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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1905 - 1906

This book was transcribed by Carlynn Chironna. Thank you, Carlynn!


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
AndrewAbronaskyA16506/20/1906unknown  unknownunknownSt. Mary Mt. Carmine, SIAged 28y, Place of death: Milliken Bros., SI, Paid by Milliken Bros.
RobertAddisonA32508/12/1906unknown  unknownunknownWoodlawnAged unknown, Born Scotland, Occupation stone setter, Place of death: SR Infirmary, Ordered by Donald Martin, 188 W 102nd St., NY, NY
ThomasAndersonA53607/09/1906397 Richmondy NeilGuineil ThompsonCoopersAged 35y, Born Norway, Occupation dock building


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
SteveBabisB12001/25/190637 E 19th St. yMichael/AustriaMary/AustriaHCCCAged 3y, Born US
MichaelBannonB55004/01/190620 York Ave., NBy MikeMarySt. Peter'sAged 34y, Born US
MargaretBarrettB63007/09/190629 E 15th St. yPat/IreAnnHCCCAged 30y, Buried in Block F, Sec. 117, No. 1
MaryBarrishB62006/10/190635 E 23rd St. yJoseph/AustriaJohanah/AustriaHCCCAged 1y,11m, Born US
RichardBarryB60007/25/190617 E 31st St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 58y, Born Ire
SandaBiancoB52005/20/190627 Richmond Terracey unknownunknownSt. Mary'sAged 49y, Born Italy
StanislavaBienoskiB52010/08/190612 E 16th St. yAgustyn(?)/PolandEmma/PolandHCCCAged 11m, Born US, Buried in Block F, Sec. 219, No. 1, Ordered by Mrs. Miller, Dodge St.
Etta A.BoylanB45001/16/19065 W 30th St. yunknownFrancis StearnsHCCCAged unknown, Wife of Mathew Boylan
DennisBoyleB40006/30/190613 E 18th St. yJohn/IreEllen/IreHudson County CatholicAged 1y, Born US, Buried in Block K, Letter Pb, No. 66
EllenBoyleB40006/11/1906220 Railroad Ave.  PatrickSusanHCCCAged 9h
MichelBoyleB40003/29/190618 William St.  Dan/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 46y, Born Ire
Rose H.BradyB63008/17/190642 E 1st St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 67y, Born Ire, Ordered by James Brady
MichaelBrennanB65505/05/1906327 Ave. D yMichael/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 3d
JohnBrownB65007/19/190635 Richmond St.y William/USMolly/USSt. Peter'sAged 7m
William TrevelynBrownB65005/09/1906Dongan Hill Ann Field Farmy unknownunknownMoravianAged 71y, Born England, Place of death: Dongan Hill Station, SI, NY
MaceyBurkeB62009/04/190636 W 17th St. yGarret/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 9y, Born US, Buried in Block O, Letter C, No. 40
MIchelBurkeB62009/07/1906371 Ave. D yRichardMaryHCCCAged 47y, Born Ire, Ordered by Michel McAvoy(?), D & 17th Sts.
LawrenceBurnsB65206/06/190644 W 17th St. yPatrick/IreNorah/IreHCCCAged 1y,8m, Born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Adeline J.CalkinsC42504/01/1906579 Jackson Ave., JC  Davis/WalesPatience/ScotlandNY BayAged 61y, Born US, Orderd by Mrs. Ike Anderson (sister)
FrankCampbellC51405/07/190617 5th St., WBy unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 52y, Born Ire
NichlosCarloC64005/08/1906W 25th St. yunknown/Italyunknown/ItalyHCCCAged 2y
NicoloCarloC64005/28/1906Hudson Co. Asylum  unknownunknownHudson County CatholicAged 47y, Born Italy
JohnCarrollC64006/22/190615 E 24th St. yJnoRoseHCCCAged 1d
Mary A.CarrollC64007/06/190615 E 24th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 14d
stillbornCaseyC20002/12/190640 E 24th St. yJohn/USMary/USunknown 
AnnieCashenC25010/13/190623 E 24th St. yJohn/IreMary Mallally/IreHCCCAged 43y, Born Ire, resident of state 19y
MarthaChainC50002/25/190669 W 18th St. yWm Wyett/USLouise Wyett/USBay ViewAged 32y, Born US
William S.ClarendonC46505/17/1906142 1/2 Pennsylvania  unknownunknownunknownAged 48y, Place of death: St. Vincent Hospital, Note: removed to Newark
JamesClarkC46209/22/1906189 Ave. E yunknownunknownHCCCAged 32y, Born Ire, Occupaton laborer
JohnClarkeC46205/04/1906200 Ave. E yWilliam/USMary/USHCCCAged 2y,11m
EllenCollinsC45209/30/1906Jersey St., NBy Patrick/IreJohanah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 15d, Born US, Place of death: Home for Infants, 69th St. & Lexington Ave., NY, NY, Recorded in same burial record with John Collins
JohannaCollinsC45209/07/1906Jersey St.y George/IreEllenSt. Peter'sAged unknown
JohnCollinsC45209/30/1906Jersey St., NBy Patrick/IreJohanah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 15d, Born US, Place of death: Home for Infants, 69th St. & Lexington Ave., NY, NY, Recorded in same burial record with Ellen Collins
