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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
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Staten Island, NY 10310
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1906 - 1907

This book was transcribed by Lynn Rogers. Thank you, Lynn!


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Hans WmAbernachA16502/15/1907375 Ave C. yHans/DenmarkCaroline/DenmarkNot ListedAged 72y, born Denmark, mass: Trinity church, Ave D. 5th St.
MaryAlextuines?A42308/26/1907Richmond Rd.y Chas/RussiaMary/RussiaSt. Mary'sAged 3y,2m, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JennieBarrellaB64002/04/1907407 Ave D. yJosephMaryHCCCAged 2 m
GeorgeBeckB20005/12/1907588 Ave A. yGeorge/USUnknownNew York BayAged 42y, born US, Laborer
ClaraBeirneB65002/08/1907St. Vincent's Hospy Rodger/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 41y, born Ireland, Sister Clement, St. Vincent's paid
Mary JaneBellB40003/16/1907Farm Colony/Almsy   SilvermountAged 62y
MaryBignallB25401/23/1907244 York Ave NBy Wm/USElizabeth Kelly/USSt. Peter'sAged 8y, died at Mt. Loretto
MaryBirmeliB65401/23/190762 W. 12th St. yAlfred/USMary/USHCCCAged 4m, born US
RudolphBochenB25010/24/1906737 Rich. Terry UnknownUnknownLinden HillAged 29y, born Germany, Milliken Bros. will pay, ironworker
AgnesBoothbyB31002/08/1907Bayonne Hosp yChasEllenHCCCAged 3y, born US died at Bayonne Hosp.
HannahBowdB30009/05/190783 Cottage yJno/IreAnna/IreHCCCAged 21 days, born US
RoseBoylanB45001/20/1907Union WBy  Mary McCohaneCalvaryAged 58y, born Ireland
DeliaBoyleB40002/05/1907St. Vincent's Hospy Mark Sharkey/IreBridgetSt. Peter'sAged 64y, born Ireland, Mrs. Norman, Sailors Snug Harbor
DennisBoyleB40012/16/190614 W. 16th St. yPatCeceliaHCCCAged 10m,1d
Grace BoyleB40009/20/1907532 Blvd yJas/IreMaryHCCCAged 35y, born Ireland
HughBoyleB40007/23/190734 W. 18th St. yHugh/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 35y, born Ireland, laborer, died at Bayonne Hosp.
PatrickBoyleB40001/19/1907Linnett St. yUnknownUnknownNew York BayAged 60y, born Canada
StillbornBoyleB40003/23/1907220 RR Ave yPatrickSusan Holy Name 
StillbornBoyleB40007/21/190723 W. 19th St. yCharlesHannah HCCC 
SusanBoyleB40002/02/1907220 RR Ave yPat/IreSusan/IreHCCCAged 10y, grave 88, block N. ltr V.
JamesBradyB63005/31/190742 E. 1st St. yTerrance/IreRose Ann/IreHCCCBorn Ireland, mass St. Mary's, posted to NY Herald and JC Journal
StillbornBrophyB61008/03/1907Henderson Ave y Chas. B./USMargaretSt. Peter'sNo info listed
SuzannaBrownB65007/14/190736 W. 41st St. yJas Walsh/IreAnnHCCCAged 55y, born Philadelphia PA, mass: St. Vincent's died at Snake Hill
EdwardBurkeB62012/09/1906Staten Islandy UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 50y, born US, watchman, killed opposite corner of Clove/Rich. Terr
Thos.BurkeB62008/10/190736 W. 17th St. yGarrett/IreMargaretHCCCAged 4 days
MaryBurnsB65205/28/190720 W. 28th St. yPeter/USElizabeth/USHCCCAged 3y,6m
PatrickBurnsB65204/01/190744 W. 17th St. yPatNorahHCCCAged 21 days


