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The Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries has a collection of original Dempsey & Son's Funeral home books and records. Dempsey operated as an undertaker having businesses on Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ for about 100 years. At one time, Dempsey served as the Coroner for S.I. and Bayonne. Dempsey & Son's mostly buried Irish/Catholics but not exclusively. As these books are transcribed FACSI will make them available for genealogy research. Please note that some of the entries are faded and hard to read and were transcribed to the best of our ability. Also note that Dempsey was in business and these records are a recording of his transactions and in a small number of entries the dates may be of the date of burial and not the date of death.

Lynn Rogers has typed the data and made it available free for all. Please see the FACSI website at FACSI for more information about this worthwhile organization. Many thanks to Lynn for her generosity!

FACSI has donated the entire Dempsey collection to the Staten Island Museum. Contact Cara Dellatte, archivist, 718-727-1135 or CDellatte at statenislandmuseum dot org for additional research.

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Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc.

Friends of Abandoned Cemeteries Inc. S. I.
158 Myrtle Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310
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Pearse O'Callaghan, Founder (1921-1995)


Dempsey Funeral Home Books

1899 - 1904


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
FrankAdamsA35206/01/190352y49 Broadwayy MasonIre James/IreMary/IreFairview 
John J.AdamsA35202/11/190111m83 Henry St. NBy  US John/USKate/USSt. Peter'sWilkins will pay
Burtram Albert PAllenA45001/21/19042y,6mPine St. NBy  US James/EnglAnnie/ScotlandSilvermount 
TimothyAllenA45007/01/190211y,1m47 York Ave NBy  S.I. James/EnglAnnie/ScotlandSilvermount 
EdwardAntesA53212/12/190165y,2mSeavid Ave, New Dorpy CarpenterGermany Peter/GerCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnAtridgeA36311/09/190132yUnion WBy DriverUS James/IreJohanna/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MaryBaileyB40005/26/190321 days14 John St. WBy  US Jeremiah/USMary/USSt. Peter's 
MaryBaileyB40001/11/190449yElm St. WBy HousekeeperIre Daniel Flaherty/IreMary Flynn/IreSt. Peter's 
George F.BakerB26008/05/190444ySt. Vincent's Hospy  US James/USElizabeth/IreFountain 
JohnBarreseB62006/21/190245yBent St. PRy      St. Mary'sPaid by: Whitford Bros. PR
Frederick BeckerB26006/10/190367y,9mPort Richmondy  Germany Unknown FairviewSmith Infirmary.
Mary R.BeckerB26007/01/190160y99 Richmond Ave PRy  Germany Unknown FairviewOrder by: FW Becker
StillbornBehranB65010/01/19021 dayDongan Hillsy  S.I. John/IreKate/IreSt. Peter's 
NaomiBennettB53008/17/190272y39 Broadway WBy  US Unknown Fountain 
JamesBirminghamB65512/12/190159yEgbertville SIy  Ire Unknown St. Peter'sdied at Smith Infirmary, goods ordered by: Mrs. Dermody
Thomas J.BreenB65002/26/190337y,5mGreenridge Rd. y  US Michael/IreCatherine/IreCalvary 
William J.BreenB65007/18/190230y,5m    US Michael/IreCatherine/IreCalvary 
EllenBrownB65001/22/190137yBurger Avey  US Patrick Morrison/IreAnn/IreSt. Peter's 
WarrenBurbankB61502/14/190112y49 Castleton Avey School boyUS Charles/USJosephine/US no cemetery listed
JamesBurellB64006/26/19021y,3m29 4th St. NBy  S.I. Thomas/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
MaryButlerB34605/28/19041y,3m59 Lafeyette St NBy  S.I. Thomas St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JamesCaddellC34012/22/190240y40 Richmond Terr, PRy Saloon KeeperIre Morris/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'smass: St. Mary's
DemetriaCalandrielloC45304/21/19005mProspect Elm Parky  US Michael/ItalyGinstina/ItalySt. Mary's 
John J.CallaghanC42504/14/190024yRichmond Terrace, WBy  US Jeremiah/IreMary/USSt. Peter's 
FrankCamblerC51409/15/190443yNew Dorp, S.I.y Laborer    WoodlandOrdered by: James Laurie
DanielCampbellC51407/06/19034y,9mMark St. WBy  S.I. John/USElizabeth/USSt. Peter's 
James A.CampbellC51401/20/190344y 103 Columbia St. WBy BookkeeperUS David/USSarah/USGreenwoodPaid by James Clark
RaymondCampbellC51406/02/19034mColumbia St.y  S.I. James/USJane/USFountainPaid by Hugh Clark
NicoloCardioloC63402/07/190426y47 2nd St NBy  Italy Fread/ItalyMaria/ItalySt. Peter's 
AnnCareyC60004/11/190363yGranit Ave Elm Parky  Ire Daniel/IreMargaret/IreSt. Mary'sMass: St. Mary's
ThomasCarlandC64507/21/190350y21 Ave By LaborerGermany Unknown St. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's PR
Mary A.CaryC60001/14/190337y4 Grant Avey  US John/IreHanora/IreSt. Mary'sdied at Smith Infirmary
DanielChappellC14009/29/190363y59 Barker St.y  Ire Luis/IreLizzie/IreSt. Peter's 
Harry C.CliffordC41603/31/190450y1 Clinton Ave NBy CarpenterGermany Unknown St. Peter's 
DanielCollinsC45208/12/190160yFranklin Avey  Ire James/IreUnknownSt. Peter's 
Daniel J.CollinsC45206/10/190028y11th St. NB         
EllenCollinsC45203/02/190378yFranklin Avey  Ire Michael/IreMary/IreCalvaryGoods ordered by: Mrs. Kelley