AndrewCollorC46004/01/190638 E 19th St. yunknownunknownunknownAged 48y
ThomasConnellC54001/13/1906433 Ave. E yMichel/IreCathrine/IreHCCCAged 24y, Born US
DanielConnollyC54003/14/1906unknown  EdMaggieSt. Peter'sAged 27y, Born US, Place of death: Riverside Hospital, NY
EllenConnollyC54007/22/1906Newark Ave., Elm Parky unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 39y, Place of death: Morris Plains, NJ, Ordered by Peter Waters, Newark Ave.
Thomas J.ConnollyC54005/15/19064th St., NBy Thos/IreCath Fay/IreSt. Peter'sAged 21y, Born US
JohnConnorsC56203/02/19069 E 5th St. yJames/USCathrin/USHCCCAged 3y,9m, Born US
SarahConnorsC56202/19/19069 E 5th St. yJames/USCatherine/USHCCCAged 3m,25d, Born US
SarahConnorsC56207/08/19063rd St., NBy unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 60y, Born Ire
CharlesConroyC56003/20/19069 W 8th St. yJohn/USCathern/USHCCCAged 21d, Born US
ThomasCratonC63503/15/1906Hudson Co. Alms House  unknownunknownHCCCAged 67y, Born Ire
IdaCrowleyC64002/03/1906468 Ave. C ySolomon/USElizabeth/USBlackstone, VAAged 19y,9m, Born US
WilliamCurryC60003/07/1906Egbertvilley Sylvester/USMargaret Dunn/USSt. Peter'sAged 2y,7m, Born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
WilliamDaltonD43507/01/190613 Sisson Court yCharles/US (NJ)Bridget/IreHCCCAged 1m,22d, Born US
AnnieDalyD40006/04/1906Clark Ave., Richmondy MikeMarySt. Joseph, Rossville, SIAged 27y,11m
JohnDardisD63207/05/1906587 Ave. D yBernard/IreKate/IreHCCCAged 5m,15d, Born US
John J.DayD00008/01/190682 E 22nd St. yEdward/USGrace/IreAllentownAged 25y, Born US, Occupation brakeman
ThomasDegnanD25502/17/1906436 Ave. E yPat/IreSophia/EnglandunknownAged 19y,1m,3d, Born US (Brooklyn, NY)
CathrineDempseyD51206/01/1906unknown  unknownunknownHoly Cross, LIAged unknown, Place of death: St. Vincents Hospital
Dennis E.DempseyD51202/17/1906Weingergia Place  John/IreJulia/IreSt. Peter'sAged unknown, Place/cause of death: Four Corners/by Midland trolley car
JamesDesmondD25503/22/1906unknown  unknownunknownHCCCAged 62y, Born Ire, Place of death: Bayonne Hospital
CharlesDevineD15003/26/1906WBy unknownunknownCalvaryAged 32y, Born US, Place of death: City Hospital, JC, NJ, Cause of death: accidental burning, Ordered by Chas Fink, WB
JosephineDilksD42005/13/1906unknown  Jas/USJohanahHCCCAged 1m, Place of death: Bay View Court 4th St. Newark Bay
Jacob MartinDiltsD43205/14/1906296 Ave. C yJno C/USAnna J/USMoravianAged 23y,7m, Born US
WilliamDobsonD12505/12/190611 Clinton Ave., NBy unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 63y
stillbornDonnellyD54003/09/1906W 14th St. yArthur FMargaretHCCC 
DennisDonovanD51507/30/19061 6th Ave., NBy Dennis/IreJulia/IreSt. Peter'sAged 2m,7d, Born US
HannahDonovanD51507/02/1906217 Jersey St., NBy JohnHannah CollinsSt. Peter'sAged 30y, Occupation domestic, Ordered by James Donovan, 313 North Main St., Marion, OH
JamesDonovanD51504/21/190613 Castleton Ave., Tompkinsvilley Jas/IreMargaret Crawley/IreSt. Peter'sAged 30y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Kill Van Kull, Ordered by Kate Donovan, , Bill to W.P. Preble, 150 Nassau St., NY, NY
JohnDooleyD40003/14/1906103 Ave. E yPeter/IreHanorah/IreHCCCAged 35y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer
MariaDooleyD40002/05/190621A E 15th St. yThos Muleedy/IreSusan Muleedy/IreHCCCAged 63y, Born Ire, Widow
BridgetDoughertyD26302/20/190684 W 18th St. yPatrick Bona/IreBridget Bona/IreHCCCAged 32y, Born Ire, Buried in Block N, Letter K, No. 86
BridgetDoughertyD26309/28/190610 W 19th St. yNeil Boyle/IreBridget Boyle/IreHCCCAged 52y, Born Ire, resident of state 14y, Buried in Geo Dwyer grave
JohnDownsD52008/08/1906124 W 21st St. yunknownunknownCalvaryAged 69y, Born Ire
stillbornDrastureD62302/13/190647 E 19th St. yJohnMaggieHCCC 
DanielDriscollD62403/18/1906Van Name Ave.y Dan/IreJohanahSt. Peter's, Rosendale, Ulster Co., NYAged 64y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Kll Van Kull Bridge
JohnDriscollD62408/29/1906179 Orient St.  Dennis/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 44y, Born US
PatrickDriscollD62404/20/1906139 Ave. E yJas/USMary/USHCCCAged 2m
FrankDuffyD10005/17/1906329 Ave. D yArthur/IreJulia/IreHCCCAged 60y, Born Ire, Occupation shoemaker
CathrineDunnD50008/10/190620 4th St., NBy Patrick Barnat(?)/IreAnnie CollinsSt. Peter'sAged 41y, Born Ire


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
ConradElsebackE42103/03/1906unknown  unknownunknownFairviewAged 75y, Place of death: St. Vicient, Ordered by Wm Collins, 336 W 42nd St., NY


