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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
158 Myrtle Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1896 - 1897


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MaryAatkoA3206/7/189723y85 E. 21 St y   Peter Jorriwo/AustriaNatasa/AustriaHCCC 
FrederickAhernA6509/1/18978m 618 Ave A. y   MikeSarah HCCC 
John H.AhernA6509/12/18974y,5m618 Ave A. y US MichaelSarah HCCC 
FlorenceArnotA6539/15/18975y,5m14 1/2 W 52nd St y   JamesMaryHCCC 
MichaelAtridgeA3639/6/189726yUnion St. WB SIy  US Jas/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
George F.BakerB2609/15/189716y,5m,2dCastleton Ave WBy      FountainDied at Smith Infirmary
JohnBannonB55010/22/189751y18 Cottage St     Patrick/IreMarcella/IreCalvary 
JosephBardellB6346/10/189758y63 Cottage St.   Switzerland   Hookpaid by: Bowery Svgs Bank
JohnBartaohB63010/6/189765yAlms House S.I.y  Germamy   Woodland 
LenaBenderB53611/8/189629yRichmond County Alms Housey      St. Peter'sbill to: Frits Bender, 165 Charles St. NY
Patrick BenniganB52511/20/189674yJersey St. NBy  Ire   St. Peter's 
MaryBolandB4531/29/189752y20 Silver St   Ire Michael WardMaryHoly SepulPaterson NJ
MillieBolinskiB4528/14/18978m,5d17 W 19th St y   Joseph/PolandMagie/PolandHCCC 
AlexanderBoliskeyB4207/30/18975m,16d80 RR Ave     PhillipMarthaHCCC 
James H.BowkttB2307/10/18974m219 Ave D.     Herbert/EngMartha/Eng no cemetery listed
Sadie MBowlbyB4102/11/18976y 242 Ave D. y US MattiasLizzieAsbury NJ 
George SutherlandBowmanB5502/11/189787yJersey St. opposite 5th St. NBy    Jno/ScotlandJennette/ScotlandSt. Peter'sDeath Advertised in the Herald
MargaretBoylanB4505/24/18974y,9m4th St NBy  US PatRoseSt. Peter's 
AnnBoyleB4003/25/189728y25 W. 19th St y Ire John Bona/IreAnn/IreHCCC 
JohnBoyleB4001/29/18978m103 RR Ave     PatrickCeceliaHCCC 
MaryBoyleB4006/27/18974y100 E 24th St     Mike/IreBridget/IreHCCC 
PhilipBreenB6503/23/189756y69 Cottage St.   Ire Daniel/IreAnastatia/IreMt. Olivet 
BridgetBrennanB6557/30/189730y9 Andrew St.     Peter McNally/IreCatherine/Ire no cemetery listed
WilliamBryanB6501/1/189736yAnn St. @ Heberton Avey  US   HCCCburied in Mabel Daly's grave
LottieBurbankB61510/2/189719y,4dCastleton Ave WBy  US Charles/USJosephine/USFountainDied at Smith Infirmary
FlorenceBurnsB6527/8/18974m40 Brand St. WBy    Thomas New York Bay 
JamesBurnsB6523/8/189727y14 W 11th St y US Martin/IreAlice/Ire No cemetery listed
MichaelBurnsB6522/9/189765y75 E. 23rd St y     Calvary 
CatherineByrneB6502/21/189733y10 W 17th St y Ire   Mt. Olivet 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
CatherineCahillC40011/2/189675y3rd St. NBy  Ire Bernard Reilly/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter'sBill to: John Cahill, Orange, NJ, plumber
JamesCahillC4006/12/189787yOakwood Place Orange NJ   Ire   St. Peter's 
MaryCampbellC5145/8/18972m,10dCaroline St. WBy    James/USJennie/ScotlandFountainbill to: James Clarke 206 Broadway, NY
PeterCampbellC5141/24/189732y66 W 20th St y Ire Peter/IreBessie/IreHCCCLuke McInervy responsible to pay
HarryCanlonC5457/6/18977mAve F y   Patrick St. Peter's 
Louis CardonaC63510/30/189712y241 Ave D y   FeliceMarySt. Mary's 
CarmilleCarloC6405/28/18979m87 W. 22 St y   NicholasCatherineHCCC 
StillbornCarneyC6507/19/1897 77 W 24th St     Thos/IreJulia/Ire no cemetery listed
MatthewCarollC6402/23/18971m34 E 17th St y   ThosMargaret HCCC 
Rose L.CarrollC6401/21/189716y106 Linnet St.   US Patrick St. Peter's 
ThomasCaseyC2004/19/189710y 76 E. 24th St y   John/USMary/USHCCCkilled on C.R.R.
