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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
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Staten Island, NY 10310
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1903 - 1904

This book was transcribed by Lynn Rogers. Thank you, Lynn!


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Albert P.AllenA45001/21/1904Pine St. WBy Jas/EnglandAnnie/ScotlandSilvermountAged 2y,6m, born US, died Smith Infirmary
InaAylingA45205/20/1904Ave D. yThos/US MoravianAted 14y, born US deed to: Mrs. Bargfrede


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MaryBabisB12002/06/1904140 Ave E. yAlexander Jardoch/AuAnnie/AustriaHCCCAged 18y, born Austria, housewife, married
MaryBaileyB40001/11/1904Elm St. WBy Daniel Flaherty/IreMary Flynn/IreSt. Peter'sAged 49y, born Ireland, housewife, widow
GeorgeBakerB26008/05/1904St. Vincent's Hospy JamesElizabethNot ListedAged 44y, born US, paid by Mrs. Baker 430 E 5th St. NYC
ConstantiaBanachB52005/28/1904101 Ave E. yIgnatis/PolandRoseHCCCAged 11m, born US
MargaretBarnettB65308/29/1904Sisson Court y  HCCCAged 20y, born Ireland, block F, ltr Ea, #18, deed delivered to Jerry
StillbornBauerB60001/08/1904124 W. 25th St. yChas/USAnnie/USNew York Bay 
StillbornBeckB20009/03/19048 Van Houton JC    Hook 
MariaBevilocquaB14207/20/1904433 Ave C. yMichael/Italy HCCCAged 20y, born Italy
AntoniaBitworeski?B36211/20/1903316 Ave E. yFrank/RussiaAlexandre/RussiaHCCCAged 1m, born US
IdaBluntB45305/07/190416 E. 10th St. yUnknownMartha/USNot ListedAged 4m, grave 1, lot 881, sec IH, paid by Wm Johnson
SallieBowerB60008/30/1904367 Ave C. yJohn/IreHellen/EnglandHCCCAged 24y, born US
AnnieBoyleB40002/11/1904398 W. D. yJno/IreSarah/IreHCCCAged 1y,7m, born US
JamesBoyleB40004/15/1904228 E. 22nd St. yMike/IreElizabeth/IreHCCCAged 34y, born Ireland, mass: St. Mary's, paid by Mrs. Jas Cummings
John BoyleB40002/01/1904398 Ave D. yJno/IreSarah/IreHCCCAged 4m,21d born US
Joseph FrancisBoyleB40007/12/1904220 RR Ave yPat/IreSusan/IreHCCCAged 1 hour
Mary A.BoyleB40007/21/1904237 Ave E. yDan/IreFannie/IreAllentown PAAged 33y, born Ireland, Paid by: Marcus Boyle
Michael BoyleB40002/20/190492 E. 21st St. yJohn/IreMary/IreSt. Mary's Freeland PAAged 40y, born Ireland, laborer
RoseyBoyleB40006/29/190463 Evergreen St. yChas/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 5 days, born US
MargaretBradyB63011/13/190321 W. 6th St. yTerence/IreEllen HCCCAged 33y, born US, mass: St. Mary's
ThomasBradyB63003/02/190442 E. 1st St. yThos/USKittie/USHCCCAged 1y,10m,7d born US
AmeliaBrandonB65306/29/190452 RR Ave yThosAnnieSt. Peter'sAged 1y,2m,8 days, born US
Michael A.BreenB65010/25/1904Fresh Kills Rd SIy MichaelCatherineCalvaryAged 24y,6m, born US, farmer
JamesBrennanB65507/12/190422 W. 19th St. yPatrick/IreCatherineHCCCAged 33y, laborer
TimothyBrosnanB62506/01/190492 W. 50th St. yUnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 52y born Ireland
MaryBrownB65012/06/1903199 Ave E. yDavid HCCCAged 3y,5m, born US, grave 48, block H. ltr Y #12008, deed name: David C. Brown
RuthBrownB65012/28/1903Bayonne Hosp. yUnknownMinnie BrownHookAged 4m, NJS Board of Childrens Guardians
WilliamBrownB65005/04/1904Easton    BayviewAged 44y, born England
Ellen N.BuckleyB24008/12/190433 Dodge yMorgan Doyle/IreMaryHCCCAged 65y, housewife, goods ordered by Dr. L. F. Donohue
StillbornBurkeB62002/18/1904387 Ave D. yJohn/IreMary/IreHCCC 
MaryButlerB34605/28/190459 Lafayette Ave y Thos/IreKatherine/IreSt. Peter'sAged 1y,3m
MaryBynesB52002/17/190431 Hartly Pl yPat Hughes/IreUnknownHCCCAged 40y, born US
RuthBynunB55005/18/190438 NewSt.Montclair  UnknownUnknownHookAged 11m,15d, died at Bayonne Hosp. NJS Childrens Guardians


