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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
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Staten Island, NY 10310
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Charley  5/27/1885 County Housey Bartender     Tom Brown's bartender Charley died at the County House


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
BrechAdamA35011/26/189237y8th Ave NY-106ST       Fountain 
EllenAddyA3006/19/189465yLafayette Sty        
ChildAmbynA5158/3/1894  y    Gustav  Died at B? barn next to St. Peter's Cemetery
ChildAndersonA5365/2/1892 513 W 57t St NY     Howard Calvary 
FrancisApplebaumA1413/22/1892 Richmond Terr WBy    William A./GermanyKate/GermanyWoodlandRich. Terrace @ Bdwy
EllenAtridgeA3633/28/189451yBdway W.B.y        
MaryAtwellA3402/16/188533yBdway W.B.y HousewifeUS Robert FountainAlso buried Stillborn
FlorenceAxtA23011/9/18924yRich. Terry  SI Louis/GermanyCaroline/USSt. Peter'sgrave 2, plot 255, sec. OO, range XX. Diphtheria


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Bertha S.BakerB26011/9/18945y,3m,21dJohn St. .Elm Parky  SI George/USHattie/USFountain 
DanielBakerB2608/13/18947yJohn St. .Elm ParkY  SI George/USHattie/USFountainDrowned at Kill Van Kull
LeoboltBanachowicsB5226/18/189137y y FiremanGermany Peter/GermanyMartha/GermanySt. Mary'skilled by explosion of steam at Linoleumville, bill to Print works
CatherineBanaganB52511/29/189152yShore Rd Elm Parky  Ire    grave 2, plot 9, sec. 21, range 37
ThomasBannonB5504/2/189328yPine St. NBy      St. Peter's 
JosephBarrettB63012/30/1893 Bdway W.B.y      FountainMember of GAR
SusanBathB3008/11/1894 78 Jersey Sty    WilliamMargaretSilver Mountpaid by: Michael Dennis
TeresaBeckattB2309/19/18932y,19d54 Jersey Sty  US William/IreKate/IreSt. Peter's 
JamesBennettB5301/12/189377yVan Pelt Ave MHy    James/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sbig funeral
Son ofBerginB6253/8/1887 New Brightony    Patrick   
AnnabelleBeschauxB2206/1/18912y,4mUnion St. W.B.y    George Fountain 
ElizabethBinderB5365/2/18854y,3mCounty Housey        
MaryBirminghamB6554/27/189361yRichmond St. WNBy  Ire William Jones/IreMary/IreWoodland 
DeliaBischoffB21011/20/190431y96 Broardwayy HousewifeUS John Fogerty/IreCatherine Sharte/IreSt. Peter's 
ChildBlaineB45010/26/18863y,3mLafayette Sty    Mike St. Peter's 
PatrickBlyunnonB4551/5/189232yVillage Hall NBy Janitor  Miley/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sjanitor of Village Hall NB died at the Village Hall.
LenaBohrerB6601/13/189574yRich. Terr @ Bdwyy  Germany Joseph/GerCatherine/FerFairview 
JamesBoyleB4003/11/189254yDavis Avey    John/IreChristina/IreSt. Peter'sSupervisors to pay and GAR to pay
JohnBreenB6503/12/189352yHill St. NBy    JamesBridgetSt. Peter'sMember of GAR, Supvisors to pay some $. Died TB
MichaelBreenB65010/20/190424y,6mFresh Kill Rdy FarmerUS Michael/IreCatherine/IreCalvary 
ChildBrownB6509/3/18933m,21dElm Parky  SI John St. Peter's 
Jas. A.BrownB65011/22/1886   y     New York Baydied next to City Hall Bayonne
John S.BrownB6503/2/18942y,4mElm Parky  SI John/USJane/USSt. Peter's 
VivianBrownB65010/1/18917w67 Taylor St.y  SI George/IreAlice/IreFountain 
MargaretBryanB6502/16/189225yFerry St. PRy  Ire John Ashell/IreCatherine/IreCalvary 
ChildBuemidB53011/5/1886 Caroline St WBy      St. Peter'sfrom Mrs. McSorley's house
EdwardBulgerB4267/23/18931y,5mSchool Ln/WBy  SI James/USCatherine/USSt. Peter's 
EmmaBurbankB6152/2/18913y,10mCastleton WBy    CharlesJosephineFountain 
ChildBurkeB62011/8/18866mWards Roe Village     Mike St. Peter's 
DanielBurkeB6201/28/189545yElm St. WNBy    Henry/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
JuliaBurkeB6205/31/18942y,7mPetticoat Laney  SI ThomasEllenSt. Mary's St. Mary's Clifton
MaryBurkeB62011/25/190449y3rd St. N.B.y HousewifeUS James Connelll/IreJulia Henry/IreSt. Peter'sSt. Vincent's Hospt.
ThomasBurkeB62011/2/188664yEgbert Avey      St. Peter's 
ChildBurnesB6522/8/1887 30th St. y   Patrick Calvary 
JohnBurnsB6524/27/18911y,3mWinant Pl. PRy    Patrick St. Peter's 
JohnBurrellB6406/18/18954 hoursLafayette Sty  SI Thomas   
MargaretBurrellB6409/6/189324y4th St, NBy   Thomas  St. Peter's 
StillbornBurrellB6409/6/189304th St, NBy  SI Thomas   
ChildBushB2007/21/1892 Britton St. WBy  SI Rush   
StillbornBusoB2002/1/188705th St. y    Charles St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MargaretCahillC40011/15/1886 at the Hook y     HCCC 
StillbornCallahanC4503/17/1892 Bodine Sty  SI Michael St. Peter's 
HughCampbellC5147/10/189276yBdway W.B.y      St. Peter's 
IsabellaCampbellC51412/19/189336yBdway W.B.y  US Hugh//IreAnn/IreSt. Peter's 
SarahCampbellC5143/13/18945y,3mBdway W.B.y  SI JamesSarahSt. Peter's 
StillbornCampbellC5146/24/18910Broadwayy    Patrick St. Peter'slived Bdwy across from YMCU
JohnCareyC6006/22/189343yAlms Housey  Ire   St. Peter'sLaborer's Union to pay limited to $60
CatherineCarganC6258/20/18935y Davis Avey    Peter RosieSt. Peter's 
JohnCarganC6252/17/18942mDavis Avey  SI PeterRoseSt. Peter's 
CatherineCarlinC64510/3/188661y4mFranklin St. N.B.y      St. Peter's 
ThomasCarrC6006/2/189222ySmith Infirmaryy  US Christopher/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'slived Bennett St
ChildCarriganC6254/29/18854y,5mCaroline St WBy    Patrick St. Peter's 