JohnCashC2006/6/189757y        HCCC 
LoraineClanceyC45211/30/189613y86 W. 12 St y US Patrick/IreMargaret/IreCalvary 
JohnCoffieldC14310/23/18965y 38 W 21st St. y US Michael/IreBridget/IreHCCCDiptheria
AnnieCollinsC45211/11/189739yBlackwell Island     Jno Mulvaney/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
CatherineCollinsC45212/16/189638yJersey St. NBy  Ire Cornelious CollinsMarySt. Peter's 
PatrickConnellC5409/18/189746y,2m472 Ave D. y New Zealand Pat/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
BridgetConnollyC5402/13/189739y38 Cottage St.y  Ire   HCCC 
EdwardConnollyC54010/29/189649yCastleton Ave WBy  Ire Christopher/IreJane/IreSt. Peter'sPneumonia. Bill paid by in part by trade from Jeremiah Driscoll
TimothyConnollyC5405/1/189743y33 E. 14th St   Ire Dan/IreCath/IreCalvaryBright's Disease. Paid by Mrs. Timothy Connolly
StillbornConnorsC56210/8/1897 169 Ave E. y   Thomas/IreDelia/USHCCC 
JohnCowperthwartC16310/13/189755y        Hook 
MargaretCreminsC6556/27/189757yRichmond Ave PRy    Mike/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
CorneliousCronninC6557/25/189728y,3mThompson's Lumber Yard y  US Dan/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter'sdied: at Thompson's Lumber Yard in Stapleton
James F.CrowleyC64011/6/189715y,11m69 Jersey St SIy    MichaelAnnieSt. Peter's 
MaryCruserC6264/17/18979y,3m87 Davis Ave WBy    Elmer/USLoretta/USSt. Peter's 
Joseph CsandaC5302/5/18971y,1m22 Mechanic     Joe/AustriaMary/AustriaHook 
JamesCummingsC5525/12/189730y81 E. 21 St y Ire Timothy/IreUnknownHCCC 
TeresaCummuskeyC5208/11/189731y18 W 16 st y Ire Pat MahonBridgetHCCCBill to Owen


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
LizzieDanielsD54210/4/18979m,9weeks20 E. 18th St y US Andrew/AustriaAnnie/AustriaHook 
WilliamDardisD63212/13/18961m,14d149 Ave E. y   Thos/IreRose/IreHoly Cross L.I. 
John J.DawkinsD2528/27/189751y66 W 14th St    Ire John Calvary 
AnnieDemjanovichD5256/1/1897 Dallas Roe Hook y AustriaConstan  Hook 
Mary DevaneyD15011/17/189641yBayview House Hook y Ire Edward Gallon/IreSarah/IreHCCCpaid by insurance check
Ann DeyD00012/6/189678yPort Johnson "Steaks"     Patrick McEnroe/IreMary/IreCalvarymass: St. Mary's
MargieDonohueD50011/12/18964y18 Merchant St. Neward     John/USKate/USSt. Peter's 
JuliaDonovanD5157/27/189776yFranklin St. NBy    Unknown Calvary 
MaryDonovanD5153/15/18973m,4days291 Ave D. y US DanielMaryMt. Olivet 
NellieDonovanD5155/11/18974y,9m147 York Ave NBy    Wm Ellen  No cemetery listed
StillbornDonovanD5154/18/1897 Elm Park S.I.y    John/IreKate/IreSt. Peter's 
WilliamDonovanD51510/13/18976m66 W 10th St y   DanielJohanahMt. Olivet 
ElizabethDoolanD45011/3/18965y,6mLinoleumville SIy    James Bridget St. Peter's 
JohnDooleyD40012/30/189662y,8m,24dBarret Park Port Richnondy  Ire Martin/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
Sarah A.DotyD3006/15/189782y12 W. 27th St y US LouisJuliaNew York Baynote: burial is listed as: NY Bay or Bayview
Gertrude DriscollD62410/10/18972m,2d258 Boulevard y   LouisGertie no cemetery listed
JohannaDriscollD6243/21/18971y,7m9 W 24 St y US Dennis/IreElizabeth/IreHCCCDiptheria
TimothyDriscollD62411/9/189626y112 Ave E y Ire Jerimiah/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter'sS.I. Bill to: Moynahan
StillbornDrowostworD62312/23/1896 28 E 19th St y US JnoCarolinaHCCC 