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
ThomasCadyC30006/14/1907Ave C. y  HCCCborn Ireland
John CareyC60012/19/1906St. Vincent's Hospy Jas/IreMary GormanNot ListedAged 60y, born Ireland, widow, Junk Dealer
MargaretCarrollC64007/03/190720 W. 16th St. yPat Caffrey/IreMary/IreHCCCborn Ireland, mass: St. Mary's
ArthurCavanaghC15201/02/190785 W. 14th St. yCharles/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 66y
PatrickChampbellC51406/26/1907529 Blvd yNeil/US HCCCAged 3m, born US, grave 1, sec. 58, block N. #of deed 16553,
SamuelchurchillC62406/22/1907Louisville Kentucky    Cave Hill KentuckyAged 56 y, died at New York Bay, worked as Real Estate Broker, born US, paid by County Farm Colony
JohnCilakC42008/04/19075 Newby Place    HCCCAged 21 days
Aumimziato?CirelloC64007/16/190797 W. 22nd St. yFrank/ItalyJosephine/ItalyHCCCAged 17y,
James J.ClancyC45209/25/1907440 Ave D. y  St. Peter'sAged 2y, born US
FrancesClarkC46211/27/190620 Silver St. yJohn/USMargaretHCCCAged 2m
MargaretClarkeC46201/28/190753 Linnett yAmos McIver?Rose Ann/IreHCCCBorn Ireland, mass: St. Mary's
GeneveCoffeyC10001/10/190792 W. 31st St. yJohn/USJennie/USHCCCAged 2m
Mary C.ColahanC45003/10/1907289 Ave C. y CatherineHCCCAged 23y, born US, teacher, deed to Dan Murphy, block C. #871
HarriettColeman or CohlmanC4558/0/1907Wyatt Bklyn  Thos Cue St. Peter'sNo info listed
JohnCollinsC45207/18/19073 Sisum Ct yMichael/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 11m
KateCollinsC45208/08/1907Union St.y Dennis Sullivan/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 31y, bonr Ireland, Mike Collins paid
CatherineConnellyC54002/16/1907124 Lexington Ave  Frank HCCCAged 10m.19days, born US
Jas.ConnellyC54008/25/1907517 Ave C. yMichael/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 62y, born Ireland, Hotel Keeper, 44 years in NJ, grave 3, ltr B. block A. bill to Van Buskirk,mass:St. Mary
RichardConnolyC54007/02/1907495 Ave D. yJames/IreRose/USHoly Cross, L.I.Aged 14 days, born US
CatherineConroyC56003/01/1907899 Ave D. yJames Bradey/IreCatherine/IreHCCCAged 27y, born US, Jno Conroy paid. Grave 88, ltr S. block K. deed to husband Jno
StillbornConroyC56002/19/1907899 Ave D. yJohnCatherineNot Listed5 previous children, 4 living
KatieConwayC50002/08/1907119 W. 20th St. yWm/IreMargaret/IreHCCCAged 56y, born Ireland, mass: St. Henry's
FlorenceCorbettC61304/05/190744 W. 23rd St. yWm/USIda/USNew York BayAged 1y,7m, born US "moved from Berger Ave/Monticello JC"
MaryCorbettC61301/10/190727 Andrew yUnknownUnknownHoly Cross, L.I.Aged 41y, born US, paid by Jas J. Lellie who works for HW Booth
MaryCoughlanC24505/19/19073rd St. NBy Jas/IreMarySt. Peter'sAged 1y,3m
Margaret CountyC53012/18/190647 W. 25th St. yThos Crawford/IreAnn/IreHCCCAged 56y, born Ireland, mass: St. Henry's
BridgetCowenC50003/14/1907312 Ave E. yJas Morgan/IreAnn/IreHCCCAged 47y, born Ireland, mass: St. Henry's, paid by Jas Morgan
MarionCoyleC40010/06/1907453 Ave D. yMichael/USEllen/USAHCCCAged 7m,29days
AbbeyCreedenC63512/11/190633 E. 18th St. yNicholas MorriseyMaryHCCCAged 50y, born Ireland
ElizabethCrowleyC64001/01/190788 W. 19th St. yDan Kelly/IreEllen/IreCalvaryAged 38y, born Ireland, wife of John, mass: St. Mary's
JohnCrowleyC64005/18/190748 E. Grand yJohn/USEllen/USANew York BayAged 9y,26d, born US
ThomasCullenC45011/11/190623 W. 10th St. yIrelandIrelandMt. OlivettAged 64y, born Ireland, laborer, mass at St. Mary's
Sarah AnnCureC60005/27/190730 W. 7th St. yJohn Ould/EnglandMartha/EnglandNot ListedAged 76y, 8m, born England, mass: Sixth St. Church
JohnCurranC65005/31/1907St. Francis Hosp yJames/IreJohanah/IreHCCCAged 34y, born US, paid in part by Mrs. Patrick Mullaney
Ellen CushingC25207/20/1907184 Orient St. yPatrickCatherineHCCCAged 31y,3m,20d, born US,


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
StillbornDameD50012/16/1906180 RR Ave yPeterSarahHCCC 
NichelloDarioD60005/06/1907662 Blvd yVincent/ItalyCatherine/ItalyHCCCAged 32y, born Italy, laborer
JohnDeeryD60008/02/1907491 Ave D. y  HCCCAged 32y, born Ireland, Saloon Keeper, died at CRR Tracks, mass: St. Henry's
RobertDeForrestD16203/26/190717 State St. WBy Wm FairviewAged 70y, born Ireland, Laborer
Johanna B.DempseyD51210/21/190679 W. 4th St. yThomas Gorman/IreJohannaHCCCAged 99y,10m,11d, born Ireland, widow
JohnDempseyD51207/17/1907New Brightony John/IreJulia McCarthySt. Peter'sAged 29y, born Ireland, laborer, died at Smith Infirmary
MaryDennisD52004/21/190747 Evergreen St. yFrank/USMary/USMt. OlivettAged 1 hour, buried in Daniel O'Brien's grave, lot 369, grave 369, block H, ltr B, 1st burial in grave
Domino F.DeritoD63003/23/190787 Raudolph St.y   St. Mary's CliftonAged 35y, born Italy, laborer, killed at Garrison RR Track
JohnDillonD45002/11/1907Alms House/Farmy   St. Peter'sAged 76y, born Ireland, died at Alms House Farm Colony
WilliamDomaghlskiD52409/05/1907Brooks NBy John/GermanyJulia Conlan/USSt. Peter'sAged 4m, born US, Mrs. George Ward, New Brighton paid bill
CarmellaDonfrioD51605/14/190797 W. 22nd St. yAngelo/ItalyMary/ItalyHCCCAged 11m,14d, born US
LouisaDonnellD54004/14/1907W 38th St. yArnett Madonna Ft LeeAged 51y, husband: Andrew, died at Snake Hill, paid by Dick Arnett
DennisDonovanD51511/01/19067 Tysen St.y Dennis/IreMary McCarthySt. Peter'sAged 35y, born Ierland, Fireman, goods ordered by: Pock Donovan
FrancesDonovanD51507/28/190764 W. 10th St. yDaniel /IreJohanah/USMt. OlivettAged 7m, born US
HanorahDonovanD51507/28/190711 W. 15th St. yPatrick/IreNorah/IreHCCCAged 9y, born US
JohnDonovanD51509/26/190711 W. 15th St. yPatrickHannahHCCCAged 12y,4m, mass: St. Mary's
John J.DonovanD51501/08/1907Burgher Ave WBy Patrick Donovan/USmary HigginsSt. Peter'sAged 1y,8m born US
Mary M.DonovanD51504/04/1907     St. Peter'sAged 34y
Mary M.DonovanD51504/04/1907Burgher Ave WBy Curly HaggertyMargaretSt. Peter'sAged 34y, born US, deed name: Ellen Rigney. Paid by Jno J. Rigney
HermanDrisselD62407/22/1907481 Ave C. yLouis/GermanyGertrude/USHCCCborn US
PatrickDuffeyD10001/04/190717 W. 19th St. yJohn/IreAnn/IreSt. Peter'sAged 34y, born Ireland, worked at Babox & Wilcox Factory (died there) laborer, mass: St. Mary's
Stillborn (2) babiesDykmanD25507/17/1907122 Ave C. yWilliam/Jersey CityJennie/NewarkNew York BayMother 24 years, father 27 years