WilliamCarrrollC6403/30/189154y y      St. Peter'sKilled on Rapid Transit RR Richmond Ave crossing
ChildCaryC6006/11/18943mFoot of Jersey St.y  SI Edward/USMary/USSt. Peter's 
HughClanceyC4527/22/1894 John St. .Elm Parky      St. Mary's 
DanielCollinsC4521/18/189550y40 Beach St. NY       St. Peter's 
EllenCollinsC4524/12/189523y,11m124 Jersey Sty    Pat DonovanBridgetSt. Peter's 
RichardCollinsC45211/14/189136yBelview Hosp   Ire Phillip/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sburied from 43rd St. Mrs. Madden 459 W 27th St to pay
ThomasCollinsC4526/23/18919mBurgher Avey    John St. Peter's 
WilliamCondonsC5358/1892 Cary Ave WNBy      St. Peter's 
PatrickConleyC5401/8/189558y,7mManor Rd.y  Ire Patrick/Irekate/IreSt. Peter's 
SarahConleyC54012/31/189168yHenderson Avey      Holy Cross LIburied from James McGuinness' cor Bdwy/McSorley Ave
HanorahConnollyC5404/6/189437y,4mSailor Snug Harbory   PatPat Foley/IreHanorah/IreSt. Peter'sDied at Morris Connor's House, Rich. Terrace Sailors Snug Harbor
KatieConnollyC5405/1/18923dRichmond St. WNBy  SI Peter/SIAnastasia/SISt. Peter's 
PatrickConnollyC54010/30/188650yManor Rdy      St. Peter's 
JamesConnorC5604/30/189344yElm Parky    JamesMargaretSt. Peter's 
JamesConnorC56010/24/189446y,4m36 Bay Ave Erastina   Ire Edward/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter'sgrave 4, plot 5, sec. 29, range 53
JohnConnorsC5623/2/189364y3rd St. NBy      St. Peter's 
ChildCooganC25011/30/18947 daysBdway W.B.y  SI HenryGeorgianaSt. Peter's 
ChildCookC20011/24/1892 York Ave. NBy  SI Joseph St. Peter's 
ChildCookC2008/25/189317 days5th St. NBy  SI JohnEllenSt. Peter's 
MichaelCorbettC6132/20/189558y Tysen St.y  Ire Patrick/IreMary Ellen/IreSt. Peter'spaid in full by City of NY
Rev. Daniel CorkeryC6264/22/189144ySt. Peter's Churchy      CalvaryPastor of St. Peter's NB, died at parsonage
EllaCorsonC62510/19/18921y,11mBurgher Avey  SI John/USJane/US bill to: Rev. McHalloway
JohnCosteloC23410/22/189143y124 Jersey Sty  Wales William/IreDiana/IreMt. Olivetservice St. Peter's
EllenCotterC3601/12/189282y222 York Avey  Ire Owen Crotty/IreJohanna/IreSt. Peter'sBill to James Cotter
Michael J.CrowleyC6408/24/189339yJersey St. N.B.y    MikeFannieSt. Peter's 
StillbornCubberlyC1649/10/18910Propsect St.y        
PatrickCuddyC3002/7/1887 Cottage St.y      St. Mary'sDied at St. Francis Hosp
JamesCurleyC6406/27/18956y,2mDavis Avey    Mike St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
ThomasDabneyD1501/22/18942y,1m,16dArlington Ave/Shorey  SI William/USMargaret/USSt. Peter'sgrave #2, plot 22, sec. 27, range 49
PhillipDaileyD40012/10/188680yAnn St. W.B.y      St. Peter's 
BridgetDaltonD4351/10/189248yVan Pelt Ave MHy  Ire Daniel McDonald/IAnn/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnDaltonD4359/1892          Also owned balance from his boy's and mothers funeral
RichardDaltonD43511/25/189443yGrove Ave PRy  Ire Patrick/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
CharlieDalyD4004/23/189320m      Charles  coaches hired for: Charley & James Daly & Mrs. McAvou
ChildDalyD4006/11/18941yBdway W.B.y  SI   St. Peter's 
DennisDalyD4009/17/189163ySmith Infirmaryy  Ire Hugh/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sBuried from house of Mrs. Lynch, Franklin Ave NB, Billy Daly to pay
JaneDalyD4002/21/18949m5 Elm Sty  SI James DeliaCalvary 
PhillipDalyD4005/4/189353yRich. Terr WNBy  Ire Patrick/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sTB, Pat Daly to pay
ThomasDarcyD6205/17/189317y,7mPost Ave WBy  US Constantine/IreMargaret A./USSt. Peter'sdied at Joseph Malloy's house Post Ave, WB. Paid by J. Malloy
MaryDeckerD2606/20/1892 Union St. W.B.y        
StillbornDeckerD2606/16/18920Franklin St. N.B.y    John St. Peter's 
HaroldDeeganD2503/12/189210mVan Pelt Ave MHy  SI JohnIsabell/USSt. Peter'sbill sent to John Deegan for both children
IsabellDeeganD2503/12/18922y,3m,12dVan Pelt Ave MHy  SI JohnIsabell/USSt. Peter's 
EdwardDeForestD1627/28/18956m,15dRichmond St. WBy    George Ann  
 DelaneyD45010/29/1894 Alms Housey      St. Peter'sP. Hart's sons will pay
ChildDerbyD6101/16/18933 weeksJersey St. N.B.y  SI Patrick St. Peter's 
JamesDerbyD6107/18/18924m,28dJersey St. N.B.y  SI PatrickKatieSt. Peter's 
MargaretDerbyD6101/20/18932y,6m,15dJersey St. N.B.y  SI Patrick   
CorneliusDesmondD25512/27/188688ySummervilley      Calvary 
FrancesDesmondD2553/8/18927ySt. Michaels Homey  SI JamesMary/IreSt. Michael's Home 
CharlieDevelinD14510/20/188622mJohn S. Elm Parky    James St. Mary's 
John FrancisDevlinD1456/29/189111m/17dJohn St. .Elm Parky    John/IreAnna/IreSt. Mary's 
JamesDiamondD55312/17/189339yAlms Housey  US   St. Peter'sBill to: Wm Diamond
WilliamDineenD5506/17/189113y,10m2nd St N.B.y  US John/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
Bridget MariaDixonD2504/7/1885 Manor Rdy Housewife  Hiram Greenwood 
JamesDolanD4502/7/1893 Rich. Terry      St. Peter'sdied at Fowlers House
JohnDolanD4507/4/1892 Applebaums Htl       Shipped to MAdied at Applebaums Hotel Bdwy.Bill to: John Dolan, Dodgeville MA, P. Cassidy
MichaelDonohueD5004/14/189552yJersey St. N.B.y      St. Peter's 
ChildDonovanD5157/21/1892 School Laney  SI John   
DanielDonovanD5154/18/189470yColumbia Sty      St. Peter's 