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
RoseFarleyF64009/24/1906553 W 37th St., NY  Thomas Carroll/IreCathrine Fox/IreCalvaryAged 71y, Born Ire, Ordered by Rose Macken, 553 W 37th St., NY, NY
AnnieFeeleyF40004/21/190611 W 7th St. yJohn/USCatherin/USHCCCAged 8y, Born US
CeceliaFeliceF42009/27/1906434 Ave. C yunknown/Ireunknown/IreHCCCAged 54y, Born Ire
stillbornFenkerF52605/13/1906407 Ave. C yRobertAnnie/Ireunknown 
LouisFinkF52003/04/1906204 Bdwy  GeoMarySilver MountAged 10y,2m,7d, Born US
William H.FinleyF54005/30/1906New Dorpy JasCatherineSt. Peter'sAged 29y, Born US
MaryFinnertyF56307/24/190643 E 17th St. yJohnAnnie/IreHCCCAged 1m
MaryFitzpatrickF32106/24/190617 E 17th St. yHenry/USJulia/USHCCCAged 1h
BenjaminFlowerdewF46301/02/190668 Lafayette Ave., NBy Benjamin/EnglandElizabeth Tubby/EnglandMoravianAged unknown, Ordered by BC Flowerdew Jr., 298 Bdwy, NY, NY
JohnFlynnF45009/08/1906103 Ave. E yMichelMargaret/IreHCCCAged 9d
GeorgeFoerstF62308/08/190675 W 27th St. yunknown/GermanyunknownHCCCAged 72y,11m, Born Germany, Widower
DanielFoleyF40005/20/1906121 W 22nd St. yDaniel/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 2d
NoraFraherF66009/05/190655 E 4th St. yunknown Cushing/IreunknownHCCCAged 49y
AmeliaFriedrickF63607/16/1906163 Orient St.  Theodore TiofelLouise TiofelNY BayAged 36y, Born Hungary
FrancisFuljohnF42501/16/1906428 Ave. C yThos/ItalyGrace/ItalyHCCCAged 4m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
EllenGaffneyG15008/10/19062nd St., WBy Frank/USAnnieSt. Peter'sAged 9m, Ordered by Mrs. Henry Johnson the Deans wife
JohnGallagherG42606/07/1906unknown  EdBridgetSt. Peter'sAged 32y, Born Ire, Occupation blacksmith, Place of death: St. Vincient Hospital
MichelGallagherG42603/19/190613 Montgomery St., JC  JamesBridgetHCCCAged 39y, Ordered by Katie Gallagher, 259 Jersey St.
OwenGallagherG42606/30/190687 W 19th St. yJohnSarahHCCCAged 50y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Place of death: 74 E 25th St.
ThomasGallagherG42609/23/1906John St., Elm Parky Thomas/IreAntonette Hovel(?)/IreSt. Peter'sAged 35y, Born US, Cause/place of death: drowned in Kills
MargaretGarrityG63006/16/1906247 1/2 E 22nd St. yWilliam Ballenger/IreBridget Ballenger/ IreHoly SepulchreAged 54y, Born Ire, Widow
WilliamGarrityG63010/10/1906236 E 22nd St. yWilliamAnnaHCCCAged unknown
MaryGarveyG61001/26/1906cor. Richmond Terrace & Jersey St., NBy William/USLizzie/USSt. Peter'sAged 15 minutes
JohnGeigerG26010/05/1906106 Humphrey Ave. yJoseph/GermanyAnna/GermanyBay ViewAged 5m, Born US
MichaelGeraghtyG62301/26/190660 Barker St., WBy Peter Geragher/IreSarah Callahan/IreSt. Peter'sAged 70y,4m, Born Ire, Occupation painter
Annie L.GilliamG45010/02/19069 6th Ave., NBy James Pennack/EnglandBridget Pennack/IreSt. Peter'sAged 49y, Born US
JosephGleasonG42506/09/1906unknown  John/USMary/USunknownAged 39y, Born US, Place of death: St. Vincient Hospital, Orderd by Ed Gleason, 8 Precent(?), NY
EdwardGraceG62007/17/1906unknown  unknownunknownSacred HeartAged 52y, Occupation captain of Lehigh Coal Barge No. 15, Place of death: Howland Hook, SI, Ordered by Hubert Grace, 25 Cottage St.
JohnGradyG63005/11/1906Ennis St., Elm Parky James/IreEllen/IreSt. Mary'sAged 32y, Born US
stillbornGuareG60007/15/1906413 Ave. D yEd/IreKatherine/IreHCCC 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohnHalliganH42504/02/190610 W 27th St. yThomas/IreCathrine/IreHCCCAged 40y, Born Ire
FrankHanlonH54501/30/1906185 Ave. E yunknownunknownHCCCAged unknown, recorded in same burial record as Patrick Hanlon
PatrickHanlonH54501/30/1906185 Ave. E yunknownunknownHCCCAged unknown, recorded in same burial record as Frank Hanlon
Mary A.HannanH55003/20/190677 W 18th St. yThos/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 22y,9m, Born Ire
AnnieHanrattyH56310/01/190610 Union St., WBy Peter/IreAnnie/IreSt. Mary'sAged 78y, Born Ire
stillbornHansonH52504/05/1906299 8th St., JC  AugustAnneNY Bay 
John I.HartH63001/03/1906unknown  David/USMary/USBay ViewAged 47y, Occupation conductor, Place of death: Roosevelt Hospital
MargaretHartungH63502/13/1906133 W 20th St. yRobert Turner/EnglandBridget Turner/IreHCCCAged 43y, Born England, Ordered by Herman Hartung
WilliamHassattH23008/21/190626 Evergreen  Wm/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 33y, Born Ire, Buried in Block F, Sec. 114, No. 2
CatherineHayesH20001/15/19067 E 15th St. yWm/USCathunknownAged unknown
WilliamHeffernanH16509/30/1906103A W 6th St. yWilliam/USCatherine/USHCCCAged 14d
CarlHeitmannH35501/02/1906Ave. E yFredrick/GermanyBertha/GermanyMoravianAged 4m, Born US
SaphroniaHendricksH53606/17/1906468 Ave. C yJohn/USJennie/USNY BayAged 9m, Born US
MargarettaHerchenroederH62505/29/1906Blackwells Island  unknownunknownSt. John German Lutheran, Port Richmond, SIAged 67y, Born Denmark
John T.HickmanH25501/18/1906501 Boulevard yunknownunknownHCCCAged 61y, Born US, Occupation carpenter, Buried in Block F, Letter Ha, No. 34
CatherineHigginsH25202/01/1906Newman(?) St.  Martin/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 52y, Born Ire
BartholomewHollandH45302/18/1906Weingergia Place  Cornelius/IreMargaret Leahey/IreSt. Peter'sAged 47y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer
MartinHonanH55003/04/190653 Silver St. yPatrick/IreCatherineHCCCAged 56y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Hudson Co. Alms House
John F.HopkinsH12506/03/1906174 Orient St.  FrankMaryHCCCAged 5m
HannahHortonH63504/18/190610 W 9th St. yunknownunknownFairviewAged 54y, Born US
Estella E.HundleyH53401/04/1906673 Ave. A yWm/USNora/USNY BayAged 21d, Born US
LouieHuysH20005/28/19062 Sisson Court yPeter/HollandMary/US (NJ)HCCCAged 3m, Born US



