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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
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Staten Island, NY 10310
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1911 - 1914

This book was transcribed by Carlynn Chironna. Thank you, Carlynn!


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
FrederikoAlbesatiA41209/21/1911122 W 21st St. yLouis/ItalyJosephine Conconi/ItalyNY BayAged 3m, Born US
JosieAllizate(?)A42309/29/1913128 W 20th St. yLouis/ItalyJosephina Conconi/ItalyHCCCAged 7m,9d, Born US
GuiseppeAmaricoA56205/22/1911533 Ave. C yToney/ItalyTeresa/ItalyHCCCAged 8y, Born US
JosephAmericoA56202/17/1914428 Ave. C yLeonrio(?))/ItalyTeresa Jesmonia/ItalyHCCCAged 2y, Born US
HaroldAndersonA53607/07/1913W 29 thSt. yMathew/USEllen Doolan(?)/USHCCCAged 5m, Buried in Block K, Sec. 12, No. 91-92
LucyAndersonA53612/22/191339 E 14th St. yunknown/USunknown/USNY BayAged 56y, Born US, Wife of Isaac Anderson
MatthewAndersonA53603/18/191273 W 29th St. yMatthew/USHellen Trolan/USHCCCAged 12d
TheresaAndersonA53611/01/1911145 Van Duzer St.y unknownunknownSt. Mary'sAged 56y,10m, Born Ire, Widow
MildredAylwardA46306/15/1912179 Hobart Ave.  James/IreMary Magner/IreHudson CCCAged 74y, Born US, Single, Buried in Block K, Sec. Hb, No. 811


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JuliaBaileyB40008/12/1913119 W 51st St. yWilliam Kernan/USSarah Maher/USHCCCAged 22y, Born US, Married, Place of death: North Hudson Hospital
BridgetBannonB55006/17/1912259 Bdwy  James/IreMary Kelly/IreHCCCAged 64y, Born Ire, Widow
PatrickBannonB55011/24/1911259 Bdwy  John/IreEllen O'Grady/IreCalvaryAged 38y
AnnBarrettB63011/24/191129 E 15th St. yJohn Gallagher/IreBridget Mullen/IreHCCCAged 68y, Born Ire, Widow, Occupation storekeeper
EllenBarrettB63011/15/191212 W 11th St. yMichael/IreJulia Sullivan/IreHCCCAged 2y,8m, Born US
RoseBarrettB63002/16/191322 W 16th St. yJohn/IreBridget Gallagher/IreHCCCAged 2y,3m, Born US
stillbornBaumlerB54612/11/1911186 Orient St.  Albert/USHellen Finley/USunknown 
stillbornBaurB60007/24/1911125 W 26th St. yChasAnnieNY Bay 
FrankBeecherB26009/22/1913286 Ave. C yunknownunknownHCCCAged 43y, Born US, Married, Occupation saloon keeper
RomanoBeniaminoB55512/30/191135 W 23rd St. yRomani/ItalyVincenza Caputo/ItalyunknownAged 2y,11m, Born US
JamesBerryB60011/18/191296 W 21st St. yJames/IreAnn Murphy/IreHCCCAged 48y, Born Ire, Married, Buried in Block E, Letter J, No. 124, Note: Mrs. Rose Berry
ThomasBerryB60011/27/191131 6th Ave., NBy Thomas/IreAnnie Hayes/IreSt. Peter'sAged 3m, Born US
Dorothea E.BestB23012/20/191245 W 1st St. yGeo E/USBertha A Meister/USFairmountAged 2y,1m, Born US
HenryBirchB62007/26/1911unknown  unknownunknownNY BayAged 50y, Cause of death: Alcoholic cerebral edema, Deed name City of Bayonne Fire Dept. Relief Fund
Aurelia E.BixlerB24608/12/1911653 Ave. D yunknownunknownNY BayAged 60y, Born Germany, Married
HenryBlairB46003/12/191451 Cottage St.  Lawrence/Germanyunknown/GermanyHCCCAged 50y,11m, Born US, Married, Occupation barber, Mrs. Mary Blair responsible
GladysBodsonB32508/13/191265 W 16th St. yHarry/USLoretta Sweeney/USHCCCAged 4y,5m,16d, Born US
Timothy D.BohanB50012/28/1911688 Henderson Ave.y Timothy/USBridget Sweeney/USSt. Peter'sAged 5y,4m, Born US
Delah N.BolanB45002/24/191429 W 11st St. yJohn/USLucey Whitney/USMt. Hope, Athens, NYAged 61y,4m, Born US, Married, Occupation captain solo boats
ElizabethBonneyB50011/25/191123 E 14th St. yJohn Crue(?)/EnglandSarah Ann Ould/EnglandNY BayAged 49y, Wife of Calvin W. Bonney, Buried in Row 5, Sec. N North
EllenBonneyB50011/20/191123 E 14th St. yJohn Crue(?)/EnglandSarah Ann Ould/EnglandNY BayLeg, Aged 49y, Wife of Calvin W. Bonney, Note: died 11/25/1911, separate entry for that date
John H.BorrmannB65509/29/1912372A Bdwy  Albert/GermanyunknownBay ViewAged 56y, Born Germany, Married, Occupation carpenter
FrancisBorusB62002/18/191265 W 13th St. yFrancis/USMary QuinnHCCCAged 1y,16d, Born US
Celest L.BowlingB45210/22/191245 E 38th St. yDaniel Howell/USAngelco Peco/UsGreenwoodAged 62y, Born US, Married, John Bowling responsible, E 38th St. (refused to pay more than 100.00)
AnnieBoyleB40009/13/19124 Neuby Place  Michael/IreBridget Devine/IreHCCCAged 3m, Born US
Annie L.BoyleB40003/03/191219 W 16th St. yPatrick/IreCecilia/IreHCCCAged 9y,10m, Born US
Bridget MargueriteBoyleB40002/07/1912390 Bdwy  Michael/IreAnnie Sharkey/IreHCCCAged unknown
CharlesBoyleB40011/17/1911135 Ave. E yPatrick/IreRose WardHCCCAged 31y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Buried in No. 133, Block E, Letter C, Deed to Mrs. Bridget Boyle
Constantine B.BoyleB40011/09/191113 Agnes St.  MichaelAnnie SharkeyHCCCAged 22d, Born US, Buried in Block A, Letter N, No. 100 in Jno T. Dempsey grave
MaryBoyleB40005/01/1911unknown  Charles Green/IreMary Boyle/IreHCCCAged 4d, Note: Mrs. Sophia Boyle, 401 Bdwy
MorahBoyleB40009/16/191210 W 14th St. yHugh/IreRose O'Donnell/IreHCCCAged 10m, Born US
Owen F.BoyleB40011/04/191117 W 16th St. yMichael/IreBridget McBrideHCCCAged 15y,9m, Born US
stillbornBoyleB40009/16/191331 Andrew St.  John/USMary/USHCCC 
stillbornBoyleB40012/13/191387 Andrew St.  RodgerMaryHCCC 
Sylvester B.BradyB63004/08/1912403 Boulevard yJames/IreRose GallagherHCCCAged 27y, Born US, Married, Occupation clerk, Billed James Brady, Brady Bros. Co.
CatherineBrennanB65503/04/1914375 Boulevard yunknownunknownHCCCAged 70y, Born Ire, Married
JamesBrennanB65507/01/1911292 Ave. C yPatrick/IreunknownHCCCAged 4y,6m, Born US
ThomasBrennanB65503/04/191348 Evergreen St.  Patrick/IreCatherine Kiney/IreHCCCAged 32y, Single
Alexander A.BrownB65009/09/1912520 Boulevard yChas/USSusan Wallace/USBay ViewAged 34y,10m,29d, Married, Occupation longshoreman, Buried in Lot 52, Row 58, Cedar Lawn Sec., Ordered by Mrs. Florence Brown, widow
GraceBrownB65002/10/1913518 Boulevard yArthur/USFlorence Williams/USNY BayAged 4y, Born US, Buried in No. 15, Row N2, Sec. O North
RachelBrownB65001/29/191213 Cottage  unknownunknownBay ViewAged 73y,10m, Born Germany, Mother of EG Brown
Ruth C.BrownB65009/15/191287 W 20th St. yJoseph/USGrace Boves/USHCCCAged 1y,9m, Born US, Buried in Sec. Poor Grounds
AnnieBuhrfeindB61507/13/191325 W 29th St. yJohn McManus/IreAnn Dolan/IreNY BayAged 62y, Widow, Mrs. Anna Maria Buhrfeind responsible
Charles RaymondBullB40009/07/1912901 Bdwy  Richard/USRose Gilday/USHCCCAged 1y,1m,14d, Born US, Buried in Block E, Letter H, No. 75
Patrick A.BunnellB54010/21/191119 George  John/IreMary MulverhillHCCCAged 23y, Born US, Single, Occupation electrician
Lydia H.BurnettB65310/15/191296 W 8th St. yGeo Hollins/EnglandLydia C Campbell/EnglandNJ CrematoryAged 56y, Born England, Widow
AliceBurnsB65211/08/191152 Bdwy, WBy Thos McCormack/IreCath Mooney/IreSt. Peter'sAged 40y, Born US, Married, James McCormack of Carey responsible
JosephBurnsB65211/24/191111 W 13th St. yPatrick/IreNora Hanley/IreHCCCAged 2m,16d
Margaret ElenorBushnellB25409/27/191211 E 5th St. yMilo/USSadie Taylor/USFairviewAged 1h