HannahCollinsC45206/30/190160yWinegar Pl. WBy  Ire Michael Hooley/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
TimothyCollinsC45201/16/190121y,8m11d11th St. NBy  S.I. Daniel/ireEllen/IreSt. Peter's 
Cornelius J.ConnollyC54008/19/190446yBurgher Ave WBy  US Jer/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
PatrickConnollyC54004/01/190453y611 Lafeyette St. NBy WatchmanIre Unknown St. Peter'sMass: St Peter's. died at Cooperworks Bayonne NJ
ThomasConnollyC54002/20/190345y4th St. NBy LaborerIre Thomas/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Peter's.
Mary M.ConnorsC56208/18/190030yWest Brightony  New Foundland Richard Pender/NFMary/NFSt. Peter's 
JohnCorbettC61305/05/190153yor63y36 4th St. NBy  Ire Patrick/IreEllen/IreHoly Cross L.I.paid by Mrs. John Powers, 4th St. NB
MaryCorbettC61302/09/190455y15 2nd New St. NBy HousekeeperIre Patrick Terrey/Ire St. Peter'sPaid by: William Corbett
JamesCotterC36003/14/190212 days25 Tyson St. NBy  S.I. Edward/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter's 
LillieCotterC36001/04/190410y,10m36 Jersey St. NBy  S.I. J. Edward/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter's 
MichaelCoughlinC24503/04/190124ySmith Infirmaryy  Ire Patrick/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
BridgetCrowleyC64005/28/190455yDavis Avey  Ire Unknown St. Peter'sPaid by: Charles F. Crowley
JaneCunninghamC55205/10/190454yDavis Avey  Ire James DruryElizabethSt. Peter's 
Lillian A.CurryC60007/26/1902 Egbertville SIy  US Silverst/USMargaret/USSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
RobertDaleyD40009/07/190111mWBy  US James/USJane/USSt. Peter's 
CatherineDalyD40008/13/190472y24 Jersey St.y  Ire Thomas/MarySt. Peter'sOrdered by: John Cook, NB
Dennis J.DanovanD51502/21/190435y12 St NBy CarpenterUS Patrick/ireJulia Ryan/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnDeeganD25001/23/190350y75 Van Pelt Avey Holt KeeperIre Mark/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter's 
StillbornDeeganD25011/01/1902 Van Pelt Avey    John St. Peter's 
AnnDeneerD56002/13/190480y33 3rd St. N.B.y  Ire John Shaughnessy/IrUnknownSt. Peter'sMass: St. Peter's.
MargaretDermodyD65301/10/190160yEgbertville SIy  Ire Thomas Maher/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
CatherineDevlinD14511/26/190269y17 John St.y  Ire George McGlyn/IreFrances/IreSt. Mary'sPaid by: James Devlin
Annie DickmanD25502/06/190246y117 York Ave NBy HousekeeperGermany John Bardnick/GerMary/GermanySt. Peter'spaid by: John Dickman
James F.DineenD55004/18/190033y3rd St. N.B.y PainterUS John/Ire St. Peter's 
MaryDineenD55002/21/190467y34 3rd St. NBy  Ire James/IreBridget Hollohan/ISt. Peter's 
Patrick J.DolanD45001/17/190447yTyson St. NBy  Ire Unknown St. Peter's 
JeremiahDonohueD50003/07/190111m y  US Timothy/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
MaryDonohueD50004/07/190135yHenderson Ave WBy HousekeeperIre John Ellen St. Peter's 
Daniel P.DonovanD51502/26/190344yRich. Terrace Elm Parky  US Dennis/Ire St. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's, paid by: John Donovan
DennisDonovanD51508/11/19005m29 Lafayette St. NBy  US Dennis/IreJulia/IreSt. Peter's 
GenieveDonovanD51508/21/19002y,5dBurger Avey  US Patrick/USMary/USSt. Peter's 
HumphreyDonovanD51507/24/19045m,18dBurger Avey  S.I. Patrick/USMary Higgins/USSt. Peter's 
John F.DonovanD51505/25/190221y Burger Avey  US Mike/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sDied at Barrett Pond, WB. Paid by Ted Donovan
JosephDonovanD51508/15/190138yRichmond Terrace, Elm Parky  US Timothy/Ire St. Peter'sDied at Niagara Falls NY
MaryDonovanD51503/30/190149yBrighton Docky Housekeeper  Can Collins/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sDied at Brighton Dock, paid by: Patrick Donovan
MichaelDonovanD51509/06/19015m30 4th St. N.B.y  US Daniel/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter's 
Johannah V.DoodyD30002/20/190416y, 7m47 Morningstar Rdy  US James/USMary Quirk/UsSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's
Joseph DoolenD45007/07/19001y,3mDecker Ave, Eliotvilley  US James/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter's 
Marrion E.DoudicanD32511/25/19016m,14d85 Jersey St.y  US Thomas/USEllen/USSt. Peter'sDied at 378 Myrtle Ave Brooklyn
AndrewDowdD30006/15/190020y224 York Ave B.N.y    Thomas/IreSarah/IreSt. Peter's 
JaneDowdD30001/05/190480y47 Broadwayy  Ire Peter Cavanagh/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Jane Dugan, WB
TerrenceDowlingD45212/03/190167ySimonson Place PRy  Ire William/IreJane/IreSt. Peter's 
Cornelius J.DriscollD62404/15/190330yBurger Avey CarpenterUS Timothy/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter's 
MaryDriscollD62407/01/190139yJersey St.y  Ire   St. Peter'sOrder by: Joe Gorman
JohnDrohanD65007/02/190273y,10mSailors Snug Harbory      St. Peter'sOrdered by: Michael O'Keefe, 229 RR Ave, Bayonne NJ
ElizabethDruryD66011/05/190234y Henson Ave WBy  Ire James/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter's 
LizzieDruryD66010/8/188918yBurger Avey  Burger Ave Thomas/IreMarie/IreSt. Peter'smass: Sacred Heart