HanorahDonovanD5154/28/189344yBurgher Avey    Dennis DriscollEllenFountainrow 1, grave 4, deed to Timothy Donovan
JohnDonovanD5159/1/189252yYork Avey      St. Peter'sMember of Laborers Union. Jame Donovan paid and Bush members
JuliaDonovanD5158/1/189160yShore Rd Elm Parky   DennisJeremiah HaggertyEllen/IreSt. Peter'sDempsey records this burial on 8/24/1891 but the DOD was 8/1/1891
PatrickDonovanD5151/14/189477yYork Avey  Ire Michale/Ire St. Peter's 
RichardDonovanD51512/28/189329y,8m,2d124 Jersey Sty    PatrickBridgetSt. Peter'sTB
TeresaDonovanD51510/8/18928m, 28dFranklin St. N.B.y  SI John/USKatie/USSt. Peter's 
TimothyDonovanD51510/2/189175yBurgher Avey  Ire Timothy/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
TimothyDonovanD51512/29/189358y,7mBdway W.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sNote: add balance on childs funeral. Some paid by: James & Mrs. Clark
WilliamDonovanD5158/24/189425y11th St. NBy  Ire John/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
James A.DoudicanD3259/21/189220y,8mJersey St. N.B.y  SI James/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter's 
Margaret M.DowlingD4523/30/189324y,2mAnderson Ave PRy    TerranceMargaretSt. Peter's 
ThomasDowlingD4524/25/189432y,6mHospital at Cliftony      St. Peter's 
JohnDoyleD4004/7/1887 Hook y     Newark BishipsDied at the Hook, Taylors son in law
CorneliusDriscollD6244/1/189356yBurgher Avey      St. Peter's 
DanielDriscollD6246/20/189264yFranklin St. N.B.y  Ire   St. Peter's 
TimothyDriscollD6248/14/189255yBurgher Avey    CorneliusHanorahSt. Peter's 
ChildDuffyD1009/8/189311mJersey St. N.B.y  SI  Maggie  
ElizabethDuffyD1002/1/1885  y      St. Mary's SI 
ThomasDuffyD10011/23/189248yWarren St. Elm Pky  Ire Francis/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter'sdied in Insane Asylum, Wards Island NY, brought from Bellevue
Charles H.DuganD25011/19/189154yBurgher Avey  Ire Timothy/IreHannah/IreSt. Peter's 
HanorahDuganD25012/3/189279yBurgher Avey      St. Peter'spaid by Rob Powers, John Dugan
RobertDuganD25012/20/18925y,7mBarker St.y  SI RobertMary  
JosephDuggettD2301/27/18937mBodine Sty  SI Joseph St. Peter's 
CamilleDugrootD2637/23/189511m,24dEgbertvilley    CamilleJennie Died at Seaver's house in Egbertville
FrancisDunleavyD54111/16/190460ySt. Vincent's Hospy TeamsterIre Ambros/IreRose MenalisHCCC 
GertrudeDwyerD6007/13/18939m,17dRich. Terry  SI   St. Peter'sbill to P. Dwyer


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JosephEaganE2502/28/188519yQuarryhilly      St. Peter's 
Mary AnnEaganE2507/19/189239ySchool Lane WBy      St. Peter'sdied at Middletown Asylum
James T.EavausE12012/30/18861y,5m,6dFranklin St. N.B.y    Thomas St. Peter's 
StillbornEavausE12012/27/18860Franklin St. N.B.y    Thomas   
HanorahEganE2501/4/1887 Egbert Avey   Martin  St. Peter'sMartin Egan's wife
ChildElwoodE4307/5/1891 York Avey    John St. Peter's 
Mary EllenElwoodE43012/23/18923y,4m,21dYork Avey  SI John   
StillbornElwoodE43012/31/18910York Avey  SI John St. Peter's 
SophiaElzenbeckE4252/19/189434y38 Housman Ave PRy  Germany John Siebert/GerCatherine/GermanySt. John's BklynChurch: St. James, Jay@Chapel St, Bklyn, lot 57,sec. 1, range E name Mathius Siebert
MichaelEnglishE5246/21/18936m,27d5th & Jersey Sty  US John/IreKate/IreSt. Peter's 
NellieEnrightE5627/5/189429yRich. Terry      CalvaryDied at: John Prasse house Richmond Terr near Bdwy Bakery


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
FrancisFarleyF6407/22/189340y3rd St/Lafayette A NBy       bill to: Dougherty
MaryFauttF3005/14/189548y,11m,23dBdway W.B.y    Michael Woodland 
AbbeyFinanF55012/17/189362ySands St. Granitvilley  Ire Patrick/IreMary/IreSt. Mary'sSt. Mary's Granitville, bill to: Peter McDonald
HenryFinksteadF5234/21/18936y y    HenryDoraWoodland 
JohnFinleyF5407/4/189122yNew Dorpy    John James/IreAnn/IreCalvaryParents lived: 529 Lafayette Ave Bklyn
Patrick D.FinnertyF5632/28/189371yRich. Terr. NBy      St. Peter's 
MargaretFitzgeraldF32612/29/189480yRich. Turnpikey    John HaurahanEllenSt. Peter'sMrs. Cahill will pay
MariaFitzgeraldF3264/14/189356yPrinces Bayy      St. Peter's 
James J.FlannellyF45411/20/1891 131 E. 105th St NY       St. Peter'sMass at St. Ceceilia's Church, bill to Rev. Jos. Flannelly
MichaelFlanneryF45610/17/1886 Quarryhilly      St. Peter'salso coach to Hart's Childs burial
JohnFoleyF4004/9/189335yLafayette Sty    PatAnnSt. Peter's 
ThomasFoleyF4001/17/18916yLafayette Sty    WilliamCatherineSt. Peter's 
ThomasForanF65010/18/189341ySmith Infirmaryy       Coach for Bridget Foran
DanielFordF6307/11/18928mLafayette Sty  SI JohnElizabethCalvary 
JamesFordF6302/21/189336y3rd St. Cottages NBy      St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
EdwardGallagherG4261/31/189268yBdway W.B.y  Ire Edward/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sbill to his children
JeremiahGallagherG42610/18/188643ySilver St. y      HCCCBergan Point
Arthur E.GambleG5144/12/188517y y      Fountainrelation of Wm Lang, Clove Rd, drowed off West Brigton dock
KatieGannonG55012/25/189566y27 128th St NY       St. Peter'schurch: St. Rose of Lima, WB, coach hired by John Donovan and "Brooklyn Party"
William EGannonG5503/3/189131y,10mBroadwayy      St. Peter'sBill to: Wm Barry, Elm Park
TonyGarlzanG64210/10/19042y,6m,11d37 2nd St N.B.y  US Patrick/ItalyBertha/ItalySt. Peter's 
