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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
158 Myrtle Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1908 - 1912


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
AnthonyAdamuschA35212/26/190814m3 Jersey Sty  S.I. Adam/RussiaAulaina Leasch/Russia/PoSilvermount 
HellenAdamuschA35210/21/19091y,3m489 Rich. Terry  US Adam/RussiaAulaina Leasch/Russia/PoSilvermountgrave 17, lot 8, section E
TeresaAndersonA53611/01/191156y,10m145 Van Duzer Sty noneIre Thomas KilKenny/IreMargaret/IreSt. Mary'sPaid: John and James Anderson
Lester R.AyeA00011/16/191012 days19 Burgher Ave WBy noneUS Robert/USAnnie Kelly/USSt. Mary's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JerryBaileyB40002/01/190933y5 John St.y Conductor RRUS Stephen/IreMary Flaretty/IreSt. Peter's 
DeliaBarnesB65212/31/191063yAlbian Pl.y noneIre Patrick Riley/IreUnknownSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's. Paid: Joseph Barnes
MaryBarnesB65208/28/190969y155 Rich. Terry HousewifeIre Patrick Cunnigham/IreAllice Gettings/IreSt. Peter's 
SamuelBennettB53009/03/190845yRidgefield Park NJ  Cutter  Thomas/EnglandAnnie Mulucer/EngSt. Peter'sMrs. Sarah Ann Bennett
ElizabethBentleyB53401/15/191156y28 2nd St NBy HousewifeUSJohnJames Dempsey/IreMary Degnan/IreWoodlawnMass: St. Peter's
PawilosBielukosB42203/10/190922ySouth Avey LaborerRussia Joseph/RussiaAnnie Matulint/RussoSilvermountdied in woods Merrell & South Ave. lot 12, grace 23, section E.
ThomasBirminghamB65509/02/190964y408 Davis Avey LaborerIre Thomas/IreBridget Tormery?/IreSt. Peter's 
TimonthyBohamB50012/28/19115y,4m688 Henderson Avey noneUS Timothy/USBridget Sweeney/USSt. Peter's 
MaryBohanB50004/07/190968yHenderson Avey HousewifeIre James Brown/IreEllen Johnson/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Timothy Bohan
PatrickBoylanB45006/25/190863yElm Parky LaborerIre Francis/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
Rose A.BoylanB45001/31/190948y23 4th St. NBy HousewifeUSP. BoylanPatrick/IreMargaret Hartford/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by sisters of J. Cahill
MaryBoyleB40007/30/190977y441 41st Bklyn   Ire Michael Quinn/IreCatherine Murphy/IreSt. Peter's 
RussellBrownB65007/31/19085m,14d52 Maple Ave PRy  Eliz, NJ Wm B./USAgnes Smith/USSt. Peter's 
BridgetBrynesB65212/25/191050yBay Ave   HousewifeIrePatrickPatrick Leavey/IreCatherine Healy/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's
JosephineBurbankB61508/26/190954y12 Taylor Sty noneUS Patrick Fitzsimmons/IreJohanna O'Neil/IreFountain
AliceBurnsB65211/08/191140y52 Bdwyy HousewifeUS Thomas McCormack/IreKatherine Mooney/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: James McCormack


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Mabel C.CarsonC62512/15/19093y,10m7th Avey noneUS Edward/USCatherine Mahoney/USSt. Peter's 
George J.ChapmanC15506/14/190943y335 Jersey Sty SalesmanUS James/USUSSt. Peter's 
CatherineClarkC46207/29/191090y2nd St NBy noneIre Phillip Smith/IreMargaret Lynch/IreSt. Peter's 
George W.ClarkC46207/28/191020y,10m65 St. Pauls Avey  US George/USMary/USSt. Peter's 
JohnCollinsC45212/03/190880y106 Jersey St.   Ire IrelandMary Colliins/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnannaCollinsC45205/30/190969yFarm Colony NYCy  Ire John/IreJohanna Donovan/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. J. Atridge, Henderson Ave
Michael J.CollinsC45208/15/191029yNew Dorpy LinemanUS Michael/IreLizzie Hearly/IreCalvary 
MaryConnellyC54001/09/190929y24 Prospect St.y  US Patrick/IreMary Fitzfrat/IreMoravianPaid by: Jane McDonnell, 24 Prospect Ave
ThomasConnollyC54006/05/190826y61 Lafayettey SuperintendentUS Patrick/IreHannah Foley/IreSt. Peter's 
ThomasConnollyC54008/27/191034y24 Prospect St.y WatchmanUS Patrick/Ire MoravianDied: St. Vincent's
DorothyConroyC56008/06/190850y30 Nicholas Avey noneUS Michael O'Brien/IreBridget Fay/IreCalvaryMass: St. Peter's
EllenCorcoranC62612/29/191125y63 Barker Sty noneUS John/IreEllen Keating/Ire  
MoraCowhigC20002/22/191063y1040 Henderson Avy HousewifeIreWilliamJeremiah/IreEllen Hartenett/IreSt. Peter's 
WilliamCowhigC20003/06/191174y1040 Henderson Avy Boss PainterIre James/IreNora Sheeley/IreSt. Peter's 
MaryCoyleC40002/28/191057y263 Bennett Avey DomesticIre John/IreSarah Gallagher/IreSt. Peter's 
Florence M.CraigC62011/15/19115m,15dWest Brightony  S.I. Samuel/IreChristina Hatch/USMoravian 
HughCramerC65605/30/19112m,4d40 1st St NBy  S.I. John/IreMargaret Crighton/USSt. Peter's 
AnnaCraneC65011/20/190878yNY Farm Colony       DetroitCharles A. Crane, 574 Hoffat Blvd, Detroit Mich
Veronica M.CraneC65005/29/19104m40 1st St NBy noneUS John/IreMargaret Crighton/USSt. Peter's 