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
LizzieCaldyC43008/10/190495 W. 19th St. yJoe Fogarty/IreSophia Coldy/AustrNew York BayAged 8m, born US
ElizabethCallahanC45001/15/1904Bayonne Hosp. yHugh/IreEliza/IreSt. Mary's PlainfieldAged 61y, born Ireland
NicolaCardioloC63402/07/190447 2nd St. NBy Fred/ItalyMarie/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 26y,
FrancesCarlin C64509/09/1904180 A RR Ave yMichael/IreRose/IreSt. Peter'sAged 30y, born US
MargaretCarrollC64007/06/1904308 Ave E. yJames/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 1y,1m born US
PatrickClarkC46205/21/190414 E. 18th St. yEdwin/IreJulia/IreHCCCAged 74y, born Ireland, deed to Thos Tierney, mass: St. Mary's
Henry C.CliffordC41603/31/1904Clinton Ave NBy UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 50y, born Germany, Hotel Keeper
AndrewCohnkoC52009/25/1904223C E. 22nd St. yGabriel/AustriaAnnie/USHCCCAged 10m, born US, block K, ltr Fc #13
CorneliusConnollyC54008/19/1904Burgher Ave WBy Jeremiah/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sAged 35y, born US, laborer
PatrickConnollyC54004/01/190461 Lafayette Ave y UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 50y, born Ireland, laborer, died at Orford Cooper Works Bayonne NJ
MarieContiC53007/23/190493 W. 22nd St. yFrank/ItalyJostina/ItalyHCCCAged 1y, born US
StillbornContiC53012/06/1903467 Ave C. yRalph/ItalyCelia/ItalyNew York Bay 
JamesConwayC50011/21/190329 W. 19th St. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 52y, born Ireland, laborer
Mary E.CookC20008/23/190422 1/2 W 11th St. yGeorge/USEliza/USHillsideAged 8m, born US
MaryCorbettC61302/09/190415 2nd St. NBy Patrick Ferry/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 55 y, born Irland, coroner
JeremiahCorcoranC62604/16/190413 E. 10th St. y  St. Peter'sAged 49y, born Ireland, deed to Mary Costello, buried St. Peter's SI
KatieCorriganC62507/29/1904102 Lexington Ave  Thos/IreMargaret/IreNot ListedAged 14 days
LillieCotterC36001/04/1904Jersey St.y Edward/IreLizzie/IreSt. Peter'sAged 10y, born US, died Smith Infirmary
Clara EstelleCourterC63603/05/190422nd W. 17th St. y  New York BayAged 1y,9,m moved to 1323 Park Ave NY % Mrs. Bowen top floor
AnnCoyleC40003/16/190444 W. 17th St. yJames/IreAnnie/IreHCCCAged 1 hour
BridgetCrowleyC64005/28/1904Davis Ave WBy UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 55y, born Ireland
Wesley J.CrowleyC64007/05/19041047 Ave D. yJoseph/US HCCCAged 1y,4m,
MaryCuffC10004/08/1904293 Ave D. yMichaelMaryHCCCAged 9y, born Ireland
Mrs.CullenC45003/19/190423 W. 10th St. y  Mt. OlivetAged 26y, born US, housewife, wife of Henry Cullen
JaneCunninghamC55205/10/1904Davis Ave WBy James Drury/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter'sAged 54y, born Ireland, died St. Vincent's Hosp, housewife


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
CatherineDaleyD40008/13/1904124 Jersey St.y Thos/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 72y, born Ireland, ordered by Thos Cook
MaryDaleyD40002/17/1904542 Ave D. yJoeDeliaHCCCAged 1 hour
Patrick DaltonD43501/26/1904121 W. 21st St yJames/IreNoraHCCCAged 16y, born US
EllenDalyD40010/05/1903446 Ave C. yDan Haley/IreJulia/IreSt. Peter'sAged 47y, born Ireland, died at Snake Kill, paid by Daniel Daly
DavidDarrahD60005/12/190470 W. 7th St. yDavid/USAmelia/EnglandNew York BayAged 1 hour, grave 4 row, lot 801, sec IH
AnnieDelaneyD45007/15/190476 W 22nd St. yWm/IreHannorah/IreHCCCAged 6y,11d, born US
AnnDeneenD55002/13/190433 3rd St. NBy Jno ShaughnessyUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 80y, paid by Peckel Deneen
Charles B.DevoeD10012/03/190343 W. 18th St. yPeter/USAlice/USWoodlandAged 27y, born US, Manager
JohnDilksD42009/30/19047 Bayview Courty James/USJohanah/USHCCCAged 1y,21d born US
MaryDineenD55002/21/190434 3rd St. NBy James/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sAged 67y, born Ireland
Patrick J.DolanD45001/17/1904Tysen St. NBy UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 47y, born Ireland, died at St. Francis Hosp, NYC
StillbornDonnellyD54006/13/190489 W. 18th St. yArthurMaryHCCC 
DanielDonovanD51504/04/1904128 Ave E. yMichael/IreMary/IreMt. OlivetAged 37y born Ireland
DennisDonovanD51502/21/190412th St. NBy Patrick/IreJulia/IreSt. Peter'sAged 35y, born Staten Island, laborer, died at Smith Infirmary, widow
HumphryDonovanD51507/24/1904Burgher Ave WBy Pat/USMary/USSt. Peter'sAged 5y,18m, born US
Johanah V.DoodyD30002/20/190447 Morningstar Rdy James/USMary/USSt. Peter'sAged 16y, born US
MargaretDooleyD40011/30/190313 W. 9th St. yUnknownUnknownHCCCBorn Ireland, housewife, deed to Julia Dooley
Jane DoudD30001/05/1904Broadway WBy Peter Cavanaugh/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 80y, born Ireland, widow
JamesDoughertyD26306/06/1904     HCCCAged 28y, born Ireland, drowned in Newark Bay, paid by Mrs. P. McElgun
CatherineDrastureD62312/11/1903183 Ave E. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 55y, born Germany, Block F, ltr Da, #103, deed name: John Drasture, mass: St. Mary Mt. Carmel
JosephDumbardiD51604/19/190446 E. Grand St. yAugust/ItalyMary/ItalyHCCCAged 3m, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Geo B.EcclestonE24210/21/1903228 Orient St. yThos/EnglandElizabeth/EnglandCypres HillAged 52y, born US, Foreman
Julia F.EdwardsE36302/17/1904486 Ave C. yGeorge/EnglandLizzie/EnglandHCCCAged 3m
JohnEganE25011/07/190311 E. 16th St. yJohn SarahHCCCAged 2y, born US, block K, ltr V #1
Ellen EllisE42001/20/1904293 Ave D. yMorris O'Brien/IreHanorah/IreHCCCAged 47y, born Ireland, block O, ltr I, #88
MosesEnglewoodE52404/16/190482 W. 10th St. yUnknownUnknownNot ListedNJS Board of Children's Guardians
MaryEustisE23205/03/1904199 Orient St. yStephen HCCCAged 46y, died at Snake Hill


