
LaurinaMioduszewskaM32211/25/1900195 Ave E. yJulian/PolandHelena/PolandNot listedAged 4m
RosanaMooneyM50008/16/1901114 Ave E. yWilliam/USMary/USHCCCAged 2y,3m
WilliamMooreM60007/31/1901808 Ave D. yWilliam/US MoravianAged 6m
JohnMorganM62509/02/1900312 Ave E. yJas.AnnieHCCCAged 29y, born Ire, Thomas Cassidy, Thom Morgan, Bridget Cowen, Chas Boothly paid
NicholasMorrellM64007/20/190196 Sewview Ave  FelixEllenHCCCAged 30y
Mary AnnMorriseyM62009/20/1900481 Ave D yPat/IreMary/IreNot listedAged 21 days.
FrancisMouihanM50008/03/1901110 Ave E yDaniel/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter'sAged 1y,4m, born US
JohnnieMoynihanM55008/21/190112, 5th St NBy Jermiah/IreMaggie/IreSt. Peter'sAged 8m, born US
PatrickMoynihanM55009/04/190023 Tyson St.y Michael/IreMary St. Peter'sAged 53 y, born Ire
RichardMulcahyM42002/10/1901   Thos./IreAlice Not listedAged 39y, born Ireland
EllenMuldoonM43504/12/1901179 York Avey Thos Toumey/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 81y, born Ireland, housewife
Frederick MullerM46005/24/1901New Dorp Lane SIy Oswald/USLenaLutheran LIAged 6m,29d
CatherineMurphyM61002/11/190130 Silvery Moses/IreMary/IreSt. Mary's SIAged 1 day
CatherineMurphyM61007/19/190110 W 18th St. yBart/IreEllen/IreMt. OlivettAged 1y,14m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
WilliamNapierN16011/11/190010 W 11th St. y  HCCCAged 45y,
HarryNeisingerN25205/04/1901Churchy Henry/USLilly/USMoravianAged 6y,11m,16d, born US
AnodioNicolettiN24308/19/1901405 Ave D. yRalph/ItalyAngelina/ItalyHCCCAged 1y,4m, born US
BarbaraNovarkN16209/04/1900223 E 22 St. yJohn/AustriaBarbara/AustriaHookAged 1y,7m, born US
MichaelNoviskiN12002/18/1901197 E 22nd St. yJohn/PolandVictoria/PolandHCCCAged 4m
EdwardNunnN50008/09/190159 Linnett St. yEdward/USMaryMt. OlivettAged 8m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
WilliamO'BrienO16510/16/190078 W. 10th St yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged Unknown, born Ireland, died on Railroad Tracts.
John B.O'ConnorO25601/26/190196 Hobart Ave yMike/Ire HCCCAged 31y, born Ireland
Michael J.O'ConnorO25606/01/190196 Hobart Ave yJnoJohanah/IreHCCCAged 50y, born Ireland, new plot
RoseO'ConnorO25612/17/1900170 Orient yWm Green/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 66y,8m,28d
GraceO'DonnellO35408/11/1901RR Ave yConBridgetNot listedAged 1y
JohnO'DonnellO35403/21/1901104 Ave E. yHugh/IreRose/IreHCCCAged 33y born Ireland
JeremiahO'DriscollO36207/27/190116 W. 10th St. yJeremiah/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 35y, born Ireland
Timothy E.O'HolloranO46509/07/1900171 Jersey St.y Timothy/USKate/USSt. Peter'sAged 1y,4m, born US
JamesO'NeilO54004/24/190159 Linnett St. yJames/IreBridget/IreMt. OlivettAged 22y, born US
JohnO'NeilO54008/23/190012 East 15th St. yIrelandUnknownHCCCAged 67y, born Ireland
MaryO'NeilO54001/26/1901190 Orient yPat/USMary/USHCCCAged 9m
EdwardO'TooleO34008/04/190135 W. 19th St. yEdward/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 5m,19d