JamesGarriganG62512/30/189327yPropsect St.y      St. Peter's 
Mary E. GarriganG6254/3/18953 daysPort Richmondy  SI Matt NellieSt. Mary's 
Emily JosephineGauvreau?G1607/16/18923m,24d    SI AlfonsoMary Jane  
ChildGeehanG50010/11/18862y,2m26th St y   Mr. HCCCCenterville
FrancisGillG40010/5/18934y,11m Jewett Ave PRy  SI Hugh    
Charles J.GittlesenG3428/17/19855y,7,Lafayette Sty    CharlesJohanna  
EllenGlavinG4151/11/189418y500 Shore Rd PRy  US Thomas/IreCatherine/IreSt. Mary'sBill to: Thomas Nolan
HanorahGleasonG4257/25/189260yMorning Star Rdy      Calvary 
MargaretGogginG2502/11/189210mJersey St. N.B.y  SI William/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sdied at Trindell's house Jersey St. NB
JosephGoodmanG3553/18/18941 dayBay Ave y  SI Peter St. Mary's 
James GregoryG6263/6/18911y,3mBurgher Avey    Joseph Fountainrow 7, grave 16
EllenGriffinG6156/22/189350y Franklin St. N.B.y  Ire Charles Connor/IreJohanna/IreSt. Peter'sBill to Mrs. Mary Collins
WilliamGrymesG6528/19/18919mBee St. PRy  SI Thomas/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter's 
MargaretGuilfoyleG4147/2/189247y6th Avey      St. Peter'sMax Finley paid some


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MargaretHagertyH2635/25/188533yBurgher Avey Housewife Curley  St. Peter's 
ChildHagioH20010/13/1893 Lafayette Sty    Alexander Evergreen 
ChildHagioH2008/10/1895 Lafayette St/3rd St NBy    Alexander   
William H.HagioH20010/10/18935y,8mLafayette Sty    Alexander  bill for two children
JohnHaleyH40010/4/189157yBdway W.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sLived Bdwy near Franklin bill to Mary Haley
JohnHaleyH4008/27/18933 weeksBurgher Avey  SI John/IreUnknownSt. Peter's 
John HallH4003/25/1887 York Avey      St. Peter'sMrs. Brown will pay
SarahHallH4009/27/189410m Franklin St. N.B.y  SI Michael/USSarah/USSt. Peter's 
JohnHanlanH5454/16/188519y,4m,28dYork Avey      St. Peter's 
JosephHanleyH5407/18/189117dMorning Star Rdy      St. Mary's 
EugeneHannonH5507/11/189210m,10d13 John St. Elm Pky  SI Stephen/USMary/USSt. Peter's 
FrancesHannonH5503/16/18922dElm Park PRy  SI Francis/USEllen/USSt. Peter's 
ChildHartH63010/18/188611y,5mQuarryhilly    Patrick St. Peter's 
DanielHartH6308/31/18912m,16dFranklin St. N.B.y  SI DanielAnnieCalvary 
MargaretHartH6307/28/189466ySouth St. WNBy    Pat EaganCatherineSt. Peter's 
PatrickHartH6301/6/189273yLafayette Sty  Ire   St. Peter's 
John H.HartnettH6352/7/189435y,6m,6dShore Rd Elm Parky  US JohnMarySt. Peter's 
MichaelHeagertyH26312/15/189282y, 3mBdway W.B.y  Ire     
CatherineHealeyH4005/30/189533yPrentice Farmy      CalvaryDied at Prentice's farm Town of castleton, bill to: Eugene Blanc, 253 Bdwy NYC
ChildHealeyH40010/11/188610mm 18d28th St.     David Mt. Olivet28th St. Centerville
James ThomasHeffronH1655/17/189324y,6m,15dSimonson Ave EPy  US William/IreEllen/IreCalvary 
CharlesHeronH6505/19/189329yRich. Terr/John Sty      Calvary 
Bridget HickeyH20012/17/189469y,7mEgbertvilley  Ire   St. Peter's 
SamuelHiltonH4351/29/189232yPR    England Samuel/EngSarah Cypress Hillsfound drowned at Port Richmond, lot 8046, sec. LG
ChildHollandH4539/8/189315dBurgher Avey  SI Cornelius   
RichardHollywoodH43010/10/188640yBroadwayy      St. Peter's 
MariaHoranH6506/11/189443yJersey St. N.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sBrights Disease
Catherine S.HousemanH2553/10/189284yUnion St. W.B.y  US John Sharrott/USMary/USFountainbill to George Deschaux
BessieHughesH2207/9/189210yClinton Ave NBy    PatrickEllenSt. Peter's 
JohnHughesH22011/17/188617yHook Ave y     St. Peter's 
WalterHughesH2201/29/18873y,7m  y     HCCC 
Charles H.HundermanH5363/15/189153y,9mBroadwayy  Germany     
SophiaHurge?H6206/14/18928mYork Avey  SI WilliamPaulineSt. Peter'sgrave #4, plot 21, sec. 23, range 42
ChildHurleyH6403/31/1887  y    Daniel Calvary 
FrederickHurleyH6402/17/188538yBdway W.B.y      St. Peter's 
JohnHurleyH6402/3/18941y,4m16 Caroline Sty  SI Dennis/IreMargaret/IreHCCC 
Michael S. HurleyH6407/14/189160yJersey St. N.B.y      St. Peter's 
PatrickHurleyH64010/23/189134ySmith Infirmaryy  Ire   St. Peter'sburial from 2nd St, NB
PatrickHurleyH64012/20/18947 days85 Bdwyy  SI DennisMargaretHCCC 
MaryHylandH45311/25/188726yBergan Pointy      St. Mary'sDied at the corner of Cottage St


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MaryIkenI2501/9/1893 358 Rich. Terry      St. Peter'sMrs. Breen's boarding house. Bill to: Mrs. Bridgman, NB, Mrs. Bev. Robinson NB


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MaryJonesJ52012/1/18913y,3mTyson St, NBy      St. Peter's 
MaryJoyceJ2004/6/189548yBdway W.B.y    MikeLeveniaCalvary 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
DanielKaneK50012/19/189426y Kings Co. Penitentary   US Cornelius/IreJohanna/IreSt. Peter'spneumonia
DennisKaneK50012/10/189259yBarker St.y      St. Peter's 
GeorgeKaschubeckK21211/8/18942y119 York Avey    Frank/Germany St. Peter's 
DennisKeatingK3529/12/189429y3rd St. NBy    MichaelHannahSt. Peter'sgrave 3, plot 17, section 29, range 53
Mary A.KeatingK3523/12/18925y,5mBarker St.y  SI Timothy AbbeySt. Peter's 
PatrickKeefeK1004/24/189228yBellevue Hos       St. Peter'sbill to Mrs. J. Kane
KatieKeilyK40010/19/18922y,7mUnion Avey  SI John/IreHannah/IreSt. Peter'sgrave 4, plot 21, sec. 24, range 44