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JuliaFagakerlyF22606/21/190417 W. 10th St. yJas/EnglandJulia/USHCCCAged 3 days
MaryFarleyF64009/13/190436 Lafayette NBy   St. Peter'sAged 66y,
LizzieFeehanF50012/05/190333 W. 21st St. y  HCCCAged 26y, born US, housewife, mass: St. Henry's, Mrs. SG Murray Salt Lake City paid
MichaelFennesseyF52003/24/190420 Isabella Ave yMichael/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 32y, born Ireland, laborer, deed to Thos McGrath
Annie FinnertyF56311/15/190319 W. 16th St. yJohn/IreAnnie/IreHCCCAged 8m, born US
MaryFinnertyF56305/24/1904358 Ave D. yJohn/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 9y, born US
MichaelFitzgeraldF32605/18/1904Gifford SIy Morris/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 65y, born Ireland, widow
KateFoleyF40005/10/1904Snake Hill y  HCCCBorn England, mass: St. Mary's, died at Alms House, paid by Jas Foley
Michael J.FoleyF40010/26/1903541 Ave D. yMichaelMargaretHCCCAged 32y,10m, born US, Capt of Police, mass: St. Henry's, Mrs. Foley, 421 58th St. Bklyn paid
MargaretFordF63004/20/190483 Rich Avey John /IreEllen/IreSt. Mary'sAged 6y
Isabel DawsonFountainF53506/20/1904Liberty Sullivan Co    MoravianAged 28y,
BartellaFoyelF40008/02/190419 W. 51st St. yPatrick J./IreAnnie/IreNot ListedAged 1y,8m
TeresaFrancceF65201/04/190439 2nd St. NBy Ralph/ItalyRose/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 4y, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
LorettaGahrenG65005/21/1904Little Clove Roady Thos /GerFruda/GerNot ListedAged 3 days, born US
CorneliusGallagherG42610/07/1904E 18th St. y  HCCCAged 10m,
John P.GallagherG42604/07/1904724 Ave D. yPatrick/IreJane/IrePeekskill NYAged 26y, born US, mass: St. Henry's
MargaretGallagherG42608/11/190431 E. 18th St. yCornelius/IreAnnieHCCCAged 48y, born Ireland, housewife, 21 years in NJ
FrankGambleG51409/15/1904New Dorpy UnknownUnknownWoodlandAged 43y, laborer, died at St. Vincent's,
TonyGarlzonG64210/10/190437 2nd St. NBy Patrick/ItalyBertha/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 2y,6m, born US
BridgetGavinG15003/28/190429 W. 15th St. yPeter Cerhew/IreMary/IreNot ListedAged 48y, born Ireland, died at Bayonne Hosp.
EdwardGilbertsonG41611/13/190311 W/ 16th St. yThos/USEmma/USSt. Peter'sAged 4 days
AnnieGilliganG42509/17/19049 6th Ave NBy JosephMildredSt. Peter'sAged 4m, born US
MinnieGrantG65309/24/1904Bayonne Hosp. yUnknownUnknownHookAged 1y,2m born US, NJ Board of Children's Guardians
ElizabethGriffinG61507/07/190455 Cottage St. yDaniel/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 45y, died St. Francis Hosp.
CatherineGrumpelG65104/01/190452 Silver St. yKillian/GermanyJulia/GermanyHCCCAged 1y,1m,17d, born US, Block 2, Ltr A, #31 deed name: Chas Remmerly.