DanielCroninC65508/15/190815yBurger Ave WBy LaborerIre Cornelius/IreEliz. Regan/IreSt. Peter's 
MargaretCullinsoreC45210/04/19088m1484 Rich. Terry  S.I. Wm/IreMary McQuack/USCalvary 
JohnCunninghamC55205/25/190969yBurger Ave WBy  Ire   St. Peter'sDied Wards Island. Paid by: John Cunningham, Burger Ave


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
PatrickDalyD40001/01/190980y10 Bdwyy noneIre UnknownMeade/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Charles Daly, Bdwy
JosephDaneganD52507/15/190961y13 John Sty LaborerIre Chris/Ire St. Mary's 
Michael J.DayD00003/29/191032y 11 State St. WBy MasonUS Thomas/IreMary Donavan/USSt. Peter'sCharles Daly Broadway to pay
VincentDayD00008/12/19091daySt. Vincent's Hosp   US Michael/USTeresa/USSt. Peter's 
MadelenaDe MazeD52005/24/19101y,7m180 2nd St NBy noneUS Dominick/ItalyRosa Riviezza/ItalySt. Peter's 
EdithDeForrestD16207/12/19096mBdwyy  S.I. Wm/USAnnie Christie/USFairviewSt. Vincent's Hosp
MaryDeForrestD16206/24/190965y364 Bdwyy  Ire Wm Sherwood/IreElizabeth Steep?/IreFairviewPaid by: Edward DeForrest
JosephDel ConzoD42507/11/19101y,1m231 Burger Avey noneUS Vito/ItalyClara/ItalySt. Peter's 
HughDelaneyD45009/29/1908 6 Hill St. WBy WatchmanIre Jeremiah/IreMary Dill/IreSt. Peter'sKilled at B&O RR St. George
AngeloDeLouicoD42004/02/190963y43 2nd St NBy noneItaly Unknown St. Peter'sSt. Vincent's Hosp
JosephDemolaD54007/14/19103m190 2nd St NBy  US James/ItalyEliza/ItalySt. Mary'sSt. Mary's Elm Parks
PeterDeMorseD56201/22/19101m,6d108 2nd St NBy  S.I. Dominick/ItalyRosa Riviezzo/ItalySt. Peter's 
ElizabethDempseyD51210/01/190878yFarm Colony NYC  HousewifeIre Thomas/IreElizabeth /IreCalvaryNYC Farm Colony
JohnDempseyD51205/13/190972y511 Rich. Terry      St. Peter's 
JohnDermodyD65306/24/190871yEgbert Avey RetiredIre Michael/IreHellen Hayden/IreSt. Peter's 
Thomas P.DermodyD65302/21/191049yJewett Avey Hastle/HostleUS John/IreMargaret Mare/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's
GiovannieDesantisD25312/10/19092y,11m,130 Brighton Avey noneUS Michael Desantis/ItalyMichleau Libertane/ItalySt. Peter's 
Catherine A.DevlinD14511/07/190833yJewett Avey HousewifeNYCWilliamMichael Dwyer/IreEllen Haggerty/IreCalvarylot K, grave 13, section 11, range 18
WilliamDevlinD14509/24/191140y389 Jewett Avey Fire Chief,NYUS Peter/IreCatherine/IreCalvary 
StillbirthDewatersD36205/17/1909 25 York Ave NBy  S.I. John/USJulia Hogan/US  
JohnDineerD56001/22/190970y41 3rd Sty  Ire Timothy/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
Hiram R.DixonD25005/26/191075y147 Street West NY  noneUS Hiram/IreMargaret McDonnell/Ire  
ThomasDixonD25002/17/190952yInnis St PRy LaborerUS John/IreEllen Tobin/IreSt. Peter's 
JuliaDonohueD50002/19/191168yHenderson Avey noneIre Michael/IreJulia Manion/IreCalvary 
EleanorDonovanD51501/12/191232y410 Bdwyy noneUS John Sheehan/IreBridget Reagan/IreSt. Peter's 
EllenDonovanD51511/04/190871yElm West Brightony noneIreDennisJohn Hagan/IreMargaret Minehan/IreSt. Peter'sgrave 5x6, section 20, plot 5x6 , grave of Mrs. Dennis Donovan
Humphrey J.DonovanD51510/09/191146y,11m240 Burger Avey  US Patrick/IreCatherine Hogan/IreSt. Peter's 
JosephDonovanD51507/13/19102m,11dSt. Vincent's Hospy  US Daniel/US St. Peter's 
MargaretDonovanD51509/06/19113y,15d1st St NBy  S.I. DanielMargaret Moore St. Peter's 
MaryDonovanD51506/05/190873y70 Burgher Avey  Ire Dennis Shaughenessy/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
Patrick J.DonovanD51511/20/191161yNew Brightony BoatmanIre Patrick/IreUnknownSt. Peter'sDied at Brighton Dock
Patrick J.DonovanD51503/13/191035y161 Burger Avey noneUS Patrick/IreCatherie Hagan/IreSt. Peter's 
PearisDonovanD51505/09/19104y,6m363 Jersey Sty noneUS Daniel/IreMargaret Moore/IreSt. Peter'sGrave #1, section A, plot 7, range 20, paid by James Sweeney
MichaelDoodyD30003/05/191156y127 Lafayette y LaborerIre   St. Peter's 
StillbirthDoodyD30005/04/1911 101 Lafayette Sty    James/USAnnie/USSt. Peter's 
Mary AnnDow D00009/22/190952y74 W 4th St NBy HousewifeUSRichardJohn O'Shaughessy/IreMary Hart/IreSt. Peter'sDied: St. Vincent's. Mass: St. Peter's
MartinDowdD30008/04/191012yWinger Placey School boyUS Milden/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sdied Smith Infirmary
KatherineDowlingD45203/18/190943y37 Hannah Sty HousewifeUSRobertBernard Shields/IreKatherine Smith/IreEvergreenSmith Infirmary
DennisDowneyD50007/10/191040yBrook Sty  Ire Unknown St. Peter'sLived at Mrs. Connell's Brook St. Killed foot of Jersey St SIRR Track, Sweeney pd
CharlesDoyleD40002/28/190933yJohn St. EPy Stone CutterUS Charles/IreAnnie Murphy/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Benj Doyle, 17 John St.