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Clarence R.JacksonJ25004/14/1906528 Ave. C yBoulton/USNellie/USNY BayAged 11m,1d, Born US, Cause of death: acute broncho pneumonia
MarionJaworskiJ62008/18/190623 Dodge St.  StanleyJuliaHCCCAged 39y, Born Russia, Buried in Block F, Sec. 219, No. 1
PatrickJohnsonJ52509/01/1906139 Ave. E yunknownunknownHCCCAged 43y, Born Ire, Buried in Block K, Letter Q, No. 80, Ordered by Mrs. Finnerty
William J.JohnsonJ52506/20/1906190 Orient St.  George/USMildred/USHCCCAged 6m, Born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohnKaneK50006/26/190647 Henderson Ave.y Cornelius/IreJohanah Donovan/IreSt. Peter'sAged 30y, Born US, Place of death: killed foot of Bdwy, WB
Manuella(?)KeefeK10008/22/1906114 Railroad Ave.  ThosMaryHCCCAged 8m, Born US
Albert C.KellsK42001/31/1906320A Ave. D yFrankRosaBay ViewAged 5y,8m,19d, Born US, Place of death: Randalls Island
MichaelKellyK40001/09/190665 W 26th St. yWilliam/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 27y, Born Ire, Occupation fireman, Cause of death: malignant endocarditis, Bill to EH Davidson, 1153 E Grant St., Elizabeth, NJ, Brotherhood of Locomotive firemen (deceased was member of Elizabeth Lodge), at request of Mary Kelly, Essex County Country Club, West Orange, NJ
Lena L.KilduffK43108/29/1906unknown  Dan/IreHellen/IreHCCCAged unknown, Born US, Place of death: St. Francis
AdolfKoinackyK52008/01/19064 Jersey St.y unknownunknownSt. Mary'sAged 49y, Born Poland, Occupation laborer, Place of death: killed at Kings Plaster Mill, NB, SI, NY, Charge to JB King Co., NB
ViolaKrulikowskiK64209/01/190635 E 19th St. yFrank/AustriaAmelia/AustriaHCCCAged 2m,9d, Born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
VictorLamorteL56310/05/1906180 York Ave., NBy Michael/ItalyCatherine/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 15m, Born US
EdwardLandriganL53602/20/190682 Evergreen St.  EdwardCatherineHudson County CatholicAged 1y,2m, Born US
HermanLangeldeinL52412/28/1905Steamship Willkommen  unknownunknownNY BayAged 19y, Born Germany, Occupation sailor, Order by Phil. Rufracht, Agent, Steamship Willkommen, 26 Bdwy, NY, NY
AnnaLauretsonL63208/20/1906264 Ave. D yCasper/NorwaySophiaNY BayAged 45y,11m, Born Norway, resident of state 4y, Ordered by Carl Otto Lauretson
RoseLavvalaL14004/06/1906WBy Joseph/ItalyRose/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 3m, Place of death: Egbertville, SI, NY
Thomas F.LeahyL00005/30/1906Hobart Ave.  Mathew S/USCatherin/USHCCCAged 3y,9m,7d, Born US (Bayonne, NJ)
RobertLehrL60005/21/1906133 W 29th St. yRobertMaryHCCCAged 1y,10m
BarberiaLemmer(?)L56007/02/1906Home for Blind, 104th & Amsterdam Ave., NY  unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 84y, Ordered by Rich Lemmer
RoseLevolaL14002/06/1906McSorleys Lane, WBy unknown Bulterman(?)/ItalyMary Coffidima/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 26y, Born Italy
MargaretLommatschL53204/14/190612 W 11th St. yRichard Cahill/IreJulia Cahill/IreHCCCAged 20y, Born US (Bayonne, NJ)
SusanLydenL35008/28/190615 E 16th St. yThos Cushing/IreBridget CushingHCCCAged unknown
AnnLynchL52001/17/1906unknown  Own Fox(?)/IreBridget Fox(?)/IreHCCCAged 53y, Born Ire, Place of death: Bayonne Hospital
NorahLynchL52003/21/190673 W 18th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged unknown, Born Ire, Buried in Sec. F, Letter E, No. 28, Deed to Mike Lynch
NorahLynchL52003/25/190673 W 18th St. yMichael/IreNorah/IreHCCCAged 17d, Born US
JohnLysaghtL22312/28/1905502 Ave. C yJohn/USKate/USHCCCAged 4m, Born US
ThomasLysaghtL22303/03/1906643 Ave. D yJas/IreMary/USHCCCAged 1m,7d