MargaretDuffyD10004/14/190224yMorningstar Roady  US Thomas/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Ann EganE25011/06/190176y15 Elizabeth Street, WBy  Ire Hugh McGovern/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
StanislousEtterE36008/03/19008m20 Jersey Sty  US Leo/GermanyBrouislana/GerSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MaryFarleyF64009/20/190340y4th St NBy  IrewidowJames McCabe/IreAnne/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by James Farley
MaryFarleyF64009/13/190466y35 Lafayette St.y  Ire William Luby/IreBridget Egan/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: James Farley
William F.FarleyF64005/15/190343y2nd St. N.B.y LaborerIre Charles/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Peter's. Paid by Mrs. Farley and Isabell Doherty
EllenFarrellF64010/06/190165yYork Ave NBy  Ire Unknown St. Peter'sPaid by: Tom Torney, NB
IsabelleFinkF52009/17/190243y18 John Sty  Ire John Walker/IreIsabelle/IreWoodrowPaid by: Hugh Donovan
MargaretFinkF52010/15/190133y60 Castleton Ave WBy HousekeeperUS James Meade/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: William Fink. Balance of bill paid on Christmas Day 1901
MargaretFitzgeraldF32608/31/190211m25 Tyson St. NBy  US John/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. P. Taylor
MichaelFitzgeraldF32602/26/19002y,2mNelson Ave, Giffordsy  S.I. Morris/BrooklynCatherine/BklynSt. Peter's 
MichaelFitzgeraldF32605/14/190465yGiffords Laney  Ire MorrisMary MullenSt. Peter'sMass: St. Patrick's
AnnFordF63002/15/190356y4th St. N.B.y  Ire Peter Donohue/IreAnn/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. McCabe, Davis Ave WB
MargaretFordF63004/20/19045y83 Richmond Ave PRy  US John/IreEllen/IreSt. Mary'sSmith Infirmary
IsabelleFountainF53506/20/190428y Gifford SI       MoravianDied at Sullivan County, Liberty NY
TheresaFrancieF65201/04/19044y 39 2nd St NBy  S.I. Ralph/ItalyRose/ItalySt. Peter's 
Hearld F.FratelloF63409/12/19004mLafayette St. N.B.y  US SeifmoLizeSt. Peter's 
DoretteFreedmanF63501/22/190358yWest Brightony  Germany Unknown Fountain 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
LorettaGahrenG65005/25/19043 daysLittle Clove Rdy noneS.I. Thomas/USFreda Raupp/GerSt. Peter's 
Mary A.GallagherG42607/05/190024y,6m126 Jersey Sty  US Thomas/IreAntonette/IreSt. Peter's 
MatthewGarriganG62504/16/190065yBay Ave, Elm Parky Railroad ManIre Thomas/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
RobertGillG40002/03/1901 Richmond Avenue PRy  US   St. Peter'sCoach for J. Thompson. Paid by Wm Gill
Michael M.GilliesG42012/04/190212y,4mNelson Ave Giffordsy  US Joseph/USCatherine/USSt. Peter's 
AnnaGilliganG42509/17/19044m9 6th Ave NBy  US Joseph/USMaldia?/USSt. Peter's 
FrancisGleasonG42509/24/190110m6 Thompson St. Stapletony  US Patrick/USMargaret/USSt. Peter's 
MargaretGleasonG42504/13/190242y6 Thompson St. Stapletony  US William Kelley/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Patrick Gleason
JohannaGormanG65502/16/190160yFranklin Avey PresserIreland   St. Peter'sDied Hospital at 3 Ave 23rd St. NYC paid by Joe Gorman
JamesGradyG63011/13/190133yEnnis St. Elm Parky  US John/Ire St. Mary's 
MaryGreenG65012/7/188947y317 W 58th St NYC  CookIreland   St. Peter'smass: Sacred Heart
PatrickGunningG55206/07/19049mLafayette St. N.B.y  S.I. Patrick/IreMary Kelley/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
DeliaHafeyH10004/25/190332yBurger Avey HousekeeperEngland John Freids?/EngDelia/EngSt. Peter's 
JaneHagertyH26302/03/190176yHenderson Ave WBy  Ire Dennis McCoy/IreMary/Ire no cemetery listed. Paid by Will and Mrs. Drury
WilliamHagertyH26311/3/188962yBurger Avey  US Patrick/Ire St. Peter's 
JohnHaleyH40001/03/190065yFranklin Avey HodcarrierIreland John/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Rich Haley
WilliamHanleyH54003/09/190170y124 Davis Ave WBy Saloon KeeperIre Patrick/IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter'scause of death: Cardiac Paralysis
MargaretHansenH52503/17/190075y         no cemetery listed
CatherineHarlanH64511/23/19025y21 York Ave NBy  US James/IreEllen?IreSt. Peter's 
JohnHarlanH64512/09/19023y,9m21 York Ave NBy  US James/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter's 
Annie HartH63002/08/19036y 18 Franklin St. WBy  S.I. Daniel/IreAnnie/N.Y.Calvary 
JohannaHayesH20006/22/190153yBurger Avey  Ire Dan Collins/IreJohanna/IreSt. Peter's 
MarguretteHeaggertyH26310/08/190110y,6m11dWBy  S.I. William/USMargurette/USSt. Peter's 
JohnHegartyH26309/23/19026m6 Union St. WBy  S.I. William/USMargaret/USSt. Peter's 
HarryHeisingerH25205/04/19016y,11mChurch St. y  US Henry/USLilly/USMoravian 
StillbornHennsmithH52504/25/1902 29 2nd Street NBy  S.I. Lawrence/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter's 
StephenHeydorffH36104/02/1902 44 Houseman Ave Elm Parky  France Stephen/FranceCatherine/FranceCalvary 
KathleenHollandH45303/08/19013y,11mWinegar Pl. WBy  US Batholman/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
Mary ElizaHormanH65505/14/190175yChurch St. y  US Wirrant Slaghte/USPhebe/US no cemetery listed
JohannahHoulihanH45012/31/1903 Richmond Terrace WBy  Ire Patrick HoulihanJohanna HarringtonSt. Peter's 