AnnDriscollD62411/08/191177y189 Market Sty noneIre Jeremiah/IreMary Regan/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. Henry Williams
Joseph DruryD66009/14/19084y28 Henderson Avey  US Joseph/IreJane Michell/IreSt. Peter's 
StillbirthDruryD66001/28/1911 500 Henderson Avey    Joseph/IreJane/IreSt. Peter's 
HowardDuffyD10012/16/191135y191 Bdwyy LaborerUS John/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sDied: St. Vincent's
JamesDuganD25012/06/190961yWest Brightony LaborerIre Michael/Ire St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
WilliamEmmuelE54004/17/191150y502 Vanderbilt St.y Peddler BklynGermany Phillip/GermanyMatieda/GermanySt. Mary'sSt. Mary's Elm Park. Grave D, section 40
FloraEskerE26012/14/191161y48 Granit Avey HouseworkGermany John Edwards/GerFlora/GermanyLake 
John EdwardEskerE26002/15/191060y29 John St. EPy LaborerGermany Edward/GermanyUnknownLake 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
RichardFaberF16010/07/191164yStar Ship yard   New Bedford   New Bedford MA 
PeterFarleyF64007/08/190974y    Ire Michael H./IreCatherine Hart/IreSt. Peter's 
JohannaFarrellF64004/09/190965yNY Farm Colonyy HousekeeperIre Unknown St. Peter'sOrdered by: J. McSorley, Cary Ave
JohnFarrellF64008/24/191065yFarm Colony NYCy LaborerIre Christie/Ire St. Peter's 
John G.FarrellF64012/21/191137y376 Cary Avey StenographerUS John/USAnne McGlynn/IreSt. Peter's 
LilliamFayF00012/27/191135y197 St. Marks Ply noneUS Michael/IreIrelandCalvary 
TaneyFedoroskiF36201/22/19091m,14d38 Jersey St.y  S.I. Joseph/Poland St. Mary'sSt. Mary's Elm Park, grave 3, section O, plot 1
CarlotteFergusanF62203/04/190975yCoal Barge  Boat WomanIre Edward Phillip/IreUnknownSilvermountDied NY Bay Coal Dock, St. George, Coal Barge George S. Batis, Chas Smith/Son
William H.FergusanF62203/11/190973y,1mCoal Barge  CaptainCanada Unknown SilvermountDied NY Bay Coal Dock, St. George, Coal Barge George S. Batis, Chas Smith paid
DomenicoFerrinccirroF65203/21/19113y,6m311 Franklin Sty  S.I. Carto/ItalyLucia Lambade/ItalySt. Mary's 
AntonioFilamenaF45511/29/191161y300 York Avey noneItaly Antonio/ItalyCatherine Mucci/ItalyCalvarymass: St. Joseph's
LilieFinkF52003/02/190921d1123 Castleton Ave   S.I. John/USBessia Sullivan/USWoodland 
Anna M.FinneganF52504/08/191014d9 Tyson St. NBy noneS.I. Michael/IreAnna Keefe/IreSt. Peter's 
John J.FinneganF52509/25/19098y 97 Taylor Sty School boyUS Michael/IreMaryWholehan/IreDied: Star Docks Kill Van Kull
JosephFiskeF20010/17/19096m Burger Ave WBy  US Joseph/USAnna Collins/USSt. Peter's 
PatrickFitzgeraldF32601/23/191277y42 John Sty noneIre John/IreHannorah/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by John Fitzgerald
KateFlanneryF45607/22/190938y3m8dJewett Avey  US Michael/IreEllen Colahan/IreSt. Peter'sDied at Wards Island Hosp.