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Charles H.EarleE64005/09/190782 Bentley Ave yRalph B. EarleClara B.Not ListedAged 18y, born US
Mary E.EarlyE64005/17/190758 Jersey St. NBy Jas. Duffy/IreWinifredSt. Peter'sAged 42y, "forclosed on Piano"
Charles J.EdenE35007/21/190744 4th St.y Charles/IreMary S./IreNot ListedAged 39y, born US
FlorenceEskerE26009/01/190716 E. 11th St. yWilliam/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 4y, born US
SalvatorEugenoE25011/15/190680 W. 21st St. yJosephRoseHCCCAged 1y,2m born US
TonioEugenoE25005/22/190780 W. 22nd St. yJoseph/ItalyRose/ItalyHCCCAged 3y,9m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Margaret D.FarleyF64011/16/1906199 Ave E. yCharles Lee/IreRoseHCCCAged 85y, born Ireland, mass at St. Mary's
ThomasFarmerF65603/20/19072 Chase Court yHenry/IreElizabeth/IreHCCCAged 1y,3m, born US
ThomasFeeF00010/29/190672 Broadwayy PatrickSarah CampbellCalvaryAged 54y, born Ireland, mason
PatrickFeeleyF40009/17/190778 W. 7th St. yOwen/IreAnnHCCCAged 64y, born Ireland, laborer,
EllenFeelyF40007/01/190774 W. 7th St. yPat Murphy/IreEllenHCCCAged 69y, born Ireland, deed to Mrs.Geo Ball or Bull
JosephFiferF16009/03/1907186 RR Avey Peter/AustriaBarbara/AustriaHCCCAged 20y,7m, born US, Mass: St. Henry's
CatherineFinleyF54012/23/1906Richmond Rdy Joseph FaddenRoseSt. Peter'sAged 765y, born Ireland, lived Egbertville, mass: St. Patricks Richmond
EdwardFitzgeraldF32601/15/190714 W. 15th St. yDaniel/USSarahFountain Hill NYAged 27y, born US, blacksmith, buried at Fountain Kill, Ellenville NY
JohnFlemingF45506/15/19073 Bridges NJ  Mark  HCCCAged 18y, born US
JamesFlynnF45010/27/190618 W 16th St. yPatrick/IreMaryHCCCAged 4 days
James FoxF20009/10/1907639 Rich. Terry Edward/EnglandCath/EnglandSilvermountAged 37y, born England, Iron Worker, lived Mariners Harbor


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
RobertGallagherG42611/30/1906139 Broadway  Edward/IreKate/IreSt. Peter'sAged 36y, born US, laborer
LillianGibbsG12011/14/190633 E. 15th St. yAlbert/USNellie/IreHCCCAged 2 hours
Daniel GilliesG42012/23/1906Union Ave Elm Parky UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 74y, born Ireland, mass: St. Mary's PR
MaryGiordanoG63505/19/190797 W. 22nd St. yMichael/ItalyPhilameno/ItalyHCCCAged 4y, born US
MargaretGogginG25009/09/190734 E. 17th St. yPatrick/IreMargaretNot ListedAged 1y,1m
DanielGorhamG65008/22/1907Egbertville SIy Ed/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sAged 1y,8m, born US
Anna VirginaGormanG65501/21/1907921 Ave D. yJas Walsh/IreAnna/EnglandHCCCAged 50y, born Canada, husband: George, mass: St. Vincent's
JohnGormanG65504/30/190786 Evergreen St. yBartler/USWinifredHCCCAged 6m
Charles E.GoughG20001/29/1907St. Vincent's Hospy   St. Mary's 
JosephGriffinG61511/18/190655 Cottage St. yDaniel/IreMary/IreNot ListedAged 55y, born Ireland, died at Bayonne Hospt. Catherine M. Griffin paid
PhillipGromG65009/21/1907553 Ave A. y  HCCCAged 33y, died at Lehigh Valley RR, was conductor, grave 1, sec 14C, block K, ltr in book from wife


