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Sacred Heart Church

from Margaret Mullen

Scanned from a program for the Golden Jubilee of the Sacred Heart Parish, West New Brighton, Staten Island, Sunday, October 11, 1925 His Eminence, Cardinal Hayes Presiding Rt. Rev. Mgr. Chidwich, D.D. Preacher
The program contains a description of the founding of the parish and a list of contributors to the jubilee fund.

Foundation of Parish - From Sacred Heart Church Golden Jubilee program Five score scattered Catholic families petitioned the Cardinal Archbishop of New York to establish a parish with a resident priest in West Brighton. Like the Israelites of old they longed to have God in their midst, begging for the privilege of daily Mass and the Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Under the tit1e of St. Rose of Lima, the first saint of the continent of America, the parish was founded July, 1875, and Holy Mass read on the feast of St. James by Rev. William C. Poole, the appointed pastor. Through the inspiration and energies of Father Poole, despite the smallness and poverty of the infant congregation, a substantial brick church and school were built the same year. The incident of the catholic woman who by her uncommon frugality managed to save a sum of money to put a roof on her house and instead turned over the whole amount to the Church Building Fund is recited to show the early spirit of faith and willingness to make sacrifices that obtained among the Catholic men and women of those days. For what will ardent faith not attempt, what sacrifices withhold, what labors grudge, to build the tabernacle denied to Peter on the Mount of Transfiguration? Poverty when yoked with lively faith never suffered defeat by a seemingly insurmountable barrier. The early struggles and difficulties of the church in this country to erect her institutions of worship and education and charity, bears glowing testimony to this fact. With the gradual growth of the congregation a larger church and a more commodious school became imperative. In 1900 the present edifice was built and dedicated under the title of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. At the same time plans for a new school building were accepted and approved. It was most apt that in the holy year of 1900 the broad foundations of the present fine superstructure were laid and the new church dedicated to the Sacred Heart. With the initiation of a new century another title seals another stage of spiritual progress and as a sequence or monument to the early faith, spirit and sacrifice of priest and people, the church of the Sacred Heart of West Brighton stands silent and tensely eloquent.


List of officers included in Souvenir Program for carnival and dance under the auspices of the Children of Mary Society, Sacred Heart Church, West Brighton, Staten Island, NY held November 25, 1925


Miss Margaret M. Duffy, President.

Miss Dorothy V. McRoberts, Vice President.

Miss Helen M. Felter, Secretary.

Miss Mary E. Kingston, Treasurer.


Miss Lillian V. Corcoran.

Miss Elizabeth G. Duffy.

Miss Patricia M. Griffen.

Miss Muriel A. Hart.

Miss Mary T. Heywang.

Miss Helen M. Lankford.

Miss Edith M. Leahy.

Miss Helen A. McCarthy,

Miss Margaret P. McCarthy.

Miss Jeanette A. McManus

Miss Elizabeth E. Maine.

Miss Helen T. Manning.

Miss Mary U. Manning.

Miss Jessie A. O'Driscoll.

Miss Alice H. Rice.

Miss Helen G. Reilley.

Miss Anna Mae Valentine.

Miss Anna M. Veith.

Miss Marion B. Welsh.

Miss Marie M. Winters.


Contributors to the Jubilee Fund (page 1)