RichardDuffyD1004/1/189724y,7m123 Morningstar Rd. Elm Parky  US Thos/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter'sCoach ordered by: Lawrence Keelan
AnnDunnD5002/1/189787y73 York Ave N.B.y  Ire Jas Grace/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter's 
EllenDwyerD6009/8/18971y,1m19 RR Ave y   George/IreMary/IreHCCC 
AndrewDzinbarD2512/18/189710 hours211 E. 22 St y   Andrew/AustriaMary/AustriaSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
ThosEckersonE2626/4/18971y,6m30 Jersey Sty    JamesKateSt. Peter's 
JohnEdwardsE3639/25/189710m9 Meadow St y   William/IreBridget/IreHCCC 
ThomasEganE2506/3/189739yColumbia St. @ Post Avey    Martin Ellen no cemetery listed


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
CorneliousFarleyF64011/8/189657y587 Ave D. y   James/IreEllen/IreHCCC 
PatrickFarrellF6404/16/189748y25th St. Ave C y Ire   HCCCdied at Bayonne Hosp
MaryFedoraF3601/18/18974y28 John Sty  US George/AustriaMary/AustriaSt. Peter's 
StephenFeldschkF4329/10/18971y,1m85 E. 22nd St y   AntonJosephine  no cemetery listed
JohnFetherehichF3627/7/18973y77 E. 23rd St y   Michael St. Peter's 
William W.FieldF43010/11/189725y,5m,5d405 Ave D.   US John T/USRebecca/USRaural HillDied due to RR accident
MargaretFiferF1603/14/189733y271 E. 22nd St y England   HCCC 
MaryFineganF5258/15/18975m,16dRichmond Terracey  US MikeMary no cemetery listed. Died at Dr. Clarks House Richmond Terrace WB
MaryFitzgeraldF3264/16/189751y20 George St.y      St. Peter's 
CatherineFitzpatrickF3214/2/189780yOakwood, S.I.y  Ire Unknown St. Mary'sClifton. Paid by: Ann Fitzpatrick
CatherineFitzpatrickF3218/10/18976m23 E. 21 St y   James/USAlice/USHCCC 
EllenFitzpatrickF3212/25/1897 Eltingville, Amboy Rdy    Patrick KeeganCatherine Lived near Train Station. Mrs. Cooper paid the bill. No cemetery listed
JamesFitzpatrickF3212/2/18976m,7d15 E. 24th St y US Jas/EnglandMary/EnglandHCCC 
JuliaFitzpatrickF3215/4/189740y,11m143 W 31st St   Ire Hugh Farrell/IreRose/IreHCCCPaid by: Michael Fitzpatrick
AnnieFlanaganF45211/27/189654yBdwy & Union St. WBy  Ire Thos Bagley/IreMary/IreHoly Cross L.I. 
RobertFlemingF45510/23/189621yGrounds of Poor housey CoachmanIre Robert/IreSarah/IreFountainlived in back of Poor House
WilliamFlynnF45011/19/189662yGranite Ave Elm Parky  Ire Unknown St. Peter'sPaid by his son
MariForanF6504/10/189775y767 9th Ave   Ire John ForanMarySt. Peter'sPaid by: John Deegan, Erastina S.I.
Frances F.FraherF6602/24/189747y10 W 10th St y Ire Unknown/Ire  no cemetery listed
KateFrintnerF6537/14/18971 hour71 W. 21 st St y   FrancisKateBayview 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
AnnieGallagherG4262/9/189712y,11m20 William St.   US Con/IreRose/IreHCCC 
JohnGallagherG42611/2/189723y151 Ave E y US JnoCatherineHCCCpneumonia. Died at St. Francis, deed to PJ Green. Owen & Alice Coyle paid some
Rose GallagherG42610/16/18971m20 John Sty     RoseHCCC 
PatrickGalvinG4158/27/189729y129 Ave E y Ire Pat/IreEllen/IreMt. Olivet 
JuliaGardellaG63412/8/18964y237 Ave D y Italy Andrew/ItalyRose/ItalyHCCC 
MargaretGeraghtyG6236/20/18972y,11mState St. WBy    MikeMaggieSt. Peter's 
ThomasGilbertsonG4164/9/189760y14 Dodge St.   Ire   St. Peter's 
G.GiuilbertsonG4166/27/1897       John/USMary/USSt. Peter's 
Edward J.GleasonG4254/17/189740yMorningstar Rd. Elm Parky    Jno/IreHannah/IreCalvaryDied at Bellview Hosp.