CharlesKelleyK4002/9/18922mElm St PRy  SI James/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sBill to Charles Gale
JamesKellyK40011/26/18921 weekButcherville SIy  SI JamesMarySt. Peter's 
RhodaKellyK4004/21/18942y,9mDavis Avey  SI Hugh/IreMaryanne/IreSt. Peter's 
ChildKennedyK53012/13/1886 Foundling Hosp.y     EllaSt. Peter'sgot poisoned
HannahKennedyK5305/21/189573yUnion St. W.B.y      St. Peter's 
WilliamKennegotK5231/4/1887  y      WoodlandKilled at New Brighton Railroad Track, county paid 1/2 bill
ChildKersack?K62210/12/18866mYork Avey      St. Peter's"a German man"
ChildKielyK4006/19/1893       John  444 W 56 St NY
KathleenKilroyK46011/29/18921y,3m,4d6th Ave     JamesMarySt. Peter's 
MichaelKirkmanK6254/3/189469yCastleton WBy      Fountain 
ChildKirwinK6501/24/18913mBurgher Avey    James St. Peter'scoach to Mrs. Wheelers funeral
JamesKirwinK6504/14/189255yBarker St.y      St. Peter'sJames/son, William/son, Mary Murray/daughter, lawyer; Wm Croak
MaryKirwinK6509/12/189350yMarket St. WBy  Ire Sylvester Kirwin/IreJulia/IreCalvary 
StillbornKirwinK6503/11/18950Franklin St. N.B.y    James  St. Peter's 
ElizabethKleinK45012/15/189420y,2m,25dCary Ave WNBy  US William/GermanyMargaret/USSt. Peter's 
JohnKnightK5237/12/1894 Sailor Snug Harbory      St. Peter'sBill to: Patrick Coughlin
LeonKoepkiK1202/10/189430ySmith Infirmaryy  Germany   St. Peter'sBill to: Mrs. Stanton, Elm Park
DennisKoughraneK2656/24/189228ySmith Infirmaryy  Ire   St. Peter'sburied from Mrs. Hayes, Castleton Ave,


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Margaret ALafsoud?L12310/26/188640y344 W 38th       Lutheran 
CatherineLammalanL5453/9/189468yRich. Terry  Germany Unknown  Died at Saloon next to Odd Fellows Bld, Rich Terr
ChildLangfordL52110/4/18923wBarker St.y  SI Robert/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter's 
Child-TwinLarsenL6256/28/18925m y    Hans Fountain 
Child-TwinLarsenL6257/5/18925mJersey St. N.B.y    Hans Fountainrow 11, grave 9
MartinLaughlanL24510/11/189348yPort Richmondy      St. Peter'sNote: bill sent to Mrs. Laughlan for transmission to Ireland
EllenLavinL15012/29/18943m,11dJersey St. N.B.y  SI James/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
JamesLavinL1507/17/1893 Jersey St. N.B.y  SI Patrick Mahony St. Peter'snote: John J Lavin child died in Mahony's house
JamesLawlerL46012/11/189230ySmith Infirmaryy  Ire John/IreMary/IreSt. Mary's 
AnnLawlessL42012/17/189452y,8mYork Avey      St. Peter's 
Bridget LawlessL4209/27/189475y30 Maple Ave PRy    Pat McDonaldAnn St. Peter's 
LettetiaLawlessL4207/17/189429y2nd St N.B.y    JnoCatherineSt. Peter'sbill to: Tom Taylor
CharlesLawrenceL65211/3/18911y,6m4th St, NBy  US George/USSarah/USSt. Peter'slived corner of Lafayette St and 4th St NB
Mary E "Lillie"LawrenceL6528/25/18939m4th St, NBy  SI GeorgeSarahSt. Peter's 
MargaretLeahyL0005/12/188558yBurgher Avey Housewife Patrick  St. Peter's 
ChildLewisL2001/24/188714mBergan Point     James HCCC Died at 343 E 40th St. NYC
WillliamLillieL4002/22/188542yCastleton WBy      Fountain 
 LloydL3006/19/1892          Drowned from Pat Donovan's, bill to Robt Humphrey
Patrick D.LoriganL6251/26/189253yBdway W.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sCash paid by Fitzgerald
GeorgeLoveL10010/17/189340yPoor Housey      St. Peter'sBill sent to: Robt Powers to pay
BoyLynchL5206/18/1892       Peter St. Peter'slived: Cottages opposite Sheridan's.
ChildLynchL5208/1892 2nd St N.B.y  SI Henry St. Peter's 
JamesLynchL5204/12/18926m4th St, NBy  SI Peter  St. Peter's 
MichaelLynchL52011/19/189244y2nd St N.B.y  Ire UnknownUnknownSt. Peter'sbill to: N. Muller, died Smith Infirmary
JaneLyonsL5201/24/189372yRichmond St WBy      Fountain 
JohnLyonsL5201/25/189431ySmith Infirmaryy  Ire John/IreJane/IreFountainpaid by: Thomas Mealy, Cahill & Pat Lyons
ThomasLyonsL5206/27/189195yBroadwayy      FountainDied at Bdwy, bet Union St @ Henderson "Scrabble Alley, paid by PatrickLyons


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MaryMabomM15012/26/189431yDavis Avey    Jeremiah DriscollJohanna St. Peter'sCarpenter's Union to pay soe, Wm Mabom to pay
DanielMadisonM3256/19/189426y 7th Ave WBy  Denmark MatthewHuresaFountain 
AnnieMahoneyM50012/21/189332yFranklin St. N.B.y  US Simon Carlin/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sBill to: Mary Alice Carlin. Coach for Mrs. Attriage
Catherine RMahoneyM5004/1/189417y,1m,29d4th St, NBy    MichaelCatherineSt. Peter's 
James T.MahoneyM5001/2/188736yYork Avey      St. Peter's 
MargaretMahoneyM5007/13/189250y,3mJersey St. N.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sMolly Sheehan paid
MaryMahoneyM5009/1/189272yJersey St. N.B.y    DanMarySt. Peter's 
ThomasMahonyM5007/9/189347y,8m84 Jersey Sty  Ire Patrick/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
PatrickMaloneyM45011/12/189338ySt. Joseph's Hosp       St. Peter'sSt. Joe/Yonkers NY. Bill to: Mrs. Dennis McCarthy, 6 house Jersey St.
IsabellaMaloyM4006/23/189365y2nd St N.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sbill to John Maloy
Michael JManahanM55011/15/190462ySt. Vincent's Hospy LaborerIre Unknown St. Peter'sgoods ordered by: Miss Mary Manahan, 19 Cambridge St Bkly, John Manahan
Allen A.MarenghiM6523/18/18914y,11m,17d y    John  Keeps fruit store next to Twyfords N.B.