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Michael F.CadyC30002/24/1913318 Ave. C yThomas/IreMary Walsh/IreHudson CCCAged 39y, Born US, Single, Occupation laborer
JosephCahillC40010/16/1913453 Bdwy  Dennis/IreElizabeth Herbert/IreHCCCAged 56y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block N, Letter P, No. 19, Note: Miss Cahill, 215 Clark Place, Elizabethport
CorniliousCampbellC51411/11/1911339 Ave. E yPatMary McFaddenunknownAged 29y
JosephCannonC55004/28/1911Snake Hill  unknownunknownHCCCAged 73y, Born Ire, Buried in No. 76, Block K, Letter Dd, Note: Mrs. Mary Hackett, 40 E 49th St., Bayonne
LauraCantonC53501/25/191218A W 40th St. yAndrew Lyle/USRose Boyle/USHudson CCCAged 46y, Born US, Married
FannieCapassoC12007/04/191163 W 24th St. yPhilip/ItalyAnna DeLuca/ItalyHCCCAged 2m, Born US
SalvatoreCaputoC13001/20/191381 W 19th St. yAlexander/ItalyCarmilliaSt. Peter'sAged 55y, Born Italy, Married, Occupation laborer
AnnaCareyC60011/12/1912445 Bdwy  Michael Carey/USMollie Schully/USHCCCAged 4m,13d, Born US
Loretto V.CarlinC64503/20/191381 W 16th St. yJohn/USAnna Long/USHCCCAged 3y,6m,18d, Born US, Buried in Block E, Letter L, No. 39
Anna B.CarneC65012/04/191193 Lexington Ave.  Edward/EnglandMary Hall/USunknownAged 5y,2m, Born US
Lucien F.CarnerC65608/23/1913119 Newman Ave.  unknown/USMary T/USPerth AmboyAged 27y,7m, Born US, Single, Occupation produce dealer
CoraCarpenterC61505/15/1913514 Boulevard yWilliam/USVera Phillip/USNY BayAged 22y,11m,15d, Married
Margaret A.CarraganC62508/24/191360 E 5th St. yThomas/IreMargaret Moore/IreHCCCAged 21y, Born US, Single
BridgetCarrollC64001/19/1914121 W 26th St. yunknown/Ireunknown/IreSt. Joseph's, Carbon Co. PAAged 74y, Widow
JosephCaseyC20002/21/191214 E 25th St. yPatrick/IreMary Gavegan/IreHCCCAged 44y, Married
Mary A.CaseyC20002/23/191319 W 24th St. yJohn/USMary Hayden/USHCCCAged 19y, Born US, Single
CatherineCassidyC23002/24/191268 W 21st St. yJames McNallyBridgetHCCCAged 32y, Married, Buried in Block E, Letter E, No. 112, Name Cornelious Cassidy, Deed to Mrs. Anna E Carroll
CorneliusCassidyC23004/05/191368 W 21st St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 35y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation laborer
ThomasCassidyC23007/06/191220 W 28th St. yJames/IreMargaret Somers/IreHCCCAged 52y,10m,18d, Born England, Married, Occupation oil treater
Thomas F.CassidyC23011/06/1912495 Ave. C yMartin/IreMargaret Rodgers/IreHCCCAged 40y, Born US, Single, Occupation janitor
Martin E.CavanaghC15210/14/191222 W 35th St. yJamesRoseHCCCAged 42y, Born US, Married, Occupation policeman, Buried in Block E, Letter J, No. 64, Deed to Mrs. Helen Cavanagh
CharlesChapmanC15502/28/191412 E 46th St. yCharles B/USMary Finegan/USHCCCAged 21y,9m,26d, Born US, Single, Occupation carpenter
JosephCircoC62009/30/191284 W 21st St. yPaul/ItalyMary Maslome/ItalyHCCCAged 11m, Buried in Davie McDavitt grave
HellenClarkC46203/04/191420 Silver yJohn/USMargaret Mackessy/USHCCCAged 7y, Born US
MarieClarkC46211/05/191314th St. & Ave. E yWilliam B/USMary McDermott/USHCCCAged 10y,1m, Born US
MikeClarkC46205/02/191339 W 11th St. yJoseph/USAlice Holiz(?)/USHCCCAged 1y,10m, Born US
NoraClarkC46204/17/191328 Evergreen St.  Francis Burke/IreMargaret Shaughnessy/IreHCCCAged 59y, Born Ire, Wife of Phil Clark
ThomasClarkC46212/30/191253 Linnett St. yunknown/Ireunknown/IreHCCCAged 58y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation laborer, Note: John Clark, 53 Linnett St.
AliceClarkeC46208/02/1911288 Ave. C yJoseph M/USAlice HonsunknownAged 2y,6m
stillbornCoffeyC10007/16/191299 W 15th St. yJames/USMargaret Kunzman/USNY Bay 
James J.CoganC25005/11/191298 Ave. C yPeter/IreBridget BradyHudson CCCAged 58y, Born US, Married, Occupation contractor, Advertised in NY Herald, Journal, Bill rendered to Mrs. Mary Cogan
EllenCollinsC45201/03/19127 Bay View Court yJohn Herlihey/IreJohanah Mahoney/IreHCCCAged 52y, Born Ire, Married, Buried in Lot A, No. 855
JermiahCollinsC45204/06/19137 Bay View Court  Cornelius/IreEllen Cady/IreHCCCAged 48y, Born Ire, Widower, Place of death: Hudson Co. Insane, Note: Josephine Dilks, 7 Bay View Court
MargaretCollinsC45201/04/1914187 Boulevard yTimothy Coughlin/IreEllen Howard/IreHCCCAged 57y, Born Ire, Widow
JamesConlinC54502/24/1914243 Ave. E yunknownunknownHCCCAged 68y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Hudson Co. Alms House
Catherine F.ConnersC56205/21/19129 E 5th St. yWilliam Feehan/IreBridget Hogan/IreHCCCAged 40y, Born US, Married
FrankConnollyC54010/29/1911102 Evergreen  John/IreBridget Boyle/IreHCCCAged 36y, Born US
John D.ConnorsC56211/10/19129 Andrew St.  JohnLucey MontgomeryHCCCAged 50y, Born US, Married, Occupation laborer
WilliamCookC20007/11/1912309 Bdwy  William/IreAnnie Kane/IreHCCCAged 56y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation messenger
JohnCoonanC55012/14/1912468 Boulevard yPatrick/IreMargaret Duffy/IreHCCCAged 68y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation peddlar, Note: Mrs. Mary Coonan, 1830 N. 11th St., Phila., PA
MaryCooneyC50012/05/191164 W 15thSt. yDennis O'Leary/IreunknownSt. Peter'sAged 63y, Born Ire
MaryCooneyC50001/22/191283 W 14th St. yJas J/USMary Walsh/USSt. Peter'sAged 22y,3m, Born US, Single, Ordered by Miss Cath Cooney
William A.CooneyC50007/25/191335 W 52nd St. yJames/IreRosamond Larkin/IreSt. Peter'sAged 28y, Born US, Single, Occupation machinist, Place of death: Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital
Nellie M.CorcoranC62612/29/191163 Barker St.y John/IreEllen Keating/IreSt. Peter'sAged 25y, Born US, Single
Daniel J.CorkeryC62606/16/1911259 Bdwy  unknownunknownHCCCAged 66y, Note: Buried in Grave 27. Mike, Mary and Edward. Buried In Grave 28. Daniel Jr., Daniel Sr.
MaryCoyneC50002/20/191229 Silver  Michael Scully/IreAnn Tierney/IreHCCCAged 70y, Born Ire, Widow
FlorenceCraigC62011/15/191132 Union St., WBy Samuel/USChristina Lack/USMoravianAged 5m,15d, Born US
HughCraneC65005/30/191141st St., NBy JohnMargaret CrightonSt. Peter'sAged 2m,4d
RobertCroghanC62503/31/191310 George St.  Walter/IreBridget Armstrong/IreHCCCAged 57y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation driver, Buried in Block E, Letter L, No. 20
JosephCrottyC63011/13/1911510 Boulevard yWilliam/GermanyFrancis Yrok(?)/GermnayHCCCAged 4h
JamesCunninghamC55211/27/1911291 Bdwy  unknownunknownHCCCAged 52y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Widower, Note: Wm Gray c/o Gulf Refining Co., City, Deed name E. Gray
BridgetCushingC25210/11/191116 W 13th St. yThomas Doherty/IreMary Howery/IreHCCCAged 40y, Born Ire, Widow
MaryCushingC25202/14/1914611 Bdwy  Thomas/USBridget Dougherty/USHCCCAged 11y, Born US, Single, Buried in Block K, Sec. 4, Bill to Mrs. Shephard, 611 Bdwy
CatherineCushmyerC25608/06/1912109 Ave. C yMichael MelandoMary Pryor/USFairviewAged 52y,10m, Born US, Married


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
BridgetDaleyD40003/15/1913Bdwy  James Coyle/IreRose Kere/IreHCCCAged 45y, Born Ire, Wife of James Daley
Margaret M.DaltonD43502/26/191368 W 19th St. yWalter Mitty/IreMargaret Coughlin/IreHCCCAged 35y, Born Ire, Married, Edward Dalton responsible, 34 W 20th St.
MichaelDamatoD53002/21/191217 W 21st St. yJames/ItalyMary Pelgrino/ItalyHCCCAged 60y, Born Italy, Married, Occupation Sr garbage helper
DanielDaniel A.D54007/10/1912104 Linnett St. yJeremiah/IreMary Doulin/IreHCCCAged 28y, Born US, Married, Occupation laborer, Bill paid by Mary & Margaret McCarthy
VeronicaDardisD63203/05/191344 W 28th St. yThomas/IreRose McNally/IreHCCCAged 4y,10m, Born US
Charles M.DeanD50005/22/1911109 W 8th St. yAndrew Jackson/USMary Fox Kane/USunknownAged unknown, Born US, Occupation manager, Advertised in JC Journal
JamesDeeringD65203/05/19124th St., NBy EdwardRoseSt. Peter'sAged 64y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Note: Wm Grey to pay 1/2, Mary Deering Carroll to pay 1/2
Jno T.DempseyD51202/04/1912266 Boulevard yunknownunknownunknownAged unknown, Mass at St. Mary's
JohnDevaneyD15010/01/1912unknown  unknown/Ireunknown/IreHCCCAged 74y, Born Ire, Place of death: Hudson Co. Alms House, Hugh Dugan responsible, 18th & Ave. C
Edward V.DevineD15008/08/1911Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital  unknownunknownHCCCAged 60y, Cause of death: Pulmonary tuberculosis
Della C.DevlinD14509/13/191136 W 32nd St. yWilliam J/IreElizabethHCCCAged 28y, Born US, Single
ElizabethDevlinD14506/11/191136 W 32nd St. yJohn McDonald/IreMary McGee/IreHCCCAged 57y, Born Ire, Wife of Wm J Devlin
WilliamDevlinD14509/24/1911389 Jewett Ave., WBy Peter/IreCaahterineCalvaryAged 40y, Born US, Widower, Occupation Chief NY Fire Dept., Place of death: St. Vincent Hospital NY City
JohnDilkoD42004/03/1912unknown  Jamesunknownunknown removalCharges: Opening graves, 2 removal permits, 2 new pine boxes; Bill rendered to Jas DIlko
JosephineDilkoD42004/03/1912unknown  Jamesunknownunknown removalCharges: Opening graves, 2 removal permits, 2 new pine boxes; Bill rendered to Jas DIlko
JuliaDixonD25002/22/191493 W 18th St. yThomas Braxton/USAnnie Curtis/USNY BayAged 65y,5m, Born US, Widow, Note: Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Wilson, 93 W 18th St.
Robert G.DobbsD12005/14/1911Secaucus  unknownunknownunknownAged 84y, Born US, Occupation dry goods clerk
Richard F.DonnellD54002/26/191318 W 38th St. yAndrew/USLouise Annett(?)/USHudson CCCAged 28y,2m,25d, Single, Place of death: New Paltz
BessieDonnellyD54010/19/1913unknown  Geo B Whiting/USEliza Ann Jones/USMoravianAged 37y, Born US, Place of death Gouvenier Hospital, NY City, Note: Edw Whiting
FrancisDonnellyD54006/10/1912252 Prospect Ave.  JasMary FordHCCCAged 10d, Born US
Mary H.DonnellyD54006/04/1912252 Prospect Ave.  Francis Ford/IreBridget Sheridan/IreHCCCAged 37y, Born Ire, Married, Buried in Block F, Sec. 57, No. 2, Deed name James Donnelly
MichaelDonnellyD54012/09/1911unknown  unknownunknownHCCCAged 64y, Husband of Hannah McCarthy, Occupation boatman, Place of death: Belview Hospital NY, Buried in Block E, Letter D, No. 56, Helen D. McCarthy, 19 W 12th St., died 12/1/1918 buried in same grave
John H.DonohoeD50003/04/1914Dodge St.  John/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 55y, Born US, Date of birth 1/8/1859, Married
CatherineDonovanD51503/04/191372 W 14th St. yDennis Driscoll/IreMary Gallagher/IreSt. Peter'sAged 58y, Date of birth 6/1/1854
DanielDonovanD51508/21/191238 E 31st St. yWilliam/IreAnn Daley/IreHCCCAged 39y, Born Ire, Occupation painter
Eleanor F.DonovanD51501/12/1912410 Bdwy, WBy John Sheehan/IreMargaret Regan/IreSt. Peter'sAged 32y, Born US, Married
Humphrey J.DonovanD51510/09/1911161 Burgher Ave.y Patrick/IreCatherine HoganSt. Peter'sAged 46y,11m, Born US, Occupation contractor, Single
LouiseDonovanD51511/15/1913154 Hobart Ave.  unknownunknownHCCCAged 43y, Wife of James Donovan
MargaretDonovanD51509/21/1911Brighton Ave. & 11th St., NBy Daniel/IreMargaretSt. Peter'sAged 3y,15d, Born US
Patrick J.DonovanD51511/20/1911Bank St,. NBy PatrickunknownSt. Peter'sAged 61y, Born Ire, Occupation boatman, Widower
stillbornDonovanD51512/28/191341 W 12th St. yMichael/USCatherine Dugan/USHCCCFather aged 30y, mother aged 26y
BridgetDoughertyD26303/26/1912397 Richmond Ave., Port Richmondy John Grady/IreAnnie Longworth/IreSt. Peter'sAged 72y, Born Ire, Widow of Charles Dougherty, Charge Mrs. T Quinlan
AnnDriscollD62411/09/1911189 Market St.y JeremiahMary ReganSt. Peter'sAged 77y, Born Ire, Widow, Mrs. Henry Williams, 1st St., NB responsible
DanielDriscollD62401/22/191469 W 17th St. yJames/USMary Finnerty/USHCCCAged 6m, Born US
BalbinaDriveskyD61208/04/191114 W 12st St. yJohn/GermanyunknownHCCCAged 40y, Born Germany
AnnaDuffyD10002/18/1912336 Columbia  William/USMauna MurphySt. Peter'sAged 1y,25d, Born US
HowardDuffyD10012/16/1911190 Bdwy  unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 25y, Born US, Occupation laborer
MaryDuganD25011/03/191262 W 6th St. yJohn/USJennie Fitzpatrick/USHCCCAged 2m,17d, Born US, Single, Buried in Block E, Letter J, No. 27, Deed name John Dugan
ElizabethDunnD50006/19/1911586 Ave. C yPatrick Connolly/IreCathrine Doure/West IndiesHoly Sepulchre, PatersonAged 48y
RichardDurningD65504/11/1911Hudson Co. Alms House  Timothy/IreMary PriceHudson CCCAged 84y, Born Ire, Goods ordered by Tim & Hugh McGeehan, 24th & Ave. R
JohannaDwyerD60008/28/1913529 Boulevard yGeo/USMary Dougherty/IreHCCCAged 7m, Born US, Date of brrth 2/6/1913, Buried in Block U, Letter J
PatrickDwyerD60008/19/1911458 Bdwy  Geo/USMary Dougherty/IreHCCCAged 9m