John J.GormanG65511/11/18973m,7d40 E. 21 St y   Joe/IreKate/IreHCCC 
AveneGrangerG6524/24/189711y47 E. 19th St   US Ashield/USMary/USHCCCTyphoid Fever
GustavGranlundG6543/14/189734y405 Ave D. y Sweeden John/SweedenChristina/SweedenBayview 
StellaGrastaskiG6239/16/18975m85 E 21 St y   Frank/PolandViiola/PolandHCCC 
VadislawGrastaskiG6239/11/18971y,6m85 E. 21 St y   Frank/PolandViiola/PolandHCCC 
SusanGrenoG6508/2/189740y179 E. 22nd St y Austria   HCCC 
MichaelGriffinG61511/23/189645y55 Cottage Streety    DanielMary HCCC 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
WalterHagenH25010/30/189645y163 Ave E. y Ire Unknown HCCCPaid by Tidewater Relief Assoc. deed to: Preston McGee
GeorgeHaggertyH2636/24/18971m,20d305 Ave D y US Con/IreCatherine/IreHCCC 
JohannaHaggertyH2637/13/189766yBurgher Ave WBy      St. Peter's 
CatherineHaleyH4008/7/189766y        HCCC 
Albert E.HallidayH43010/2/18971y,8m 98 West 21st St y US Albert/USMary/US no cemetery listed
Mary J.HannonH55010/22/189624y257 Ave D y US James/IreMary/IreHCCCmass: St. Mary's. block M, grave 20 deed to Elizabeth Hannon
StillbornHansonH5259/27/1897 280 Whiton St. Jersey City       Fountain 
John C.HarrisH62012/10/18969m,20d20 Willow St     Thos/USMary/USHook 
William G.HassmillerH2542/1/18971m 450 Ave D.   US   HCCC 
DoraHegemanH2556/13/18975y,2m,7d32 W 27th St y   RichardRoseHCCC 
Patrick J.HennessyH52010/18/18961y,11m85 Linnet St. y US Stephen/IreCatherine/IreHCCC 
MatthewHenryH5601/5/18974y,3m320 Powers St. Bklyn     PhillipLouiseHoly Cross L.I.Paid by Mrs. Jas. Lynch
Arthur HeringH65212/6/18967m,19d67 E. 25th St y US Herman/GermanyCatherine/GerBayviewBuried in Lunderman plot
AmeliaHerwagenH6258/30/18972m442 Ave D. y   Oscar/GermanyAnna/GerNew York Bay 
Emma A.HilbertH4161/11/18976y,9m491 Ave D y US Alfred/USAmanda/USNew York Bay 
LillieHillaH4004/17/18976m452 Ave D y   John/Germany HCCC 
DanielHolmesH4526/1/18974y24t St     DanielMaryHCCC 
JohnHowlanH4508/20/18971y,4m38 E 16th St y US Pat/IreMaryann/IreHCCCDyptheria
MaryHudakH3203/4/18976m7 William St     Wassil/AustriaMarie/AustriaHCCC 



First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
SteveJakeckoJ2203/6/18971m105 Ave D y US   HCCCmass: Hungarian Church
ThomasJenkinsJ52510/14/18965y,2mJersey St. NBy  US Thos/USM. Ellen.USSt. Peter'sDiptheria
DanielJonesJ5204/23/18971y,9m      ThomasKateSt. Peter's 
JohnJonesJ5204/27/18973y,6mTyson St. NBy  US Thos/IreKate/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JamesKaschnbickK2516/3/18971y,9m119 York Ave N.B.y  S.I. Frank/GermanyRosie no cemetery listed
ThomasKatchaskiK3227/16/18971y,6m200 E 24 St     Thos/AustriaJosephine/AustiaHCCC 
NellieKeatingK3529/39/18971y,6mBarker St. WB SIy  US DennisNellieSt. Peter's 
PatrickKeelyK4007/30/189732y22 W. 16th St y   Pat/ireCath/IreHCCCgrave 43, block N, letter Y, Died at Snake Hill Aslym
Mary E.KellyK4005/24/18977y,4m,4d42 Maple Avey    JohnBridgetSt. Peter'sCharles Gale house mover will pay
RudolphKettlerK3463/19/189743y437 Ave D. y Germany Unknown Bayview 
WilliamKieltyK4309/24/18975y76 W. 25th St y   JohnElizabeth Calvary 
ThomasKileyK4001/18/18971y,5m,19dWhites House, Whites Lane y US Michael/USSophia/USSt. Mary's S.I.Lived in Hook
MaryKolinskyK4527/5/18971y,6m219 E 22 St     MikeMaryHook 
HelenaKolodzeyK43210/7/18971y,1m213 E. 22nd St y US John/AustriaMary/AustriaSt. Peter's 
AndrewKorenkoK6521/2/189737y188 Ave E y Austria   HCCCPaid by: A. Porubsky. Member of Hooper Coope Assoc.?