Jno L.MartinM6352/9/18937m,27dBarker St.y  SI JnoMary BarkerSt. Peter's 
ThomasMartinM6357/16/189433yJersey St. N.B.y    ThomasEllenSt. Peter's 
LuciaMartinoM6354/19/189530yBdway W.B.y   Joseph Carmine LetrellaSt. Peter's 
PatrickMastersonM2361/25/188758yHook Ave y     HCCC 
AgnesMatthewsM3208/9/18918m y  SI Patrick/USElizabeth/USSt. Mary's 
WilliamMaybon?M1505/21/18924m,14dHenderson Avey  SI William/EngMary/IreSt. Peter's 
WilliamMcAvoyM2101/2/18953mBay Ave Elm Parky  SI Edward/USMaryEllen/USSt. Peter's 
DanielMcCaffertyM2164/29/189340ySmith Infirmaryy      St. Peter'sgrave 4, plot 4, sec. 28, range 51
FrankMcCanghey?M2527/18/189354yColumbia Sty      St. Peter'sdied: Smith Infirmary, bill to: Minnie Brady
BirthaMcCarthyM2631/30/18934m,16dBay Pl. Elm Parky  SI   St. Peter's 
CatherineMcCarthyM2635/16/188564yMecanic Ave PRy      Calvary 
CatherineMcCarthyM2631/6/189068yBarker St.y      St. Peter'sCoroner Wood
ChildMcCarthyM26310/17/1886 Quarryhilly    Timothy St. Mary's 
DennisMcCarthyM2632/13/189375yJersey St. N.B.y      St. Peter's 
FlorenceMcCarthyM2634/13/189163yBarker St.y      St. Peter'sEst of Catherine, will rendered to W.J. Powers
Mary E.McCluneM24511/6/189345y,Rich. Terr @ Jersey Sty      St. Peter's 
CatherineMcCormackM2659/2/189145y76 Jersey St NBy  Ire Edward St. Peter'sBill to the estate of Catherine McCormack
ThomasMcDermottM2363/11/189543yBdway W.B.y  Ire Thomas/IreMargaret/IreCalvarycause: cancer of bladder, exhaustion
AliceMcDonaldM23512/5/1886  y      St. Peter's 
James W.McDonaldM2355/11/18932y,2m,2dPleasant Plainsy  SI Peter/USSusan/USSt. JosephSt. Joseph's Rossville Cem, died: diphtheria & scarlet fever
BridgetMcEllarneyM2461/3/189556yGrand St. Elm Parky    Farrell McNaryBridgetCalvaryplot I, grave 12, sec. 8, range 39. John McAnnally
JohnMcElroyM2466/22/189348y,4mMcSorley's Lane WBy  Ire Hugh/IreMary/IreCalvarybill to: N. Muller
WifeMcFarlandM2163/4/188739yMorning Star Rdy   Peter    
MaryMcGovernM21612/26/189297y,3m,5dDavis Avey        
AnnieMcGrathM2632/10/18932y,2mBarker St.y  SI MichaelKateSt. Peter's 
JaneMcGrathM26311/2/189138ySmith Infirmaryy  US Tim Mahoney/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sburial from house of her brother Jake Mahoney, York Ave, bill to him
StillbornMcGuinnessM2526/26/18910Broadwayy    James St. Peter'sBroadway bet. Henderson @ Union St
WilliamMcguireM2609/11/18948m,21d3rd St. NBy  SI WilliamAnnieSt. Peter's 
MaryMcIntireM2531/27/189270yHenderson Avey  Ire   St. Peter's 
ElizabethMcIntyreM25310/17/190439y95 Gordan Sty HousewifeUS Daniel Cruine/IreMargaret Sheehan/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnMcKenenM2551/19/1885 3rd St. N.B.y      St. Peter's 
JohnMcNallyM2541/24/189211m,5d25 5th Ave      James/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter's 
MichaelMcNallyM2547/7/189255y36 Rich. Terr PRy  Ire   St. Peter's 
ChildMcNamaraM2557/17/18921m,7dElm Parky  SI JosephMargaretSt. Mary's 
Willuam J.McNaughtonM25212/27/18911m,9dMaple Avey  SI Samuel/PAMargaret/PANew York Baygrave #77, row 11, Sec. NN
TomMcNearryM2565/15/1885 Elm Parky      St. Peter'sHenry Smitts father in law
CharlesMcSorleyM2642/28/1887         St. Peter'sDied at Jim's house Village
MarionMcSorleyM2647/27/189211mPRy  SI John St. Peter'sPaid by Quinlan Travis & Co
Bernard McTamneyM2352/12/189536ySmith Infirmaryy    Bernard   Bill to: Jno Donovan
ChildMeadM3008/1892 WBy  SI Phillip   
MargaretMeadM3006/20/189453yFranklin St. N.B.y      St. Peter's 
LucyMeyersM6206/30/18954m      Charles Bayview 
GeorgeMillenyM4503/11/1892 Jersey St. N.B.y  SI George  child
ChildMonehanM55010/1/188510mm 18dCottage St.y    Pat Bergan HillWhite hearse
MaryMonohanM5505/22/189557y62 Maple Ave PRy      St. Peter's 
ChildMooneyM50010/23/18861y,18m,5dLeonard St. y    John Amboy 
PeterMooneyM5003/17/189460yPoughkepsie NY       St. Peter'sBill to: Mrs. Whalen 409 E 17th St, NY
WillliamMooneyM50011/8/1886 Ave D 21st St y     St. Peter'sPaid by Hibernians
ChildMoranM65012/9/1886 Morning Star Rdy    Edward St. Peter's 
EdwardMoranM6504/27/188547y y       This note for cemetery: Frankfort-Kirkman Co., NY
StillbornMorganM6255/31/18940Old Saw Mill Rdy  SI Hugh    
J. LewisMorrallM6407/1/189126yFerry St. PRy  US Richard/USMary/USRose HillRose Hill Cem, Matawan NJ
MaryMorrisonM62510/24/190442y135 Rich. Terry  US   St. Peter's 
LouisaMorrisseyM62011/11/18912y,6dChilds Hospy  US Charles/FranceAnie/IreHoly Cross LI 
KatieMoynihanM5504/22/189518y23 Tyson St. NBy    Patrick/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter's 
CatherineMulcahyM4208/21/18913m210 Jersey St, NBy  SI Michael/NYMary Ann/IreSt. Peter's 
ChristopherMuldoonM4355/8/189571y179 York Avey    ThomasMarySt. Peter's 
MaryMulliganM42510/22/18916y,7mLafayette Sty  SI William/USMargaret/USSt. Peter's 
MichaelMulliganM42511/6/188661yBay Ave Elm Parky      St. Peter's 
HannahMurphyM6103/29/1887 Centerville NJ       Mt. OlivetDied at Crampton's house
JohnMurphyM61012/9/189271yLafayette Sty      Calvarybill to: Mr. Rich
WilliamMurphyM6107/11/18926m,20dBdway W.B.y  SI WilliamMarySt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Mary ENelsonN4252/16/189224y,1mSmith Infirmaryy  Bklyn Peter/DenmarkAnnie/USSt. Peter'sburied from 17 5th St NB
MaryNolanN45012/31/189178yBdway W.B.y      St. Peter'sdied at the residence of Tho Birmingham
DanielNoordzyN6329/24/189410m Union St. W.B.y  SI JohnJennieFountainNote: Tom Mealy's daughter
MabelNormandN65511/29/18921y, 6m,18dTyson St, NBy  SI Claude/USMamie/USSt. Peter's 
MorrisNugentN2532/19/189459yOld Saw Mill Rdy  Ire Thomas/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
Fedora DehesaNunezN5206/12/189417ySt. Austin's Schooly  Xalpo MEX Fedora Dehesa/MXTeresa/MXMexicodied: St. Austin's School, Bard Ave of: Abcess of spleen, peritonitis, exhaustion.
AgnesNutleyN34011/22/18913mMaple Avey  SI William Nutley St. Peter's 
ChildNutleyN34011/1/18864yMaple Avey    Michael St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
AnnO'BrienO1652/22/188539yBdway W.B.y      St. Peter's 
CatherineO'BrienO16511/17/190460y13 5th Ave N.B.y HousewifeIre Michael/ O'Brien/IreCatherine Dugan/IreSt. Peter'sPatrick and Kate O'Brien, #29 4th N.B. died at 186 Cherry La.