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
PatrickHalloranH46507/23/1904Hobart Ave  yJas/IreBridgetSt. Peter'sAged 70y, born Ireland, 35 years in NJ
LouisHansenH52505/21/1904288 8th St. JC  August/NorwayAnnie/NorwayNew York BayAged 5y,9m, born US, diptheria
Mary C.HardyH63008/21/190414 RR Ave yJas/IreHannah/IreHCCCAged 15 or 65 years, born US
WilliamHarmerH65601/27/190465 Linnett St. yWm/USDelia/IreHCCCAged 1 hour
MargaretHeffernanH16507/29/190420 Isabella Ave yPat Heland/IreEllenHCCCAged 39y, born, paid by: Thos McGrath
Margaret A.HerchencroderH62505/24/1904518 Ave C. yJas Smith/IreMaryHoly Sepul, NewarkAged 23y, born US, housewife
Mary IsabellHerliheyH64006/29/1904147 Ave E. yDennis/IreMargaret/IreNot ListedAged 1y,4m,13d born US
JohnHesterH23607/01/1904609 Boulevard yOwen/USDelia/USHoly Sepul, NewarkAged 1y,8m, born US, died diptheria
AliceHitchellH32405/13/190449 Evergreen St. yThos/USAlice/USHCCCAged 6m
Betram J.HoffmanH15507/03/190411 W. 10th St. yBetram/USElla/USEvergreenAged 9m, born US
JamesHoganH25004/20/190442 E. 23rd St. yMichael/IreAlice/IreHCCCAged 47y, born US, carpenter
StillbornHolloranH46510/23/1903191 Jersey St.y TimothyKateSt. Peter's 
DanielHolmesH45208/14/1904Ave D. yDaniel/Ire HCCCAged 3y,11m
MargaretHoue or HoweH60001/24/190457 RR Ave yDennis Haley/IreJulia/IreHCCCAged 23y, 6m, born US, housewife
JohannahHoulihanH45012/31/1903Rich. Terr PRy Patrick/IreJohannah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 80y, born Ireland
JohnHughesH22006/10/190415 W. 12th St. yNicholas/IreAnn/IreHCCCAged 50y, born Ireland, city Inspector, mass: St. Mary's
Thos J.HughesH22009/07/1904371 Ave D. yJohn/IreSusan/IreHCCCAged 1y,4m
MargaretHurleyH64007/09/19047 W 19th St. yJas/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 8m, born US, grave 86, ltr Db, block K, deed to Margaret



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
William H.JacksonJ25010/26/190426 E. 43rd St. yJames/IreCatherine/IreManasquan NJAged 50y, born US, goods ordered by: AC Taylor, 39 E. 44th St. NYC, moved to 30 W 136th St. NYC
JohnJohnsonJ52512/19/1903Foot of E 28th St. y  New York BayAged 52y, born Sweden
WilliamJoyceJ20003/14/19048 Ave B. PRy Michael/IreSophia/IreCalvaryAged 84y, born Ireland


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Ellen M.KellyK40001/31/190420 W. 18th St. yMathew Lawless/IreAnn/IreHCCCAged 54y, born Ireland, housewife
BridgetKembleK51409/26/190426 Cottage yPat Kirby/IreBridgetSt. Mary's S.I.Goods ordered by: Robert Dixon
Julia KerriganK62506/20/1904Cary Ave WBy   St. Peter'sAged 29y, no further information
JohnKeslerK24608/11/1904Rich. Terr WBy Henry JuliaSt. Peter'sAged 45y, born US, Hotel Keeper
ElizabethKiernanK65508/03/1904119 W. 57th St. yWm HSarahHCCCAged 1y,3m, born US. Wm H. Kiernan is electrican
John J.KorchinskyK62504/23/190411 New St. yJoseph/AustriaMary/AustriaHCCCAged 50y,3m, born Austria, laborer
KatieKovatskiK13212/18/1903192 Ave E. yWaddy/RussiaJosephine/RussiaHCCCAged 1y,1m, born US
SusanKramerK65607/03/1904Ave D. y  Not ListedBorn Germany, housewife, widow paid by Carl Kramer - Policeman


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
CatherineLairL60007/31/190438 Cottage St. yJohn/USCatherine/USNew York BayAged 1y,6m, born US,
Charles LauktreeL23601/22/1904Ave D. y  HCCCAged 33y, born Ireland, Saloon Keeper, block N, ltr O #18, mass: St. Mary's
FritzLauritgenL63207/06/1904Bayonne Hosp. y  New York BayAged 18y, born Norway
Edward J.LawsonL25012/21/190330 Rich. Terry Robert/VirginiaAnnie/IreSt. Peter'sAged 36y, born US, Hotel Keeper
RobertLawsonL25012/10/1903Rich. Terr PRy SamuelElizabeth St. Peter'sAged 66y, Saloon Keeper
Anna LeddyL30006/25/190430 E. 28th St. yWilliam/USAnnie/USHCCCAged 7 m, born US
John F.LeeL00009/08/190492 W. 6th St. yMichael/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 29y,10m, born Bayonne, clerk, single
JeremiahLeonardL56308/14/19049 John St. WBy Jeremiah/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 35y, born Ireland, laborer
JohnLeonardL56303/01/190421 E. 10th St. yThomas/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 54y, born Ireland
WilliamLindsleyL53207/13/1904128 Chestnut Ave JC    HCCCAged 65y, died at St. Francis Hosp JC
Catherine J.LynchL52001/27/1904104 Humphrey Ave  Daniel Kilduff/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 46y, born US married
GeorgeLynchL52008/29/1904W 18th St. yGeorge/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 1m, born US
LorettaLynchL52010/11/190477 W. 12 St. yJames/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 7y,