LouisaKraftK61311/4/189637y66 W. 22nd St y     Holy Cross L.I. 
VictorKramerK6564/23/189771yAve D y Germany Mike/GerCatherine/GerHookMrs. Victor Kramer paid bill
StillbornKroskiK62010/18/1896 192 Ave E y   George/PolandAnnie/PolandHook 
SelmaKuhlingK4529/5/189732yMetropoitan Park, Ave C y Germany Hilbert/GerHannah/GerNew York Bay 
MichaelKulinskiK4527/30/189733y219 E 22nd St y     St. Peter'sdeed to: Mary Kulinski


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JacobLangL5206/4/189746yWest 19th St   Germany Jacob/GerAnnie/GerHookpaid by Joe Kramer
JohnLeightL2308/10/18975m727 Ave D y   JohnMaryNew York Bay 
CatherineLenehanL5507/12/189762y301 Ave D y Ire   HCCCPaid by: Ellen Lenehan
RobertLewisL2007/30/189765y298 Ave E. y     HCCCMass: St. Peter's. Burial in the old section of HCCC
MartinLoganL2507/15/189756y12 E. 16th St   Ire Unknown St. Peter'sPaid by; Mary Ann Logan, Father Whelan
CatherineLoughlinL2454/16/189760y207 Ave C y     Calvary 
RichardLynchL5207/17/18975mFranklin St. NBy  US ThomasEllenSt. Peter's 
CharlesLyonsL52012/18/189655yEast 31st St y     HCCCmass: St. Henry's


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
EllenMahoneyM5003/21/189765y192 York Ave NBy  Ire TimothyUnknownSt. Peter'sPaid by Timothy Mahoney
MaryMahoneyM5005/4/189714y,6mMount Loretto SIy  US Jerry/IreMary/IreHCCCnote: Ireland, Cork. Mrs. Kelly, Lexington Ave Bayonne to pay
CharlesMaloyM40012/24/189633y    Ire PatMaryHCCCpaid by Jack O'Brien. Died at Bayonne Hosp
MaryManningM55212/16/18966m14 W 18th St. y   Martin/IreKate/IreHCCC 
StephenMarastM6234/28/1897 181 E. 22nd St y US Stephen/AustriaMary/AustriaHook 
NellieMartinM63510/7/18971y,14d250 E. 22nd St y   Peter/USMary/AustriaHCCC 
JosephMatresiewisM3628/11/18971m188 Ave E y   Joseph MaryHCCC 
GraceMcCabeM21011/11/18972m176 Ave E y   Phillip/IreGrace/IreHCCC 
KateMcCarthyM26311/15/189710y,8m47 W. 25th St y   MikeMaryCalvary 
OwenMcCarthyM26310/11/189774ySilver St       St. Peter's 
MichaelMcGarrellM2641/7/189748y12 W 19th St y Ire FrankRoseHoly Cross L.I. 