First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
ThomasJenkinsJ52508/31/190240y74 Jersey St. NBy  Wales Jankin JenkinsMarySt. Peter's 
WilliamJoyceJ20003/14/190484y8 Ave B. PRy  Ire Michael/IreSophia/IreCalvaryPaid by: Mrs. Deegen, sister


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
DanielKaneK50010/31/188933yDavis Avey    JeremiahBridgetSt. Peter'smass: Sacred Heart
JamesKaneK50002/12/190342y47 Henderson Ave WBy LaborerUS Cornelius/IreJohanna/IreSt. Peter'sDrowned New York Bay at St. George. Coroners inquest
JeremiahKaneK50006/18/190170ySmith Infirmaryy       no cemetery listed
SophiaKaskiaskiK22007/18/19001y,7m39 Jersey Sty  US Antonia/RussiaKate/RussiaSt. Peter's 
DennisKeatingK35202/24/19007y,6m3rd St. N.B.y  US Dennis/IreRose/IreSt. Peter's 
MichaelKelleherK46004/30/190341y    Ire Unknown St. Peter'sDied at: St. Joseph's Hosp, Bklyn. Paid by AOH, John Flemming, Tom Kenny
James KellyK40007/20/190062y208 Jersey Sty  Ire James/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter's 
MichaelKenneyK50006/27/190120yNew Dorp, S.I.y  Ire John/IreJane/IreSt. Mary'sOrder by: Hugh O'Neil, charged to Jane. Rev. James Byrnes paid some
JuliaKerriganK62506/19/190429yCary Ave WBy  Ire Patrick/IreHannorah/IreSt. Peter'sSent a coach to Murphy in Bayonne NJ
JohnKeslerK24608/11/190445yRichmond Terrace/Burger Avey Saloon KeeperUS Henry/GermanyJulia/IreSt. Peter's 
J. JohnKilpatrickK41307/24/190073yRichmond Terrace, WBy  Ire John/IreMary/IreFairviewPaid by; James Kilpatrick
CatherineKirwanK65003/10/190175yBarker St. WBy  Ire Henry Moraney/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
Mary E.KohlsK42007/19/19003y,8m13 Caroline Sty  US    no cemetery listed
JohnKuglockK24203/30/19012y,4mWillowbrook Rdy      St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
StillbornLakeL20008/06/1903 Linoleumvilley  S.I. John/USClara/USLake 
EllenLambertL51603/20/190070yRichmond Terrace, WBy  Ire Unknown  no cemetery listed. Paid by Mrs. Joyce
TommasinaLaurieL60004/15/190237yBroadway WBy  Italy Mike Cilenti/ItalyFrances/ItalySt. Peter'sSmith Infirmary. Paid by James Laurie
Leah B.LawlerL46012/19/190129yProspect Elm Parky  US Samuel Van Oklem?ElizabethSt. Mary's 
Sarah A.LawlerL46004/14/190055yProspect Elm Parky  Ire Michael Faran/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter's 
Petero A.LawlessL42012/27/190268y17 York Avey  Ire Unknown St. Peter's 
JennettLawrenceL65211/01/19006m33 3rd St. N.B.y  US George/USSarah/IreSt. Peter's 
Edward S.LawsonL25012/21/190336y30 Richmond Terrace PRy  US Robert/VirginiaAnnie Sharden/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. Annie Lawson, grave 8x3, section 25
RobertLawsonL25012/10/190366yRich. Terrace PRy  Virginia Samuel/VirginiaElizabeth/VirginiaSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. Annie Lawson
PatrickLeightyL23003/30/190053yPost Ave WBy  Ire Unknown St. Peter's 
VictorLoprestoL16211/22/19008m16d57 Broadwayy  US James/ItalyLavina/ItalySt. Peter's 
JerryLucriziaL26208/01/19033m,9dRich. Terrace WBy  US Antio St. Peter's 
AnnLynchL52012/06/19021 dayBurger Avey  S.I. Thomas/USEllen/US no cemetery listed
Annie LynchL52004/22/190034y,8m2nd St. N.B.y HousewifeUS Michael Caufield/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
MaryLyonsL52012/07/19003 days2 2nd St N.B.y  S.I. James/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
Mary & KateLyonsL52011/15/19023 days2nd St. N.B.y  S.I. James/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
WilliamLyonsL52001/21/19021m,14d2nd St. N.B.y  S.I. JamesMary/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JohnMaddenM35006/03/190166yBand St. PRy  Ire   St. Peter's 
EdwardMahoneyM50007/08/19003m30 4th St. N.B.y  US Edward/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter's 
PatrickMahoneyM50009/27/190238y3 Center St. NBy  U.S. Timothy/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. Mary Hall
Rose B.MahoneyM50003/25/190043yWingerner Place. WBy  West BrightonDennisJohn Cowhigt/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by Dennis Mahoney and Mrs. Hayes
TimothyMahoneyM50002/01/190152yCenter St. NBy  Ire Timothy/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter's 
ThomasMcArevyM26104/19/190124y,6m75 Broadwayy  US James/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter's 
HelenMcAveryM21601/02/19021y,6m,14d10 South Sty  US Robert/USHelen/USSt. Peter's 
InfantMcAvoyM21004/04/19002mNew York Avey  US Edward/USMary Hellen/USSt. Peter's 
Mary J.McCabeM21003/17/190452y2 Richmond Terrace, WBy  Ire Patrick Sheriden/IreAnn McCabe/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by Florence McCabe
WilliamMcCarthyM26305/04/190335y33 Jersey Sty  US James/USEllen/USSt. Peter's 
JohnMcCourtM26302/18/19027y 65 Jewett Ave PRy  US Neil/ScotlandAnn/ScotlandSt. Peter's 
ThomasMcCourtM26311/28/19023y34 Grand St. Elm Parky  US Neil/ScotlandEllen/ScotlandSt. Peter's 
John H.McDermottM23608/13/190311m,13dFranklin Avey  S.I. Patrick/IreCarie/USSt. Mary's 
JosephMcElroyM24602/26/190435yJohn St. WBy  US John/IreSusie/IreCalvary 
MariaMcGroganM26202/04/190347yBroadwayy  Ire Robert Hannihan/IreMargaret/IreHCCC 
EdwardMcGuireM26012/24/190048yBoulevard, Giffords SIy LaborerIre Edward/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'spaid in part by: Joseph Johnson & Mrs. Admas
WilliamMcGuireM26003/19/19048m,14d3rd St. N.B.y  S.I. WilliamAnnieSt. Peter's 
DanielMcIntyreM25307/09/19049m5d26 Broad Sty  US William/USElizabeth/USSt. Peter's 
AnnieMcLellanM24410/09/190328y,5mBurger Avey HousekeeperUS John Hayse/IreHannora/IreSt. Peter'sOrdered by: Mary Clark Hayse & John Hayse
Hellen D.McMurrayM25603/09/19021mBurger Avey  S.I. Thomas/USMary/USSt. Peter's 
John F.McQuadeM23006/09/190444y48 Columbia St WBy ContractorUS Frank/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
FrancesMcSorleyM26407/29/19034m, 14d5 North PRy  S.I. John/USKate/USSt. Peter'sGoods ordered by: Mrs. Charles Daley
Annie MeadeM30007/04/19002m,12d4th St. N.B.y  US Phillip/USIrelandSt. Peter's 
DorothyMealeyM40009/23/1901 WBy  US Tom/USSusan/US no cemetery listed
ThomasMealeyM40007/16/190045yUnion St. W.B.y  Ire Edward/Ire Fountaindied in Jersey City
InfantMicheallM24004/10/1900 204 Jersey Sty  US James/USMary L/USSt. Peter's 
Conrad C. MillerM46008/30/190360yCherry Lane, WBy    GermanyMary/GermanyCemetery L.I. 
DanielMinnahanM55005/03/190467yWater St. WBy LaborerIre Daniel/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter's 
CatherineMonohanM55007/14/19032mCary Ave WBy  S.I. Dan/IreMargaret/IreSt. Peter's 
CatherineMoranM65002/16/190348y5 Slate St. PRy  Ire   St. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. Brown WB
Margaret G.MorrisonM62511/15/190126yBurger Avey  US Patrick/IreAnn/IreSt. Peter's 
HughMoyinhanM55010/23/190116y,5th St NBy  US Jeremiah/Ire St. Peter's 
Daniel F.MoynihanM55002/15/190222y22 Tyson St. NBy  Ire Patrick/IreAnn/IreSt. Peter's 
JeremiahMoynihanM55011/09/190143y5th St. NBy CooperIre Andrew/Ire St. Peter'sDied at Smith Infirmary
JohnMoynihanM55008/21/19018m5th St. NBy  S.I. Jerimiah/IreMaggie/IreSt. Peter's 
PatrickMoynihanM55009/04/190053y23 Tyson St.y  Ire Michael/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
EllenMuldoonM43504/12/190181y179 York Avey HousekeeperIre Thomas Torney/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
ArthurMullM40007/26/19036yRichmond Terracey  US Edward/GermanyMary/USSt. Peter's 
Frederick A. MullerM46005/24/19016m,29dNew Dorp, S.I.y  US Frederick  no cemetery listed
Thomas V.MulliganM42504/27/190345y76 Bay Avey  US Michael/IreAnastatia/IreSt. Peter'sMass: St. Mary's
AnnMurphyM61012/06/190377yBellview Hospital   Ire Daniel /IreElizabeth/IreSt. Peter'sHome for the Poor at Bellview Hosp. Goods ordered by Mrs. Barker, NYC
DanielMurphyM61004/04/190445yCary Ave WBy  Ire IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MaryNixN20004/16/19031/2 hour19 Tyson St. NBy  S.I. Patrick/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
DorothyNoordzyN6329/1/18891m,15dUnion Sty  S.I. John/USJennie/USFountain 
StillbornNoordzyN63210/19/19023 hoursUnion St. W.B.y  S.I. JohnJennie/USFountain 
BessieNortanN63510/28/19034m6 4th Ave NBy  S.I. Thomas/USNellie/USSt. Peter's 
MichaelNugentN25311/6/188929yFranklin Avey LaborerUS Elizabeth/Ire St. Peter'smass: Sacred Heart. Paid by Charles Nugent
MorrisNugentN25301/20/190434y Egbertville SIy  US Morris/IreB ridget/IreSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Frank J.O'BrienO16510/09/190425y1 John St. WBy  US John/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sDied at Schenectady NY killed by train
MaryO'BrienO16512/10/190245y34 4th St. NBy  Ire William Cauley/IreEllen/IreSt. Peter'sdied at Smith Infirmary
DanielO'ConnellO25407/26/1903 Franklin Avey  US Thomas/USKate/USSt. Peter's 
HannahO'ConnellO25412/30/190172y19 John St. WBy  Ire Thomas Sheehan/IreCatherine/IreCalvaryOrdered by: J.F. Smith
ThomasO'ConnellO25407/20/19046y,7m19 John St. WBy  US Thomas/USKate/USSt. Peter's 
DeliaO'ConnorO25608/27/190230yClinton St. @ Rich. Terr WBy  US John/IreMaryann/IreSt. Peter's 
DanielO'Connor O25603/07/190237y6 Houseman Ave Elm Parky  US Daniel/ireMary/IreCalvary 
FlorenceO'ConnorsO25612/12/19002y,4mRichmond Terrace, WBy  S.I. Morris/USMary E.St. Peter's 
Daniel O'DonohueO35005/13/190246y17 3rd St. NBy WatchmanIre Charles/IreAnnie/IreSt. Peter'sDied at Hudson St. Hospital NYC
Annie OdsonO32512/24/19015m,11d20 Tyson St. NBy  US Andrew/NorwayElizabeth/NorwayFairview 
StillbornO'HalloranO46510/22/1903 191 Jerseyy    Timothy/USKatie/USSt. Peter's 
Timothy E.O'HalloranO46507/07/19001y,4m171 Jersey Sty  US TimothyKateSt. Peter's 
PatrickO'HaraO60003/04/190250y116 John St. Elm Parky  Ire Patrick/IreMary/IreSt. Mary'sPort Richmond
Jennie F.O'NeilO54001/24/19039y13 Elm St. PRy  US John/USChristina/SwedenFairviewPaid by John O'Neil