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Leg of JohnMagnerM25612/13/1903Secaucus NJ    HCCCAged 44y, born Ireland, died at St. Mary's Hosp Hoboken NJ
StanleyMalaskyM42009/22/190418 E. 19th St. yMike/PolandMary/PolandHCCCAged 1y,6m,
GraceMalloyM40007/09/19049 Andrew St. yOwen McCauley/IreUnknownHCCCAged 59y, born Ireland, housewife , paid by Owen Malloy
CatherineMaloyM40010/13/1903215 Ave E. yCornelius/IreCatherine/IreHCCCAged 14 days, born US
JamesMarnanM65504/03/190453 Cottage St.  yJohn/IreHanorah/IreHCCCAged 48y, born Ireland, mass: St. Mary's, block L, #54, ltr 9-10,
Angelo M.MarssarelliM62609/17/1904319 Ave D. yJauners/ItalyTeresaHCCCAged 59y, born Italy
PeterMartinM63509/16/1904167 E. 22nd St. yPeterMaryHCCCAged 1y,2m, born US, grave 8, ltr I, block S. deed to Peter Martin
Mary J.McCabeM21003/17/1904262 Rich Terry Pat Sheridan/IreAnnSt. Peter'sAged 52y, born Ireland
UnknownMcCarthyM26304/23/1904W 18th St. y  HCCCborn US no further information
MarthaMcClauryM24602/26/190497 Johnson St. yFrank SmithPatriciaNew York BayAged 35y, deed: Florence McClaury given to Mrs. Reich
AndrewMcColeM24007/10/1904440 Ave C. yMichael/IreGrace/IreHCCCAged 21 days, born US
GraceMcColeM24006/28/1904Ave C. y  HCCCAged 27y, born Ireland
HarryMcCormicM26505/08/190418 Silver St. yHarry/USMary/USHCCCAged 1 hour
TeresaMcCormicM26510/09/19039 W. 8th St. yHarry/USMary/USHCCCAged 4m,14d, born US
Mary AnnMcCuslandM22403/13/190486 E 22nd St. yHugh McGeehan/IreIsabella/IreHCCCAged 36y, born Ireland, housewife
CharlesMcDermottM23607/18/190440 E. 21st St. yThomas/USKittie/IreHCCCAged 2m, born US
CatherineMcDevittM23103/19/1904Ave D. y  HCCCAged 24y, born US, mass: St. Henry's
MaryMcDonoughM23506/19/1904193 Ave E. y  HCCCAged 74y, born Ireland, housewife
MichaelMcDonoughM23505/30/1904143 Ave E. yBarth/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 32y, born Ireland, block K, ltr Db, grave 30 deed to Mary McD
JosephMcElroyM24602/26/1904John St. WBy John/IreSusan/IreCalvaryAged 35y, born US, laborer
HenryMcGeeM20008/02/190427 E. 19th St. yPatrick/IreMary/USHCCCAged 8m, paid by Mr. Riley, her father
StillbornMcGeeM20005/15/1904103 Ave E. yMathew/IreEllen/IreHook 
FrancesMcGeehanM25006/18/190472 W. 20th St. yJohn/USLydia/USSt. Peter'sAged 5m, born US
WilliamMcGuireM26003/19/19043rd St. NBy William/USAnnie/USSt. Peter'sAged 8m, 14 days, born US
LizzieMcHughM22003/16/1904Ave C. & 11th St. yMichaelEllenHCCCAged 21y,6m, 7 days in NJ, died at Devlins House born US
EllenMcInernyM25604/17/1904123 W. 20th St. yFrank/IreAnn/IreHCCCAged 4y,8m, born US
ElizabethMcIntyreM25310/27/190495 Gordan St.y Daniel CroninMargaretSt. Peter'sAged 38y, born US, housewife
FrancesMcLarneyM24607/22/190428 W. 7th St. yHarry/USAnnieHCCCAged 8y, 8m, born US
StillbornMcLaughlinM24201/10/1904386 Ave D. yGeorgeJulia Not Listed 
Annie HayesMcLellanM24410/09/1903Burgher Ave WBy John Hayes/IreHanorah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 28y,5m, born US, housewife, mass: Sacred Heart
IsabellaMcNicollM25203/02/1904466 Ave C. y  New York BayAged 44y, housewife
John F.McQuadeM23006/09/190448 Columbia St. WBy Frank/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter'sAged 44y, contractor
VeronicaMelandoM45306/02/1904545 Ave D. y  HCCCAged 8y,11m, born US
MikeMerceskoM62206/17/1904221 E. 22nd St. yJohn/AustriaAnnie/AustriaSt. Peter'sAged 8m, born US
DanielMinnahanM55005/03/190432 Water St.y Dennis/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sBorn Ireland, laborer
ThomasMoodyM30006/03/1904126 W 21st St. yJohn/EnglandMaud/EnglandBayviewAged 5m,24d born US
BridgetMorrisseyM62002/07/19041025 Ave C. yThos Tobin/IreMary/IreNot ListedAged 59y, born Ireland, housewife, widow
MaryMorrissonM62510/24/1904135 Rich. Terry   St. Peter'sAged 42y, born Ireland, died at Seaton Hosp NY