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
FloraEskerE26012/14/191148 Granit Ave., Elm Parky John Edward/GermanyFlora EdwardLakeAged 61y, Born Germany
GennaroEspositoE21208/03/191178 W 21st St. yJosephRoseHCCCAged 2m,15d, Born US
RoseEspositoE21203/13/191285 W 22nd St. yJoseph Cervono/IralyMary Doscolo/ItalyHCCCAged 42y, Born Italy, Married, Buried in Block K, Letter Kc, No. 1, Deed name Jos & Rose Esposito


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
BernardFaganF25003/22/191328 Cottage  William/USMary/USNY BayAged 65y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation driver, Buried in No. 50, Row 59, Note: Frank McNally, 27 E 8th St.
ElizabethFarberF61610/07/191216 Dodge St.  John Schultz/GermanyAnna Hosbach/GermanyMoravianAged 70y, Born Germany, Widower
EdwardFarrellF64004/29/1913124 W 15th St. yPatrick/IreMary Truden(?)/USHudson CCCAged 6m, Born US
Elsia M.FarrellF64001/27/1914E 31st St. yGeo DeSIlva/IreMary Cox/IreHCCCAged 36y,9m, Born US, Married, Note: Owen V Farrell deposit
John G.FarrellF64012/21/1911376 Cary Ave., WBy John/USAnnie/IreSt. Peter'sAged 37y, Born US
LillieFayF00012/27/1911St. Marks Placey unknownunknownCalvaryAged 35y, Born Ire
Angelo C.FeliceF42001/29/1912unknown yFrank/ItalyCelia McCafferty/IreunknownAged 31y, Born US, Occupation laborer, Buried from DeLong, 133 W 27th St.
MarieFendrichF53609/07/191147 W 8th St. yJacbor WeissunknownNY BayAged 31y, Born Germany, Married
Lucy C.FiferF16012/16/1911186 Prospect Ave.  Peter J/GermanyMargaret McGuiness/IreHCCCAged 23y,7m,5d
AntonFilomenoF45511/29/1911300 York Ave., NBy Anton/ItalyCatherine Mucci/ItalyCalvaryAged 61y, Born Italy, Married, Occupation laborer
Annie A.FinleyF54006/06/1911186 Orient  John Murray/IreMary MurrayHCCCAged 38y, Born Ire
MaryFinnertyF56311/02/191210 Sisson Court yFrancis/IreMargaret Flanagan/IreHCCCAged 55y, Born Ire, Single, Deed name Michael Finnerty, 10 Sisson Court
Mary EllenFinnertyF56311/04/191115 W 8th St. yJames/IreAnnie ReillyHCCCAged 7y,7m
PatrickFinnertyF56307/15/191269 W 17th St. yEugene/IreJulia Dalton/IreHCCCAged 61y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block K, Sec. 11, No. 47-48, Note: Mrs. Maria Finnerty
ConradFisherF26003/03/19124 Sisson Court yunknown/GermanyunknownNY BayAged 95y,10m, Born Germany, Widower, Occupation cabinetmaker
PatrickFitzgeraldF32601/23/191242 John St., WBy John/IreHanorah/IreSt. Peter'sAged 77y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer
JohnFlanaganF45202/04/1914unknown  Thomas/IreCatherine Boyle/IreHCCCAged 66y, Born Ire, Place of death: Laurel Dr., Linden, NJ, Buried from Mrs. Frank McInerney, 32 W 19th St., Buried in Block E, Letter Aa, No. 125
JelenFletcherF43204/23/1913293 Bdwy  Harry/IreCatherine Quinlan/IreHCCCAged 1y,7m,20d, Born US
JamesFoleyF40001/01/1913Ave. C yMichael/IreMargaret O'Connor/IreNY BayAged 21y, Born US, Single, Occupation laborer
Clement L.FooteF30011/15/1912201 Bdwy  Grendison/USMercy Porter/USMain St.Aged 54y, Born US
JosephForestF62304/19/1913100 W 30th St. yJoseph/USAnna Fitzpatrick/USNY BayAged 3d
unknownFoundling #3069F53412/16/1911unknown  unknownunknownNY BayAged 1m, Unknown male foundling #3069, Place of death: Bayonne Hospital, Note: New Jersey State Board of Child Guardians
MargaretFoxF20006/17/1911142 W 31st St. yChristopherMary BradyHCCCAged 19y, Cause of death; Intra-abdominal hemorrhage
ToneyFrazzettaF62306/08/191125 Pine St., NBy Vato/ItalyNave Onastase/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 1y,2m,15d, Born US
JohnFromhouldF65408/13/191114 W 15th St. yTheodorElizabethHCCCAged 9d
stillbornFromhouldF65408/05/191114 W 15th St. yTheodorElizabethHCCC 


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MaryGallagherG42608/07/1913109 Ave. E yOwen Dugan/IreunknownSummit Hill, PAAged 51y, Born Ire
ThomasGallagherG42604/14/1911176 John St., Elm Parky unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 63y, Born Ire
PatrickGalvinG41507/25/191181 W 13th St. yJohn/IreHannahHCCCAged 43y, Born US, Occupation: Master of C.R.R.
PatrickGambonG51511/25/191231 W 21st St. yMichael/IreBridget Drunning/IreHCCCAged 51y, Born Ire, Single, Occupation laborer, Place of death: City Hospital, Newark, John Griffin responsible, 31 W 21st St.
Arnold BrunoGamsonG52512/25/191239 W 22nd St. yEmil/RussiaLuba Rokeach/RussiaMt. Zion, LIAged 4y,1m,26d, Born US, Buried by the Jewish Society
FrankGannon Jr.G55208/28/1911Castleton, St. Georgey Frank/USFrancis Foley/USSt. Peter'sAged 1d
Jennie E.GardanG63503/14/191224 Water St., WBy John/USJennie E Faran/USSt. Peter'sAged 2y,9m,17d, Born US
WilliamGavenG15003/19/1913183 Newman Ave.  unknownunknownMt. OlivetAged 42y, Born US, Single, Occupation driver, Place/cause of death: Burnt at Striners , W 7th St.
stillbornGeeneyG50003/13/1913269 Bdwy  JnoRoseHCCC 
Mary J.GillinG45012/26/191162 Staple Ave., New Dorpy Alexander Camieian/CanadaCatherine Camieian/CanadaSt. Peter'sAged 50y, Born Canada, Married
CatherineGivensG15210/07/191136 W 35th St. yJames Devaney/IreCatherine Boyle/IreHCCCAged 75y, Born Ire, Widow
MaryGivensG15207/23/1911430 Ave. C yJohn Sharky/IreCathrine Ward/IreHCCCAged 50y, Born Ire
FrankGololskyG44212/01/191246 W 18th St. yWalter/PolandAnna Markle/PolandSt. Mary'sAged 10d, Born US
MaryGormanG65501/15/1914106 Humphry Ave.  Andrew Burke/IreMargaret Dwyer/IreHCCCAged 60y, Born Ire, Married
CatherineGottG30006/04/1913201 Bdwy  John Reiss/GremanyAmelia Rubbsom(?)/GermanyFairmount NewarkAged 39y,11m, Born US, Wife of James Gott, Buried in Row N3, Sec. O North, Grave 18
GraceGradyG63011/17/1912unknown  unknownMargaret Hogan/USNY BayAged 4m, Born US, Note: NJ State Board of Childrens Guardians
James A.GrantG65309/01/191343 E 1st St. yJohn/IreMary A Harrington/IreHCCCAged 69y, Born Ire, Buried in Block K, Sec. 2, No. 83, Sister Rosalie responsible, 43 E 1st St., house of blind
Johanna E.GrantG65303/01/191243 E 1st St. yJames Murphy/IreBridget Nash/IreHCCCAged 72y, Born Ire, Married, Sister Rosalie of the home of the blind responsible
stillbornGrecoG62010/01/1911660 Boulevard yVito/ItalyValica/IralyNY Bay 
CatherineGregoryG62609/10/1911178 Burgher Ave.y John Clark/IreJane ClarkFountainAged 43y, Wife of Joseph Gregory, Place of death: Wards Island
Lucy C.GregoryG62607/05/191169 W 18th St. yWilliam Wyette/USLouisa/USNY BayAged 42y, Born US
FredrickGriessG62011/14/1912331 E 52nd St., Flatbush  unknownunknownBay ViewAged 67y, Born Germany, Widower, Occupation laborer, Buried in No. 55, Row 56, Cedar Lawn, Deed name Michael Freyder, Note: 1st St. & Bdwy, Kill Van Kull (Possible place of death?)
John T.GriffinG61512/17/19131305 Silver St., Philadelphia, PA  Michael/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 38y, Single, Place of death: Samaritan Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, Advertised in JC Journal
AlbertGrilloG64006/09/1913341 Bdwy  Pasquald/ItalyRose FageoHCCCAged 3y,5m, Born US
AlfonsoGrilloG64002/27/1912341 Bdwy  Pasqualo/ItalyRose Fego/ItalyNY BayAged 10m, Born US
CatherineGuareG60008/10/191227 E 16th St. yunknown/IreunknownHCCCAged 38y, Born Ire, Widow, Buried in Block G, Sec. 10, No. 49-50, Deed to Mrs. Dorothy Guare, 14A Corbin Ave., JC Heights
Louise T.GunterG53605/07/1913162 W 5th St. yAlfred/GermanyAlizabeth Lau/USEvergreen, BrooklynAged 6y,7m, Buried in Bethany Lot 514, grave next to Emma Lau