ThomasMcGeeM20011/15/189765y65 W 50th St y     HCCC 
John C.McGivenM2157/25/18972y54 Newark Ave Elm Parky    James St. Mary's 
Gertrude McGuinnM2507/23/18974m,29d4th St. NBy    WmAnnie no cemetery listed
JamesMcNerneyM2569/26/189740y9 E. 17th St y   James/IreMary/IreHCCC 
JohnMeehanM50010/21/18961 hour289 Ave D y   James/IreElizabeth/IreHCCC 
Mary AgnesMelandoM4539/21/18978m76 E. 21 St y   John/USKate/USSt. Mary's 
Emily E.MemmerM5606/26/18975m,21d59 E. 30th St y   Wm/GermanyMary/GerHCCC 
CatherineMoodyM3006/21/189740y42 W. 22nd St y Ire Dan o'BrienCath/IreHCCC 
MaryMoranM65010/9/189748ySt. Francis Hospt.   Ire   HCCC 
PeterMorcekoM62211/1/188964mDallas Roe Hook y US Stephen/AustriaAnnie/AustriaSt. Peter's 
Alice AgnesMoylanM4505/29/18971y,6m116 RR Ave     RichardAliceHCCCDiptheria
JnoMulliganM4253/13/18972m125 W 20th St y US Robert/USMary/USHCCC 
John J.MulliganM4251/6/189714y,11m26 E. 17th St y US PatCatherineHCCC 
Mary F.MulliganM4252/17/189719y125 W. 20th St   USRobertJno Murphy/IreHannah/IreHCCC 
ElizabethMurphyM6103/22/18973y 118 Linnet St     James/IreKate/IreHCCC 
JohnMurphyM6106/8/189734y169 Ave E. y Ire   HCCCpaid by: Jno J. Brady
JohnMurphyM61010/2/189711m257 Ave D. y US Bartholomew/IreEllen/IreMt. Olivet 
PatrickMurphyM6109/1/18971y,2m27 E. 21st St. y   James/IreRose/IreHCCC 
Patrick S.MurrayM6005/16/189710y,3m,28dMeadow St.   US RichardKateHCCC 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
PercyNecklinN24510/7/189717 days27 Ave D y US John/USVictoriaSt. Peter's 
RaymondNecklinN24510/1/189712 days271 Ave D.     JohnVictoriaSt. Peter's 
Harold F.NormanN6552/18/18971y,8m,7d5 Tyson St. NBy  US Claude/USMinnie/USSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Ellen A.O'BrienO1658/31/18977m,12d251 E. 22nd St y   Jno/USMary/US no cemetery listed
InfantO'BrienO1659/10/18971 hour951 E. 22nd St y   JnoMaryHCCC 
John J.O'BrienO16512/24/18961m,14d37 E. 16th St y US DennisCatherineMt. OlivetPaid by Dennis O'Brien
NicholasO'BrienO1652/2/1897         Staford CT"cut his throat"
William J.O'BrienO1658/25/189737y211 Ave D y     HCCCmass: St. Mary's. City of Bayonne paid. Draping City Hall, Council Chamber
CatherineO'ConnerO2562/6/189769y66 W. 10th St y Ire   HCCC 
MauriceO'ConnerO2567/9/189749y298 Ave E     Unknown HCCCBuried from Robert Louis' house. John Collins to pay
JohnO'DonnellO35410/25/18979m92 E. 22nd St y US John/IreMaggie/IreHCCC 
PatrickO'DonnellO3548/24/189744y10 Isabella Avenue   Ire JohnMaryMt. OlivetBright's Disease
Mary AnnO'KeefeO2104/9/189761yAve A. 14th St y   Edward Perry/IreMargaretRamsay NJPaid by: Arthur O'Keefe
JohnO'LearyO46010/24/18961 hour128 Ave E y   James/Ire Mt. Olivet 
WilliamO'NeilO5408/11/189725yRichmond Ave PRy  Ire Wm/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
Henry J.OrfewO61011/10/189752y10 E. 33rd St y     New York Bay 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
StillbornPadgetP3233/3/1897 188 RR Ave     CharlieCatherineHook 
StillbornParkeP6207/21/1897 991 Ave D       New York Bay 
AnnieParlakP64212/6/189633y13 William Street   Austria Unknown St. Peter's 
GudrunPetersonP3623/22/18973m,25d405 Ave D. y US John/NorwayHansine/NorwayHook 
MikePlaskonP4257/9/18971m219 E. 27 St y     Hook 
BridgetPowersP6207/14/189769y7 Dodge St.   Ire Unknown St. Peter'sEdward Gilbertsen's mother in law
RobertPoynterP5365/12/189743yGraniteville SIy      Greenwood 
JosephinePuhlP40011/12/189623y95 W. 19th St y US Joseph/GermanyBarbara/GermanyHCCC 



First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JohanahRabaaR1007/8/189718y,2m,10d52 Rr Ave     Chas WeyelAnna/GerBayview 
AlisiaRawlinsR4522/27/189757yCarroll Place next to St. Peters   Ire Jno HarlanAnn No cemetery listed. Died at Jimmy's Father Early's man
IreneReckettR23010/20/18972m198 Jersey Sty    WmKateSt. Peter's 
Thomas EricRedmondR3557/18/18971y,10mPort Richmond SIy  US ThomasGeorgiannaLake 
AliceRekertR2634/26/18975 hours67 W 12th St. y US Christopher/USAlice/USHCCC 
Michael O.RenziR5202/5/189726y29 William St   Austria Andrew/AustriaLena/AustriaHCCCKilled at Standard Oil Yard. Bill rendered to: George Bonney
John J.ReynoldsR5431/2/18976mAve D y US JsoJennie?St. Mary'sS.I.