JuliusMountclairM53208/10/1904Bayonne Hosp. yUnknownUnknownHookAged 6m, NJS Board of Childrens Guardians
AgnesMullaneyM45009/30/190330 Evergreen  yPatrick/IreMary/IreHCAged 21 days, born US
MaryMullaneyM45009/12/190430 Silver St. yJohn Roach/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 43y, 4m, born Ireland, widow
StillbornMullaneyM45009/10/190430 Evergreen  yPatrickMaryNot Listed 
Ellen A.MullerM46007/23/1904W 8th St., yJeremiah/IreBridgetMt. OlivetAged 34y, born US, housewife
MargaretMundelM53408/30/1904W 23rd St. yJohn/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 1y3m born US
AnnieMurphyM61012/06/1903Blackwell Island yUnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 77y, born Ireland
DanielMurphyM61004/04/1904Cary Ave WBy Cornelius/IreMarySt. Peter'sAged 46y, born Ireland, died at St. Vincent's
George H.MurphyM61001/14/1904W 59th St. yWilliam/USLouiseHCCCAged 1y,4m,8d born US, paid by: Jack Riley & Musty Fox
Hellen MurphyM61006/20/1904W 16th St. yCornelius/IreHellen/IreHCCCAged 5y, born US,
JosephMurphyM61006/21/19046 Rathburn Ave  John/USRose/USHCCCAged 5 days
PhilipMurphyM61010/04/190430 W. 28th St. yJohn/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 18y,
MargaretMurrayM60006/03/1904Bayonne Hosp. yUnknownUnknownHookAged 2m, NJS Board of Children's Guardians
StillbornMurrayM60012/05/190381 W. 26th St. yThos New York Bay 
DanielMxcIntyreM25307/09/190426 Broad St. y Wm/USElizabeth/USSt. Peter'sAged 9m,5days, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
KatieNelsonN42502/11/190483 W 22nd St. y  Holy Cross L.I.Aged 26y, born US, housewife
EllenNoonanN55012/24/1903181 Hobart Ave yThomas/Ire Mt. OlivetAged 18y, born US
BessieNortonN63510/28/19034th Ave NBy Tommy/USEllen/USSt. Peter'sAged 4m
JohnNortonN63510/30/190329 W. 15th St. yAndrew/IreCatherine/IreHCCCAged 4m, died Bayonne Hosp. Deed to: Thos Carroll, paid by Thos Carroll
JerryNugentN25301/05/1904118 Ave E. yMichael/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 35y, born Ireland, Laborer, grave 8, block K, ltr Y
JohnNugentN25303/05/1904St. Francis Hosp JC    HCCCAged 36y,
Morris V.NugentN25301/20/1904Egbertvilley Morris/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sAged 34y, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Frank J.O'BrienO16510/09/19041 John St. WBy John/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sAged 25y, born US, conductor, died at Schenectady NY
MaryO'BrienO16504/19/1904227 E. 22nd St. yJohn/USMary/USHCCCAged 5y, 9m born US
ThomasO'ConnellO25407/20/1904John St. WBy Thos/USKate/USSt. Peter'sAged 6y,7m, born US
JamesO'ConnorO25611/30/190333 E. 21st St. yCornelius/IreHannah/IreHCCCAged 31y, mass: St. Henry's, deed to: Mrs. SG Murray, Salt Lake City, paid by: Jas O'Shanaghessy
JosephO'ConnorO25606/14/1904St. Francis Hosp JC    HCCCAged 26y, born US paid by Mrs. SG Murray, Salt Lake City
BridgetO'DayO30001/10/1904325 Ave D. yJames/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 9 days, born US
BridgetO'DonnellO35404/02/1904Snake Hill y  HCCCAged 34y, born Ireland paid by Jas Campbell
BridgetO'DonnellO35406/29/1904132 Ave E. yMike/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 1y,6m
CorneliusO'DonovanO35101/25/1904101 Ave E. yDennis Hannah HCCCAged 23y, block K, ltr Z, #43, deed: B Sweeney, died at W 8th St. RR tracks, paid by Bat Sweeney/Mr. Hurley, Mrs. Dempsey/RR
JohnO'HareO60003/05/190417 W. 19th St. yJohn/US HCCCAged 1 hour buried in Grace Connors grave
ArthurO'KeefeO21011/23/1903Ave A. y  HCCCNo further information
PatrickO'NeilO54006/13/190457 Linnett St. yJas/IreBridget/IreMt. OlivetAged 27y, born US, clerk
TimothyO'NeilO54006/30/190459 Linnett St. yJas/IreBridget/IreMt. OlivetAged 18y, 1m,
MargaretOnessO52011/05/1903467 Ave C. yThos/USMaryNot ListedAged 2m
MaryO'ReganO62501/26/1904100 Lafayette JC  Dan Driscoll/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 49y, born Ireland