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
PatrickMackesyM22002/21/190683 Hobart Ave.  PatJohanahHCCCAged 29y
Sarah E.MaddenM35005/12/190638 Bond St., Port Richmondy Michel/USMary O'Connor/USSt. Peter'sAged 1/2h
JamesMaherM60008/21/190666 W 10th St. yMartin/IreMary/IreHudson County CatholicAged unknown
LukeMahoneyM50006/13/1906378 Ave. C yJeremiah/IreElizabeth/IreHCCCAged 7y,4m, Born US
AnnieMahonyM50004/13/1906353 Ave. D yMichel Herlihy/IreJulia Herlihy/IreHCCCAged 40y, Born Ire, Wife of Michel Mahony
MarieMarinoM65008/09/1906188 York Ave.y unknownunknownMoravianAged 70y
MarieMassareilliM26403/21/1906Ave. D yunknownunknownHCCCAged 11y,8d
Hans MartinMathewsonM32507/12/1906unknown  unknownunknownunknownAged 38y, Born Norway, Place of death: St. Francis, JC, NJ, Paid by United Harbor No. 1, 21 State St., NY, NY
JennieMatthewM30007/02/190647 W 1th St. yJas Anderson/ScotlandBetsie Anderson/USNY BayAged 50y,4m, Born US, Ordered by husband William
JeremiahMcCarthyM26303/06/1906301 Ave. D yCharles/IreJulia/IreHCCCAged 31y, Born Ire, Buried in Block C, No. 1305
MargaretMcCarthyM26308/06/1906190 Orient St.  John/USMary/USHCCCAged 3m,13d, Born US
MaryMcCarthyM26304/24/1906190 Orient St.  Patrick Scully/IreMary Scully/IreHCCCAged 34y, Born US, Buried in Block F, Letter Ja, No. 70
PatrickMcCarthyM26308/13/1906unknown  PatCathSt. Peter'sAged 45y, Born Ire, Occupation driver, Place of death: railroad track WB, SI, NY
CatherineMcCauslandM22408/21/1906unknown  JohnunknownHCCCAged unknown
CathrineMcDermottM23602/23/190623 E 19th St. yunknown/IreCathrin Gilligan/IreSt. Peter'sAged 53y, Born Ire, Buried in Block F, Letter Ha, No. 18
MargaretMcDonaldM23502/08/1906Van Pelt Ave., Elm Parky William HutchinsonMary HaggertySt. Peter'sAted 37y, Born US
EdwardMcDonoughM23509/12/190626 W 17th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 1d
JohnMcElweeM24001/27/190624 W 19th St. yPatrickGraceHudson County CatholicAged 32y, Occupation conductor CRR
JohnMcGeeM20007/31/1906S.S. Narragansett  Patrick/IreCatherine/IreNY BayAged 51y, Born Scotland, Occupation sailor, Buried in Sec. 9 North, Lot 930, No. 3, Ordered by Mr. Lewis, Charged to Phil Ruprecht agent, 26 Bdwy, NY, NY
stillbornMcGeeM20004/12/1906117 Hobart Ave.  Arthur/USElizabeth/USHCCC 
EverlynMcGeehanM25009/10/1906556 Ave. C yWilliam/USHellenaSt. Peter'sAged unknown, Born US
JohnMcGonnigleM25204/07/1906299 Ave. A yDanielEllenHCCCAged 1h
PeterMcGuireM26005/20/190612 E 24th St. yJohn/IreHanorahHCCCAged 1y,11m,20d
JohnMcIneryM25601/25/1906Ave. C yunknownunknownHCCCAged 21y, Born Ire, Ordered by Catherine Dardis (his sister), Advertised in NY Journal, Bayonne Times, JC Journal
MichaelMcLaughlinM24205/19/1906154 Gordon St., Stapletony Michael/IreJulia RiddingtonRed Bank, NJAged 34y,9m,10d, Born US (Belford, NJ), Occuation conductor, Place of death: RR Station New Brighton, SI, NY
stillbornMcLaughlinM24207/17/1906573 Ave. D yGeorgeJuliaHCCC 
MaryMcMahonM25506/19/1906405 Ave. D yJohn/IreAnne/IreHCCCAged 3d
Charles D.McNallyM25409/12/1906169 East Ave.  Rene/Ireunknown/IreunknownAged 44y, Born Ire, Occupation driver, cemetery not named, Buried in Block F, Letter G, No. 18
BernardMcNelisM25405/24/1906Linnett St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 51y, Born US, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block L, Letter Ob, No. 63
LukeMcNerneyM25603/27/1906W 19th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 39y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Buried I Block K, LeterNb, No. 49, Deed to Margaret Connors (formerly McInerney)
MaryMcSorleyM26403/01/190679 Richmond Terracey Michael Mullin/IreMary Mullin/IreSt. Peter'sAged 62y, Born Ire, Widow
LizzieMeadM30008/07/190611 1/2 Davis Ave., WBy Mike Carran(?)unknownunknownAged 41y
TooterMeilskyM42006/20/1906unknown  unknownunknownSt. Mary Mt. Carmine, SIAged 28y, Place of death: Milliken Bros., SI, Paid by Milliken Bros.
JohnMeyersM62007/22/1906510 Boulevard yCarlMaryBay ViewAged 2m,27d, Born US
Ignatus RosaireMillerM46005/11/1906unknown  Thos/ScotlandMary McGowan/USCalvaryAged 30y, Occupation nun, Place of death: St. Vincents Hospital
MaryMillerM46002/11/190675 Ave. C yMorris Cohen/AustriaSophia Cohen/AustriaBayside, LIAged 64y, Born Austria, Widow, mother of Louie Cohen
Stanistain(?)MillerM46007/12/190652 Jersey St., NBy JnoMeale SabainusSt. Peter'sAged 21y, Born Austria/Poland, Occupation laborer, Cause of death: drowned
HerbertMilneM45007/28/19062 W Union St., WBy Geo/USEva/USSilver MountAged 9y, Born US, Cause/place of death: drowning in Kill Van Kull
AnnaMitchellM32403/01/1906330 Ave. D yCecar/USClaraBay ViewAged 14y
WilliamMoffettM13008/11/1906unknown  GeorgeBessieNY BayAged 28y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Bayonne Hospital
JohnMoloneyM45004/09/190630 W 15th St. yMichel/IreMargaret/IreMt. OlivetAged 56y, Born Ire
John J.MonohanM55004/26/1906Carey Ave.y ConMargaret McCarthySt. Peter'sAged 7m
Vicient de PaulMooreM60012/28/1905218 Ave. D yJoseph W/IreCatherine/IreunknownAged 18y,8m, Born US (NY), Occupation helper
BlancheMorganM62509/15/190629 W 29th St. yJno/USIda/USNY BayAged 23d
CathrineMorganM62508/09/1906653 Ave. D yunknown Sharkey/IreunknownHCCCAged 43y, Born Ire, Ordered by James Morgan (husband)
Mary MargaretMorganM62507/20/1906Egbert Ave.y Peter/IreBridgetSt. Joseph, Rossville, SIAged 5m
SadieMorrisonM62507/14/19063rd St., NBy Edward/USEllen Hart/USSt. Peter'sAged 26y, Born US
AnnMulliganM42504/21/1906E 22nd St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 50y, Place of death: Dunellen, NJ, Ordered by Wm Mecham, W 22nd St., Mail bill to Charles M Kelly, New Market, NJ
CatherineMulliganM42503/05/190626 E 17th St. yJohn McInerny/IreAnn McInerny/IreHCCCAged 45y, Born Ire
JosephMulliganM42509/04/1906Carroll Place, NBy WmCristinaSt. Peter'sAged 6m, Ordered by Jas Mulligan
William F.MulliganM42510/17/19064th St., NBy JasMary Ann HartSt. Peter'sAged 31y, Born US, Occupation painter
AnnieMurnanM65506/01/1906430 Ave. C yJohn/IreKathr/IreHCCCAged 4y, Born US
CorneliusMurphyM61005/02/1906W 16th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 61y, Born Ire, Buried in Block G, Letter T, No. 1
EllenMurphyM61003/06/190615 South  JnoMarySt. Peter'sAged 1y,5m,
ThomasMurrayM60008/04/190673 W 18th St. yDan/IreNellie/IreHCCCAged 1y,10m, Buried in Block F, Letter D, No. 127