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
JohnPaneP50004/13/190219d2nd St. N.B.y  S.I. Casino Pane/ItalyRose/ItalySt. Peter's 
Rose PaneP50003/31/190229y2nd St. N.B.y HousekeeperItaly Mike Delansa?/ItalyAngelinia/ItalySt. Peter'sgrave 3, section 37, plot 8, range 77
Martha J.PattirsonP36210/07/190164y52 Castleton Ave WBy      WoodlandWoodland, Newburg. Paid by Mrs. See
Charles J.PearsonP62502/22/190371yBroadwayy BakeryEngland John/EnglandAnna/EnglandMoravianGoods ordered by: Wm Crok
Charles PickeringP26503/18/19044y,11m,9d14 3rd St NBy  US Charles/USCatherine Holt/USSt. Peter's 
JamesPowersP62012/03/190338yCaroline Sty  US John/USMary/USSt. Peter's 
JohnPowersP62008/28/190069y36 4th St. NBy  Ire Unknown St. Peter's 
JohnPskanskiP25203/24/19011m,7d34 Jersey Sty  US Charles StashaSt. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MargaretQuigleyQ24004/11/19046mGranitvilley  US Michael/Ire St. Peter's 
NorahQuinnQ50009/13/190445ySpringfield Mass     JohnCatherine CufferyMassGoods ordered by: Mrs. Mary Murry, 502 W 42nd St. Died at St. Vincents Hosp