CatherineFlowerdewF46304/13/190966y65 Lafayette Sty HousewifeIre Wm Haggerty/IreCatherine/IreMoravianChurch: St. Peter's. grave 48
MargariteForetaryF63606/05/190937y510 W 120 St NYC  DomesticSwitzerland Henry/SwitzerlandJulia Dafelleus/SwitzSilvermountFound in the waters of NY Bay, Swindburne Island taken to Farm Colony
TaneyFrazzettaF62306/08/19111y2m15d25 Pine Sty  S.I. Vato/ItalyNave Anastase/ItalySt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Antonett GallagherG42611/16/19096y,3mNicholas Ave EPy  US Charles/USMary Keefe/USSt. Peter's 
ThomasGallagherG42604/14/1911 176 John St.y noneIre Unknown St. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's
Frank S.GannonG55008/28/19111 dayCastleton Ave   S.I. Frank/USFoley/USSt. Peter'sgrave 1, section A, plot 7, range 25
MaryGarriganG62503/10/191074yBay Ave EPy NoneIre Thomas Lyman/IreAnn/IreSt. Peter's 
ArthurGerrityG63010/29/19108m37 Jewett Avey  S.I. Henry/USRose Dermody/USSt. Peter's 
LuigiGianielloG54012/22/190825y52 2nd St NBy LaborerItaly Frank/ItalyJosephine Piz?/ItalySt. Mary'sSt. Mary's Rosebank
MichaelGilardeG46305/15/1908 198 York Avey    Joseph/ItalyRosina/ItalySt. Peter's 
CatherineGilliesG42009/08/190838yNelson Avey HousewifeUS Mich Fitzgerald/IreMary Mullan/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Joseph Gillies
Mary J.GilliesG42012/26/1911 New Dorpy HousewifeCanada Alexander Cameina/CanCatherine/CanadaSt. Peter's 
Mary E.GordanG63509/10/19085y12 Waters St WBy noneS.I. John/USJane E. Foran/USSt. Peter's 
GeorgeGorhanG65001/03/19091y,19dRich. Rdy  S.I. Edward/IreMary Hollleran/IreSt. Peter'sgrave 2, section A, Range 7, plot 10
JamesGradyG63004/11/191076y34 Ennis St.y LaborerIre Wm/IreJohanna Ryan/IreSt. Mary'spaid by: Wm Grady
LiveraGranfaguaG65104/13/191052y285 York Ave NBy noneItaly Michael/ItalyChristina Delcroco/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Peters, died at Kill Van Kull
StillbirthGreenG65011/26/1908 14 4th Streety    Thomas/USWinfred/USSilvermount 
CatherineGregoryG62609/10/191143yWard Islandy HouseworkIre John Carlk/Ire FountainPiad by: Joseph Gregory


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
DorothyHaleyH40009/03/19098m,9dWest Brightony  US Wm/Haley St. Peter's 
MaryHaleyH40007/04/191165yFarm Colony NYCy LaundressIreJohnUnknown St. Peter'sDisinterment from Alms House to St. Peter's
TheadoreHampofe?H51106/28/19106m62 Castleton Avey  US Theodore/GermanyMyrtle Hadden/GermanySilvermount 
HarryHansonH52512/14/19081m,14d74 Elm Sty  S.I. Harry/NorwayHenderson/NorwaySilvermount 
PatrickHartH63011/18/191173y Grand St. Elm Parky    Unknown St. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's
PatrickHartnettH63510/15/190890y109 York Avey noneIre Patrick/IreKate O'Brien/IreSt. Mary'sRosebank, church, St. Peter's
MarreHashtaniH23506/07/191135y116 Montgomeryy  Japan Unknown SilvermountCause: Abortion. Mrs. J. Gilbert, 127 College Ave to pay.
HenryHavellH14004/21/191175y176 John St.y CarpenterGermany Owen/GermanyJosephine Hilderbank/GSt. Peter'sborn: 7/28/1836
DennisHayesH20001/01/191132ySt. Vincent's Hospy BricklayerUS John/IreJohanna/IreSt. Peter's 
BarbaraHessH20012/11/190877y39 Bdwyy noneGermany Unknown/Germany FairviewPaid by: John Hess, Bdwy
Isaac J.HolbertH41612/06/191160y600 Prospecty BookkeeperEngland   St. Mary's NJSt. Mary's Perth Amboy, paid by James Holbert
William J.HopkinsH12509/05/19111m,13d58 South Sty  S.I. James/IreMary Hagan/IreSt. Peter's 
MaryHutchinsonH32507/01/191131y 203 Morningstar Rdy HousewifeEnglandWilliamPatrick Collins/IreMary Melee/EngSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's. born: 9.9.1880
RuthHutchinsonH32501/09/19093m,7d123 John St.EPy  US Wm/USMary Collins/EnglSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
GeorgeIrvingI61510/05/19092y,11m108 Rich. Terry  US George/IreJosephine Murphy/EngSilvermount 
HenryIrvingI61509/02/191010m113 Richmond WBy noneS.I. George/USJosephine Murphy/EngSilvermount 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
PeterJacobsonJ21205/01/191022y456 Rich. Terry SeamanNorway Jacob/NorwayEliza Kunstsen/NorwayFairviewdied: RR track foot of Jersey St. grave #244, section 4
Henry A.JamesJ52011/07/191145yWheeler Avey CarpenterNJ HenryKateMoravian 
RichardJamesJ52003/23/191148y77 Tyson St NBy LaborerIre Thomas/IreKate Mahoney/IreSt. Peter'sdied: St. Vincent's
OlyJansanJ52507/08/190845y65 Burgher Avey Ship CarpenterNorway John/NorwayChristina Caltesen?/NorSilvermountService at Church on Ave B PR
PaulJeglioJ24009/03/19113y,1m198 2nd St NBy  Italy Rafield/ItalyMary /ItalySt. Peter's 
JohhannaJohnsonJ52504/23/190948y200 Burger Ave WBy HousewifeUS Daniel Haggerty/IreJohanna/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mary Pearl & Mr. Coffey
Lizzie JohnsonJ52501/09/191055y327 Franklin Avey HouseworkIreJohnUnknown FairviewWidow of: John Johnson, P. Nolan. Paid by: Marrie Shannessey
BridgetJoyceJ20004/28/191088y8th Ave NBy noneIre Unknown CalvaryMass: St. Peter's
JennieJulianiJ45008/18/19102 days14 Bennett St PRy  S.I. Sylverster/ItalyOiletta Rucchio/ItalySt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
EstelleKaneK50006/29/191021y,5m,11228 Van Pelt Avey noneUS John/USCatherine Mulligan/USSt. Peter's 
MaryKaneK50005/16/1910 Barker Sty noneIre John Keating/Ire St. Peter'sPaid by Tim Keating Barker St
Michael J.KaneK50011/25/190947y4th St. N.B.y LaborerUS Jeremiah/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Peter's
WaselKanzwievey?K52107/11/190824m257 Rich. Terry  US Joseph/RussiaBernanda/RussiaSt. Mary'sSt. Mary's PR. Church: Polish
JosephKascuickK22010/25/19101y,8,112 Jersey Sty  US Dominick/Russian PoleAlice Wisotsko/Russian/PSt. Mary'sgrave 28, section B
MauriceKeaneK50012/24/190914mBdwyy  US John/IreMary Barri/IreCalvary 
JeremiahKeatingK35207/22/191170y29 Cedar St. WBy noneIre John/IreMargaret Mahoney/IreSt. Peter'sborn 1841
AnnieKeefeK10010/29/190838y269 Van Pelt Avey HousewifeIre Patrick/IreAnnie O'Brien/IreSt. Peter'sgrave 2, section 15, plot 20, church St. Mary's
BridgetKeefferK16001/08/191158y164 John St.y noneIre Michael/IreCatherine DanielsSt. Mary'sMass: St. Mary's
Bridget A. KellyK40010/10/190938y5 Tyson St.y DomesticIre John/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sDied: St. Vincent's.