ElizabethO'BrienO16511/5/189220yJersey St. N.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sJames Sweeney to pay
BridgetO'ConnerO2563/2/188565yPort Richmondy Housewife  Morris St. Peter's 
MathewO'ConnerO2568/12/189128y,9m2nd St N.B.y  Ire Michael/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnO'ConnorO2562/28/189352y,7mRich. Terr. NBy    MorrisBridgetSt. Peter's 
John J.O'ConnorO2569/30/189213y,11mBdway W.B.y    Daniel/IreJulia/IreSt. Peter's 
MaryO'ConnorO25610/25/189333y2nd St N.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sPaid: $16 in silver, $1.50 pennies, Cash and cash from WW Corbett
MorrisO'ConnorO2565/31/189376ySimonson Ave EPy  Ire John/IreNancy/IreSt. Peter'sCharles Jacobson gave his note
StillbornO'ConnorO25610/25/189302nd St N.B.y  SI Mary   
FlorenceO'DonnellO3548/9/18918mFranklin St. N.B.y  SI John/IreAnnie/IrePassaic NJ 
LeslieO'DonnellO3548/14/18922y,4mLafayette Sty  SI Hugh St. Peter's 
SylvesterO'DonnellO3543/22/18923y,6m,6dLafayette Sty  SI Hugh  St. Peter's 
John A.O'GradyO2639/26/189233yArrietta St.y  US Patrick/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter's 
EdwardO'HalloranO4657/12/18943m,8dJersey St. N.B.y  SI TimothyCatherineSt. Peter's 
WilliamOllardO4639/24/18932m,13dBdway W.B.y  SI Thomas/USAnnie/US  
JohnO'MarahO5603/27/18951y,1mCarroll Pl. NBy  SI John St. Peter's 
CatherineO'NeilO54010/17/188660yYork Avey      St. Peter's 
Hugh O'ReillyO6402/11/1893         St. Peter's 
IgnatiusOrlezenO6429/25/18939weeksElm Parky  SI Joseph/PolandMarie/PolandSt. Mary's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
ChildParkerP6261/28/188717mDavis Avey    Henry St. Peter's 
Mary E. ParkerP6261/18/189526y 35 Sharpe Avey    WilliamMarySt. Peter's 
MargaretPenderP5365/2/189275yNew Dorpy  Ire John Qualey/IreAnnie/IreSt. Mary'sSt. Mary's Clifton, bill to Father Burns, mass at St. Patricks/Richmond
Mary C.PerryP6003/4/1887          Died at Mrs. Larosch? House Petti Coat Lane
RichardPhillipP4107/31/18939mHenderson Avey  SI JohnClaraSt. Peter's 
John HarePowelP4007/24/189318days      Robert J. Hare PowelElisabeth/USNewport RIGrand Central Depot to Newport RI, bill to: Robt J Hare Powel 120 Bdwy NY
DaughterPowerP6006/25/1892 South St. WNBy    James   
RobertPowerP6009/11/18927mBurgher Avey  SI Robert St. Peter's 
ChildPowersP62010/10/18928mBurgher Avey  SI Robert St. Peter's 
JohnPowersP6203/14/189464yJohn St. .Elm Parky      St. Peter's 
StillbornPowersP6201/18/18930Castleton WBy  SI E. J./USSusan/US  
ThomasPrundhill?P6532/28/188750y y      St Peter'sDied at Scrabble Alley W.B.
MargaretPursellP6248/24/189142yTyson St, NBy    John Pursell/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sbill to Mrs. Reagan


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JohnQuinlanQ5454/12/189523y,1m,Richmond St. WNBy    LawrenceMarySt. Peter's 
LauranceQuinlanQ5451/12/188750yRichmond St.y      St. Peter's 
ChildQuinnQ50010/4/18860 y     Ida QuinnCounty House"childs name" Josephine Herald, goods ordered by : Hennessey
ThomasQuinnQ50010/27/189283y, 1m    Eng   Fountainrow 6, grave 19. Remains found in Woods at Boiling Springs


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
CeciliaRappR1005/10/189363yFranklin St. N.B.y  Ire   St. Peter'sTB
CatherineReaganR2507/10/189132yUnion St. W.B.y  S.I. Michael Kennedy/IrHannah Kennedy/IreSt. Peter'sDied from drowning
CatherineReaganR2501/12/189356yFranklin St. N.B.y  Ire   St. Peter's 
JamesReaganR2508/10/189569yBarker St.y      St. Peter's 
AlbertRecknagelR2527/31/189335yApplebaums Htly  Germany   Fountainrow 1, grave 15, Applebaums Hotel, Rich Terr @ Bkwy
MargaretReganR2504/3/1887 York Ave, N.B.y        
EdwardReillyR4004/20/189436y4th St, NBy  Ire James/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnReillyR4008/1/189146y2nd St N.B.y      St. Peter's 
ChildReynoldsR54311/11/188614mSilver St. BPy    Thomas St. Peters 
JohnRoachR2004/16/189465yHospital at Cliftony  Ire Thomas/IreAnn/IreCalvarygrave 7&8, plot S, sec. 8, range 51
WilliamRockR2003/31/1887         HCCCDied at St. Francis 5th St NY
FrancisRossellR2409/30/189320y,11m,6dDavis Avey  US Francis/FranceClara/FranceCalvaryTB
JulianaRothR3002/6/189438y,8mButcherville SIy  Germany Michael Kuhn/GerRosey/GermanySt. Peter'sBill to: Wendel Roth. Grave #3&4. 1&2, plot 2&3, sec. 29, range 54
HannahRuhR00010/19/189237y,2m2nd St N.B.y      St. Peter'sgrave 4, plot 9, sec. 23, range 41. bill to James Hart, Smith Infirmary
CatherineRushR20010/7/188628yYork Avey      St. Peter's 
ChildRushR20011/22/18866wYork Avey    Owen St. Peter's 
WilliamRussellR24012/9/18923y,2mPort Richmondy  SI WilliamFrances/USSt. Peter's 
GeorgeRyanR50011/12/189428yFoot of Jersey St.y  US John/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sbill to: Mary Ryan
MargaretRyanR5007/17/189350yDavis Avey      St. Peter'sbill to: Daniel Ryan (widower)
WilliamRyanR5001/29/188725yJersey St. N.B.y      St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
VictorSchoemianS5503/19/189258ySmith Infirmaryy  Germany   Woodlandlast res: Clove Road
PatrickScullyS4004/6/1887         HCCC 
ElizabethShanghnessyS5253/24/18931y,3mFranklin St. N.B.y  SI John H.SarahSt. Peter's 
MaryShanghnessyS5258/20/189335yFranklin St. N.B.y   John  St. Peter's 
MargaretShannonS5505/15/189240yCary Ave WNBy  Ire Michael/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter's 
MarySharkeyS6205/12/189323ySmith Infirmaryy  US Patrick St. Peter's 
JohnShaughnesseyS25211/15/190460yFranklin St. N.B.y PainterIre IreIreSt. Peter'sgoods ordered by: Mrs. Donovan
KatieShaughnesseyS2529/9/18939y,9m3rd St. NBy  SI Patrick K./USMarcella/IreSt. Peter'sNotes: Connor Estate, Jas. Mulligan