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
MargaretRedmondR35507/28/190286y9 Houseman Ave Elm Parky  Ire Richard/IreHanorah/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. Hartman
MaryReganR25012/21/190164yElizabeth St. WBy  Ire Unknown St Peter's 
Annie V.ReillyR40006/21/190322y4 Richmond WBy  US John/IreAlice/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnReillyR40002/19/190159yCastleton Ave WBy DyerIre Patrick/IreRose/IreSt. Peter's 
WilliamReynoldsR54311/22/18891y,3mTaylor St. WBy  S.I. Thomas/USLena/DenmarkFountain 
Timothy RiardanR63509/12/190041yBurger Avey  Ire Dennis/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'sCarriage for Pat Riardan
ThomasRicchidiR23003/15/19023mLafayette St. N.B.y  S.I. Vito/ItalyFrances/ItalySt. Peter's 
KateRoganR25008/29/190145y27 6th Ave NBy HousekeeperEngland Richard Eddy/IreEllen/Ire Died at Smith Infirmary. John Rogan paid. Notice to Mrs. Mary Rogan Verplancks NY
AlexanderRosseR20002/18/190423 d18 John St. WBy  S.I. Tony/ItalyColumbia Check/ItSt. Peter's 
DenisRouchR2009/3/1889 Davis Avey  S.I. Denis/S.I.GraceSt. Peter's 
Annie RyanR50004/16/190231y4th St. N.B.y  Ire James/IreMargaret/IreSt. Mary's 
DanielRyanR50009/29/190142y4 7th Ave NBy  Ire William/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sDied at Bayonne NJ Hook. Purchased 3 new graves and removed R Child
MaryRyanR50001/24/190253y1 Jersey St NBy HousekeeperIre George Smith/IreSara Smith/IreSt. Peter'sDied Smith Infirmary, goods ordered by: Mrs. W.A. Russell