JuliaKellyK40008/02/191141y55 4th St. NBy HousewifeIrePatrickJohn Shay/IreUnknownSt. Peter'sMass: St. Peter's
RobertKellyK40011/17/190932y.9mFranklin St. y noneUS Patrick/USMary Powers/USSt. Peter's 
RobertKemptonK51311/28/191178y,6mWest Brightony noneIre JohnMargaret BlackSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. James Daley
JacobKessigK22006/23/191078y,6m58 6th Avey EngineerGermany Tuck Kessig/Germany St. Peter's 
HelenKucinskiK25205/31/190924yMeyers Farmy DomesticUnknown Unknown SilvermountCause of Death: Abortion


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JohnLazziolosiL24211/07/191140yDecker Avey  Greece Thomas Woodland 
MaryLennener?L55602/09/191253y1320 Castleton Avey HouseworkEnglandRichardEugene Curtis/EngMary/EngSt. Peter'sdied: St. Vincent's
EllenLeonardL56311/28/190837yJohn St. WBy  Ire Richard Leonard/IreElizabeth Powers/IreSt. Peter's 
PeterLibeitaneL13506/04/190939y92 Brighton Avey  Italy Pordo/ItalyAngela Polladino/ItalySt. Peter's 
CostantinaLicurrisL26207/21/19094m15d272 York Avey  S.I. Ruberto/ItalyRosie Land??ItalySt. Peter'sgrave 1, section A, range 18, plot 4
FrankLoffredoL16302/18/19091day2nd St NBy    Samuel/ItalyRosie Denegro/ItalySt. Peter's 
Catherine DorothyLunnyL50012/02/19109m161 Winger Placey noneUS Edward/USMary Connolly/USSt. Peter's 
Josephine A.LynchL52004/11/191125y604 Prospect WBy noneUS Michael Lynch/IreEllen Mahoney/EnglSt. Peter'sPaid by: John A. and Frank Lynch
ThomasLynchL52007/14/191133y4th St. N.B.y NY FiremanUS James/IreMary Dolan/IreSt. Peter'sSmith Infirmary
ThomasLynchL5207/37/19111y,3m117 Burger Avey noneUS Thomas/USEllen Gorman/USSt. Peter'sborn 4.15.1911


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
William K.MacheyM20007/05/19103m15d47 Henderson Avey noneUS Wm/USMargaret Dody/USSt. Peter's 
John A. Jr.MaddenM35001/23/191019yBond St. PRy Cooper SmithUS John/USMary Schutz/USSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's
MaryMaddenM35006/09/19082 hours38 Bond St. PRy  S.I. Mike/USMary Connor/USSt. Peter's 
Catherine R.MahoneyM50003/05/191065yNew Brightony HousewifeIre Henry McAvoy/IreMargaret Smith/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by Thomas Mahoney
MaryMahoneyM50006/08/190883yNew Brightony  Ire Jno LynchCath HaleySt. Peter'sPaid: Dennis Mahoney
AutanettMaranoM65001/18/19111m,14d273 York Avey  S.I. Frank/ItalyClumbia Petero/ItalySt. Peter'sTwins
MaryMaranoM65001/18/19111m,14d273 York Avey  S.I. Frank/ItalyClumbia Petero/ItalySt. Peter'sTwins
KalykstMarkuscwskiM62208/19/1908 12, 5th St NBy  Poland John/PolandJekla H. Mielswski/PolWoodland 
Carlo MarraneM65006/13/19119m,2d145 Burger Avey  S.I. Castode/ItalyAnanetta Cgiamite?/ItalySt. Peter'sborn: 9.11.1910
JaneMarrowM60004/22/190975ySt. Vincent's Hospy  Ire Warren Marrow/IreJane Shank/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mary A.. Marrow, Greenpoint LI
LouigiMartinoM63507/04/19111y,2m183 3rd St NBy  S.I. Joseph/ItalyRose Tucciana/ItalySt. Peter'sgrave 1, section A, plot 2, range 26
NicolaMauorchiM62005/28/191039y157 Bdwyy LaborerItaly Angel/Italy Silvermount 
JosephMcAreveyM26110/06/190929y150 Rich. St.y  US James/IreEllen Bohen/IreSt. Peter's 
MargaretMcAreveyM26107/30/191011m 5th St NBy noneUS Robert/USMargaret/USSt. Peter's 
TimonthyMcAuliffM24109/03/191066y481 Bdwyy noneIre Michael/IreMary Egan/IreCalvary 
Francis J.McCauleyM24008/16/19115y,7m36 Granit Ave EPy  S.I. Thomas/USMaria/USSt. Mary's 
Veronica M.McCauleyM24007/26/19091y,9m,619 Richmond Avey  US Thomas/USMarie/USSt. Mary'sPort Richmond
Karl E.McCueM20008/11/19098m501 Rich. Avey  US Oliver/USMary Myer/USLakeDied at Sea Side Hosp.