Paine family
Mr. and Mrs J Lawson
Wm Hendry
Catherine Brennan
P. J. Brennan
Patrick Gaffigan
Richard, Catherine and Margaret O'Brien
Patrick Bowen
L P. Rossman
Daniel McCarthy
P. J O'Neill
T. J. Whalen
Marietta Gannon
Dan Campbell
John Regan
Albert Keane
Mr & Mrs. P. Graham
Baby Hayes
Jeanette O'Reilly
Mr & Mrs Matthew Reilly
B. McDonough
Andrew Wells
Gertrude Daley
Patrick Timon
John Martin
John McKenny
Miss Stanton
Eugene Condon
Margaret Brennan
Anna Brennan
Mr Gorman & Mother
Mr. & Mrs. J Sullivan
Elizabeth T. Kenny
Mrs. James E Lynch
Mrs Catherine Haggerty
Martin D Malley
Joseph Corcoran
Mr & Mrs. Ploucher
F. O'Driscoll
Edward Nugent
Denis Ryan
Mr & Mrs John O'Connor
Miss Marvin
Dan Campbell
Anna Dugan
Mr & Mrs Thos Duthie & family
Mr & Mrs Thos O'Brien
Hanora Haley
Rose O'Reilly
P. Arango
Jos. A. Donovan
Cornelius Donovan
Mr. Plunkett
Miss Franklyn
Mrs. Destofani
Mrs McCoughran
John P Smith
Mrs. T. Foote
Curry family
Mrs Curley, Sr
Mr. & Mrs. Romer
John Kehoe
Mrs E. Benson
Mr & Mrs. P Eagan
Nellie Haggerty
Dr. Vere
Mrs. Playle
Eliz. Ryan
John Cobb
Thos. Keenan family
Vincent Sullivan
Mary Monahan
Mollie Connolly
Mrs. J. E. Duffy
John Fischer
Alice Erickson
Florence Erickson
Patrick O'Neill
Court St. Cecile
Jeanette McManus
Mr. & Mrs Sullivan
Lucius Costigan
Mary Salts
Mr. & Mrs D Hayes
John T. Hall
Anna Brunton
Mr & Mrs F. Long
Mr. & Mrs T Cosgrove
las. A. Gunnon
Mr McKay
James McClafferty
Catherine Driscoll
Margaret Driscoll
Ann Driscoll
Dr. E J Callahan
Mrs Hegarty & family
Mrs. McCarthy
Mrs Grace McBrien
Mrs. Elizabeth Kelly
Mr. Stark
Cornelius Lynch family
Katie O'Leary
Helen Sweeney
Tim Sweeney
Mr. & Mrs. Finnin
Bridget McGuire
Cath. Webb
Mary Webb
Nellie Webb
Mrs. Chas Ferre
Nellie Ditton
Ann Ditton
In memory Jas & Mary A. Morrison
Jas O. Nugent
Mrs Rich & V. Taylor
T. J. Cusack
Mrs Mary Murray & family
Mr. & Mrs G L Ferre
Nash family
Wm. Leonard
L C. Leonard
Mrs Miskell
Mrs. Whelehan
Contributors to the Jubilee Fund-Continued (page 2)
Mr & Mrs Deppe, Sr
Alfred Deppe, Jr
Mrs John V Reilly
Mrs. K Cullom
Elizabeth McRoberts
Mr & Mrs. D Coughlin
D J. Coughlin
Mrs. Latsch, Sr
Wm. Boyle
John Hall
V. Snyder family
Mr. & Mrs. N Taylor
Mary E Hall
Mr. and Mrs Sandis
Misses Burke
Mrs Ellen O'Neill
Theresa A Kiernan
Mr & Mrs Owens
Frank Sweeney
K O'Reilly
Mrs Carrie Decker family
Hannah Dempsey
John H Madden & family
Stephen McAvoy
Mrs Sparks, Sr
Edith Monahan
Mary Devine
Miss Ella O'Neill
Joseph Callahan
Mrs Mary C Shay
Mrs Margaret Brown
Mary & Charles Burfield
St. Monica's Guild
Joseph Hart
Mrs. Ann Langton
Mrs Cullen
Frank Markey
Mr & Mrs E McNally
Mr. & Mrs Reddy
Mr & Mrs Rogan
Joe Callahan
Victor Valles
Sanford Havens
Robt, Allen & Geo Nugent
Joseph Fleming
Joanna Gorman
Mr. & Mrs John Kenny
Isabel Minnahan
Anna McQuade