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Herman ElmerPearsonP62505/01/190158 Evergreen  Lars/SwedanAnna/DenmarkNew York BayAged 2m, born US
BridgetPowersP62008/07/190159 Evergreen yGeo Russell/IreUnknownHCCCAged 43y, born Ireland, husvand Patrick Powers
InfantPowersP62002/11/1901219 Ave S yJno/USMary/USMt. OlivettAged 2 days
JohnPowersP62008/28/190036 4th St.y IrelandUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 69y, born Ireland
William J.PowersP62005/30/1901115 RR Ave yJohn/IreMary/IreHCCCBorn Ireland
IquatzPrechataP62303/26/1901211 E. 22nd St. yAustriaUnknownNew York BayAged 25y, born Austria, laborer, died/City Hosp/Bayonne, donated grave Winecki
JohnPskowskiP22003/24/190134 Jersey St.y Chas/AustriaStachia/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 1m,7d
John G.PuhlP40008/24/190095 W. 19th St. yJoseph/GermanyBarbaraHCCCAged 24y, born US, was a Base Ball Player


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MichaelQuinnQ50008/22/1901St. Francis Hosp    HCCCAged 57y, deed to Jas Cavorley


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
FrancisReaganR25001/03/1901132 Ave E. yConMaryMt. OlivettAged 5m,20d, born US
Timothy ReardonR63509/11/1900Burgher Avey Dennis/IreBridgetSt. Peter'sAged 41y, born Ire, occup: Cooper
MaryReganR25001/24/1901132 Ave E. yMike Driscoll/IreCathMt. OlivettAged 28y, married, born Ireland
MaryReganR25006/23/1901216 Monitor St.  John/IreCatherineHCCCAged 34y, born Ireland, died at St. Francis, paid by Thos Regan
Rev. James FrancesReidR30001/02/1900East 16th St. y  HCCCAged 25y,11m,10d, born US, died at St. Michael's Hosp. Newark, mass St. Mary's
JohnReillyR40010/10/190020 W 11th St. yDennis/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 1m,7d
JohnReillyR40002/19/1901Castleton Ave WBy Patrick/IreRose/IreSt. Peter'sAged 59y, born Ireland
StillbornReillyR40007/23/190137 Andrew yJeremiah/USJulia/USHCCC 
MaggieRosensteelR25203/15/1901Cottage Ply Philip Breen/IreNorah/IreMt. OlivettAged 26y
GustinaRouzaR20003/01/190142 W. 25th St. yFrank Farnino/ItalyRose HCCCAged 34y, born Italy, ordered by A. Carlo
MaryRouzaR20003/12/190140 W. 25th St. y  HCCCAged 3 weeks, born US
EmmaRuppR10001/09/190132 E. 22nd St. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 51y, born Germany, housewife
AndrewRusnakR25208/26/190011 John St.  AndrewAnnaHCCCAged 1y,3m, born US
Benjamin RussellR24007/16/190119 E. 14th St. yBenj/IreEllenNot listedAged 1y
Benjamin W.RussellR24007/02/1901150 Ave E. yBenj/USHanah/USHCCCAged 47y born US
JohnRyanR50002/17/190165 W. 19th St. yJohn/IreNorah/IreHCCCAged 50y, born Ireland