ElizabethMcDonaldM23511/19/191043y486 Prospect y HousewifeUS Patrick Connolly/IreMary Fitzpatrick/IreMoravianPaid: Thomas McDonald
Frederick CammannMcDonaldM23512/26/190943yPoor House   US Anthony B/USPhebe Cammann/USTrinity NYCBuried at Trinity 151 St. NY-died at White Plains poor house.
MichaelMcDonaldM23512/10/191048y132 Van Pelt Avey noneIre Unknown St. Peter'sPaid by: Mary McDonald
BridgetMcDonoughM23506/06/190848ySeaton Hosp NY  NurseUS   St. Peter'sPaid: Benj. McDonough
WilliamMcEntieM25310/14/191022y5 Clarendan St.  BoatmanRochester Charles/USEllen Lyttles/USRochester NYFound at the foot of Church St NB, NY Bay-Lived 5 Clarendan St. Rochester NY
GenieveMcGivneyM21507/22/19117m,23d144 Simonson Avey  S.I. James/USCatherine Grady/USSt. Mary's 
CatherineMcHughM22010/27/191148yRich. Terry HousewifeUSPeterTimothy Burke/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St Peter's
JamesMcMannusM25504/26/190851y218 Rich. Terry Feed DealerIre James/IreCatherine Johnson/IreCalvary 
GertrudeMilne/MilueM45503/25/19104y312 Davis Avey  US Alexander/USJennie S./USSt. Peter's 
JohnMinesM52002/12/191290y115 5th Ave NBy noneIre Terrance/IreElizabeth Cavanagh/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: George Coyle
ThomasMitchellM32403/19/190981y4023 Amboy Rdy  Ire James/IreMary/IreSt. Mary'sPaid by : James Nolan, Giffords
WalterMoffatM13010/13/19094yGiffords Laney  US Walter/USMargaret Moran/USCalvarygrave 18, section 7, range 34
MaryMorraneM65002/28/19103y145 Burger Avey  US Castode/ItalyAntanetta/ItalySt. Peter's 
MaryMoustoM23004/29/19111y,9mWest Brightony noneUS Domenico/ItalyFreido Sister/ItalySt. Peter's 
JamesMulliganM42503/29/191142y535 Rich. Ave PRy Stone CutterUS Edward/IreCatherine Hagarty/IreSt. Mary'sPaid: Edward Mulligan, 535 Richmond Ave
JohnMulliganM42501/27/190944y319 Rich. Avey Stone CutterUS Edwsard/IreCatherine Haggerty/IreSt. Mary'sRosebank. Died St. Vincent's Hosp.
Mary E.MulliganM42511/25/191131y59 4th St NBy noneUS James/USElizabeth/USSt. Peter's 
Joseph E.MullinsM45206/01/191139y8m12d110 Warren Sty ClerkUS Thomas/IreMary Cowhig/IreSt. Peter'sborn: 9/20/1872
Lizzie MurphyM61010/08/191038y336 Columbia Sty HouseworkUS Unknown St. Peter'spaid by: James Murphy 336 Columbia St.
MaryMurphyM61011/04/191036y103 St. Marks Ply HousewifeUSJohnThomas Dowling/IreEllen Leahy/IreSt. Peter's 
StillbirthMurphyM61010/19/1910 193 St. Marks Pl     John/IreEllen/USSt. Peter'sDied: St. Vincent's
CatherineMurrayM60006/16/19083y,9mWest Brightony  S.I. John/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Patrick J.NaughtonN23509/14/190825y9 Clinton Ave NBy ElectricianIre John/IreElizabeth Gaffey/IreBlue Hill CTHartford CT
StephenNelman?N45504/18/190936y    US Abbot/US St. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's. Paid by Mrs. Hutchins, 52 Broadway NY
FrancesNolanN45009/21/19086mGifford SIy  S.I. George/USSt. Joseph  
StillbirthNoonanN55002/06/1912 47 Henderson Avey    James/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
JanettaNoordzyN63211/10/191076yWest Brightony HousewifeGermany Elmer Stolk/GermanyClasina Van Deshan/GerFairviewPaid: Daniel Noordzy
MargaretNortanN63502/06/191232y,10m11376 Cary Avey noneUS Phillip Daly/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Albert O'BrienO16504/30/1909 19 John St. WBy  S.I. John/USEllen O'Grady/IreSt. Peter's 
EllenO'BrienO16501/19/191156y29 John St. EPy noneIreJohnAndrew O'Grady/IreMargaret Irving/IreSt. Peter's 
Kenneth F.O'BrienO16505/18/19101y,5mHenderson Avey noneUS John/US St. Peter's 
Joseph O'ConnorsO25610/28/190830yMetro Hosp NY   US Daniel/IreUnknownCalvaryPaid: Michael Maddan(?)