ChildSheehanS5001/27/18852mBurgher Avey    John St. Peter's 
ChildSheehanS50011/8/18865mBurgher Avey    John St. Peter's 
JosephSheehanS5005/14/18916y,6mHenderson Avey    Jeremiah HCCC 
Mamie A.SheehanS5003/24/189523y,8mCary Ave WNBy  US Thomas/IreDelia/IreSt. Peter's 
BernardSheenanS5501/27/188757yDavis Avey      St. Peter's 
ChildSheridanS63510/19/1886 Quarryhilly     Mrs. County House pays, order from Reardon
HughSheridanS6358/14/18929mJohn St. .Elm Parky  SI JamesMarySt. PetersCounty paid some $
ChildShindiusS5321/10/18854y,2mJohn Sty      St. Peter's 
ChildShultzS4322/2/1893 Caroline St WBy  SI Charles   
EdwardSmithS5302/11/18951y,7m,14dRichmond St. WBy  US William/USJulia A/USMoraviandied: TB, Meningitis, convulsions
ElizabethSmithS5301/20/18758yBergan Point       Fountain 
EllenSmithS5301/19/189346y29 York Avey      St. Peter's 
JohnSmithS5302/26/18855yPort Richmondy      St. Peter's 
JohnSmithS5301/11/189455yJohn St. .Elm Parky  US James/IreRose/IreSt. Peter's 
John C.SmithS5305/29/189337yRichmondy  US Michael/IreJulia/IreCalvary 
JuliaSmithS5304/27/189529yNew Dorpy    Augustus TichnerJulia/USSt. Peter's 
MargaretSmithS5302/5/189323yJersey St. N.B.y      St. Peter's 
Mary SmithS5302/4/189253yJewett Ave PRy  US Michael Gorman/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sBill to her daughter
MinnieSmithS5306/2/18921y,6m2nd St N.B.y  SI Michael/USLillie/USSt. Peter's 
PatrickSmithS5307/14/1891 Elm St. WBy      St. Peter'sbill to John Smith
EmmaStantonS35310/26/18922mCastleton WBy  SI John/USMarie/GermanySt. Peters 
JohnStantonS3537/27/18932y,1mCastleton WBy  SI John/USMarie/GermanySt. Peter's 
FrancisStappersS3166/4/189376yRichmond Ave PRy  US   St. Peter'sgrave #1, plot 381, sec XX, range 00
FrancisStappersS3168/15/189330y,10m,2dJewett Ave PRy    FrancisJohanna  
AmeliaStrangeS36512/14/189225y113 Jersey Sty  Norway   Fountainrow 4, grave 19
 StrangeS3656/23/189228y         Killed at Plaster Mill
CatherineSullivanS4153/24/185  y      St. Peter's 
CatherineSullivanS4151/2/189345y,7mWinegan Ply  MA Joseph Keefe/IreAnn/IreCalvary 
ChildSullivanS4152/29/18853mBurgen Pointy    Dennis S. Mary's SI 
DoctorSullivanS4151/10/1885         St. Peter'sdied at Hennessey's house
JeremiahSullivanS4152/17/189275ySchool Hill NBy  Ire Michael/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sdied at School Hill by York Ave
JohnSullivanS4155/25/189552y16 7th Ave NBy    JnoHannahSt. Peter's 
MargaretSullivanS41510/14/189153y15 3rd Ave NBy  Ire David Sullivan/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sburial from Devlin's house 4th St NB, bill to est. of Margaret Sullivan
MargaretSullivanS4151/2/1892 672 3rd Ave NY     James JMargaret.IreCalvary 
SarahSullivanS4157/19/18931y,3dBennett St PRy  SI Joseph/EngCatherine/EngHCCC 
SusannaSullivanS4153/29/1887 Centerville NJ     George St. Peter's 
Ellen M.SweeneyS50010/13/189326y Castleton WBy  US James/IreJohanna/Ire bill to: Mrs. James Sweeney
HannahSweeneyS5001/7/189314m6th Avey  SI PatrickAnn   
JamesSweeneyS5002/20/189467yCastleton WBy  Ire Patrick/IreHannah/IreSt. Peter's 
JamesSweeneyS5007/31/189511m,5dCastleton Avey    John St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
KatieTafuriT1609/7/189225y35 Water St. WNBy  USLouisChris Donnelly/Ire St. Peter's 
StillbornTafuriT1609/6/1893035 Water St. WNBy  SI Louis   
AnnieTaylorT4605/21/189536yLafayette Sty      St. Peter's 
CorneliusTaylorT46012/27/18863y,9mClinton St. N.B.y    Tom St. Peter's 
GeorgeTaylorT4608/28/189313 daysLafayette Sty  SI Patrick/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
StillbornTaylorT46011/12/1892027 7th Ave     Christopher St. Peter's 
ChildThompsonT5127/24/18911y,3mChilds Hospy     Annie ThompsonSt. Peter'sDied in Childs Nursery, grave #3, plot 381, sec. R range R. John Baily security
JuliaThompsonT5127/7/189159yPort Richmondy    Jeremiah Scully/IreMary/IreSt. Mary'sdied at corner Sand & Sherman Ave P.R., bill to John Thompson
BridgetTierneyT65011/17/189290yRich. Terr, PRy      St. Peter'sbill to: Timothy Redmond
ChildToren ?T6502/8/18873mGreenville NJ     James St. Peter'sDied in Robert Sullivan's house
CatherineTormeyT65010/25/188655yYork Avey   Patrick  St. Peter's 
JohnTorneyT6507/31/18951y,5mDavis Avey    John St. Peter's 
PatrickTorneyT65012/2/189460yYork Avey      St. Peter's 
JohnToumeyT50010/15/188646yGeorge St.y      St. Mary'sBergan Point
Mrs.TraceyT62011/27/1886 County Housey      St. Peter's 
JohnTrolanT64511/9/188649yHook Ave       St. Peter's 



First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Mary A.VandeskyV5326/30/189149y74 Jersey St.y      St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MichaelWalshW4202/23/188725y23th St y   Matt St. Peter'sDied at St. Michael's Newark
WalterWalshW4209/10/189228yBodine Sty    PatAnnaSt. Peter's 
LloydWardW6301/8/18932yYork Avey  SI George   
JamesWatterW3608/21/18946m,15dRich. Terry  SI John/IreAlice/USSt. Peter'sgrave 2, plot 9, sec. 28, range 51. Died at Rich. Terr @ Morning Star Rd
J.WelshW4201/9/1887          Removed remains from Davids Island
AnnieWhalenW4508/3/18946m,1dHenderson Avey  SI John St. Peter's 
ChildWheelerW4603/18854y,2mBurgher Avey    James St. Peter's 
StillbornWhoulihanW450 H4501/17/1892020 Jersey Sty  SI   St. Peter's 
MaryWilliamsW45210/19/189341y,3mNew Brightony      Evergreenbill sent to: Dr. Cary 30th St & 2nd Ave NY
ChildWorthW6306/1/1894 Elm Parky  SI John St. Peter'sD. Donovan's son in law



First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
ElizabethYoungY5201/17/189548y,10mBdway W.B.y    Bernard Curley Calvary 


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