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
John J.HammerH56012/18/1906     CongregationalAged 63y, found drowned on S.I., widow, Lumber Merchant, Geo Hammer, 126 Hancock St. Bklyn paid
MaryHanlonH54501/31/19079 1/2 E. 17th St. ySimon Hayes/IreMary/IreNot ListedAged 53y, born Ireland
JamesHannonH55008/02/1907Ave C. yJohn/IreMaryHCCCAged 65y, born Ireland, carpenter, 40 years in NJ, died at St. Francis Hosp
StillbornHansonH52503/14/1907435 Mallory Ave JC  August/SwedenAnna/SwedenNew York Bay 
NorahHartH63008/10/1907Broadwayy Neil/USNorah H. BradySt. Peter'sAged 5 months, born US, died at St. Vincent's Hosp.
Mary AnnHassmillerH25401/17/190729 W. 24th St. yJohn HunterLacey/USNot ListedAged 57y, housewife, born Newark NJ-lived there for life. Leaves 4 sons, Hnery,Jacob,Wm/Frank
JohnHayesH20002/08/1907Burgher Ave WBy Dennis/IreJohanahSt. Peter'sAged 61y, born Ireland
StillbornHoffH10004/26/190772 W. 26th St. y  New York Bay 
MaryHoganH25009/28/1907130 W. 22nd St. yJoseph/USMary/USHCCCAged 1y,3m "Mary Hancobus now wife of Joe Hogan"
MatthewHoganH25009/05/190718 Silver St. yMartin/IreWinifredHCCCAged 62y, born Ireland, laborer, 48 years in NJ
TeresaHoganH25010/24/190616 Silver St. yWilliamHanahHCCCAged 1y,3m born US
BridgetHuffH10012/29/1906  yJno McNeil/Ire Not ListedAged 45y, born Ireland, husband: Capt William Huff, boat Ivanhoe, works for 2A Potts, dyptheria
EllenHurleyH64003/24/190711 W. 15th St. yJas Leary/IreHannah/IreMt. OlivettAged 58y, mass: St. Mary's


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
ElizabethIversI16202/18/19071st St. NBy  Ann DeganSt. Peter'sAged 52y,


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
ThomasJeffreyJ16006/02/190720 W. 22nd St. yRobt/EnglandElizaNew York BayBorn England, lot 997, sect. I North, grave 2, A2934
FannieJohnsonJ52509/16/1907NJ State/Childrens yUnknownUnknownNot ListedAged 7m, born US, NJ State Board of Childrens Guardians
JohnJohnsonJ52503/11/1907Broadwayy Joseph/IreElizabethMoravianAged 42y, 2 days, born US, Contractor, died at Smith Infirmary