Mother Mary TeresaReynoldsR5433/16/189770ySt. Michael's Homey    Unknown St. Michael'sGiffords Town of Westfield,SI. Advertised in Herald
CharlesRiceR2006/24/189731yW 16th St y     HCCC 
MargaretRoachR20012/22/189648y479 Ave D. y   Bryan Regan/IreMargaret/IreHCCC 
UrsulaRockwoodR23012/21/1896 155 North St     Edward/USHester RoeU/USGreenwood 
AnnieRothR3009/11/18977m316 Ave E y Indiana Henry/NYTillie/IndianaIllinoisdied of Colera
RoyRunyanR5503/6/18973mAve C y US Chas. A.BerthaNew York Bay 
John M. RyanR5001/23/189731y460 Ave D. y Ire Michael/IreEllen/IreHCCC 
Thomas J.RyanR50010/25/189738yW 6th St   Ire John/IreBridget/Ire no cemetery listed
WalterRyanR5002/11/18973y,10m4 7th Ave NBy  US Dan/IreKate/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
George N.SahnerS5604/3/189736yAve D. y   Unknown Cypress Hilldied St. Francis Hosp. lot 616, sec. 6
JohnSalreyS4608/14/18975 days90 E. 25th St y US StephenMarySt. Peter's 
StillbornSamonS5501/14/1897 223 E 22nd St y US AndrewJulieHook 
ThomasScallanS4504/23/189735yHart Park     ThosMary no cemetery listed
GeorgeSchmidtS5304/22/189739y,10mSnake Hill y US Henry/USAnnie/USHookDied at Insane Asylum, Snake Hill. Paid by William Farr
CatherineScottS3002/10/189744y10 W. 19th St y US Mike Corcoran/IreCath/IreHoly Cross L.I.Paid by: Wheelan St. Mary's Church
WilliamScullyS4007/27/18975y,9m10 W 10th St y   MikeBridgetCalvary 
BarbaraSecorkaS2621/13/189735y189 E. 22nd St y Austria   St. Peter's 
JohnSednokS3521/29/18979 days193 E 22nd St y   JohnMaryHook 
PhillipShannonS5508/10/189738y26 E. 24th St y Ire Mike/IreMary/IreHCCC 
Theresa A.SheannanS5508/9/189732y4 Castleton Ave WBy    ThosDeliaSt. Peter's 
CatherineSheehanS5004/7/18977y,3mTyson St. NBy    JerimiahKateSt. Peter's 
MarySheehanS5009/25/189738yHenderson Ave. WB SIy    Dennis Dillon/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'spaid by Mrs. Dillon
WilliamShillingS45212/28/18962y,6m24 W. 52nd St y US George Bayview 
VallyShulzS4206/6/189710y257 Boulevard y   Valentine/GerHelena/GerBayview 
Aloysius SmithS5305/24/18971yCary Avey    JnoCatherineSt. Peter'sdied at Baldwin House
Casper D.SmithS53012/28/189686yDecay St. @ Davis Avey      Hackensack NJBurial at Dutch Reformed Church Hackensack NJ.