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Isaac J.HalbertH41612/06/1911600 Prospect St.  Isaac/IreSusan/CanadaSt. Mary's Perth AmboyAged 60y
MaryHaleyH40009/10/1911NY County Farm  unknownunknownunknownAged unknown
John F.HallH40002/21/1912105 Burgher Ave.y Michael/USSarah/USSt. Peter'sAged 28y, Single
FlorenceHanlonH54510/17/191383 W 17th St. yPatrick/USMary Brosnan/USHCCCAged 3y,11m,8d, Born US, Buried in Block T, Letter O, No. 97
VincientHannaH50004/29/1913unknown  Robert/USMary/USNY BayAged 8m, Place of death: Bayonne Hospital, Charge toNJ State Board of Childrens Guardians
Mary HarriganH62506/29/1911553A Boulevard yunknownunknownHCCCAged 68y, Deed name Mary Dunn
PatrickHarriganH62501/22/191419 E 3rd St. yunknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 68y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation gardener
PatrickHartH63011/18/1911310 Grand St.  unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 77y, Born Ire, Widower
WilliamHartnettH63507/04/191280 W 9th St. yJames/USHellen Moore/USNY BayAged 1d
MarreHashtaniH23506/07/1911116 Montgomery Ave., Tompkinsvilley unknownunknownSilver MountAged 35y, Born Japan
JacobHassmillerH25411/02/191329 W 24th St. yLawrence/GermanyMargaret BenkertHCCCAged 69y, Born US, Widower, Occupation mason
Willie C.HauserH26012/07/1911514 Boulevard yWilliam/USCyla Williams/USNY BayAged 11y, Born US, Place of death: Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital
DanielHawkinsH25201/20/1914531 Ave. C yDaniel/IreElizabeth Harlin/IreSt. Raymond'sAged 62y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation blacksmith, Note: Miss IT Hawkins, 550 W 174th St.
Mary CatherineHayesH20001/11/1914323 Bdwy  WilliamCatherine NugentHCCCAged 21d, Born US
CharlotteHeacockH22002/14/191443 W 28th St. ySylvester/USCharlotte/USHCCCAged 1y,7m, Born US
GeorgeHennessyH52011/02/1911429 Henderson, JC  Daniel/USBridget Sweeney/IreHCCCAged 7y,11m, Born US
HenryHerschenroderH62510/04/1912272 E 22nd St. yJohann/GermanyunknownSt. John Evangelist Lutheran, SIAged 74y, Born Germany, Widower
LawrenceHigginsH25207/26/1911175 W 34th St. yWilliam/USHellen O'ConnorHCCCAged 1y,1m,26d
DoraHilkeH42003/15/191225 W 8th St. yunknownunknownLutheranAged 71y,2m, Born Germany, Widow
stillbornHillH40001/30/1914464 Boulevard yChris/USBessie Rothstein/USHCCC 
ThomasHitchellH32402/13/191467 Evergreen  Thomas/IreunknownHCCCAged 59y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation foreman
MarthaHodgeH32001/19/191285 Andrew  unknownunknownNY BayAged 48y,5d, Born US
PaulHoferH16007/29/1912107 Hobart Ave.  Isadore/SwitzerlandAnna Kaufman/SwitzerlandNY BayAged 31y,10m, Single, Occupation bartender
JohnHoganH25001/15/191441 W 29th St. yunknown/Ireunknown/IreHCCCAged 59y, Born Ire, Occupation stone cutter, Buried in Block B, No. 337 East
JuliaHoganH25008/25/1913572 Ave. C yJohn Sullivan/Ireunknown/IreHCCCAged 59y, Born Ire, Married, Note: Mrs. Geo Edwards, 572 Ave. C
MargaretHoneH50001/14/1914175 Hobart Ave.  William/USMargaret Walsh/IreHCCCAged 9m, Born US
PatrickHourihanH65011/16/1913110 Ave. E yJames/IreMargaret CollinsHCCCAged 3m, Born US
James M.HouserH26008/17/1911518 Boulevard yArthur/USBessie Devor/USNY BayAged 3y, Born US
HenryHovellH14004/21/1911176 John St., Elm Parky Owen/GermanyJosephine Hilderbrand/GermaySt. Peter'sAgeed 75y, Born Germany, Occupation carpenter
PatrickHowleyH40001/27/191279 W 22nd St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 29y, Born US, Married, Occupation driver
GodfreyHuffH10009/22/1911unknown yunknownunknownunknownAged 1y, Place of death: Bayonne Hospital, NJ State Board of Childrens Guardians
AgnesHughesH22008/09/1913183 Ave. E yJames/USMary Caine(?)/IreHCCCAged 6m, Born US
RichardHughesH22009/12/191326 E 36th St. yLeRoy/USMartha Brice(?)/USNY BayAged 32y, Born US, Single, Occupation clerk, Buried in #69, Row 51 Cedar Lane Sec., Fredk C Steward, 26 E 36th St. responsible
JohnHunterH53609/23/1912551 Ave. A yGeo/USAlice McCarthy/USHCCCAged 4y,3m, Single
stillbornHurleyH64002/25/191317th St. & Bdwy yJasMargaret O'ConnorHCCC 
TimothyHurleyH64008/21/191388 Ave. E yTimothy/IreMary Sullivan/IreHCCCAged 38y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Place of death: 29 Palisade Ave., Englewood, Buried in Block K, Letter P, No. 36
MaryHutchinsonH32507/01/1911203 Morningstar Rd.y Patrick Collins/IreMary Mulee/EnglandSt. Peter'sAged 31y, Born England, Married


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
DominickIacuoneI25002/12/191258 State St., WBy Jas/ItalyTheresa/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 1y,7m
JeromeIrwinI65009/15/191239 W 23rd St. yFrancis/USCatherine Clancy/USHCCCAged 4m,26d, Born US
Walter J.IsaacsonI22508/29/191244 E 28th St. yWalter/CanadaMary Van Pelt/USHCCCAged 16y,3m,26d, Born US, Single, Occupation clerk


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
ElinorJacksonJ25006/13/1911467 Ave. C yEdward/USMagnolia Smith/USBay ViewAged 4m,9d
AndrewJannJ50010/26/1911107 Hobart Ave.  unknownunknownWoodlandAged 68y, Born Germany, Note: Chas D Jann with WW Sharpe & Co., Fulton & Nassau, Mail papers to Andrew Jann, 100 W 99th St., NY
PaulJeglioJ24009/03/1911198 2nd St., NBy Rafielo/ItalyMary Nimirggi/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 3y,1m, Born Italy
Edward H.JonasJ52008/05/191369 W 51st St. yRichard/EnglandunknownNY BayAged 58y, Born US, Married, Occupation police sergeant
Henry A.JonesJ52011/07/19111 Wheeler Ave., Four Cornersy unknownunknownMoravianAged 45y, Born US, Occupation carpenter, Suicide 952 Jewett Ave., Four Corners
WalterJonesJ52003/14/1912Virginia Stewart 26 E 36th St. yunknownunknownNY BayAged 6y, Born US, Note: NJ State Board of Childrens Guardians


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JosephineKarlK64002/09/1913100 Trask Ave.  unknown/FranceunknownNY BayAged 43y,11m, Born France, Buried in No. 2, Lot 884, Sec. K North, Note: Joseph Karl, 100 Trask Ave.
Edward V.KavanaghK15211/29/191116 E 39th St. yCharles/IreMary Caroll/IreMoravianAged 68y, Born US
RoseKavanaghK15204/11/191379 W 24th St. yDaniel Sweeney/IreRose O'Donnell/IreHCCCAged 42y, Born Ire, Married, Note: Edward Kavanagh
JeremiahKeatingK35207/22/191139 Cedar  JohnMargaret MahoneySt. Peter'sAged 70y, Born Ire
John J.KeenanK55001/02/191398 W 17th St. yPatrick/IreMary Clark/IreHCCCAged 39y, Born US, Married, Occupation tinsmith, Note: Mrs. Julia Keenan
stillbornKelleherK46012/03/191393 W 19th St. yGeo Healing/USClara Kelleher/USNY BayFather aged 22y, mother aged 20y
EmilyKellogK42004/10/1911unknown  Walter/USEmily/USLutheranAged 2m
AliceKellyK40010/04/1912382 Ave. C yWilliam/IreAlice Connolly/IreHCCCAged 10m,14d, Margaret McNamara responsible, 180 Neptune Ave., Jersey City
JuliaKellyK40008/02/191155 4th St. yJohn Shay/IreunknownSt. Peter'sAged 41y, Wife of Patrick Kelly
MarieKellyK40004/06/1913389 Bdwy  Samuel Berry/IreHelena Dunston/IreHCCCAged 47y, Born Ire, Married
RobertKemptonK51311/28/191139 Union St., WBy John/IreElizabeth Black/IreSt. Peter'sAged 78y, Born Ire, Married
JamesKenieryK56012/10/191115 Silver St.  Michael/USMargaret/USHCCCAged 8m
Margaret E.KenieryK56006/09/191215 Silver St.  John Looby/IreEllen Leary/IreHCCCAged 38y, Born US, Married
Rebecca IreneKennaK50011/29/1912174 Ave. C yBenjamin/IreRebecca Miller/IreNY BayAged 2y,5m, Born US, Buried in No. 42, Row 4, Sec. N North
EdnaKenneyK50010/10/191278 W 17th St. yRobert/USLaura Welcher/USNY BayAged 1y, Born US
AnnieKilduffK43112/11/1913247 Bdwy  Mathew Collins/IreunknownHCCCAged 51y, Widow of Timothy Kilduff
Doris MarieKilroyK46003/12/1913522 Ave. E yThomas/EnglandElaine Michielsens/USHCCCAged 4m, Born US, Buried in Block 8, Letter M, No. 69
JohnKindsleyK53210/28/1912unknown  unknownunknownHCCCAged unknown, Born Ire, Single, Occupation laborer, Place of death: St. Francis Hospital, Jno Carroll responsible, 564 Ave. C
Louise T.KinneyK50002/27/1912222 Wyant St.  unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 29y, Married
ThomasKirbyK61007/15/191289 W 9th St. yFrancis/USBridget HickeyHCCCAged 8m, Born US
Daniel L.KitsonK32509/19/19119A Linden yJohn/USMary Post/USPompton PlainsAged 39y, Single, Born US, Occupation foreman P.S. Gas Co.
FrancisKochinskiK25205/04/191344 Prospect Ave.  John/GermanyMargaret Nugan(?)/USHCCCAged 3m,5d
Vincient A.KuldosherK43201/06/191366 W 17th St. yunknown/GermanyMarsella Banks/IreHCCCAged 50y, Born Germany, Widower, Occupation carpenter


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
CathrineLandriganL53605/09/1911193 Orient cor. Cottage  James/IreJohanah/IreHCCCAged 34y
EllenLandriganL53603/19/1913183 Hobart Ave.  unknownunknownHCCCAged 39y, Born US, Married
John JT.LandriganL53612/24/19129 W 9th St. yMichael/IreMargaret Noonan/IreHCCCAged 29y, Born US, Single, Occupation driver, Buried in Jno T. Dempsey plot, east end grave
EllenLandyL53002/27/191469 Cottage  Timothy Fitzpatrick/IreMargaret Conroy/IreMt. OlivetAged 70y, Born Ire, Widow, Mrs. Michael Maher, E 15th St. responsible
FrankLangelloL52405/09/191196 W 20th St. yAndrew/ItalyRosie BatchHCCCAged 1y,10m
stillbornLarkeyL62009/18/1911264 Broadway  John/USLouretta Cavanagh/IreNY Bay 
JohnLazziolasL24211/07/1911Decker Ave. Bloomfieldy ThomasJosephineWoodlandAged 40y, Born Greece, Single, Killed at Signs Rd., Bulls Head
DennisLeaheyL00001/01/191421 George St.  Dennis/USEllen Reilly/USHCCCAged 5y,1m,9d, Born US
Francis J.LeaheyL00012/07/1913375 Boulevard yDennis/IreAnn Rowlor/IreHCCCAged 42y,6m, Born US, Married, Occupation pipefitter, Mrs. Margaret Leahey responsible
HelenLeaheyL00012/30/191367 W 19th St. yMichael/USAnn Flanagan/USHCCCAged 6m, Born US
MaryLeaheyL00011/03/191321 George St.  Dennis/USEllen T Rielly/USHCCCAged 10m,22d, Born US
MaryLeaheyL00011/25/1913120 W 16th St. yPatrick Mullen/IreunknownHCCCAtged 36y, Born US, Married, Note: James Leahey
ReginiaLeaheyL00008/01/1912265 Bdwy  Peter/USMary Schafer/USHCCCAged 4m,25d, Born US
William JohnLeaheyL00010/27/191321 George St.  Dennis/USEllen T Rielly/USHCCCAged 2y,2m, Born US, Buried in Block N, Letter A, No. 25
PatrickLeeL00005/27/1913483 Bdwy  unknownunknownHudson CCCAged 44y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation pipe fitter, Place of death: Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital
Mary I.LennersL56202/09/19121020 Castleton Ave.y unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 53y, Born England, Widow
JohnLoganL25010/18/1913W 42nd St. yMartin/Ireunknown/IreSt. Peter'sAged 39y, Married, Occupation painter, Place of death: Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital, Services from 306 Bdwy
William ThomasLoganL25004/25/191120 W 7th St. yArthur/USEdithNY BayAged 4m
ToneyLongL52002/02/191280 W 18th St. yLouis/ItalyVincenza FermangounknownAged 8m, Born US
GeorgeLouthL30012/13/1913557 Boulevard yGeo/GermanyJulia Laugabar(?)/GermanyHCCCAged 60y, Born Germany, Single, Occupation machinist
FrankLucasL22007/19/1913100 W 18th St. yJas/ItalyElizabeth Patronia/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 3m, Born US
MaryLuceyL20009/24/1911196 Orient  Patrick Cassidy/IreMary CarrHCCCAged 45y, Born Ire, Married
Patrick J.LuceyL20001/19/1914267 E 22nd St. yPatrick/USChristina WeaverHCCCAged 14d, Note: Moved to 495 Bdwy
JosephLupoL10004/01/1913429 Ave. C yDemenico/Italyunknown/ItalyNY BayAged 28y, Born Italy, Married, Occupation laborer, Note: Eugene Macchi, 21st St. & Boulevard
HellenLynchL52008/18/191196 W 17th St. yMickie/IreElizabeth Monihan/IreHCCCAged 8m
JosephLynchL52009/12/1911369 Bdwy  William/IreLizzie ButlerNY BayAged 19y, Born Ire
Josephine A.LynchL52004/11/1911604 Prospect, WBy Michael/IreEllen Mahoney/IreSt. Peter'sAged 25y, Born US
ThomasLynchL52007/14/19114th St., NBy James/IreMary Dolan/IreSt. Peter'sAged 33y, Born US, Occupation: fireman
ThomasLynchL52007/27/1911Burgher Ave.y Thomas/USEllen GormanSt. Peter'sAged 1y,3m, Born US