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MorrisKeallherK46011/05/1906614 Ave A. yUnknownUnknownHookAged 1y,2m, NJ State Board of Childrens Guardians
MadelineKeenanK55001/21/1907415 Ave D. yJohn/USJulia/USHCCCAged 1y,7m
John B.KellyK40008/27/190787 a W. 15th St. yJosephBridgetHCCCAged 53y, born Ireland
StillbornKennaK50006/24/1907118 Lexington Ave  BenjaminRebeccaHCCC 
Laura R.KennyK50009/28/1907129 W. 20th St. yRobt/USLaura/USNot ListedAged 10m
ThomasKennyK50012/26/1906124 Rich. Terracey Thos/IreElizabeth Feely/IreSt. Peter'sAged 69y, mass: St. Rose of Lima
Rev. Thos. M.KilleenK45007/30/1907Grand St. JC  James/IreBridget Gilvary/IreSt. Peter's JCAged 74y, born US, Priest, 72 years in NJ, mass at St. Mary's
Maria KirkK62012/01/1906108 7th St. Hoboken    BayviewAged 55y, lived Hoboken, housewife
StillbornKirkK62001/10/1907151 W.43rd St. yEdwardClaraHook 
RobertKnightK52306/14/1907327 Ave D. y  CalvaryAged 24y,6m, born US, Engineer
StillbornKonchinskiK52512/30/190631 E. 14th St. yJoseph/RussiaAnne/PrussiaNot Listed 
MargaretKramerK65608/15/190736 W. 26th St. yGeorge/USCecilia/USSt. Peter'sAged 14y, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
EdwardLawlerL46006/26/190790 Prospect Elm Py   St. Mary'sAged 64y, born Ireland
DennisLeaheyL00004/26/190711 Cottage St. y  HCCCAged 70y, born Ireland, Corker,
EllenLeeL00005/15/190792 W 6th St. y  HCCCAged 70y, born Ireland, wife of Michael Lee, paid by: William P. Lee
RichardLemmerL56005/26/190798 Rich. Terry John/GermanyBarbara/GermanyNot ListedAged 50y, Carriage Manufacturer
JohnLenihanL55002/02/190767 W. 14th St. y  HCCCAged 38y
MaryLevineL15007/08/190760 E. 5th St. yChristMaryHCCCAged 14 days, born US
Grace M.LockmanL25507/02/1907573 Ave A. yIrving/USSara/USFountain 
NikolaLoncarL52601/06/1907Holland Avey   SilvermountAged 19y, born Austria, laborer, killed at Milliken Bros. Elm Park,
 LongL52002/04/190780 W. 28th St. ySylvester/IreSusan/IreHCCCAged 7 days
AntonLovelloL14004/04/190729 2nd St. NBy   St. Peter'sAged 39y born Italy
Maria Grahir J.LuppaL10011/04/19061030 Ave D. ySavino/ItalyElina/ItalyHCCCAged 37y, born Italy
HenryLynchL52008/08/1907DeKay Ave WBy UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 40y, born US, plumber, died at Smith Infirmay, paid by Ellen Lynch
Humphrey D.LynchL52012/09/190649 Baltic St.  Dennis/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 60y, born Ireland, widow, 35 yrs in NJ, lived Elizabethport
MartinLysaghtL22301/23/1907Blvd Park 22 Ave A yMartin/IreLizzie/IreHCCCAged 1y, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
PrimoMacchiM20008/23/1907125 W. 25th St. yAngelo/ItalyMaryHCCCAged 3y,6m
DominicoMaglioM24006/05/1907994 Ave D. yLawrence HCCCAged 25y, born Italy, deed to Antonio Maglio
KatieMaherM60009/23/1907269 E. 22nd St. yLawrenceSophiaHCCCAged 2y,9m, born US
MartinMaherM60009/09/190766 W. 10th St. yMartin/IreMaryHCCCAged 35y, born US
DanielMahoneyM50004/14/190726 Union St. SIy Jeremiah/Mary LynchSt. Peter'sAged 30y, born US
JanacsyMaklakiewiczM24211/04/190649 Jersey St.y Deouyzy/RussiaMary JakubaskiSt. Peter'sAged 49y, born Russia, died St. Vincent's, paid by Tad Koscinsko
StephenMalokicM42207/03/19077 Irving Pl. NBy Ben StephaniaSt. Mary's Elm ParkAged 18days, born US
Legs of ThomasMangeM52011/08/1906     Greenwoodgrave 426, lot 19694. Amputed at Hosp.
JohnManleyM54007/11/190722 E. 21st St. yJohnMargaretHCCCAged 5m, born US, died at Bayonne Hosp.
SymeonMarashM62004/25/1907Smith Infirmaryy   SilvermountAged 24y,
ClementoMasselloM24006/20/1907P&G Mariners Harb.y Minoto/Italy St. Mary'sAged 18y
JamesMcCabeM21005/13/190727 W. 15th St. yFrankMaryNot ListedAged 38y, born Ireland, laborer, died Bayonne Hosp., John Cupples paid
Charles A.McCarthyM26304/14/190741 E. 15th St. yJames/IreNellie/IreHCCCAged 10m, born US
FrancesMcCarthyM26303/23/190746 W. 25th St. yPatrickMaryHoly NameAged 11m, born Middletown
John McCarthyM26309/25/190772 Cottage St. yJno/IreMaryHCCCAged 30y, born US, longshoreman, mass: St. Mary's, deed Mary McCarthy
LawrenceMcCarthyM26303/24/190711 Isabell Ave yJeremiah/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 1y,6m, born US
TimothyMcCarthyM26311/25/190658 Jersey St. NBy Daniel/IreMary CollinsSt. Peter'sAged 39y, born Ireland, piad by Miss O'Leary
Joseph J.McCurnin?M26507/06/190774 W. 16th St. yJohn/IreJane/IreHCCCAged 48y, born Ireland, mass: St. Mary's, died at Bayonne Hosp.
RaymondMcDermottM23602/28/1907586 Ave C. yFrank/USElizabeth/USHCCCAged 2m, born US
CatherineMcDevittM23104/18/1907121 W. 13th St. yDaniel/USCath/USHCCCAged 2y, deed to Daniel
MichaelMcDonoughM23503/26/190746 Morningstar Rdy   St. Mary's CliftonAged 26y, killed at Elm Park RR Crossing, born Ireland, Riger
PatrickMcElguinM24207/16/190742 W. 11th St. y  Not ListedAged 48y, mass: St. Mary's
MichaelMcFaddenM21308/11/190783 W. 19th St. yDaniel/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 1y, born US
StillbornMcGeeM20003/24/190777 Linnett yMatthew/IreHellen/IreHoly Name 
SarahMcGeehanM25003/28/1907583 Blvd yMichael/IreMarySt. Peter'sAged 47y, born US, wife of Wm, mass: St. Henry's
PatrickMcGoryM26001/22/1907Rich. Terr St. Georgy PatrickAnnie NearyHoly Cross, L.I.Aged 59y, born Ireland, 54 years in NY, Oil Fester
PeterMcGowanM25001/27/1907Raritan NJ  Wm UnknownRaritan NJAged 47y, died at Dooley Point, Mariners Harbor SI, was Conductor,
MauriceMcGowenM25002/04/1907209 2nd St. JC  John/USEllen/IreEast Mauch ChurchAged 19y, born US, nephew of Capt. McBride
DanielMcGuinessM25202/09/1907Rich. Terr, WBy DanielAnnie MurraySt. Peter'sAged 40y, born US, housewife
Patrick J.McInernyM25602/14/190767 W. 19th St. yJames/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 50y, born Ireland, Mass: St. Mary's, grave 6, sec. 2, block F. Deed: Mrs. Michael Leahey
MichaelMcMahonM25512/17/1906104 Ave E. yOwen/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 35y, born Ireland, died Bayonne Hosp. mass: St. Mary's
JohnMcMurrayM25610/04/1907Union St.y Thomas/EnglandAnna/EnglandSt. Peter'sAged 43y, born England, laborer, died at St. Vincent's Hosp
PatrickMcNallyM25408/08/1907806 Bdwy yPatrick/IreAlice/IreHCCCAged 40y, born Ireland, plaster
MichaelMcNamaraM25511/20/190629 W. 19th St. yThos/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 55y, born Ireland, Policeman, widow
John J.MechanM25012/31/19066 Ayers Court yPat HCCCAged 1m
StillbornMeisterM23607/19/190716 E. 24th St. yJohnAnnaNew York Bay 
SamuelMillerM46001/22/19071706 Park Ave SIy   Fountain Aged 52y, born Germany, Iron Worker,
AlexanderMilneM45009/24/1907102 Broadwayy Alex/ScotlandMaria McCoughy/ScSilvermountAged 45y, born US, printer, died at New Brighton Rr Tracks
BridgetMintonM53501/24/190762 W. 25th St. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 58y, born Ireland
EllenMolloyM40002/14/190746 E. 22nd St. y  HCCCAged 34y, born US, deed name: Ellen Rigney. Paid by Jno J. Rigney
EdmondMoranM65001/08/1907Elizabeth St. WBy   St. Peter'sAged 76y, born Ireland, laborer paid by Miss Moran
EdwardMoranM65004/30/1907Henderson Ave y EdwardCatherineSt. Peter'sAged 32y, born US, died at St. Vincent's Hosp.
EdwardMullM40011/16/19061 Tysen St. NBy Jas/USSarahSt. Peter'sAged 52y, bor US, plumber
EdwardMulliganM42512/06/1906105 Nicholas Avey John/IreAnnie Smith/IreSt. Peter'sAged 67y, Black Smith, lived Port Richmond
Janet V.MurdockM63211/19/190618 W. 50th St. yJno MaryNot ListedAged 4y,4m
John S.MurdockM63208/01/190718 W 50th St. yDavid/West IndiaJanet/West IndiaHCCCAged 43y, born West India, 14 years in NJ, died at Manhattan Eye/Ear Hosp.
CatherineMurphyM61012/29/190678 W. 12th St. yPatrick Brickley/IreMary/IreCalvaryAged 66y, born Ireland, Kate Murphy paid
JohnMurphyM61001/05/190732 W. 17th St. yJohnMaryHCCCAged 42y,10m, born Ireland, laborer
ThomasMurphyM61001/15/1907121 W. 25th St. yPatrick/IreNorah/IreHCCCAged 44y,6m, born Ireland, laborer, leaves 7 children
William H.MurphyM61003/29/190779 Linnett yUnknownAnnHCCCBorn US "Misty Fox"
KatieMurrayM60001/08/1907100 Evergreen St. yPeter Hanlon/IreCatherineHCCCAged 40y, born Ireland, Housewife, mass: St. Mary's (note in the file: name: Chas Rise 7/16/1890)