CatherineO'HalloranO46510/17/190835y191 Jersey Sty HousewifeUS Edward Smith/IreMargaret Kehow/IreSt. Peter's 
JennieO'HaraO60011/03/191026y1582 2nd St NBy HousewifeIrePatrickFrancis McCallan/IreRose McGee/IreSt. Peter'sSmith Infirmary
CharlesOlsenO42507/08/191040y108 6th Ave NBy Dock BuilderNorway Unknown WoodlandKilled at J.B. Kings Plaster Mill
Martha Maria LillianO'ReillyO64003/31/191030y3m,5d236 Taylor St.y HousewifeUS Henry Kocuig?/USMinnie Husiker/USMoravian 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
FreadPaper?P16012/06/191045yBrook Sty  US   SilvermountPaid by: Mr. Milue, NYC
PatrickPechinoP25003/08/191022y3573 Rich. Terry LaborerItaly Frank/ItalyC./ItalySt. Mary'sMass: St. Peter's
LilyPeteroP36007/12/19098d273 York Ave   S.I. Frank/ItalyMary Chiatt/ItalySt. Peter's 
LouisePeteroP36007/12/19098d273 York Ave   S.I. Frank/ItalyMary Chiatt/ItalySt. Peter's 
JamesPetrelloP36401/16/19129m68 Brightony  S.I. Michael/ItalyNellie Derenzio/ItalySt. Peter's 
JuliaPickeringP26511/22/19084days14 3rd St. NBy  S.I. Charles/USCatherine Holt/USSt. Peter's 
IncaranataPietrangeloP36503/15/191110m,15d27 Pine St NBy  Italy Angello/ItalyMarie Daginala/ItalySt. Peter's 
LouisePietrangeloP36503/16/190910m27 Pine St NBy  S.I. Angelo/ItalyMary Daguila/ItalySt. Peter's 
MaryPietrangeloP36509/18/19089n6 Pine St. WBy  US Michael/ItalyFilamena/ItalySt. Peter's 
PasqualePietrangeloP36509/18/19096m,14d27 Pine St NBy  S.I. Michael/ItalyFilamena/ItalySt. Peter's 
Albert PikesP22007/10/191135y    US Unknown Minnesotadied: Brady's pond. Shipped to: Winona Minnesota via Wells Fargo


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MaryQuigleyQ24002/18/191062y872 Rich Avey noneIrePeterWm Moran/IreLucy Farrell/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's
PatrickQuinnQ50005/24/190860yElm Parky Carriage MfgIre Hugh/IreAnnie Hanlon/IreHCCC 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Marie F.RagueR20012/05/191016y1002 Farver Avey noneUS William/US Greenwood 
EdwardRaquesR22004/09/19098y,9m      Wm/USUSGreenwood 
Martha RasmussenR25207/11/19108m254 Davis Ave WBy  US Martin/NorvayEllen Gunson/NorwaySilvermount 
StillbirthReganR25006/04/1909 17 6th Avey    JohnMarySt. Peter's 
MichaelReidR30004/23/190940yElm Parky LaborerIre John Reid/IreMary Bowey/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's. Paid by: James Reid
BernardReillyR40001/19/190964y8 Henderson Avey RetiredIre Thomas/IreMary Evers/IreCalvarygrave 2.3, section 1 D west, plot X, range 10. Removed from RR
JamesReillyR40004/18/1910    FiremanUS Unknown St. Peter'sDied: Kill Van Kull, Tug Boat Margaret
GeorgeRenkeR52005/20/191133y387 Cary Avey Tin SmithGermany Thomes/GerGesine Osterloh/GerNew York BayKilled: Kill Van Kull, Starin Shipyeard
PelligumoRizzoR20003/06/190919y56 St. Pauls Avey  Italy Cosmos/ItalySabactina Sacco/ItalySt. Mary's 
CatherineRoachR20009/18/1910 726 Henderson Avey HousewifeUSWilliam  St. Peter'sdied: St. Vincent's
MargaretRoachR20009/13/19085m 72 Bdwyy  S.I. Wm/USCatherine Ackerman/USSt. Peter's 
JosephineRossiR20010/09/19115m,9d240 Broad Sty    ItalyColumbia Chick/ItalySt. Peter's 
RoffaileRuggieroR26010/07/19091y194 2nd   S.I. Frank/ItalyMattie Berlice?/ItalySt. Peter's 
MaryRyanR50008/21/190922y31 4th Ave NBy Box MakerUS Daniel/IreCatherine Sweeney/IreSt. Peter'sChurch: St. Peter's. Died St. Vincent's


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Benjamin SanfordS51601/17/190964yNova Scotia  CaptainNovaScotia Nelson Windsor NSWorked: Barge J.B. King Co, Nova Scotia Hauts, Summerville Hauts Co. NS
LavineSchellenaS45005/10/191022y114 Elm St. y noneUS Joseph/FranceCatherine/FranceSt. Peter's 
AugustSchmittS53003/11/190926y73 Grand St. Bklyn  LaborerRussia Unknown Silvermountdied in woods Merrell & South Ave. lot 12, grace 23, section E.
JosephSeglierS24611/14/190841y581 Bdwy yWet wash Laundry    L.I.Burial: Washington L.I.
James W.ShanghnessyS52501/08/191149ySt. Vincent's Hospy PainterUS John/IreMary Eagan/IreSt. Peter's 
AnnaShaughnessyS25211/04/19081y,4m115 State St. WBy  US Andrew/USEllen Dollan?/USSt. Peter'sgrave 2, section 14, plot 7, range 6 - Hancock grave
MarySheehanS50006/14/191070y140 3rd St.y noneIre Daniel Sullivan/IreMary Hunt/IreSt. Peter's 
MarySheridanS63505/19/19112 hours203 Lafayette Avey  S.I. George/USMary S. /USSt. Peter's 
CharlesShoebridgeS16310/17/191138yOakwood Beachy Sec't RC WilsonEngland Unknown MoravianDrowned Oakwood Beach
GeorgeSimminskiS55209/21/19088m31 Jersey St.y  US Michael/Russia/PolandCatherine DriborkewczySt. Peter's 
EdwardSmithS53006/12/190871y71 Jersey Sty  Ire   St. Peter's 
RoseSmithS53003/10/191039y188 York Avey DomesticUS Unknown SilvermountPaid: Son Frank Smith (Rose Maria), grave 24 sect 12 C
Thomas H.SmithS53009/28/190843yCary Ave WBy LaborerUS Unknown St. Peter'sPaid by: John Smith, Cary Ave
AntonioStarikaS36211/17/190933yMacabbee Hally PainterAustria Joseph Starik/AustriaHellen Cunrico/AustriaSilvermountDied in St. Peter's Cem by pistol shot.