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MartinNaryN60005/08/19065 Sharpe Ave.y MartinunknownSt. Peter'sAged 71y
John H.NevinsN15203/29/1906230 Ave. D yTerance/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 51y, Buried in Block C, No. 1330, Advertised in NY Herald
Sarah C.NewtonN35010/19/1906492 Ave. D yEdmund Cary/USHenrette Cary/USEvergreenAged 32y, Born US
stillbornNewtonN35010/15/1906492 Ave. D yJohnSarahunknown 
MaryNighlandN24507/04/1906301 Ave. D yJno Costello/IreMary Costello/IreHCCCAged 76y, Born Ire, Widow, Ordered by daughter Catherine T Nighland, 52 W 45th St., NY, NY
HermanNippN10003/26/1906203 Ave. D yunknownunknownMoravianAged 63y, Born Germany, Occupation carpenter, Place of death: Hudson Co. Alms House
WilliamNixN20006/04/1906Irving Place, NBy Edward/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 5y, Born US
DominickNobleN14003/26/19068 Jersey St.y Vito/ItalyRose/ItalySt. Mary's, CliftonAged 24y, Born Italy
JohnNugentN25312/29/1905153 Hobart Ave.  Michael/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 12h


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
CatherineO'BrienO16502/23/1906W 16th St. yDennis/IreCatherine Kelly/IreHCCCAged 3m, Born US
Daniel E.O'BrienO16507/12/1906176 Orient St.  Daniel/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 1y,5m,2d
EllenO'BrienO16506/12/1906Richmondy Jno/USJennett/USSt. Peter'sAged 4y, Born US
Francis HaleyO'BrienO16506/24/19068 Trinity Place  Thos/USLauretta/USSt. Peter'sAged 24d, Born US
MartinO'ConnorO25604/22/1906145 Hobart Ave.  Thos/IreNorah/IreHCCCAged 59y, Born Ire
JohnO'DonnellO35402/19/1906unknown  unknownAnnaHCCCAged 11d, Place of death: Bayonne Hospital
SarahO'DonnellO35409/10/190692 W 19th St. yWilliam Givens/IreMary Givens/IreHCCCAged 40y, Born Ire, Wife of Neil O'Donnell
Bridget A.O'GradyO26302/06/1906unknown  unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 70y, Born Ire, Ordered by Joseph O'Grady
MaryO'HanlonO54508/10/190615 E 15th St. yJohn/IreMary/IreunknownAged 1h
JohnOliverO41608/09/1906Catherine St., Elm Parky Anton/ItalyEthel/USFairviewAged 2m,12d
Agnus M.O'MearaO56002/10/190616 Hamilton Place, NBy James Cleary/IreSarah Carroll/IreSt. Peter'sAged 75y, Born Ire, Widow
HughO'ReillyO64004/04/1906Taylor St., WBy Hugh/USLillie/USMoravianAged 5y,11m,8d, Born US
Thomas EdwardO'ReillyO64003/22/190616 W 13th St. yFarrellEllenHCCCAged 56y, Born England, Occupation cooper
RodgerO'SullivanO24103/26/1906100 Bdwy, WBy Daniel/IreEllen HaniganSt. Peter'sAged 39y, Born Ire