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
WilliamNapperN16001/18/1907649 Rich. Terry   Rigland PAAged 28y, died at Milliken Bros., bill to: Jos Napper for payment
Annie NelsonN42512/27/190642 E. 23rd St. y  Holy Cross, L.I.Aged 54y, mass: St. Henry's
RobertNelsonN42504/02/1907     St. Peter'sAged 38y
RobertNelsonN42504/02/1907Bdwy WBy   St. Peter'sAged 38y,4m,4d, place of death New Port R.I. mass: St. Rose of Lima
TaifusNodlandN34509/30/190743 Burgher Avey Nelson/NorwayJennie/NorwaySilvermountAged 43y, born Norway, ship builder
AgnesNolanN45012/28/1906387 Ave D. yJohn/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 2m, 13d
Charels NolanN45001/21/1907Giffords Lane SIy Jas/EnglandElizabeth/USSt. Mary'sAged 15y,11m, born US
MaryNugentN25301/12/190773 W. 14th St. yJeremiah Sullivan/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 44y, born Ireland, housewife, husband: Patrick, mass: St. Mary's
MichaelNugentN25307/18/19079 E. 15th St. yJohn/IreMargaretHCCCAged 1y,7, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JohanahO'BrienO16506/30/190722 W. 10th St. yJeremiah Lynch/IreJohanahSt. Peter'sAged 55y, born Ireland, mass: St. Mary's
KateO'ConnellO25404/03/1907John St. WBy Thos/USKate/USSt. Peter'sAged 2y,1m, died at Smith Infirmary
MaryO'ConnellO25404/08/190714 W. 19th St. yPatrickMargaretNot ListedAged 11y
HughO'DonnellO35411/10/1906505 Ave A. yJno/IreAlice/IreFreeland PAAged 43y, born Ire, laborer
HenriettaO'FlynnO14512/18/1906143 Ave E. yEdward Cavanagh/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 50y, born London, wife of John, mass: St. Mary's
GeorgeO'GradyO26311/29/190635 E. 14th St. yMartin HCCCgrave 53, ltr M/6, block K, #14584, Bridget O'Grady
Mary E.O'KeefeO21004/12/190759 E. 4th St. yDennis/USMaryHCCCAged 2y,6m, born US, NJ State Board of Children's Guardians
StillbornOliverO41608/08/190736 Cottage yMatthew Nellie HCCCA
CatherineO'NeilO54002/08/1907431 Ave D. yWm Ballinger/IreDeliaHoly Sepul, NewarkAged 46y, born Ireland, husband: Owen, mass:St. Mary's Newark
PatrickO'NeilO54005/12/1907Ave D. y  HCCCAged 60y, born Ireland
StillbornO'NeilO54005/26/1907405 Ave D. yCorneliusEllenHCCC 
WilliamO'NeilO54006/12/190714 W. 15th St. yWm/USSarah/USHCCCAged 5 hours
DennisO'SheaO20008/12/1907Snake Hill yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 65y, born Ireland, deed to: Mrs. Hitchell, 67 Evergreen St.