StephenSozcakS2207/2/18972m23 William St     StephenTeresaHCCC 
AndrewStanceS3526/27/18971y,3m78 E. 22nd St     Andrew/AustriaLouisa/Austria no cemetery listed
WilliamStewartS3635/11/18979m 24 E. 24th St y US Andrew/USMargaret/USHook 
WilliamStocksS3205/9/18973m83 E. 21st St y US Wm/PolandMarie/PolandHCCCNote on the file: This childs right name is Weartschesky and father's Stephen
MarySudimakS3527/3/18971 day195 E. 22nd St     John/AustriaKate/AustriaHook 
EllenSullivanS4154/10/189765y19 Dodge St.     Jeremiah SullivanEllen/IreHCCC 
MarySullivanS4159/20/18971y,7m140 Ave E y   Eugene/IreMary/IreHCCC 
AnnieSurgantS6254/15/18978y13 John Sty  US Mike AnnieSt. Peter'sTyphoid Fever
AnnieSweeneyS5002/27/189726y8 RR Ave     Edward Sharkey HCCCpaid by; Cecelia Sharkey


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
ChristopherTaylorT4607/5/189740y4th St. NBy      St. Peter's 
MaryTaylorT46012/25/189610y,1m4th St @ Henderson Avey  US NickHanorahSt. Peter'sHeart Failure
MazieTaylorT4604/10/18972y,8mTyson St. NBy  US Pat/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sKilled by trolley
ThomasTaylorT46012/17/18966m,22dNew Brighton, SIy  S.I. PatrickMarySt. Peter's 
MaryTeetheT3006/1/18979y,2m22 East 21 St y Germany Henry/GerMary/GerHCCC5 years in state
BessieThompsonT5125/30/18971y,2m90 Evergreen St   US Wm  no cemetery listed
CatherineTiernanT6557/10/18975m,12d68 Sarah Ann Sty    PeterKateSt. Peter's 
MargaretTierneyT65010/4/18972 min.15 Cottage St.     Pat/CanadaMargaret/USHCCCblock 4, ltr M, no1. Deed to Rose Tierney-Fort Lee Nj
MargaretTierneyT65010/27/189737y15 Cottage St.   Ire   HCCCdied to Rose Tierney, Fort Lee NJ.
JamesTobinT1502/3/18971y,6mOld Plant Rd @ 48th St     PatMaggieHCCC 
MaryTolaskyT4209/26/18971y,2m20 Jersey Sty    JuliusMarySt. Peter's 
TomTormeyT6501/2/189724 hoursDavis Ave @ Hendersony  US JohnBridgetSt. Peter's 
FrederickTrolanT6459/4/18979m40 W. 20th St y US JohnMarySt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JohnUrickU6209/12/18973m223 E. 22nd St y   George HCCC 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
FrederickVan PeltV51410/22/189715y128 Ave F y   JohnBridgetHook 
John WilliamVan PeltV5147/16/189747y16 E 24th St     Jake/USMilinda/USSt. Peter's 
JohnVanczaV5207/9/18976y13 William Street     Vasile/AustriaAnna/AustriaHook 
SamuelVerneV6502/18/189730y114 Ave E y England   New York BayPaid by Mike O'Driscoll
MaryVlekV42010/6/189726y132 W 22 St y Austria Leopold Vodicka/AusAnnie/AustriaNew York Bay 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
DanielWalshW4207/3/18971y,1m351 Ave D     Dan/IreCath/IreSt. Peter's 
JamesWalshW42012/20/1896 44 W 19th St y US JamesAnnHCCC 
Mary E.WalshW4203/23/189746y16 W. 3rd St y US James ParkerMargaretHoly Cross L.I.Paid by Mr. J.P. Walsh
George A.WardW6305/5/189733y13 5th Ave N.B.y  US ThomasMarthaSt. Peter'sdied: Smith Infirmary
StephenWearscheskyW6228/10/18976m81 E. 21 St y US Stephen/AustriaAnnie/AustriaHCCC 
Charles S.WeaverW1607/16/189731y64 E. 22nd St   US Geo/USAnna/USHCCCMass: St. Mary's
Michael P.WelshW42010/15/18979m3rd St. NB SIy    Edward/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
EllenWholihanW45010/17/189621 days30 4th St. NBy  US John/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
InfantWickowskyW2204/16/18973m21 E 21st St y     HCCC 
MichaelWiskolskiW2429/1/18976m219 E. 22nd St y   Mike/AustriaRosey/AustriaHook 
JohnWoyciechowskiW2227/9/18971y,1m175 Ave F y   Felix/AustriaAnnie/AustriaHCCC 
MargaretWrightW6233/6/189754y,9m,1d198 York Ave NBy  England Unknown St. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. Collins, 103 Bedford St. NY and Mrs. Sarah Kane
RaymondWunderlenW53610/31/189762y16 New St.  y Switzerland Unknown  cemetery not listed
StillbornWydulion?W3459/8/1897 99 Ave F y   JohnKate  




First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
StillbornZetZ3009/21/1897 223 E 22nd St y   AndrewLizzieHook 
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