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Edwin H.PattangallP35205/03/1906Penbrooke, Washington County, ME  unknownunknownForest Hill, MEAged 45y, Occupation captain, Cause/place of death: killed by B&O Railroad, St. George, SI, NY
AugustPerryP60010/09/190677 W 25th St. yWilliam/USCatherine/USHCCCAged 6m,13d, Born US
KatiePerryP60008/03/1906588 Boulevard yTim BrosnanCath BrosnanunknownAged 23y, Ordered by Wm Perry (husband)
RosePlattP43002/20/190621 Carroll Place, NBy Daniel Rodgers/IreCatherine McNally/IreSt. Peter'sAged 54y, Born Ire
HanorahPolanP45005/12/1906unknowny Joseph Mead/IreHanorah Madigan/IreSt. Peter'sAged 46y, Born Ire, Place of death: Sailors Snug Harbor
JamesPolanP45010/07/1906Sailors Snug Harbory unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 45y, Born Canada (Montreal), Occupation steward, Widower, Ordered by WC Holt, admx, Advertised in NY Herald, Evening Telegram
Margaret E.PowersP62010/11/190614 E 28th St. yMathew/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 3m,21d, Born Buried in Block F, Letter Da, No. 10
MortonPowersP62008/05/1906Richmond Terrace, WBy MikeMargaretSt. Peter'sAged 25y, Born US, Occupation motorman
Margaret D.PyneP50010/15/1906Egbertvilley Andrew Dudit/IreMargaret Dudit/IreSt. Mary'sAged 62y


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
CathrineQuinnQ50001/02/1906Union St., WBy unknownunknownFountainAged 66y, Born Ire, date of interment 6/5/1906


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
PhillipRamseyR52002/23/1906E 33rd St. yunknownunknownCalvaryAged 63y
TimothyReganR25006/01/1906176 Ave. E yunknownunknownunknownAged 69y, Born Ire
AnnaReidR30008/23/1906W 13th St. McInerys yJas/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 24y, Born US, Occupation teacher
JohnReillyR40005/17/1906132 W 25th St. yJohnunknownCalvaryAged 6y
Michael F.ReillyR40002/13/1906Ave. D yJohn/USFannie/USSt. Peter'sAged 9y, Born US
PatrickReillyR40002/28/190669 Cottage St.  Wm/IreCathrine/IreHCCCAged 33y
unknownRencksR52001/01/190635 W 14th St. yJohn/USunknownBay ViewAged 6h
WilliamRettR30007/30/190626 E 36th St. yJohn/USMargaret/USNY BayAged 1m,7d, Born US, Buried in Sec. 2N
FrankRodgersR32602/15/1906324 Ave. D yMichel/IreAnnie/IreSummit Hill, PAAged 14y,4m, Born US
Edward J.RoseR20004/16/190667 W 14th St. yJno/USAgnes/USCalvaryAged unknown, Born US
ThomasRushR20004/01/190630 W 23rd St. yJas/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 49y
MargaretRussellR24007/12/190685 W 25th St. yBernard McCarthyCathrineHCCCAged 48y, Born US
VincientRyanR50006/09/190621 W 9th St. yDennisMaryHCCCAged 1y,7m,21d