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JosephParlokP64206/25/190468 RR Ave yStanislau/GerBertha/GerSt. Mary's Mt. CarmineAged 1 hour
CharlesPickeringP26503/18/190414 3rd St. NBy Chas/USCatherineSt. Peter'sAged 4y,11m,9d born US
AllenPierceP62008/17/190414 W. 16th St. yWellington/USLillian/USPine Brook NJAged 5m, born US
JamesPowersP62012/04/190316 Caroline St. WBy John /USMary/USSt. Peter'sAged 38y, born US, carpenter, mass: St. Rose of Lima
TwinsPowersP62004/01/190440 E. 28th St. yMathew/IreMary/IreHCCCNo further information
Jane S.PriceP62010/01/190354 E. 34th St. JC  Jno Skiller/EnglandMary/EnglandNot ListedAged 75y, born England
EmmaPuhlP40011/08/1903W 19th St. yJoseph/GermanyBarbara/GermanyHCCCAged 23y
DanielPurcellP62409/02/190442 Ave C. yMichael/USAnnie/USHCCCAged 9m9d


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MargaretQuigleyQ24004/11/1904Rich Ave Granitvilley Michael/IreSallie/IreSt. Peter'sAged 6m
HenryQuinnQ50001/15/190429 W. 16th St. yMichael/IreMargaretHCCCAged 51y, born Ireland
MaryQuinnQ50011/10/190386 E. 23rd St. yJohn Wash/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 57y, born Ireland, died Bayonne Hosp, paid by Jno D. Quinn, Indian Head Charles Town Maryland
NoraQuinnQ50009/13/1904St. Vincent's Hospy John CuffeyCatherineSpringfield MAAged 45y,


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Marie TheresaRaisnerR25609/02/1904  yChristopher/USAnnie/USNot ListedAged 1y,2m
GertrudeReichR20012/18/190338 W. 19th St. yJohn Kune?/GermanyOtilda/GerBayviewAged 50y, born Germany
MargaretReidR30002/22/1904203 Ave L. yJohn/EnglandMary/USHCCCAged 2y,7m, born US
StillbornReillyR40001/27/1904757 Ave D. yWm/USDelia/USNot Listed 
EdwardRigneyR25008/24/1904240 E. 22nd St. yJno/USRoseann/USHCCCAged 1y,1m,14d,
ElizabethRileyR40007/08/19047 W 10th St. yJas/EnglandClara/EnglandNew York BayAged 7 m, born US
JohnRileyR40009/06/1904Hobart Ave  yJohn/IreMary/IreCalvaryAged 6m, born US, paid by John Riley
AnnieRohanR50011/19/190349 Evergreen St. yJames/IreAnnie/IreHCCCAged 2m
Hellen E.RohanR50002/19/190449 Evergreen St. yJames/IreHellen/IreHCCCAged 4m
StillbornRussellR24005/18/190476 Hobart Ave yJasAdiaNew York Bay 
NoraRyanR50011/24/190333 W. 19th St. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 39y, born Ireland, mass: St. Mary's