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JosephMachettiM23005/14/1913unknown  unkownunknownHCCCAged 20y, Born Italy, Single, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital, Charles Kavanagh, 15 E 39th St. responsible
Patrick J.MackeyM20005/30/1912610 Bdwy  William/USMargaret Doody/USSt. Peter'sAged 2m, Born US
JohnMahoneyM50005/31/191191 W 15th St. yMichael/IreAnnie Herlihy/IreHCCCAged 9y,8m, Born US, Buried in Block G, Letter L, No. 30
ArthurMallonM45009/20/1911579 Boulevard yWilliam/USAnna Hauntz/GermanyHCCCAged 21d, Born US, Buried in Block K, Letter R, No. 101
MarthaMallonM45012/10/1912175 W 25th St. yJames McQuillan/USElizabeth Rose/USNY BayAged 49y, Born US, Widow, Wm Mallon responsible
MargaretMaloneyM45003/12/191386 W 27th St. yMichael Donovan/IreCatherine Corcoran/IreMt. OlivetAged 56y, Widow
MargaretManningM55212/11/191134 E 17th St. yCorneliousunknownHCCCAged 24y, Born US, Cause of death: pneumonia, Ordered by Patrick Goggin, 34 E 17th St., Statement to Miss Katie Manning,93 Clinton Ave., NB
James H.MaroneyM65003/03/191493 W 14th St. yPatrick/IreMary Feeney/IreHCCCAged 50y,5m, Born US, Date of birth 10/15, Married, Occupation police officer
MargaretMaroneyM65005/19/1912288 Bdwy  James/USEsther Mallon/USHCCCAged 13y, Born US
GeraldineMartellM63403/15/1913W 13th St. yRichard/IreLottie Raynor/USHCCCAged 12y,3m,15d, Born US
LoujiMartinoM63507/05/19111832 3rd St., NBy Joseph/ItalyRose Tucciarone/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 1y,2m, Born US
JohnMastersonM23612/02/1912588 Boulevard yJohnMargaert MurphyHCCCAged 9m, Born US
John J.MastersonM23604/08/1912588 Boulevard yPatrick/IreEllen Mongan/IreHCCCAged 28y, Born US, Married, Occupation laborer, Note: Mrs. Ellen Masterson, 89 W 24th St.
MargaretMastersonM23609/26/1912588 Boulevard yThomas Murphy/IreNora McDonald/IreHCCCAged 22y, Born US, Widow
JamesMcArevyM26102/16/1912102 Richmondy HughunknownSt. Peter'sAged 62y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation mason
AmeliaMcCarthyM26304/12/1911264 Bdwy  David Wallace/IreJulia Carney/IreunknownAged 20y,1m,27d, Born US, Wife of John McCarthy, Buried in Block D, Letter K, No. 4
DavidMcCarthyM26308/26/191115 W 15th St. yJohn/USAmelia Wallace/USHCCCAged 9m, Born US, Place of Death: Hudson Co. Alms House
EllenMcCarthyM26304/17/191225 W 14th St. yDaniel SullivanMary DonovanHudson CCCAged 34y,4m, Born Ire, Married
EllenMcCarthyM26301/01/19141209 Boulevard yBernard McGonigle/IreBridget Boyle/IreHudson CCCAged 72y, Born Ire, Widow
EstherMcCarthyM26302/28/191335 W 16th St. yJohn/IreElizabeth Sullivan/IreHCCCAged 7y,10m
JosephMcCarthyM26309/26/191246 W 11th St. yDaniel/IreAnnie Daunt/IreHCCCAged 1m,24d, Born US
MargaretMcCarthyM26308/12/191237 Brill St. Neward(?)  Daniel/USMary Kane/USHCCCAged 3m, Born US
MaryMcCarthyM26304/24/191140 W 11th St. yunknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 53y, Born Ire
stillbornMcCarthyM26310/18/191146 W 11th St. yDan/IreAnnie Daunt/IreHCCC 
stillbornMcCarthyM26310/29/191318 W 16th St. yPatrick/IreHannah O'Donnell/IreHCCC 
ThomasMcCarthyM26312/30/191275 W 9th St. yBernard/IreCatherine Welding/IreHCCCAged 47y, Born US, Widower, Occupation laborer, Bernard McCarthy responsible
Thomas R.McCarthyM26307/20/1911161 W 24th St. yWalter/USBetrice Wade/USHCCCAged 5m,8d, Born US
Timothy A.McCarthyM26310/27/191114 Evergreen  Dan/IreMary Hurly/IreHCCCAged 38y,6m, Born Ire
Francis J.McCauleyM24008/16/191136 Graniteville Ave., Elm Parky Thomas/USMarion HennSt. Mary'sAged 5y,7m, Born US
EllenMcConnellM25407/16/191222 E 51st St. yJohn O'Grady/IreunknownHCCCAged 36y, Born Ire, Widow
DanielMcDavittM23106/18/191171 W 20th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 71y
MaryMcDavittM23110/18/191271 W 20th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 45y, Born Ire, Widow, Buried in Daniel grave
WilliamMcDavittM23111/19/1912352 Bdwy  Dominick/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 45y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block F, Letter K, No. 4
CatherineMcDermottM23612/05/191320 E 19th St. yThomas/USAnnie Coller/USHCCCAged 11m, Born US
ElizabethMcDermottM23608/07/1913135 W 25th St. yWilliam Cook/IreAnnie Cook/IreHCCCAged 60y, Born Ire, Married
AnnieMcDonaldM23512/19/191216 W 25th St. yMichael McBride/IreBridget Ward/IreHCCCAged 53y, Born US March 22, Married
stillbornMcFaddenM21306/02/191171 W 19th St. yDaniel/IreMary Tansey/IreHCCC 
JamesMcGartlanM26304/02/1911Bdwy  unknownunknownCalvaryAged 75, Born Ire
Catherine V.McGeeM20005/24/191211 E 5th St. yEdwardMary QuinnHCCCAged 13y, Born US
Dennis J.McGeehanM25001/19/1914600 Bdwy  Hugh/IreIsabella Durning/IreHCCCAged 43y, Born US, Married
JohnMcGeehanM25002/10/1914136 W 37th St. yWilliam/IreSarah Cahill/IreHCCCAged 34y, Born US, Married, Occupation foreman, Buried in Block E, Letter Aa, No. 140
Timothy J.McGeehanM25007/10/191390 W 26th St. yHugh/IreIsabel DurningHCCCAged 53y, Born Ire, Buried in Block T, Letter E, No. 94
WilliamMcGeehanM25007/04/1913600 Bdwy  Dennis/USAnnie Morgan/USHCCCAged 1y,7m, Born US, Buried in Peter Morgan's grave
RamondMcGillivrayM24108/08/191120 W 7th St. yWilliam/USMaud Scannell/USHCCCAged 5m,14d, Born US
DavidMcGinleyM25406/14/1913641 Bdwy  Patrick/IreHelen Conaghen/IreHCCCAged 48y, Born US, Single, Buried in Block I, No. 48, Letter B, 3-4, Note: Miss Ellen McGinley
VeronicaMcGinleyM25405/08/191169 W 16th St. yPatrick/USEmma Collins/USHCCCAged 12y
GenieveMcGivneyM21507/23/1911144 Simonson Ave., Port Richmondy JasCatherine GradyWiseleyAged 7m,23d
NeilMcGonigleM25207/03/1912129 W 21st St. yDaniel/IreEllen McCole/IreHCCCAged 7d, Buried in Block K, Letter V, No. 74
Terrance F.McGowanM25002/16/1912267 Bdwy  Lawrence/IreWinifred GallagherHCCCAged 37y,10m, Born US, Single, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block F, Letter F, No. 12
MathewMcGrannM26506/15/19121047 Ave. C yMathew/USStella Landesperg/USNY BayAged 18h
EllenMcGrathM26304/20/1912123 Lexington Ave.  unknown/IreunknownHCCCAged 52y, Born Ire, Widow, Thos McGrath, 123 Lexington Ave. responsible
JohnMcGrathM26311/29/1912396 Bdwy  Edmund/IreAnna Reilly/IreHCCCAged 31y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block E, Letter J, No. 141, Deed to Mrs. Cath McGrath
ThomasMcGrathM26305/02/1913Hudson Co. Alms House  unknownunknownHCCCAged 60y, Born Ireland, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block E, Letter M, No. 33, Patrick Magner responsible
Catherine E.McGuireM26003/11/191316 E 15th St. yEdward/IreJulia Welahan/IreHCCCAged 19y,4m, Born US, Single, Occupation weaver
CatherineMcHughM22010/27/1911Richmond Terrace S.S. Harbory Timothy Burke/IreBridget Burke/IreSt. Peter'sAged48y, Born US, Wife of Peter McHugh
JamesMcInerneyM25609/20/191232 W 19th St. yFrank/IreAnn Flanagan/IreHCCCAged 28y,9m, Born US, Single, Occupation boilermaker
MichaelMcMahonM25512/13/191237 W 14th St. yPatrick/IreAnnie Kirwin/IreHCCCAged 37y, Born US, Single, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Hudson Co. Alms House, Miss Agnes McMahon & Mrs. Morton responsible
MaryMcNamaraM25502/08/191212 W 18th St. yLoughlin O'Beirne/IreMary BohanCalvaryAged 60y, Born Ire, Widow, Occupation housekeeper
MaryMcNerneyM25603/15/19129 E 17th St. yJas/IreCatherin Redden/IreHCCCAged 20y,10m,24d, Born US
CorneliusMeagherM26006/23/191343 E 24th St. yLawrence/USSophia Devaney/USHCCCAged 9y, Born US, Burried in Block E, Letter M, No. 113
ChristopherMelandoM45302/16/1914545 Bdwy  Michael/GermanyMary Shyer/GermanyHCCCAged 60y,11m,22d, Born Germany, Married, Occupation retired policeman
MartinMentonM53505/21/191311 E 16th St. yWilliam/IreMary Madigan/IreHCCCAged 50y, Occupation cooper, Husband of Mary Menton
Brent WilliamMettainM35010/21/1911Hudson Co. Alms House  Charles/IreFannie SmithNY BayAged 66y, Born Ire
HarryMeyersM62005/25/191221 W 14th St. yHugh/USCatherine Connolly/USHCCCAged 3m, Born US, Buried in Matthew Quinn grave, Block J, Letter L, No. 80
RoseMikoeliamM24509/03/19135th St.  Otto/ArmeniaSarah Semageul(?)/ArmeniaNY BayAged 7m, Born US
Albert RaymondMillerM46001/08/191276 W 25th St. yIrving/USAnnie Sears/USBay ViewAged 15h
AnnieMillerM46007/20/191276 W 25th St. yunknownunknownNY BayAged 36y, Born US, Married, Buried in Grave 3, Lot 705, Edgewood Sec.
FrankMillerM46008/16/1911116 Linnett yLouis/GermanyAlbertina Harker/GermanyBay ViewAged 44y, Born US, Occupation boatman, Note: Austin Haval, 19 W 50th St.
JosephMillerM46007/16/1912122 Fulton Ave., JC  Henry/USLouise/USNY BayAged 11m, Born US, Note: NJ State Board of Childrens Guardians
ThomasMinaughM52004/15/191132 W 18th St. yPatrick/IreAnn Kilmurray/IreHCCCAged 43y, Born Ire, Buried in Block J, Letter G, No. 96
AdolphMinchM52010/18/1912305 Ave. C yFredrick/USAnnie Flood/USMt. OlivetAged 1y,4m, Born US, Buried in Block E, No. 91, Letter A
MargaretMindermanM53611/05/1913547 Ave. C yJames V Callahan/IreunknownHCCCAged 44y, Widow, Note: Jas Thompson
JohnMinesM52002/12/1912115 5th Ave., NBy TerryElizabethSt. Peter'sAged 90y, Born Ire, Widow
David L.MitchellM32405/13/1913514 Boulevard yAlexander/West Indies JamaicaunknownNY BayAged 30y,10m, Born West Indies Jamaica, Married, Occupation house mover, Buried in Row H3, Sec. O North, , John M Hughes Sons Co. responsible
JosephMitchellM32403/06/1913556 Ave. C ySamuel/USLucinda Baley/USNY BayAged 9m, Buried in No. 4, Lot 816, Sec. I North
BridgetMonahanM55009/11/191237 W 18th St. yDaniel Sweeney/IreRose O'Donnell/IreHCCCAged 38y, Born Ire, Married
PatrickMonahanM55002/24/191216 W 13th St. yPeter/IreCatherine Barrett/IreHCCCAged 60y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Mrs. Mike Carroll responsible
SusanMonahanM55010/03/191215 E 19th St. yPatrick/IreBridget Sweeney/IreHCCCAged 1m,14d, Born US
JamesMooneyM50004/26/191215 W 11th St. yEdward/IreEllen Kelly/IreHCCCAged 44y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation foreman, Bill rendered to Mrs. Norah Mooney
MaryMooneyM50003/07/1913165 W 25th St. yJohn Hagen/IreElizabeth Hirson/IreHCCCAged 43y, Born US, Married, Place of death Hudson Co. Hospital, Secaucus, Buried in Block E, Letter L, No. 53, John Hagen responsible, 235 Ave. E
stillbornMorcraftM62609/24/1911303 Bdwy  Samuel/USMary Clancy/USSt. Peter's 
JohannaMorecraftM62606/23/191280 W 43rd St. yWilliam Williams/IreJulia Horigan/IreHCCCAged 66y, Born Ire, Married, Buried in Block E, Letter G, No. 54, Note: Alice Morecraft
SamuelMorecraftM62607/09/1912302 Bdwy  Samuel/USMary ClaneySt. Peter'sAged 2h
AliceMorganM62505/08/191290 W 30th St. yPeter Donelly/IreMaargaret FeaninHudson CCCAged 63y, Born Ire, Wife of Peter Morgan
JohnMorganM62505/12/191114 E 16th St. yFelix/IreCatherineHCCCAged 32y
PeterMorganM62509/20/191319 W 14th St. yPhelix/IreCatherine Sherry/IreHudson CCC 
ThomasMorrowM60003/02/191484 W 18th St. yMichael/IreElizabeth Flynn/IreHCCCAged 15d, Born US
MaryMoustoM23004/29/191123 Union St., WBy Dominick/ItalyVictoriaSt. Peter'sAged 1y,9m
MaryMuldoonM43510/21/1912558 Boulevard yMike Foley/IreBridget Whalen/IreHCCCAged unknown, Born US, Wife of Michael, Buried in Block E, Letter J, No. 30, Deed name Mrs. Ellen O'Connor, 201 S. 4th St., Harrison, NJ
Rose A.MullanM45012/06/191122 E 51st St. yOwen JohnRoseCalvaryAged 66y, Mrs. Emily Vanderoot , 505 W 147th St., Washington Heights, NY responsible
stillbornMullanyM45004/30/191130 Evergreen St.  Patrick/IreMary Ann/USHCCC 
JohnMullerM46008/20/1913103 Ave. C yJohn/GermanyunknownMoravianAged 34y,5m, Born Germany, Date of birth 3/20/1839, Married, Occupation cigar manufacturer, Advertisesd in NY Staats, Note: Remains left in vault 8/22/1913
Mary E.MulliganM42511/25/191159 4th St., NBy James/USElizabeth/USSt. Peter'sAged 31y, Born US, Single
Peter JosephMulliganM42507/31/1911W 16th St. yWilliam/IreMary McKeon/IreHCCCAged 32y, Born Ire, Deed name Annie Mulligan
Thomas J.MulliganM42502/02/191326 E 17th St. yPatrick/IreCatherine McInery/IreHudson CCCAged 26y, Born US, Single, Occupaton iron worker, Place of death: Colon Hospital, Panama, Buried in Block B, No. 63, Letter D
Joseph E.MullinsM45206/01/1911110 Warren St., WBy Thomas/IreMary CowhigSt. Peter'sAged 39y,8m,12d, Born US, Occupation clerk, Married
MaryMunnM50003/25/1912518 Boulevard yunknownunknownNY BayAged 45y, Born US, Occupaton domestic, Billed to Jessie Settles, Deed to Allan L Settles, Row 12, Sec. N North, No A38bg, Grave N017
HannahMurphyM61001/28/191483 W 45th St. yMichael Foley/IreBridget/IreHCCCAged 53y, Born Ire, Widow
John JosephMurphyM61007/27/1913588 Boulevard yThomas/IreNora McDonaldHudson CCCAged 20y,9m, Date of birth 10/5, Single, Occupation laborer
Patrick J.MurphyM61002/12/191459 W 5th St. yJames/IreEllen Donnelly/IreHCCCAged 40y,11m, Born US, Single
Regina J.MurphyM61006/29/1911529 Boulevard yJames/USCatherine Sweeney/USHCCCAged 8m,6d, Born US
DeliaMurthaM63012/13/1913430 Bdwy  Patrick/IreAnnie Reilly/IreHCCCAged 20y, Born US, Single, Buried in Block E, Letter Aa, No. 5