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Petero A.SantanastasioS53511/1/18891y,5mBroadwayy  Broadway Petero/ItalyNictolino/ItalySt. Peter's 
John J.SchenckS52011/01/190024y214 Richmond Terracey  Germany John/GermanyPauline/Ger no cemetery listed
JuliaScraggS62007/18/190167y53 Taylor Sty  England John Harp/EnglandSarah/EnglandFairviewOrder by: Mrs. Nichol
JaneShanghasseyS52212/27/190050yFranklin Avey  US John/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sDied at Smith Infirmary
JosephShanghnessyS5258/1/18896m,17d10 Henderson Aavey  S.I. James/USAnnie/USSt. Peter'spaid by Parish house
DeliaShannanS55002/23/190465yCarey Avey  Ire Davis Butler/IreUnknownSt. Peter'sPaid by: Joe S. Shannan, brother
LeoShannanS55012/06/19033y,10mElm St. WBy  S.I. Joseph Mary O'BrienSt. Peter's 
EllenSheehanS50001/20/190016yProspect Elm Parky  US Patrick/IreAnn/IrelandSt. Mary's 
PatrickSheehanS50011/11/188962y y  Ireland Mike/IreMary/Ire no cemetery listed
ElizabethSheppardS16308/31/190262y126 John St. Elm Parky     UnknownFairviewOrdered by: Thomas Gallagher
Annie SheridanS63502/05/190319y4th St. NBy  Ire James Murphy/IreBridget/IreSt. Peter'smass: St. Peters. Paid by George Sheridan
Thomas A.SheridanS63504/09/190140y22 Post Avey  US Thomas/IreHatery/IreSt. Peter'sPaid by: George Sheridan
MarySinnetS53002/08/190180yMcSorley Place WBy  Ire Unknown St. Peter'sPaid by: Mrs. James Campbell.
BridgetSkellieS40003/17/190479y3 Lafeyette St. PRy  Ire Cornielius/IreBridget/IreCalvaryMass: St. Mary's
AnnSmithS53012/29/190377y,9mRichmond Terrace PRy HousekeeperGermany Frederick Krantor/GCatherine Muller/GSt. Mary'sGoods ordered by: Rev. J. Campbell
JamesSmithS53009/11/190371yJohn St.y  Ire Lawrence/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
Marjorie AgnesSmithS53008/08/19049m,PRy  US Andrew/USLillie/USCalvary 
FelixSnyderS53606/29/190442yTyson St. NBy      St. Peter'sDied at Mrs. White's House, Paid by John White & Mrs. P Taylor
FrancisStanburyS35103/19/19012y,22m,22dChilds Nursery Hospy  US WilliamElizabeth St. Raymond'sSt. Raymonds Westchester
John FStantonS35303/12/190040yCastleton Ave WBy  US Patrick/IreAnn/IrelandSt. Peter'sFuneral service: Wm Pool's
Frederick A. StockertS32607/23/190218m85 Broadwayy  US Frederick/USGenie/USWoodland 
JamesSullivanS41509/03/190028yNew Dorp, S.I.y  US UnknownMary/IreSt. Peter's 
James F.SullivanS41507/12/19007mUnion Sty  US James/IreJane/IreSt. Peter's 
KathleenSullivanS41509/16/19021yLinoleumvilley  S.I. Daniel/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
Mary AnnSullivanS41512/06/19004m,15dEgbertville SIy  S.I. James P./USCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
Hellen D.SzimanskyS55212/16/18891y,2m,27dJersey St.y  S.I. RomanLena St. Peter's 