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
EllenShanahanS55010/14/190324 W. 15th St. yJeremiah/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 8m,
DeliaShannonS55002/23/1904Cary Ave WBy Jas Butler/IreUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 65y, born Ireland, widow
LeoShannonS55012/06/1903Elm St. WBy Joseph/USMary/USSt. Peter'sAged 1y,1m born US
BernardSharkeyS62010/15/190337 E. 21st St. yMichael/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 9y, born US
Hellen E.ShillitoS43002/13/190457 Center St. yAlfred/EnglandElizabeth/USNew York BayAged 1m,14d, born US, grave 1, sec. 7 north, #407, John Dempsey's grave
NicholasShuttS30006/06/1904Trembley Ct yHenry/GerJohanah/GerNew York BayAged 61y born Germany, laborer
HarrietSimonsS55201/02/190437 E. 14th St. yGeo Turner/USAnn/USNew York BayAged 49y, born US, widow, deed name: John Rowland
BridgetSkellieS40003/17/1904Lafayette Ave PRy Cornelius Hanrahan/IBridget Buck/IreCalvaryAged 79y, born Ireland
George SkeltonS43512/04/190347 W. 54th St. yJonathan/EnglandSarah/EnglandNew York BayAged 58y, born England, paid by James Lamb 47 W. 54th St.
AnnSmithS53012/29/1903Rich. Terr PRy Frederick Kranter/GeCatherine/GerSt. Mary'sAged 77y,9m, born Ireland, housekeeper, paid by: Rev. JC Campbell
JamesSmithS53002/19/1904Ave C. & 23rd y  Holy Sepul, NewarkAged 54y, born Ireland, Saloon Keeper, mass: St. Henry's
Marjorie Agnes SmithS53008/08/190424 Mersereau Ave y Andrew/USLillie/USCalvaryAged 9m, born US
StillbornSmithS53004/28/190434 E. 17th St. yEdward MargaretHCCCEdward Smith Plot
FelixSnyderS53606/29/1904Tysen St. NBy   St. Peter'sAged 42y, no further information
HelenSomcaskeS52210/06/19034 RR Ave yMichael/PolandRymal/PolandNot ListedAged 2y,
Earl StewartS36309/24/190422nd St. Station yOliver/USMary/USSt. Peter's JCAged 1d, born US
WilliamStrawbridgeS36105/26/1904Pt. Johnson     Not ListedAged 66y, died at Pt. Johnson, Boat Hilda L. body shipped to JJ Phillips, Albany NY
CorneliusSullivanS41511/08/190317 Dodge St. yTimothy/IreMary/IreCalvaryAged 51y, born New York, carpenter, died Bayonne Hosp, paid by: Ed Gilbertson
JohnSullivanS41512/20/190385 Linnett St. yJohn/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 38y, born Ireland, Fireman, died RR tracks foot of E 13th St., mass: St. Mary's, block F. ltr Va, #94, buried in Jeremiah Sullivan's grave
JohnSullivanS41508/02/190474 W 7th St.  Timothy/IreKate/IreMt. OlivetAged 1y, born US
MarySullivanS41510/12/1904183 Ave E. yMike/IreMary/IreNot ListedAged 6y,1m, born US
PatrickSullivanS41502/18/1904430 Ave C. yTim/IreBridget/IreNot ListedAged 34y, born Ireland, deed to Jno Sullivan
MargaretSutherlandS36412/01/190317 W. 53rd St. yJohnDeliaNot ListedAged 20y, burial services paid by St. Vincent de Paul
AnnieSweeneyS50003/05/190415 W 20th St. y  HCCCAged 29y, born Ireland, housewife, died at State Hosp. Morris Plains, block F. ltr Da, #45
ChildSweeneyS50003/01/1904101 Ave E. yBarth/Ire HCCCAged 14 days
ChildSweeneyS50010/10/190479 W. 19th St. yJames/IreAnn/IreHCCCAged 1y,1m, born US
Mary D.SweeneyS50001/05/1904W 23rd St. yPeter/EnglandElizabeth/IreHCCCAged 18y, born US
WilliamSweeneyS50004/15/190466 Evergreen St. yPatrick/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 19y, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
George R.TaliaferroT41610/30/190345 W. 21st St. yGeo/USMary/USNew York BayAged 56y, born Virginia, boatman, died Bayonne Hosp.
Mary AnnTaylorT46002/21/1904105 Hobart Ave yUnknownUnknownNew York BayAged 61y, born England, widow
JohnThompsonT51201/19/1904127 Ave F. yJohn/IreAnn/IreSt. Peter'sBorn US



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
BridgetVallalyV44012/25/190313 E. 15th St. yJohn/IreCatherine/IreHCCCAged 19y, born Ireland, paid by William Troden
VincentVanwoertV56309/25/190415 W. 18th St. yArthur/USMary/USHCCCAged 1y,2m
PalmiroVitelliV34004/01/1904454 Ave C. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 50y, born Italy


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MichaelWadeW30008/05/190414 W. 17th St. yJohn/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 2 hours
John T.WalshW42001/08/190425 5th St. NBy Richard/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 2m
Left Arm of ThosWalshW42004/17/1904Foot of E 28th St. yJohn/IreKateHCCCAged 26y, Bayonne Hosp. burial of left arm of Thomas Walsh
MargaretWalshW42012/12/1903Bayonne Hosp. yTimothy Scully/IreCatherine/IreHCCCAged 34y, born Ireland, 2 children survive
Richard F.WalshW42002/20/190427 W 37th St. y  HCCCAged 48y, born Ireland, salesman, died at Bayonne Hosp. paid by Robert J. Byrne
ClolildaWeaverW16010/03/190396 Seaview JC  Felix/FranceElenor/IreHCCCAged 34y, born US
Anna R.WebbW10005/18/1904Philadelphia  Walter/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 24y, born Us
Blanch T.WilliamsW45211/30/1903100 W. 21 St. yJames A./USAdelade/USNot ListedAged 19y, born US
SimonWilliamsW45201/09/1904100 W. 21 St. yMartin/USAnna/USNew York BayAged 44y, born US, Laborer, died Bayonne Hosp
StillbornWilliamsW45210/19/190460 Evergreen yJosAliceHook 
SusanWilsonW42512/21/1903Lincoln Hosp NYC    New York BayAged 37y, born US, paid by Mr. Williams
AnnieWoelpperW41608/20/1904184 Orient St. yBorn GermanyBorn GermanyBayviewAged 41y, born US
GeorgeWoodwardW36303/24/1904Kingston Ave Hosp   Kate USSt. Peter'sAged 4y,8m, died at Kingston Ave Hosp East NY




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