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JuliaNathanN35004/01/1911531 Ave. C yJames Griffin/USHarriet Griffin/USNY BayAged 62y, Born US, Buried in Lot 10, Row 19, Sec. H North, Goods ordered by Nancy Wigfall
VincentNecklenN24511/09/1913306 Ave. C yJohn/USVictoria EskerHCCCAged 2y, Born US
EdwardNekodnewN23509/23/1912140 Ave. E yWojchBarbara GutowskaHCCCAged 10m,15d
Sarah B.NewtonN35012/15/1911474 Ave. C yPatrick Woodson/USJennie Cary/USNY BayAged 45y, Wife of Jno
AnnieNixN20005/01/1911173 Ave. E yMichael/IreHannah Donovan/IreSt. Peter'sAged 6y, Born US
JamesNolanN45007/03/1912288 Bdwy  WilliamunknownHCCCAged 65y, Born Ire, Married, Buried in Block T, Letter O, No. 13
MaryNoonN50004/29/191121A E 15th St. yPatrick Dooley/IreMaria Mulleady/IreHCCCAged 47y, Born Ire
PatrickNoonN50009/30/1911233 Bdwy  unknownunknownHCCCAged 47y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital, Ordered by J.F. Noon, 2 Maupas Ave., Savannah, GA, Buried in Mary Noon grave
familyNoonanN55002/29/1912unknown  unknownunknownHCCC removalThomas, Catherine(do), Ellen(do), Mary(do), David(do). Charges: Ferriage to/from Elizabeth, opening grave HCCC, 4 transcripts JC Board of Health, man fare to JC Board of Health and to Newark Board of Health. Payments received: Cash from Mrs. Noonan; per Higgins sale of grave Mt. Olivet
ThomasNoonanN55006/03/1911181 Hobart Ave.  David/IreCathrine Corbett/IreHCCCAged unknown, Born Ire, Buried in Block K, Sec. 5, No. 79-80
Margaret B.NortonN63502/06/1912376 Carey Ave.y Philip DaleyMargaret DaleySt. Peter'sAged 32y,10m,10d, Born US
JamesNugentN25304/14/1913288 Bdwy  Patrick/IreunknownHCCCAged 23y, Born US, Single, Occuaption soldier, Place of death: Texas City, Texas
Jeremiah S.NugentN25306/13/1913376 Boulevard yJeremiah/IreCatherine Sullivan/IreHCCCAged 45y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation saloon keeper, Mrs. Hannah Nugent responsible
Margaret E.NugentN25310/13/19129 E 15th St. yJeremiah/IreMargaret Donovan/IreHCCCAged 40y, Born Ire, Widow, Buried in Block B, No. 287 East, Deed name Jno Nugent


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
Dennis M.O'ConnorO25603/07/191284 W 16th St. yMichael/IreCatherine Russell/IreHudson CCCAged 43y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation agent, Note: Buried in Block K, Sec. 2, No. 53 & 54, Holy Name Cemetery (discrepancy within record)
James F.O'ConnorO25602/16/191220 W 12th St. yJohn/IreMary/IreHCCCAged 37y, Born US, Single, Occupation fireman
ThomasO'ConnorO25611/21/1913713 Ave. E yPatrick/IreElizabeth Hayes/IreHCCCAged 66y,7m, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Mrs. Alice O'Connor responsible
AnthonyO'DonnellO35407/12/191220 W 15th St. yMauris/IreElizabeth/IreHCCCAged 45y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer
CelciliaO'DonnellO35407/15/1912348 Bdwy  Daniel/IreMary Reilly/USHCCCAged 3m, Born US
Charles J.O'DonnellO35408/19/1912392 Bdwy  Hugh/IreMary Gallagher/IreHCCCAged 36y, Born US, Married, Occupation boilmaker(?), Cause of death: Killed at Bayonne Chemical Works , Buried in Block K, Sec. 10, Graves 79-80, Deed to Cornelius O'Donnell, Note: Charles is buried with Michael
Michael J.O'DOnnellO35411/11/1911126 Ave. E yHugh/IreMary Gallagher/IreHCCCAged 3y, Born US
RoseO'DonnellO35410/15/1912116 Ave. E yJas Sharkey/Ireunknown/IreHCCCAged 43y, Born Ire, Married
stillbornO'DonnellO35409/26/191116 W 19th St. yPatrick/IreBella Gallagher/IreNY Bay 
AliceO'HalloranO46511/23/191172 Evergreen  John/IreMary Carolan/IreHCCCAged 4h
CatherineO'HalloranO46511/23/191172 Evergreen  John/IreMary Carolan/IreHCCCAged 7h
AnnieO'LearyO46007/04/1913412 E 17th St. yMichael Donovan/IreMary Whooley/IreHCCCAged 48y, Born Ire, Widow of James O'Leary, Buried in Block K, Sec. 5, No. 81-82
CorneliousO'LearyO46012/24/1911138 Ave. E yunknownunknownHCCCAged 57y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Deed to Mrs. Margaret O'Leary
JamesO'LearyO46004/24/191340 E 17th St. yDaniel/USMargaret Golding/USHCCCAged 4m, Born US
James J.O'LearyO46006/23/191142 E 17th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 40y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block K Sec. 5, No. 81 & 82, Deed to Mrs. Bridget O'Leary and Dennis O'Leary (son), 360 Ave. A, Bayonne, Advertised in Journal & Times
JacobOleckO42011/30/191372 E 23rd St. yunknown/Germanyunknown/GermanyHCCCAged 47y, Born Germany, Widower, Occupation laborer, Buried in Block T, Sec. I, No. 57
MathewOliverO41607/27/1912Silver St.  unknownunknownHCCCAged 42y, Born US, Married, Occupation lumber inspector
MichaelO'MahoneyO55007/15/1913346 Bdwy  Cornelius/IreMary Hurley/IreHudson CCCAged 69y, Born Ire, Date of birth 8/6
AnnO'NeillO54010/24/1913165 Orient St.  Patrick Laverty/IreSusie McGeehan/IreHCCCAged 70y, Born Ire, Married
FrancisO'NeillO54009/21/191335 W 18th St. yGeo Stump/GermanyCatherine MeythHCCCAged 43y, Born US, Date of birth 12/31/1864, Married, Wm J O'Neill responsible
stillbornO'RiellyO64009/17/1913unknown  John/IreDelia DeLaroche/IreHCCCAged 26y, Born US, Married, Occupation laborer, Mrs. Albert Gibbs and Miss Margaret Morgan (sisters) responsible
MorrisO'ShayO20004/13/1913unknown  Morris/IreHanorahHCCCAged 30y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation electrician, Place of death: Hudson Co. Tuberculosis Hospital, Note: Mary O'Shay, 1825 Amsterdam Ave., NYC