First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Sarah ThompsonT51203/31/190046yMorningstar Roady  Granitville SIJamesMichael Gill/IreFrances/IreSt. Peter's 
JohnTorneyT65007/08/19006m Carliny  US John/Ire  no cemetery listed
CatherineTynanT55001/02/190274y y  IrewidowDaniel Dougherty/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'smass: Sacred Heart, ordered by: Kate Tynan




First NameLast NameSoundexDODAgedLast ResidenceS.I.BayonneOccupationBirth/locH/WifeFather - Birth placeMotherCemeteryOther information/notes
Josephine LenaWadsworthW32601/12/190244y,6m y  US John Tynan/IreCatherine/IreSt. Peter's 
James H.WalkerW42607/10/19021y,1mManor Roady  US James/USElizabeth/US no cemetery listed
John WalshW42001/08/19042m25 4th St. NBy  S.I. Richard/IreMary Maloney/IreSt. Peter's 
MichaelWalshW42008/03/190213 hours25 4th St. NBy  US Richard/IreMary/IreSt. Peter's 
AnnaWebbW10005/18/190424yPhiladelphia   US   St. Peter'sMass: Sacred Heart
LenaWebbW10008/04/19003y,8m4th St. N.B.y  US Thomas/IreKate/IreSt. Peter's 
AlfredWhalenW45007/15/19031y73 York Ave NBy  S.I. ThomasElizabethSt. Peter'sGoods ordered by: Margaret Grace
CatherineWheelerW46004/06/190321y49 Berger Ave WBy  US James/IreMary/IreSt. Peter'sMass: Sacred Heart, ordered by: James Wheeler
GeorgeWoodwardW36303/24/19044yJohn St. Elm Parky  S.I. UnknownKate SmithSt. Peter's 




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