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Everett M.PanhorstP56207/06/190752 Dubios Avey Earnest/GermanyJohannah/USSilvermountAged 6 days
GeorgeParkerP62611/12/1906120 W. 23rd St. yGeorge Parker/US New York BayBorn Virginia, laborer, church: thorton, widow
MichaelPattersonP36205/20/1907St. Vincent's Hospy RobtBridgetSt. Mary'sAged 33y
WilliamPendergastP53605/09/1907512 Ave D. yJamesAliceHCCCAged 4y, born US
WilliamPendergastP53605/13/1907Claremont JC  JohnMaryHCCCAged 42y, born Ireland, mass: St. Henry's
PatrickPeteroangeloP36507/03/1907185 York Avey Mike/ItalyFillomenoSt. Peter'sAged 8 months
NicolaPieroP60003/04/1907Burgher Ave WBy Pasquale/ItalyAngela Massilla/ItaSilvermountAged 36y, born Italy, Laborer, died at St. Vincent's
LouisePietrangeloP36511/12/1906181 York Avey Angelo/ItalyMary Daginila/ItaSt. Peter'sAged 1y, born US
MargaretPowersP62005/22/190727 Castleton Avey UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 45y, born US, widow
MichaelPurcellP62408/02/1907   JohnMaryHCCCAged 44y, born US, 18 years in NJ
MargaretPurdyP63001/31/190712 W 16th St. yPeter/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 1y, born US
Margaret D.PyneP50010/15/1906Egbertville SIy Andrew DuganMargaretSt. Mary'sAged 56y, born Ireland, housewife


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
StillbornQuinlanQ54511/19/1906  yMichael/Italy HCCC 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MaryReehillR40007/31/190776 1/2 E 25th St. yPatrick Barrett/IreBridgetHCCCAged 38y, born Ireland, 22 years in NJ
JamesReevesR12004/11/1907177 Rich. Terry GeorgeRoseFairviewAged 4m,14d, born US
ElizabethReillyR40002/18/1907535 Ave C. yJohn/IreAnn/IreHCCCAged 12y,7m, born US
Mary V.ReillyR40007/18/190723 Tysen St.y PatrickAnn LeaheySt. Peter'sAged 32y
Morgan A.ReillyR40001/29/1907381 Rich. Terry Thos Mary FarrellSt. Peter'sAged 32y, born US, Driver
WilliamReillyR40008/16/1907535 Ave C. yJohn/IreAnnie/IreHCCCAged 6m, born US
AliceRichmondR25503/27/1907513 Blvd yUnknownAlice New York BayPaid by Frank Richmond, born US
JamesRodgersR32609/18/190719 W. 19th St. yEdward/IreBridgetHCCCAged 42y, born Ireland, laborer
WinifredRooneyR50007/23/190768 W. 22nd St. yHenry/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 2y,6m, born US
FelixRosaR20012/30/1907St. Vincent's Hospy Sebastion/ItalyJohanna/ItalySt. Mary'sAged 26, born Italy, laborer, paid by Milliken Bros/Mike Connelly/Mr. Morris
EmmaRossiR20003/19/1907149 Rich Terr NBy TonyColumba CheockSt. Peter'sAged 1y,3m, born Italy
DavidRyanR50007/25/1907Ave C. near 14th St yDavid/US HCCCborn US
DennisRyanR50005/01/190721 W 9th St. yDennisMaryHCCCAged 1 hour