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JamesParadineP63508/13/191117 W 12th St. yJames/EnglandunknownBay ViewAged 63y, Occupation laborer, Place of death: Hurley Saloon, 10th & Ave. D
Harriet AnneParhamP65007/29/1913492 Bdwy  Geo/USNellie(?) Kelly/USNY BayAged 2y,6m, Born US
AntoinettPasselliP24007/19/1912125 W 20th St. yJoseph/ItalyRose Iario/ItalyHCCCAged 19y, Born Italy, Single
MinneyPennyP50004/03/1913152 W 5th st. yWilliam T Harrison/USHester C Ayers/USBeemersville Sussex, NJAged 46y, Born US, Married, Note: David L. Penny
stillbornPetersonP36204/18/1911472 Ave. C yAlexander/West IndiesSarah/USNY Bay 
JamesPetrelloP36401/16/191268 Brighton Ave., NBy Michael/ItalyNellie Derenzi/ItalySt. Peter'sAged 9m
Herman AugustPetzoldP32408/05/191199 W 4th St. yHerman/GermanyJosephine Koenig/GermanyHCCCAged 2y
HermanPetzoltP32402/23/191299 W 4th St. yHerman/GermanyEliza Mathew/EnglandNY BayAged 54y, Born Germany, Married, Mrs. Josephine Petzolt responsible
BettyPhillipsP41209/30/1913514 Boulevard ySiplio(?) Pollard/USElizaNY BayAged 62y, Born US, Married
CatherinePierceP62009/21/191210 George St.  John/USElizabeth Croghan/USHCCCAged 1y,7m, Born US
Agnes LorettaPowersP62005/25/191216 Sisson Court yEdward/IreCatherine Lacey/IreHCCCAged 19y,3m,7d, Born US, Single
RosePowersP62010/29/1911184 Ave. F yJohn/USRose Hresko/USHCCCAged 8d
TimothyPowersP62009/07/191116 Sisson Court yEdward/IreCatherine Lacey/USHudson CCCAged 3y,25d, Born US, Buried in Block E, Letter C, No. 10
Joseph M.PriorP66003/08/191310 E 44th St. yJames/USElizabeth Scott/USHCCCAged 36y,6m, Born US, Married, Occupation stillman, Place of death: Standard Oil yard, Buried in Block E, Letter L, No. 57, Deed name Mrs. Irene Prior


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
AnnieQuinnQ50011/23/1912356 Bdwy  Charles Ginns/IreRose Boyle/IreHCCCAged 36y, Born Ire, Widow
JulietteQuinnQ50001/26/191382 W 8th St. yFrank/USElenor Vought/USMoravianAged unknown, Born US, Advertised in NY Times


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
TimothyRabbitR13006/19/191269 W 19th St. yJames/IreEmma Leahey/IreHCCCAged 31y, Born US, Single
Grace HowellRaphaelR14009/26/1912113 Ave. A yNathaniel/USMartha Stewart/USMoravianAged 9y,8m, Born US
JosephRauhR00012/10/191127 W 20th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 91y, Born Germany, Ordered by Rose Hegemar, 82 W 30th St.
Marin J.RavinR15003/23/191359 E 5th St. yPatrick/IreEllen Dolan/IreMt. OlivetAged 6d
MaryReganR25007/09/1912Ave. E yJohn Wholey/IreNora Driscoll/IreHCCCAged 39y, Born Ire, Married
James M.ReidR30002/28/191379 W 26th St. yJames/IreAnn Magner/IreHCCCAged 58y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation retired, Note: Mrs. Elizabeth Reid, 79 W 26th St.
EllenReillyR40006/23/191236 W 19th St. yPatrick Devaney/IreRose Brady/IreHCCCAged 52y, Born Ire, Widow, Buried in Block E, Letter D, No. 116, Bill paid by Della Reilly
Ellen F.ReillyR40004/04/1913363 Ave. C yMichael Finley/IreEllen Owens/IreHCCCAged 42y, Born US, Married, Note: John Reilly, 363 Ave. C
JeremiahReillyR40003/16/191231 W 18th St. yJeremiah/IreJulia Carroll/IreHCCCAged 36y,4m,18d, Born US, Married, Occupation foreman
LillianReillyR40001/19/1912339 Bdwy  Thomas AMary A McGuireHCCCAged 1m, Born US
ThomasReillyR40003/06/191343 Lord Ave.  Richard/IreMary Larkin/IreHCCCAged 69y, Married, Advertised in NY Herald, JC Journal
GeorgeRenskeR52005/22/191147 Romer Ave.  Thomages/GermanyGesine Osterloh/GermanyNY BayAged 33y, Cause of death: drowning, Found in Kill Van Kull River, WB
PatrickReynoldsR54307/05/191144 W 28th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 21y, Cause of death: heat, Note: partial payment ($150) made by Standard Oil Co., Deed name Margaret Reynolds, New Rochelle
Francis H.RickertR26309/13/1911362 Boulevard yJames F/USMary McIneryHCCCAged 10m,10d, Born US
EllenRigneyR25008/26/191274 W 27th St. yPatrick Malloy/IreunknownHCCCAged 64y, Born Ire, WIdow
WalterRigneyR25012/12/191374 W 27th St. yJohn/USRose Ann Kelleher/USHCCCAged 1y,7m, Born US, father was a detective
HenryRinkerR52605/22/191341 Ave. C yHenry/GermanyLouise Eckert/GermanyNY BayAged 44y, Born US, Married, Buried in Lot 1173 Morningside Sec.
WilliamRobertsR16311/09/1911429 Boulevard yunknownunknownNY BayAged 54y, Born England, Occupation laborer, Ordered by Mrs. Patrick Gannon, 529 Boulevard
FrancisRobinsonR15212/02/191226 E 5th St. yCharles/USEthalyn Jackson/USNY BayAged 2d, Born US, Buried in No. 74, Row 6, 2 North
stillbornRobinsonR15212/06/191326 E 5th St. yChas/USEthelyn Jackson/USNY Bay 
FlorenceRocheR20010/07/191322 W 19th St. yEdward/USFlorence Ryan/USHCCCAged 1d
JohnRockR20012/16/1911531 Boulevard yJohn Rock/IreSaraHCCCAged 1y, Place of death: Penetenary Secaucus, Cause of death: Eclampsia Infantina/Gastritis, Buried in Block k. Sec. 90, No. 4
unknownRockR20012/10/191173 W 16th St. yStephen/USHannah Lawler/USHCCCAged 1h
ReginiaRocksR20009/23/1912652 Ave. C yStephen/IreHannah Lawler/IreHCCCAged 1d,8h, Buried in Block K, Letter O, No. 100
Robert J.RogersR26204/01/191317 E 16th St. yJames/Englandunknown/EnglandGreenwoodAged 80y, Born England, Widower, Occupation cooper, Note: Mrs. Oliver B Parr, 17 E. 16th St.
JosephineRonzaR52012/12/19116 Trembly Court  AntonioJennie SantiferHCCCAged 9m
MichaelRonzaR52003/13/19126 Trembley Place  unknownunknownHCCCAged 16y, Born US, Occupation laborer
JosephineRossiR20010/09/1911240 Broad St., Stapletony Toney/ItalyColumba ChickSt. Peter'sAged 5m,9d
EmilliaRothR30008/16/191149 Ave. A yunknownunknownBay ViewAged 52y, Born Denmark, Wife of John Roth, Woodbury, NJ, Deeds delivered to Mrs. Finnegan, 116 Bdwy, Bayonne, Card 1002, Grave 2, Lot 762
MargaretRothlaufR34107/03/191234 E 24th St. yGeo/GermanyDelia Gerts/GermanyHudson CCCAged 17y, Born Germany, Place of death: Jamaica, LI, Buried in Block E, Letter G, No. 145, Deed name Joseph Weckesser, mailed to Mrs. Margaret Weckesser, 349 Ave. E
LizzieRoweR00008/31/191110 E 24th St. yJohn Mugford/EnglandElizabeth Bartencomb/EnglandBay ViewAged 43y, Born England, Married
Arthur F.RussellR24003/17/191312 W 23rd St. yBenjamin/USHannah Clark/USNY BayAged 51y, Born US, Married, Note: Mrs. Helen Russell, 29 E 4thSt.
CatherineRutledgeR34308/16/1911642 Ave. C yFrederick/USMargaret MacDonaldNY BayAged 2y,11m, Born US
EdnaRyanR50007/12/1911Ave. C yDavidElizabeth DowlingHCCCAged 6m,21d, Born US
JohnRyanR50006/04/1911322 Ave. E yPhillip/IreMary ColemanHCCCAged 39y, Born Ire
RichardRyanR50009/30/1911326 Bdwy  unknown/Ireunknown/IreHCCCAged 65y, Born Ire, Occupation watchman, Ordered by Richard Hayes, MD, Willard Parker Hospital, 16th St. near Ave C, New York


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JamesSavardS16303/19/191338 E 26th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 62y, Occupation cooper, Buried in Block Y, Letter D, No. 116
Mary C.ScanlonS54502/16/191343 W 52nd St. yJames CahillunknownSt. Raymond, Westchester, NYAged 38y, Born US, Married, Note: Bernard Scanlon, 43 W 52nd St., Bayonne, Business Metropolitan Casualty Co., 15 E 45th St., NY
AugustusSchmidtS53001/25/1913352 Ave. C yunknown/Germanyunknown/GermanyNY BayAged 68y,7m, Born Germany, Married, Occupation architect
FranzScholleS40003/09/191490A W 13th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 71y, Born Germany, Widower, Occupation jeweler, Place of death: St. Joseph Home for the Blind, JC, Buried from son-in-law Mr. C. Sauring, 90A W 14th St.
CortneySchriferS61605/08/191315 W 49th St. yCharles/USMary Gimber/USSt. Peter'sAged 1y,2m, Buried in Sec. A, Rung 216, Plot 5, Grave1
WilliamScottS30002/02/1912Ave. C near Andrew yWilliam K/USEllen LynchHCCCAged 2m
MaryScullyS40004/08/191123 Silver St.  unknownunknownCalvaryAged 62y
JamesSerpeS61011/16/1913100 W 18th St. yJoseph/ItalyCaroline NataleHCCCAged 53y, Married, Occupation laborer
London L.SettleS34008/18/1913514 Boulevard yAllen/USJessie Nunn(?)/USNY BayAged 7m, Born US, Buried in No. 17, Row 12, Sec. N North
JosephShallowS40006/06/191123 W 21st St.y JosAnn MurphySt. Peter'sAged 32y, Born US, Occupation laborer
MartinShallowS40008/26/191223 W 21st St. yunknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged unknown, Born US, Cause of death: Killed at Schuylkill, PA, Mrs. Farley responsible, 23 W 21st St.
AustinSharkeyS62008/15/1911118 Prospect Ave.  Mathew/IreDelia McCauley/IreHCCCAged 8m, Born US
JosephSharkeyS62010/14/191185 W 17th St. yCornelius/IreSusie Dougherty/IreHCCCAged 10m, Born US, Buried in Block E, Letter C, No. 87
ManusSharkeyS62009/11/1913543 Boulevard yJohn/IreCatherine Ward/IreHCCCAged 49y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer, Mary Sharkey responsible
MarySharkeyS62002/12/191311A W 30th St. yPatrick/IreAnn Gallagher/IreHCCCAged 51y, Born Ire, Married
CliffordSheaS00009/09/191114 W 25th St. yJno/USMargaret Caroll/USHCCCAged 12y, Born US,
JohannaSheaS00002/11/191327 W 35th St. yTimothy Clifford/IreMary Reilly/IreHudson CCCAged 69y,10m, Born Ire, Widow
MargaretSheehanS50011/16/191319 Sisson Court yJno/IreHannah Sullivan/IreHCCCAged 4y, Born US, Buried in Daniel Sheehan grave, Block O, Letter D, No. 17
CharlesShoebridgeS16310/17/1911Washington Heights, NJ  unknownunknownMoravianAged 38y, Born England, Found at Oakwood Beach, SI, Charge to R.C. Wilson, General Manager Munn & Co. publishes Scientific American NY
Theodocia C.ShropeS61005/26/1912136 Ave. E yTimothy PorterAnn PorterBay ViewAged 64y, Born US, Buried in Cedar Lane Sec., Grave 66, Row 46, No. 12004, Note: Millie A. Mulford, 419 Merriman Ave., Syracuse, NY
RobertSilversteinS41606/20/1913207 Ave. B yRobert/USTillie Sullivan/USNY BayAged 21d, Ed Mason responsible
AgnesSimpsonS51206/11/191131A W 29th St. yJohn/USAgnes Bell/USNY BayAged 62y, Born US, Note: Mrs. Wm Simpson
AnitaSmithS53007/05/191222 W 9th St. yFrank/USCharlotta Dunn/USNY BayAged 5m, Born US
CharlesSmithS53009/14/1911199 East Ave. yJoseph/GermanyStella WaskoHCCCAged 1y,6m, Born US
Margaret H.SmithS53003/19/1912123 W 21st St. yunknownunknownNY BayAged 50y, Born US, Married
Mary A.SmithS53003/24/19122209 Richmond Terracey Thos McInery/IreCath GearthyWoodlandAged 55y, Born US, Widow, Note: Jefferson Smith
MichaelSmithS53008/22/191122 W 9th St. yWilliam/IreElizabeth RatchfordHCCCAged 39y, Born Ire, Married
RichardSmithS53009/12/191112 Silver St.  Richard/USMargaret Carney/USHCCCAged 3m, Born US
ThomasSmithS53002/10/191315 W 5th St. yunknownunknownNY BayAged 85y, Born England, Widower, Occupation carpenter, Place of death: Hudson Co. Alms House, JB Gartley responsible, 15 W 5th St.
Vincent P.SmithS53008/19/1911444 Boulevard yWilliam L/USMargaret Walsh/EnglandHCCCAged 10y
William H.SmithS53012/13/191287 W 16th St. yHerman/USHarriet Cern(?)/USNY BayAged 67y, Born US, Widower, Occupation retired inspector, Arthur Smith responsible
MarySomersS56210/07/191175 W 19th St. yThomas/IreMary Jennings/IreHCCCAged 61y, Born Ire, Widow
VladiSplitekS14305/26/191233 Lord Ave.  JaroslarHedvig HlavacekNY BayAged 5y, Born Austria
LenaStallS34001/08/1912618 Ave. A yJoseph Klin/GermanyHellen Klin/GermanyHoly Trinity, LIAged unknown, Born Germany, Widow
JosephStevensS31507/20/191226 E 36th St. yTheodorunknownNY BayAged 8y, Born US, Note: NJ State Board of Childrens Guardians
Edward V.StewarkS36207/17/1911102 Caroline St.y Henry/USDelia Dermody/USSt. Peter'sAged 1y,10m
JosephStilesS34210/14/1911293 Bdwy  Thomas/USElizabeth Mullen/USunknownAged 1h
stillbornStilesS34204/25/1913274 Bdwy  Thos/USElizabeth MullinNY BayBuried in Block N, Sec. 60, No. 3
John H.StilsonS34210/06/191312 Bay View Court  Henry/USJane Vanderbilt/USMoravianAged 64y, Born US, Widower, Occupation painter
William E.SugrueS26006/05/1911unknown  Patrick/IreNora Murphy/IreHCCCAged 29y, Place of death: W 18th St., Buried from 40 E 27th St.
CatherineSullivanS41511/17/191235 W 15th St. yDanielunknownHCCCAged 1h
JamesSullivanS41507/13/1911133 Prospect Ave.  Florence/IreEllen/IreHCCCAged 64y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer
MarySullivanS41510/01/191279 W 17th St. yGarrett Stack/IreNora Hussey/IreSt. Ann's, Hampton JunctionAged 65y, Born Ire, Widow
Owen F.SullivanS41501/12/191325 W 14th St. yDaniel/IreMary Donovan/IreHCCCAged 44y, Born Ire, Single, Occupation laborer
NoraSwansonS52512/14/191159 Burgher Ave.y William Spillane/IreMary Keller/IreSt. Peter'sAged 32y, Born Ire, Married
JamesSweeneyS50003/01/1914367 Bdwy  Manus/IreRose Sharkey/IreHCCCAged 55y, Born Ire, Occupation laborer, Place of death: 12 Wan St., Newark, NJ
CatherineSwiftS13002/27/191357 W 1st St. yGeo Wild/GermanyMary Doring/USLutheranAged 53y, Born US, Note: Mrs. Edward Mason, 57 W 1st St.