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JosephineSacilulawskiS24403/30/190162 RR Ave yJohn/PolandFeliksa/PolandNew York BayAged 5m, born US
John J.SchenekS52011/01/1900214 Rich. Terry John/GermanyPauline/GermanyMoravianAged 24y, born. Occup: Baker
JohnSchmidtS53008/25/1901358 Ave C. y  MoravianAged 68y
JuliaScraggS62007/18/190153 Taylor St. WBy Jno HarpSarah HarpFairviewAged 61y
BridgetScullyS40006/20/190111W10th St. yUnknownUnknownCalvaryAged 40 or 48y
JaneShanghnessyS52512/27/1900Franklin St. WBy John/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 50y,
HellenShannonS55004/04/190110 W 21st St. yMartin/IreCatherine/IreHCCCAged 1y,8m, born US
ThomasShannonS55004/15/1901792 Ave A. yThos./IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 31y, born US, died at Bayonne Hosp, mass St. Henry's
StillbornSharkeyS62006/26/190190 W. 22nd St. yFrank/IreWinifred/IreHCCC"Buried in unconsecrated ground"
StillbornShererS66007/10/190136 W. 23rd St. yJas/USMinnie/USHCCC 
Thomas A.SheridanS63504/09/190122 Post Ave WBy Thos/IreHarriett/IreSt. Peter'sAged 40y,4m, born NY
MarySinnetS53002/08/1901McSorley Place WBy UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 80y, born Ireland, died at McSorley Place West Brighton
Eugene J.SmithS53012/15/1900518 Ave C. yJames/IreMary/Neward NJHoly SepAged 28y, born US, laborer,died at Hosp in Plainfield NJ
E.R.StanburgS35107/27/1901541 Ave D.  UnknownUnknownNew York BayAged 35y, died at Argentine Kansas, was salesman, ordered by: Alexiander Brown
FrancisStanburyS35103/19/1901Child Nursery SIy William ElizabethSt. RaymondAged 2y,11m,22d, died at Child Nursery Four Corners, SI
JuliaSudinakS35208/23/1900107 Ave J. yMike/AustriaCatherineHCCCAged 1 y, 3m
AnnieSullivanS41508/07/1901122 Ave E. yJohn/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 4m,7d
James PatrickSullivanS41509/02/1900Egbertville SIy Pat/IreMary/IreNot listedAged 27y, born Egbertvill SI, plumber
KateSullivanS41510/26/190088 Ave E yJas/IreJohanah/IreHCCCAged 37y
Mary A.SullivanS41512/06/1900Egbertville SIy James/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sAged 4y,18m
StillbornSullivanS41511/19/1900150 Ave E yEugeneMaryHCCC 
LillianSvecS12007/23/1901   Frank/AustriaMary/AustriaNew York BayAged 1y,3m,
John JosephSweeneyS50012/15/190015 W. 20th St yJnoEllenHCCCAged 1,9m
MichaelSweeneyS50008/07/1901E 15th St.     HCCCAged 33y, died at Rosevelt Hosp. NY, Annie&Neil O'Donnell paid


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Thos. F.TierneyT65007/15/1901E. 18th St. yThos/IreMary/IreNot listedAged 18y,6m
MiklasTokavcikT21206/29/1901St. Lukes Hosp  UnknownUnknownHookAged 38y, born Austria
PaulineTomaceroT52608/25/1901213 E 22nd st. yMikeMaryHookAged 1y,1m, lived in rear of residence, grave 26, row 10
DanielTowmeyT50010/30/190073 W. 12th St. yChas/IreHannah/IreHCCCAged 4y,3m



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
PeterVan BuskirkV51207/09/1901Dutchess County NY    HillsideAged 60y
Annie VenecekV52207/01/1901219 E. 22nd St. yUnknownUnknownNew York BayAged 57y, grave 3, sec. 726, sec. K North


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
EdwardWagnerW25609/20/1900Ave D @ 25th St. yThomas/Ire HCCCAged 4m,7d
JohnWagnerW25610/07/1900179 Hobart Ave yEdwardBridgetHCCCAged 47y, born Ireland
GeorgeWalrodW46302/27/1901129 Ave F. yGeoAnnieHCCCAged 29y, born US
John W.WalrodW46302/06/190198 RR Ave GeorgeAnnHCCCAged 23y
Maria A.WalshW42002/18/190142 E. 16th St. yPat SullivanMaryHCCCAged 27y,
Mary E.WalshW42001/24/1901Ave D. yMichael Riley/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 44y, born US, husband: Michael, mass: St. Mary's
StillbornWhellerW46003/08/190129 E. 21st St. yWM/IreMary/USNot listed 
Thomas H.WhiteW30001/28/1901Ave D. yThomas/GermanyMargaretNew York BayAged 67y,
AbbieWilliamsW45208/12/190182 W. 10th St. y  Not listedAged 10y, 12 days born US, Charity organization
MichaelWintersW53610/05/1900  yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 64y
EmmaWyersW62001/25/1901497 Ave D. yChas SheridenMaryHCCCAged 36y, born US, mass: St. Henry's
Ellen E.WymanW55012/24/190039 W. 24th St yHarry/USEllen/USHCCCAged 1y,2m




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