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
EvaSandersS53607/26/19071 E. 2nd St. yValatine Mariah/GerCatherineHCCCBorn Germany, housewife, (they list the age as 5, but list housewife also)
AbrahamSchillerS46012/31/190634 W. 26th St. ySamuel/Germany Cypress HillAged 58y, born England
CosmoScowcaS20005/28/19071082 Ave D. yAntonio/ItalyJosephine/ItalyHCCCAged 21y, born Italy, borther Pellegrino
MichaelSereillaS64005/12/190797 W. 22nd St. yFrank/ItalyGertie/ItalyHCCCAged 2y6m, born US
WilliamShallowS40006/04/1907463 Ave C. yJoseph/IreAnn/IreSt. Peter'sAged 32y,2m, born US
StillbornSharkeyS62005/26/1907115 W. 22nd St. yJohnRoseHCCC 
George A.SharpS61002/09/190777 Hobart Ave yRichard/IreHannah/IreNew York BayAged 52y, born Ireland, bill to: Albert Sharp, deed name: Martha Sharp
JohnSheaS00012/26/1906566 Ace C. yJno/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 1 hour
CatherineSheehanS50006/30/190745 Andrew yJohn Waters/IreJohanahSt. Peter'sAged 52y, born Ireland
Patrick J.SheehanS50003/05/1907Concord SIy CorneliusNorah MooreSt. Peter'sAged 45y, born Ireland, black smith, NY Hosp.
JamesShelveyS41001/09/190755 E. 4th St. yJohnRosanaNot ListedAged 8y, born US
RoseShepherdS16305/13/190783 Andrew yDanielBetseyNew York BayAged 62y, born US
GeorgeSheridanS63501/15/190740 4th St. NBy Philip/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter'sAged 68y, born Ireland, 53 years in NY, Saloon Keeper, bill mailed to Schretter, 38 4th St.
Thomas J.ShortallS63405/25/190786 W 7th St. yNicholas JohannahHCCCAged 40y, born US, Councilman
JosenoSistaS23011/06/19062nd St. NBy Michael/ItalyGordina/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 4y,6m, died at St. Vincent's
Annie LouiseSmithS53011/19/1906700 Boulevard yWilliam Blake/EnglMary/EnglandNew York BayAged 40y, born US, housewife
Charles E.SmithS53001/12/19071211 Putnam A Bkl  John/EnglandUnknownFairmount/NewarkAged 64y, born US, paid by Dr. Stuckey Smith
Chas. S.SmithS53009/21/190737 E. 21st St. yBernard/Ire HCCCAged 7 m
EdwardSmithS53001/01/190731 W. 18th St. yEdward/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 8 hours
FrancisSmithS53001/01/1907170 Jersey St.y Edward/IreMargaret KehoueSt. Peter'sAged 28y, born US, laborer
WilliamSmithS53007/13/190727 E. 27th St. yWilliam/USFrances/USHCCCAged 29y, born US, grave 4 sec. 28, block O, deed to Delia Smith
ThomasSnekabellS52105/21/190719 Franklin St.y OscarBridget KirwinSt. Peter'sAged 7y, born US
George H.SpendiffS15307/14/190732 Taylor St.y George/S.I.Alice McDanellen?St. Peter'sAged 29y, mother born England, date of death may be off
Johanna SpleanS14507/29/1907Broadwayy UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 68y, born Ireland, died at St. Vincent's Hosp. paid by Jerry Sheehan/Elm Park
MaryStitesS33208/16/1907293 Ave D. yThomas/USElizabeth/USHCCCAged 6m, born US, grave 3, sec 60, block N.
MaryStodartS33603/17/19072nd St. NBy George/USKate Sullivan/USSt. Peter'sAged 11 month
JamesSullivanS41509/12/1907118 Ave E. y  HCCCAged 30y, born Ireland, Saloon Keeper, mass: St. Mary's
CorneliusSweeneyS50010/23/1906207 Jersey St.y JohnEllen SheehanSt. Peter'sAged 27y born Ireland, Fireman, died at Smith Infirmary
John B.SweeneyS50005/13/1907690 Blvd yDaniel/USAnnie/IreHCCCAged 15 days, born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
CorneliusTanseyT52001/13/190733 W. 19th St. yThos./IreMary/IreHCCCMass: St. Mary's, died Bayonne Hosp.
JohnToumeyT50001/30/190713 Dodge  Thos/IreWinifredSt. Peter's S.I.Aged 38y, mass St. Mary's
PaulToumeyT50004/14/190773 W. 12th St. yCharles/IreHannah/IreHCCCAged 6y11m, born US
JamesTraceyT62004/01/1907103 Ave I. yUnknownUnknownHCCCAged 65y, born Ireland, mass: St. Marys'. Grave 1 block F, sec. 132, #16248, deed: Catherine Tracey/full grv
RaymondTrolanT64504/27/190710 RR Ave yArhibold BayviewAged 3y, born US
BronistarvaTryaskaT62007/05/190736 Jersey St.y Nikoden/PolandKarmiera/PolandSt. Peter'sAged 9m,



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
FrederickVan HornV56505/03/1907116 W. 8th St.  CorneliusJohannaGreenwoodAged 55y, born US, clerk
John HenryVogelV24001/24/1907588 Ave A. yJohn/GermanyElizabeth/GermanyHCCCAged 40y,11m,22d, born Germany, mass: St. Henry's


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MargaretWaldronW43606/13/1907324 Ave D. yMartin/IreKatie/IreHCCCAged 1y,3m, born US
Louis WallerW46009/09/190740 W 10th St. yJohn Voit/GermanyAmeliaNew York BayAged 59y, born US
Daniel J.WalshW42010/23/1906Freeland PA  PatrickSarahFreeland PAAged 25y born US
MatthewWalshW42001/19/190798 W. 27th St. yUnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sAged 66y, in NJ 45 years, mass: St. Henry's
CharlesWardW63007/23/190765 W. 11th St. yChas/USElizabethNew York BayAged 3m,17d born US
Charles W.WernigW65203/07/190736 Trask Ave y  HCCCAged 79y, born Germany, 2 years in NJ
Bernard B.WestW23007/05/1907551 Ave C. yChas J./US BayviewAged 2y, born US
JohnWhiteW30003/08/1907Tysen St. NBy Wm WhiteHattie GallagherSt. Peter'sAged 47y, born Ireland, Hotel Keeper
CWoodW30007/08/190744 W. 23rd St. yThos/US Not ListedAged 4 months




First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MargaretZeitler?Z34609/16/190714 W. 22nd St. yGeorge Seeney/GerMargaretBayviewAged 57y, born Germany, Housewife
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