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
RichardTaberT16010/07/1911New Bedford, MA  unknownunknownRural Cemetery, New Bedford, MAAged 64y, Married, Occupation engineer, Cause of death: drowned at Starin Ship Yard
JohnTanseyT52005/27/1911New York Farm Colonyy unknownunknownSt. Peter'sAged 73y, Born Ire, Occupation gardener, Note: Mrs. Wholihan responsible
MariaTataroT36007/31/1911705 Boulevard (Mrs. Burke) yunknown/ItalyunknownNY BayAged 3y, Born US, Note: NJ State Board Child Guardian
Mary L.TateT30010/17/19113 W 8th St. yLinzer Rich/USVelice Tate/USRichmond County, VAAged 68y, Born US
WalterTaylorT46010/19/1911170 Myrtle Ave., WBy John/USPhoebe Depen/USMoravianAged 44y, Born US, Married, Occupation engineer
ZaroohieTegrarianT26608/19/1913409 Boulevard yPaul Pooshezian/TurkeyDoomey(?)? GargianGrace Church, Union HillAged 25y, Born Turkey, Married, M. Tegrarian responsible
JosephTereyakT62007/30/191285 Linnett St. yToney/RussiaMary Kuston/RussiaNY BayAged 3y,2m, Born US
JohanahThompsonT51211/09/1912453 Bdwy  Cornelius/IreEllen Boyle/IreHCCCAged 2y,7m, Born Us
DanielTierneyT65006/26/191242 Ave. C yJohn/IreJane Russell/IreHCCCAged 75y, Born Ire, Widower, Occupation retired dairy man, Mrs. Annie Purcell responsible
JohnTierneyT65004/14/19134 Chadam Square NY  James/IreBridget Gilroy/IreHCCCAged 38y,4m,2d, Born US, Occupation laborer, Place of death: St. Joseph Hospital, NY
Patrick J.TierneyT65008/22/191131 W 50th St. yChristopher/IreAnna McCormack/IreHCCCAged 58y,11m, Born Canada, Occupation police inspector, Widowed, Buried in Block G, Letter M, No. 1, Deed sent to Rose Tierney, Box 87, Fort Lee, NJ
ThomasTierneyT65006/05/191114 E 18th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged unknown, Born Ire, Occupation bottler
CharlesTillmanT45506/21/191381 W 19th St. yPerry/USunknownNY BayAged 55y,3m, Born US, Married, Occupation laborer
GeorgeTinsleyT52406/30/191331 W 20th St. yColman/USHattie Hood/USNY BayAged 4m, Born US, Living with Mrs. Lungren, 86 W 8th St.
AliceTitgensT32506/29/191329 W 21st St. yFrank/USCatherine Carr/USHCCCAged 6m,14d
MargaretTrembleyT65112/24/191329 E 14th St. yRichard Flood/IreMary Rielly/IreHCCCAged 62y, Born Ire, Married, Buried in Block E, Letter Aa, No. 40 , Geo A Trembley responsible
RobertTurnerT65610/12/191238 E 27th St. yAndrew/IreIsabell Campbell/IreBay ViewAged 74y, Born Ire, Widow, Buried in No. 8, Lot 816, Edgewood Sec.
CharlesTwomeyT50012/13/191213 Dodge St.  Thomas/IreWinifred Hyland/IreSt. Peter'sAged 34y, Born US, Widower, Occupation inspector, Note: Mrs. Elizabeth Fredrick, 425 Wall St., Elizabethport, NJ
IdaTylerT46012/03/191174 W 22nd St. yJames M/USIda Peterson/USunknownAged 11m,16d, Born US



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JosephVellotuttiV43308/21/191178 Van Duzer St., Tompkinsvilley AntonEllenSilver MountAged 23y, Born Italy, Killed at Car Barn Hollow Hook, Charge to J.J. Donovan Contractor
FrancisVinciV52010/22/19111653 Richmond Terracey Augustin/ItalyMary Currery(?)/ItalySt. Mary'sAged 21d


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
AnnWalrodW46308/30/1912625 Bdwy  Michael Kane/IreunknownHCCCAged 68y, Born Ire, Widow, Buried in Block L, No. 79, Letter C, 15-16, Owner Geo H Walrod, Mrs. James Kennedy is responsible, 325 Bdwy
AndrewWalshW42005/09/1911Ave. C & 13th St. yMickieMarySt. Peter'sAged 31y, Born US, Cause of death: drowning, Buried in No. 4, Plot 15, Sec 22, Range 37
Francis P.WalshW42004/20/1913221 Prospect Ave.  Francis P/IreMary Costello/IreHCCCAged 2y,6m, Born US, Buried in Block E, Letter L, No. 90
HerbertWalshW42008/07/191167 Evergreen  Herbert/USJennieHCCCAged 3m,26d, Born US
James P.WalshW42001/17/191418 E 14th St. yAndrew/IreBridget Mullaney/IreHCCCAged 44y, Born Ire, Married, Occupation laborer
PatrickWalshW42004/12/191284 Trask Ave.  Andrew/IreEllen Cullehan/IreSt. Peter'sAged 74y, Born Ire, Widower, Mr. Ernest responsible, 117 Lord Ave.
FrancesWanglerW52405/16/191346 E 27th St. yJohn/USAnna Sharkey/IreHCCCAged 18y,6m, Born US, Single
EllenWardW63007/01/191142 W 22nd St. yCornelius/IreunknownHCCCAged 66y, Born Ire
William P.WardW63008/14/1911272 E 22nd St. yWilliam/IreTeresa Smith/IreHCCCAged 40y,6m, Born US, Occupation laborer, Single
William J.WarnockW65207/01/191368 W 45th St. yThomas/IreMary Valentin/IreSilver MountAged 34y, Born US, Married, Occupation barkeeper, Buried in Lot 15791
stillbornWebbW10002/18/191474 W 13th St. yJohn Webb/USElizabeth Wilson/USNY BayFather aged 46y, previous children 2, mother aged 36y
JohnWeckersesW26202/12/191234 E 24th St. yJoseph/USMargaret Diedrick/USHCCCAged 4h
CatherineWeckesserW22607/20/1913349 Ave. E yOtto/USMary Cirfus(?)/USHudson CCCAged 11m, Born US
HerbertWestcootW23210/12/19111472 Richmond Terracey Herbert/EnglandMary Harrington/USCalvaryAged 4m
HellenWhiteW30004/16/191274 W 50th St. yMichael P/IreMary Costello/IreHCCCAged 35y, Born US, Single, Note: Frank X White, 74 W 50th St.
MaryWhysallW24010/20/191385 Bdwy  James Halpin/IreCatherineHCCCAged 45y, Born US, Married, Buried in Block 6, No. 59, Letter C
stillbornWigfallW21409/18/1913564 Ave. C yWilson Quocco(?)Florence WigfallNY BayFather aged 30y, previous children 2, Mother aged 21 years, living children 2
JennieWilliamW45002/10/1913487 Ave. C yEugene/USEmma Jones/USNY BayAged 3m, Born US, Mrs. Hendrick, 487 Ave. C responsible
HellenWilloeW40006/19/1911336 Jersey St.y John/USCatherine McMurray/USSt. Peter'sAged 4y,6m, Born US
AnnaWilsonW42508/10/1911128 Richmondy Robert/USAnna McArevy/USSt. Peter'sAged 1y,6m, Born US
Lawrence A.WoelpperW41606/06/1912110 W 7th St.  Hugh/USJennie RickleyBay ViewAged 3m, Born US, Buried in Grave 43, Row 23, Cedar Lawn Sec., Owner Annie Woelpper



First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
JacobYeakY20009/22/191365 W 19th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 55y, Born Germany, Married, Mrs. Duffy, 65 W 19th St., responsible


First NameLast NameSoundexDate of DeathLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneFather/FromMother/FromCemeteryNotes
MichaelZaccaroZ26011/13/191219 W 50th St. yFrank/ItalyJennie Gagliarde/ItalyHCCCAged 1d, Buried in Block K, Letter Bd, No. 1
JamesZeroZ60006/10/191163 W 24th St. yFrank/ItalyJennie Coliarda/ItalyHCCCAged 1y,8m,15d, Born US
GeorgeZindelZ53412/08/1912132 W 30th St. yunknownunknownHCCCAged 47y,11m, Married, Occupation fireman
stillbornZitoZ30012/25/1912135 W 25th St. yPeter/ItalyAnna Carlo/ItalyNY Bay 
unknownZranwezkiZ65204/23/191174 Jersey St., NBy Frank/PolandunknownSt. Mary's Elm ParkAged 2m,20d
JosephZurZ60001/09/19139 Sisson Court yRay/GermanyMargaret Turnshop(?)/GermanyHCCCAged 48y, Born Germany, Married, Occupation laborer
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