Edward StewartS36307/17/19111m,10d102 Caroline Sty  S.I. Henry/USDelia McD/IreSt. Peter'sborn: 6.8.1911
EdwardSulkovskiS42110/15/190911m10d5 York Ave NBy  US Paul/Russia/PolandTsotila Mucha?/Russia/PoSt. Mary'sSt. Mary's PR, grave B section 16
DanielSullivanS41509/27/191035y138 Crason Ave NBy EngineerIre   St. Peter'sKilled at Hobart Ave, Bayonne NJ
James J.SullivanS41510/21/1908 35 Morningstar Rdy IronworkUS Tim/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sChurch: St. Mary's - died at 4th Ave 17th St NYC
PatrickSullivanS41506/29/191029y63 Fairmount Avey  US Patrick/IreAnne McDonnell/IreSt. Peter'sDied in field at Warren St. WB, paid by: James Sullivan & Mrs. Meale
MarySummersS56205/17/191047yWard Island   US James McGuire/IreMary Larker/IreSt. Peter's 
AnnieSussnerS25612/18/191058yJohn St. y noneEngland Charles/EngAmelia Meredith/EngNew York BayDied at: 1464 Richmond Terrace
NoraSwansonS52512/14/191132y59 Burgher Avey HousewifeIre William Spillain/IreMary Kellher/IreSt. Peter's 
StillbirthSwansonS52501/16/1911 59 Burgher Avey    GusMoraSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JohnTanseyT52005/27/191173y Farm Colony NYCy GardenerIre Unknown St. Peter's 
WalterTaylorT46010/19/191144y170 Myrtle Avey EngineerUS John/USPhoebi DepeeMoravianSmith Infirmary
MaryTerasovitchT62102/10/19113m39 York Avey  S.I. CharelsAnna CovginSt. Mary's 
VincentTexrieira?T26606/12/190824ySteamer Goyas  FiremanBrazil Unknown SilvermountDied at Shooters Island. Paid by: Capt. Wm H. Meissner
William ThompsonT51212/13/190928y228 Van Pelt Avey LaborerUS James/USMary Housman/USSt. Peter'sDied at St. Vincent's.
ThomasTormeyT65005/20/191090y344 Jersey St.y noneIre Thomas/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by Mrs. Mitchell 344 Jersey St.
JohnTracyT62011/22/19081y,5mBdwyy  US Wm/USBridget Connolly/USSt. Peter's 



First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JosephVellatuttiV43308/21/191123y78 Van Duzer Sty LaborerItaly Antonius/ItalyEllen/ItalySilvermountDied: Car barn Holland Hook
GermanioVillaniV45002/08/191018y14 Bennett St PRy LaborerItaly Augustine/ItalyCarolineSt. Mary'sgrave 1481, #1
Francis VinciV52010/22/191121day1563 Rich. Terry  S.I. Agastin/ItalyMary Currery/ItalySt. Mary'sElm Park
PasquatunoVitilloV34012/17/19094m,19d273 York Avey  US Otto/ItalyLucia Sciarrillo/ItalySt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Johannas J.WaldickW43208/02/190950y3m80 York Sty CaptainUS   SilvermountDeath: St. George on ship Mary Hughes,Paid by Mrs. Waldick
AndrewWalshW42005/07/191131y,7m318 Ave C. Bayonne yMachineUS Michael/IreMary E. Reilly/USSt. Peter'sKilled Kill Van Kull. Grave 4, section 22, range 37. Born 9/24/1879
NellieWarrenW65001/23/191238ySmith Infirmary  none    Amityville NYShipped to: Amityville NY
CatherineWattersW36212/14/190845yNewark Avey HousewifeIrePeterJoseph Kelley/IreBridget Fleming?/IreSt. Peter'sChurch: St. Mary's
HerbertWestcottW23210/12/19114m1472 Rich. Terry  S.I. Herbert/EngMary Harrington/USCalvary 
ThomasWhalenW45012/31/190845y75 York avey      St. Peter'sGoods ordered by: Maggie Grace
MaryWhiteW30008/12/190843y2 Tysen St.y Hotel KeeperIre Thomas James/IreCatherine Mahoney/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Richard James & Marg. Taylor
JohnWholihanW45003/16/190948y45 4th St NBy LaborerIre Patrick/Ire St. Peter's 
H.J.WilliamsW45206/25/191153y232 36th St NY  Carpenter  EdwardAnne Smith Jumped off boat at St. George. Brotherhood of Carpenters to pay
HellenWilloeW40006/19/19114y,6m336 Jersey Sty  S.I. John/USCatherine McMurray/USSt. Peter'sborn: 12.12.1907
AnnaWilsonW42508/10/19111y,8m,11d123 Richmond WBy  S.I. Robert/USAnna McAravey/USSt. Peter'sborn: 1.1.1910




First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
ZygmundZiaruezkiZ62004/23/19112m,20d74 Jersey Sty  S.I. Frank/PoleVickter Papiolik/PoleSt. Mary'sSt. Mary's Elm Park. Born: 2/3/1911

First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
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