Mrs. Barry
Hannah Dempsey
William Taylor
Richard W Taylor
James F Campbell
Mrs. Campbell
Mrs. Martin
Alex. Martin
Thos. & John Wright
George Wright
William Wright
Mr & Mrs Wm Wright
F McNally
Margaret McNally
Mrs. Veith
Mrs Helen Brown
Reception, S H Buys
D A Callahan .
Mrs Hilberer
Mary Cameron ...
Miss Mary Farrell
Mr. & Mrs. M. Farrell
Mr & Mrs. F. Verdon
Jas Collins
Mrs Langton
Chester Haines
Ellen A. Sullivan
Mr & Mrs John Murphy
Mr Murphy, Jr
Holy Name Society
Holy Name Society, Euchre
Mrs Holland
Mrs Bond
School Children
School Children Candy Egg Contest
Mrs McClafferty
Roger McManus
Miss Ellen Moran
John Kesler
J McCarthy family
Margaret McCarthy
Michael McCarthy
Mary'J Dikes
Helen Whalen
Jerry Sullivan & family
Mrs Hall
Mrs C. Decker
Jas E. Donovan
Geo. Davies
Geo Davies, Jr
John Gorman
Jas. Bond
Mrs Ditton
John F. Smith
Mrs and Bertha Fleming
Holland children
Mr & Mrs Ed Brice
Frank Murphy & wife
Helen Cameron
Miss Pierce
Patrick Daly
Mr & Mrs. T. Cowhig
Lillian & Catherine Cowhig
Margaret Moran
A lady
J. Donovan, Jr
In memory John & Ellen Corcoran
Mary Caveney
Gertrude Caveney
Peter Finn, Sr, & James & Teresa
Clara Fach
Albert Fach
Miss McDonald
John F. Campbell & family
John Sheehan
Mary Butler
Contributors to the Jubilee Fund-Continued (page 3)
Mae G. Sweeney
Henry Wiegand
Daniel J. Driscoll
Mr. Rickey
Mrs Cosgrove & family
Mary Moran
Mr. & Mrs. James Hynes
James Hynes, Jr
Mr. & Mrs Thos Keenan
Mr. & Mrs. Jos F Graham
J Creighton family
Mr Hall, Sr
William Whalen
John M. Geary
Mr. & Mrs James Corcoran
L. Murphy
J. J. Corcoran
Mrs A Froelick
Mrs. Bancker
Mrs Thos. O'Brien
Mark Campbell
J. A. Lynch
Mr & Mrs R Cullen
P O'Neill
Thos Kenny
Vim Noonan
In mem. Mahoneys, Haggins, Cowhigs
Matt Reilly, Jr
Mrs. Shaughnessy
Wheeler family
Mrs H. Winant
Mr. & Mrs Thos McMurray
Mrs Matt Brown
Marcella Mooney
Joseph Muldoon
Francis Muldoon
John Muldoon
Mrs Wm Castle
Mrs Anna Rice
Alice Rice
Pauline O'Connell
D Manning Elm
Mary Manning Elm
Mrs Vim Duffy
Margaret Daffy
Elizabeth Duffy
Rose Sharpe
James J. Molloy
Corebello Bros
Mr & Mrs John McRoberts
Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Manning
Mr. & Mrs. J Forrest
Edward Ryan
Frank J. Connelly
Mrs. Maltman
Mrs Prince
Mrs Schlanger
Margaret Rush
Mrs Houseman
Jas Gunnon
Josephine Birmingham
Mr. & Mrs R E Birmingham
In memory of Joseph Yenny, Jr
James Yenny
Joseph Yenny
Madeline Yenny
Mr & Mrs. Jos. Yenny.
Dan O'Neill
Mr. and. Mrs P O'Neill
Anne O'Neill
Catherine & Helen O'Neill.
Thomas & Jos. O'Neill
Gertrude McGrath
Hardy family
John F Attridge
Mrs F Donohue
William Tracy
Thos H Tormey
Peter Coade
Mrs C. Hannigan
Marie Hannigan
Gertrude Hannigan
Lillian Hannigan
Carroll M Hannigan
Frank A. Hannigan
R Sause
P Morrison family
Mrs Catharine Murphy
Miss Mary Murphy