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Mary E.SchmidtzS53209/08/1906289 Ave. C yKieran Colahan/IreMary ColahanHCCCAged 41y, Born US, Widow
Catherine K.SchuleS40004/30/190610 W 14th St. yWilliam Weber/GermanyunknownNY BayAged 73y, Born Germany, resident 12y
IreneScottS30008/22/1906Ave. E yEckelJuliaHCCCAged 1y,2m
JennieScottS30005/03/1906unknown  William Lanick(?)/IreJennie(?) Lanick(?)/IreNY BayAged 38y, Place of death: Bayonne Hospital
Mary KellyScullyS40005/23/1906unknown  Thos NolanMary NolanHCCCAged 39y, Born Ire, Wife of John Scully, Place of death: JC Hospital
AlfredSenbergS51605/09/1906unknown  unknownunknownSilver MountAged 60y, Place of death: St. Vincents Hospital, Ordered by Charles Smith, painter, NB, SI, NY
JosephShallowS40002/11/1906463 Ave. C yMatthew/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sAged 59y,10m, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block 17, Plot 14, No. 2
MaryShanahanS55010/18/190624 W 15th St. yJermiah/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 8m,14d, Born US
PatrickShaughnessyS25207/21/190673 W 18th St. yPatrick O/Ire (Knockaturan, Kilkishen, Co. Clare)ElizabethHCCCAged 37y, Born Ire, Occupation iron moulder, Ordered by Michel Shaughnessy, 212 12th St., JC, NJ,
JamesSheridanS63503/08/1906Brooklyn  unknownunknownEvergreenAged 60y, Place of death: St. Vincient Hospital, SI, NY, Ordered by Miss Sheridan, 42 Troy Ave., Brooklyn, NY
ThomasSherryS60003/22/1906125 Ave. A yunknownunknownMoravianAged 62y,11m,18d, Place of death: Post Graduate Hospital, 20th St. & Ave. C, NY, NY, Ordered by Henry L Butler, 175 Ave. A
JohnShultzS43207/02/1906132 Ave. E yNicholasDenaNY BayAged 32y, Born US, Occupation driver
ArchiboldSimmonsS55209/20/1906Gordon St., Four Cornersy ChasSarahFairviewAged 13m, Born US
JamesSimmonsS55204/25/190629 Union St., WBy JamesMary GraulSt. Peter'sAged 45y, Born Ire, Occupation watchman, Cause/place of death: drowning, Kill Van Kull
JosephSmithS53006/24/190625 Silver St. yJoseph/RussiaStarling/RussiaHCCCAged 10m, Born US
PatrickSmithS53002/04/190610 W 19th St. yJno/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 1y,11m
TimothySmithS53008/09/190631 W 18th St. yJno/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 9m, Born US, Buried in Block K, Letter U, No. 15
HarryStewartS36301/27/190622nd St. Railroad Station  Oliver/USunknown/USHCCCAged 1d, twin
OliverStewartS36301/27/190622nd St. Railroad Station  Oliver/USunknown/USHCCCAged 1d, twin
HanorahSugrueS26003/21/1906316A Ave. D yunknown/Ireunknown/IreDelano, PAAged 61y, Born Ire
JosephSugrueS26006/13/1906336 Ave. D yMichael/USMary/USHCCCAged 1y,5m, Born US
CatherineSullivanS41503/23/1906135 Burgher Ave., WBy John Lawson/IreCatherine Lawson/IreSt. Peter'sAged 53y, Born Ire
DanielSullivanS41510/03/19067 W 10th St. yTimothyKatieHCCCAged 3d
JosephSullivanS41510/08/1906W 10th St. yTim/IreKatie/IreHCCCAged 8d
RobertSullivanS41506/24/190636 W 54th St. yBenjamin/USMary/USSt. Peter'sAged 6d
Ellen V.SutherlandS36401/31/190623 W 54th St. yJohn Galvin/IreHannah/IreHCCCAged 30y, Born US, Ordered by Jno Sutherland
ElizabethSweeneyS50005/12/190646 W 16th St. yJohn Doregan/IreMarcella Doregan/IreHCCCAged 51y, Born Ire
EdwardSweenyS50008/22/190653 E 5th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 30y, Born Ire


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
HellenThayerT60006/14/1906134 Bdwy, WBy unknownunknownFairviewAged 14d
Miller J.ThornT65008/13/1906Henderson Ave.y Asa/USSara/USSt. Peter'sAged 1m
JohnTierneyT65001/19/190642 Ave. C yDaniel/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 36y,28d, Born US
JohnTinkerT52606/01/190628 W 28th St. yunknownunknownunknownAged unknown
CathrineTorsneyT62501/07/1906132 John St., Elm Parky Thos Gallagher/IreAntonette Hovel/GermanySt. Peter'sAged 32y,8m, Born US
John GilbertTrolanT64508/23/190610 Railroad Ave.  Archibald/USAnnie/USBay ViewAged 10m, Born US
RichardTurnerT65610/03/190628 E 27th St. yRobert/USMary/USHCCCAged 4m, Born US, Buried in Block F, Sec. 232, No. 7
John P.TynanT55006/13/1906Farimount Ave., WBy Michael/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sAged 35y,9m, Born US, Occupation gardener



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
stillbornViddettaV33003/19/190695 W 22nd St. yNicholas/ItalyModesta/ItalyHCCCMother aged 20y, 3 previous children/2 living


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
CecilWaldronW43603/31/19069 W 27th St. yAndrew/USCatherin/USHCCCAged 1y
EllenWalshW42007/29/190642 E 16th St. yPatrick Rooney/IreMary Rooney/IreHCCCAged 54y, Born Ire, Widow of Thomas Walsh
NoraWatcoskyW32206/26/1906199 Ave. E yToney/GermanyNoraHCCCAged 1y,1m, Born US, Buried in Block N, Letter H, No. 88, belongs to Wm Lundy
GeorgeWelcherW42606/29/1906unknown  Wm/EnglandMary/EnglandNY BayAged 53y, Born England, Place of death: Boulevard(?) Park, 22nd St.
CharlesWhalenW45007/04/1906E 3rd St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 32y, Ordered by Thos Whalen, Charged to Roundsman
ElizabethWhalenW45006/28/190673 York Ave.y Frank Grace/IreMargaret McBrideSt. Peter'sAged 40y, Born US
Lillian E.WhiteW30012/29/190522 W 9th St. yJames/ScotlandEstelle/USunknownAged 11m, Born US (Bayonne, NJ)
RichardWhiteW30003/23/190616 Linden St.  unknownunknownHCCCAged 66y, Place of death: Morristown Asylum, Ordered by Michael White
JohnWillisW42003/01/190629 W 51st St. yunknownunknownunknownAged 54y, Occupation inspector
John J.WilsonW42503/24/190696 Bdwy  Robert/USAnna May McAvoy/USSt. Peter'sAged 6m,18d, Born US
ThomasWilsonW42507/18/190688 Bdwy, WBy Wm/IreIsabelle/IreFairviewAged 25y, Born Ire




First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MarieZozzaroZ26010/16/190697 W 22nd St. yLuigi Amabile/ItalyVictoria Amabile/ItalyHCCCAged 47y, Born Italy, Wife of Nicholas Zozzaro
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