G Golterman
S H Dramatic Club
Mr & Mrs. Simmons
Mr & Mrs. Stratton
Bessie Maine
Julia Lynch
R. St G. Walker & family
Mrs Marietta Gannon
Miss Barron
In memory Jeremiah and Mary Mahoney, James Mahoney, John Mahoney, Cain
Mahoney, Daniel Mahoney
Patrick & Mary Hayes
Denis Mahoney
Aloysius Cullen
Mrs Phillips & family
Thos Connolly
Miss McGowan
Josepph McSorley
Mr & Mrs. Jno. Corcotan
Mr & Mrs. D Hayes
Ernest Johnson
Edwin Campbell
Mrs. McMahon
Mrs Elmer Cruser
Fred Lenziger
Miss E Lenziger
Fred. Thomas & Gertrude McLaren
Walter Scheminger
Wm & Mrs. McCarthy
M J. Calahan
Mrs Strachan
Mrs Allen
Contributors to the Jubilee Fund-Continued (p4)
James McGrath
James Connell & Mrs. Pelton
Mr. & Mrs A. Deciro
Tim Hurley
Mary Hurley
Emanuel Aruny
John E. Minnahan
Mrs Winters
Mr. & Mrs Charles Miller
Thomas Powers
Mr & Mrs P Donovan
Mr. and Mrs P Gunn
Mrs. Dugan
Helen Sullivan
C. Connors
Mr. & Mrs. W J. Tobin
Agnes Tobin
Mary Tobin
Ann Dempsey
Mrs. Hickey
Margaret Hickey
Edward & Gertrude Sheeran
Gertrude Kubis
Ralph Hoerle
Mrs. Moulder
Mrs M J Callahan
Mr. & Mrs Wm. Dugan
Mrs Jos Johnson, Sr
Mrs. Mary Kelly
Gertrude Ryan
H O'Reilly
Maud Regan
James P Brown & family
Mr. & Mrs John McQuade
Helen Pelter
Mrs. Laura Felter
Daniel Sullivan
Mrs Dillon
James Dillon
Tim Dillon
James Dillon, Jr
Edw Dillon
Elizabeth Dillon
Joseph Ryan
B. McDonnell
D. J Connor
Mr. & Mrs Dineen
Mrs Hogan
P. Collins family
Chas Johnson
Mrs. A O'Reilly
Mr. & Mrs. F Hall
Mr. & Mrs John Lyle
Mr. & Mrs Hugh Campbell
Raymond Cogan
Mr. & Mrs Wm. Corcoran
C G Dennis
B McDonnell
Josephine Gibson
Thos. McDonald
Clarence Kavanagh, Jr.
Thos Kavanagh
L. Kubis
P. O'Neill children
Anna Veith
Jos Dicks
Evans family
Mr and Mrs. A Keene
Mr and Mrs R. Wall
In mem. Higham family
Mrs. Flanagan
Misses Sherwood
Jas Sherwood
Mrs. Garrigan
In mem Thos McCaughey
M Donnelly and daughters.
Ann Christie
Wm. Dooley
Helen P. Sullivan
Mary H. Sullivan
Miss Sheehan
Marie Dobbins
Kathleen O'Brien
J Frank Campbell
Mr. & Mrs Clinton
James Corcoran, Jr
Mr. and Mrs. McBride
W C Grosjean
Mrs. Salts
Mr. & Mrs F P Wall
Henry Miller
John Whalen (in mem.)
Thomas & Gertrude Whalen
Lillian Corcoran
Doctor Conway
C. B. Hart & family
Mrs P. Eagan
Mrs. Catherine Markson
Thomas Birmingham
Mrs B McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Franiklyn
Ann Morrison
Hannah Lucey
Mrs Winant
Mr. & Mrs R Lankford
Helen Lankford
Lillian Keating
Mr. & Mrs. Chas Miller
Miss Williams
Mr. & Mrs Broderic
Michael Hall
Mr. & Mrs Peter Finn
Mr. & Mrs T McNamara
Peter Gilshenan
D. Cunningham
Margaret Clinton
Bernard Clinton
Jack Smith
Jack Clinton
Helen Manning
Mr. & Mrs Jos McGuirk.
In mem Mgt. McGuirk
Mrs Mich. Murphy
Cath. Ryan
John McCue, Sr
Tames Murphy
Miss Cady
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